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GEENA JOINS THE SLUT CLUB HD 720p (Geena, Molly, Sexy, 2 males /  2020) 594 MB

Remember the old saying "It takes a slut to find a slut"? When our experienced sluts Molly and Sexy ran into newcomer Geena who was wandering the streets looking for adventure, they immediately recognized her potential as a prospect for their secret Slut Club. The promise of wet pussies, hard dicks and "more kinky fun that you could ever imagine" was enough for Geena to agree to take the initiation test without further questions. And as she had her first ever orgasm with a shit-filled mouth, it was clear beyond doubt that she found her destination...
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FILTHY FOUNTAINS HD 720p (Violet, Luna, short appearance by camerawoman /  2020) 972 MB

With no guys around and a woman operating the camera, Violet and Luna can finally let their hair down and focus on girlie stuff, like making-up in front of the bathroom mirror and making out on the bathroom floor. Blowing out enema fountains into each other's mouths and across the room can be so much fun - who cares if another of our cameras bites the dust in the middle of the scene! Our camerawoman mastered the challenge in true Hightide style: grab the backup cam, drop a load on the vandals and continue to capture the scene as if nothing had happened...
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BETTY & THE CREW - FILL ME UP PLEASE HD 720p (Betty, Marlen, 2 males /  2020) 711 MB

A message from Betty:
Hello again, Can't wait to share my latest adventure:
I got myself invited to a four-course meal, with food and drinks all for myself!
Getting filled up to the brink has been my long-time fantasy, and now it finally became reality...
Bon appetite!
Betty & The Crew
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My Female Full Toilet FullHD 1080p (Mistress Gaia /  2020) 786 MB

Today it is my female slave's turn to be used as my full toilet. She is still in training and still needs to improve when it comes to swallowing. As you know, my personal slaves have to learn to completely swallow my shit, otherwise they will be discarded and this also applies to female slaves. I start by making her lick the dirty soles of my shoes, then I make her lie down on the floor and I make her smell my ass, from which she will soon receive her nourishment. I take off my panties and make her smell them too (I kept them all the previous day and all night; you can imagine the smell!). But now is time to use the slave for what she is: a toilet. As often happens, my shit is abundant and a mushy mass, after filling her mouth, covers her entire face. But, today, the service must be complete, so I order her to open her mouth and I piss directly down her throat. His mouth is full of a disgusting mixture of piss and shit, difficult to swallow; I have to insist and she eventually succeeds. Good slave!

In this video a masked Mistress Gaia removes her skirt and creamy panties, squats over her masked female slave's face, and then shits and pisses into her mouth.
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Hot poop straight into your mouth FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2020) 703 MB

Hello to all our fans and friends. in this video you will see Yana, Caroline and Alice taking shit straight into their mouths from their friend’s ass. Three girlfriends settled down on the couch and each took turns licking each other’s ass, then opened her mouth and took the warm shit of her friend directly into her mouth and face. They completely accepted everything that did not get into the mouth, remained on the face and then the friend sat down and smeared shit on her face and forced her to lick her dirty ass. We know that you love such hot videos from us, so we are waiting for you to visit us, we are happy to spend time in front of the camera for you, it also excites and turns us on. Have a nice view!
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Female Slave Shitted And Peed FullHD 1080p (Mistress Gaia /  2020) 715 MB

Today it is my slave's turn to be used as a toilet. She alternates with my personal slave in this degrading task, that all my true slaves must perform. In fact, many slaves ask me to be used as toilets but, at the crucial moment, most give up; well, they will never become Mistress Gaia's personal slaves!!! After making her lick the soles of my shoes, it's time to fill her mouth with shit. After the shit comes the piss, which floods her face. It's a disgusting scene the one that appears before me! Since she is still reluctant to swallow, I close her mouth with adhesive tape; she will keep it until he has swallowed everything. Then, he will also have to clean with his tongue the soles of his boots, dirty with shit!!

In this video a masked Mistress Gaia pulls her panties to the side, squats over her masked female slave's face, shits into her mouth, rubs the shit around her mouth with her boot, pisses into her mouth, and then puts tape over her mouth.
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