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Goddess Margo – full scat feeding with chocking SD (GoddessAndreea /  2021) 248 MB

Today my good friend, Scat Goddess Margo wanted to make a special gift for our human toilet. For his birthday, she gave her shit as a gift, deep into his throat. For this she first tied him to his hands so as not to oppose the gift offered and then she made a huge piece of shit that she obliged the slave to eat everything, piece by piece. Meanwhile, the mistress spread all the shit on his body, face and penis and began to masturbate him with her shit. An EPIC clip for fans of the coerced eating genre.
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High Priestess of Pants Shitting FullHD 1080p (Sophia_Sprinkle /  2021) 1.03 GB

Oh fellas, you’re in for a treat! Watch beautiful Sophia drink a full bottle of magnesium citrate and pinch a big, desperate, stinky loaf into her new white (now brown) jeans. She clearly is into it judging by her dripping pussy. The depravity is NOT to be missed!
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Who Wears Shit Shorts? FullHD 1080p (Sophia_Sprinkle /  2021) 815 MB

Sophia wears shit shorts. Join her on what starts off as a mundane chore that leads to the biggest, stinkiest, mess she has made so far! Projectile liquid shit included: if you’re in the splash zone, you’re in for a treat
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Diarrhea Destruction! FullHD 1080p (Sophia_Sprinkle /  2021) 684 MB

Watch beautiful Sophia unleash load after stinky load of diarrhea, farts, sharts and sputters into her tub over the course of 24 hours. Bubble bath, anyone?
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Secret Poop Full House FullHD 1080p (Brandy_Portland /  2021) 727 MB

My flat mate had friends over so had to be sneaky very sneaky. I had been holding my shit in for 2 days and now it was time. So I thought to myself how can I get away with doing a video.
I felt the pressure of a big poop building up. I must say it turned me on knowing that I had to poop and I was going to shoot a vid with all these people here. Some I didn’t know at all.
So I got up from the sofa casually saying that I was going to have a shower. As I closed the bathroom door I started filming. I turn on the shower and try not to make any suspicious noises.
I strain for a while while my rose opens an reveals what is inside me begging to come out. This was tough I had to grip the shower rail and really bear down.
Finally to my relief I felt something move so I kept on pushing until all my turds were on in bath.
I got a cup that my flat mate drinks from regularly and used it to scoop up and have a little play with my poop before finally ending in the toilet.
Then enema time.
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Lemon Water Detox FullHD 1080p (WatchMarleyPoop /  2021) 246 MB

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