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Public madness – Part 2 FullHD 1080p (Brown wife /  2018) 702 MB

That’s the second part of road madness! Here my friend joins, I have abundantly smeared dick with shit and start sucking... the sound of passing cars makes sucking with double pleasure. I joyfully and passionately lick the dick from all sides until he became clean. I’m bursting with excitement… a little masturbation of my pussy… and it all happens with a completely smeared face. Shit withered beautiful layers that look cool on the video. And what a pleasure to feel like pulling the skin on his face drying face
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One morning of our lives FullHD 1080p (BigTitsAlisa /  2018) 1.09 GB

Me and my girlfriend Tatiana rested sleep I woke up and looked at what my friend Tatiana is sleeping, I decided not to Wake his girlfriend Tatyana and give her a little more rest. I started to make the bed. I was completely naked. I show you my body and at the same time and make the bed. I made my bed and went to Tatiana and woke her up, Tatiana woke up and we decided to do a little aerobics in the naked video we love morning exercises. After charging, we usually go to the toilet and poop and piss. We decided not coming out of the room do this. I continued to do aerobics and my friend Tatiana at this moment shat on my stomach, I stand in the pose of the bridge. Next Tatiana takes a rubber cock and Fucks me in their pussy-at the moment when I stand in a pose birch. I want to pee, too, and I shit in a birch pose. I’m shitting myself. I finished shitting and Tatiana again picked up a rubber member and again I fucked them in the pussy. Here’s a fun morning we had
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White Pantyhose. Black Toy. Filled Pussy FullHD 1080p (Anna Coprofield /  2018) 1.99 GB

I’m wearing white pantyhose today so I piss and made a nice soft pile of shit in them. I smear and crush shit and then break my tights. The shit is very sticky and soft, contains pieces of food and seeds, so I want to stuff my pussy later. So I put aside a piece of shit for later and take my black dildo. I fuck pussy and then asshole in different positions again and again. Now it’s time to stuff my pussy and fuck the ass until my pussy is full of shit. I let out shit out of pussy but a small part stayed inside. I’m fucking dirty pussy and ass again and smear all shit on the feet, toes, pussy and ass…
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First Scarlet's Scat Session FullHD 1080p (Scarlet, Bruna /  2018) 1.85 GB

Here you'll watch the sexy young girl Scarlet giving her precious kaviar to her slave Bruna. She is wearing her favorite black short of lycra, she forced Bruna to lick her pussy and tits before the piss and scat.
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Lunch For My Toilet HD 720p (Shit Girl /  2018) 142 MB

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[SD-5017] Scat Slave HD 720p (Erika, Lucia, Bia /  2018) 1.19 GB

Three friends want to do something different but they don´t know how. So they spending time talking about sex, and all of them were horny and they had a great idea. The girls make a great Kaviar with piss all night long. They cum many times in this hot shitty party...
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Licking Mary's Dirty Ass FullHD 1080p (Mary Claire /  2018) 1.76 GB

Mary Claire is very excited today, she puts her submissive slave to lick her delicious asshole... but suddenly she felt the urge to go to make shit! Mary is so excited that decided does not stop the ass licking session and made the scat into her slave's mouth.
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Fall on your Knees HD 720p (Paris, Sabrina Red, Giovanna /  2018) 1.30 GB

Paris participates for the first time in an orgy, Sabrina Red and Giovanna delight in the inexperienced girl and play with a lot of scat!...
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Scatting and instiled HD 720p (Lady Chantal, Miss Jane /  2018) 531 MB

I torment along with Miss Jane a slave we have fixed in the punishment trestle. The guy suffers really nice while we treat his balls and nipples with electricity and nipple clamps. Since we have just a strapped slave here, we use it even as a toilet. I shit in a cup and stuff the scat into his mouth. After Miss Jane also piss and shit in his mouth. The slave has not tasted it well, he pukes and is disgusted. But no matter, anyhow we instil him the manure into his mouth * laugh *.
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The last time they met was 10 years ago - we brought them together for a memorable event: the Brown Reunion of Veronica and Ingrid, two of the hottest ladies of scat. Supported by Princess Michelle and two guys, they gave one of the best performances ever shot on film. Steamy, raunchy and ultra-extreme scat love at it's best!
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