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Wet masturbation and scat FullHD 1080p (KinkGodess /  2022) 824 MB

Started out making fotos of my new panties. Got horny and felt i could shit. Wet masturbation with my new toy and showing you a nice soft shit turd. Squishing my shit with my hand at end of clip
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Farts & Shitting in Black Leggings UltraHD 2K (Cleopatra /  2022) 1.71 GB

Uggghhh pre-shit farts, and shart, and then a big nasty dump in my tight black leggings! I felt I had to shit, but just kept farting some nasty stinky pre-shit farts for a while, then finally some movement occurs LOL and I let out a little surprise shart that stains my black leggings ? Finally all that intestinal movement comes to fruition and I let out a messy mushy shit into my leggings for your viewing enjoyment! Boy did I stink up my bath! Watch the load spread out in my leggings, then I drop my pants and show you the smeared mushy shit on my ass complete with chunks of I don’t know what, I think some tomatos and potato LOL Then I show you the big nasty load on my ass, mmm you want to smell it so bad toilet pig!?
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Teen girl shits on the floor - very hot, young, skinny brunette UltraHD 2K (Amateur /  2022) 119 MB

Here's a self-shot video of a skinny, brunette "teen" taking a shit on a public bathroom floor. She lays down some paper, strips to bottomless, shits, wipes her ass, shows off the shit, dresses and leaves. I found the video on a streaming site but there is no watermark or somesuch.
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Shitting near the Window UltraHD 4K (ScatDesire /  2022) 1.79 GB

I was basking by the window in the afternoon. I needed to shit, but I wasn’t about to walk all the way to the restroom. I rub my horny pussy a little bit. I had been eating breakfast so I had to shit really bad. It comes in small little shits. The build up right before my ass makes me hornier. I moan as I shit for you. I release smelly stinky poo that feel amazing. My ass are pleased!
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Flight Attendants Piss & Shit FullHD 1080p (Fetidistrojp /  2022) 1.32 GB

For how many months, these women have taken everything their bosses could throw at them, but in this situation, they are finally going to punish them for it! They catch one of the men off guard and are then fast to strip off his clothes and wrap his entire body with plastic, rendering him completely helpless! Without further ado, they lay him on the floor and take turns sitting on his face and smothering him with their asses! Before long, they are able to grab the other guy and strip him as well before putting him beside the earlier victim! At this point, the dominatrixes concentrate their attention on the second guy and smother him with their asses, making it difficult for him to breathe and leaving him with no choice but to orally pleasure their assholes! Before long, their growing urges lead them to stomp all over the second victim while lashing all over his body with a whip! Eventually, the women secure the earlier slave to a contraption they have specially prepared! It resembles a seat and is placed underneath his mouth! After which, the dominatrixes take turns defecating into it, consequently funneling their poop into the slave’s mouth, leaving him with no choice but to chew and swallow their shit! The role of the second guy is to lick the women’s assholes clean!
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Wicked Betty in the manure channel HD 720p (Betty /  2022) 642 MB

While out for a walk, Betty discovered that the cow barn was open. She went in to look at the cows and pet them. But what did her eyes see there? There was a fuckmachine! So Betty went to lick the nice dildo. But for her it was only the beginning, so she smeared and covered herself again and again with cow dung. Betty began to try out the fuckmachine, first slowly and then faster. In addition to smearing the cow dung she also had to pee. She pushed cow dung in her vagina and peed after that. To cool down a bit, she also climbed into the manure channel to submerge herself completely. After some time, Betty’s vagina had enough and you went over to her tight asshole. In addition to the pre-stretching with lubricant, she also covers herself over and over again with cow dung. Of course, it did not remain with the single submerging in the channel, so she climbed in the manure channel again and submerges herself completely one more time. After all the fun Betty then relaxed in the manure channel.
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VM 40 - Couple Service HD 720p (Veronica Moser, Madame LL /  2022) 771 MB

Veronica says: "Summer, sun, sex and a lot of scat - that's what Madame LL offered me for a weekend of serving herself and her dominant partner. We all got off great, I spent a wonderful time at their farm, where they used me in- and outdoors as their private scat whore. The result was an extra-long summer update that I hope you enjoy as much as we did! ;) ."
Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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VM23 - THE BITCH SD (Veronica Moser /  2022) 246 MB

Veronica says: " According to my tattoo, I can be a bitch - especially when I have a submissive guy at my feet who loves to be mistreated as my personal shit slave and fuck stud. He did a great job licking my cunt and fucking my ass, so I rewarded him with an intimate dinner for two - I can be a nice bitch too ;)!"
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Seriously Skat Maid FullHD 1080p (Rika Inoue (井上リカ), Eri Makino (牧野絵里), Yuma Miyazaki (宮崎由麻), Maki Kozue (こずえまき) /  2022) 4.91 GB

まじスカ メイド 糞狂いアナルレズ乱交

変態メイド達とウンコまみれで戯れる夢の国へ ようこそ!メイド服を糞まみれに汚して激臭チラシ配りに励み、お客が激臭スカトロアナルFUCKで萌え糞狂い!マジカル糞まみれレズ乱交、スカトロ・ペニバンアナルFUCK、ぶっかけ浣腸便まみれ等々、まじスカ萌キュンメニュー目白押し!
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Lesbian Shit Girls 1,2 HD 720p (Susan-Tiffany /  2022) 543 MB

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Shit Eater DVDRip (Louise Hunter /  2022) 542 MB

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Kiki Minaj Black Fuck Ass FullHD 1080p (Kiki Minaj /  2022) 1.09 GB

Black UK pornstar Kiki Minaj wears white bodystocking and does scat in this POV video. There is no vaginal sex. Fist they start with some anal in doggy which turns into dirty anal
at some point. Kiki sucks the dick which is the only dirty atm in this video. Afterwards they continue with Kiki lying on her back. Kiki sucks the guy's balls and he smears some shit
on her face. The next positions are reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and doggy again. The cumshot goes all over Kiki's body who is lying on her back. But that's not the end of the scene
as the guy pisses on her face, boobs and ass to clean of the shit. Kiki seems rather disgusted throughout the whole video.
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Grenzbereich #12 - Zwangs Ernahrt DVDRip (Femdom /  2022) 353 MB

Classic series from Manni Moneto
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Bereit für Miss Cherie FullHD 1080p (Miss Cherie /  2022) 1.26 GB

Ich habe einen Sklaven heran zitiert weil Miss Cherie sich angekündigt hat und sehr dringend auf Toilette muss. Kaum ist sie da, thront ihr Hintern auch schon über seinen geöffneten Maul. Erst schießt ihm ein kräftiger Natursektstrahl ins Gesicht, dann folgt eine ordentlich Portion Scheisse. Etwas zu viel für den dummen Sklaven, aber Miss Cherie fühlt sich erleichtert und zwingt den Loser auch den Rest der Boden liegt zu fressen.
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