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Tampon, blood, shit and a hot fuck 1/2 FullHD 1080p (Versauteschnukkis /  2020) 1.08 GB

The hairy milf has her days and can, after she has shit her pecker on the tail, pull out the tampon and shit on the cunt before she is completely smeared and fucked with shit. Have fun watching
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The South Hole Elf (A Merry Dairy XXXmas) FullHD 1080p (Kylie /  2020) 1.92 GB

Hey Boys! Tis The Season! I just finished watching this movie and I was absolutely blown away by it! So while it’s fresh on my mind I’m gonna give you all the steamy detail. This one features a new girl named Kylie, who is absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Soooo Santa delivers Mr Cheeks his own personal South Hole Elf gift wrapped, with big nipples that are lactating, and spraying milk everywhere, along with a big fat butt that is just full of delicious treats! He has been on his best behavior this year faithfully eating the scat of big butted beautiful sexy sluts, and it did not go unnoticed. Mr Cheeks totally indulges himself in Kylie, by drinking down her sweet milk, and sucking her big ample nipples. He wasted no time tasting her big booty and quickly getting erotic. They had a crazy amount of chemistry together which you could literally feel throughout the movie! I absolutely love when that happens because you just know how much both of them are actually enjoying it together and how totally real the pleasure for both of them is! From what I understand this was Kylie’s first ever scat related experience. It was also relayed to me that it was the most intense sexually gratifying encounter that she ever had and that she will definitely be back for more. This bodes very well for you all! LOL So the film culminates with a very spontaneous and unorthodox scat scene where Kylie actually ends up pushing while on her back on the table filling Mr Cheeks’ mouth to the hilt with her delicious treats…This I am told was not planned! However I love how it happened and I loved the way she delivered and pushed her scat on her back into his mouth almost as if she was giving birth into his mouth LOL Except this was a food baby. It was super erotic and really had me soaked to be honest, especially when the camera angle switched and you could see her face as she talked dirty to him and pushed as he ate! What I loved about this scene was after she went into his mouth she continued to lactate and spray buckets of milk into mouth to help him wash down her dirty treats! That was HOT! He finished the movie up by devouring her entire load while she sucked on him and begged for his cum so she could swallow it all! He gave her a rather heavy and robust load which true to her word, she gobbled up and swallowed. She did not miss a drop. Must see movie! 5 Stars.
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Fuck each other and fuck a dildo (2/2) FullHD 1080p (Versauteschnukkis /  2020) 1.98 GB

In this hot kackefick movie, the hairy milf shits her stick in the face while he licks her, then the milf lies on her back holding her cunt and lets her stick shit in the middle of the wide open pussy and then with a dildo fuck the shit in the cunt before her engraver then fucks the milf hard in different positions and smeared her face and body. Have fun watching
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Toilet Paper Epidemic FullHD 1080p (Missellie8 /  2020) 645 MB

I had to go do bad… I just couldn’t hold it anymore- even though I didn’t have any toilet paper and my boyfriend was sleeping in the next room. He doesn’t know about my scat fetish, so I secretly wiped my butthole clean after my first poop with my fingers and washed it off in the sink. But the second poop, I felt much hornier and riskier. I wiped the delicious smeary brown poop from my freshly relieved butthole and lick it off my fingers, tasting every drop of sweet poop in my mouth.
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Passion, desire and lust for my shit FullHD 1080p (Mistress /  2020) 1.99 GB

She’s lying on the floor, worried, she’s laughing, but she’s afraid because today her first taste of my shit. She wanted it, asked, and here she is, my toilet, my little shit-eater. I Crouch over her, my ass hanging over her mouth. Open your mouth, my toilet whore, and I’ll fill it with shit. A stream of diarrhea runs right into her mouth and she calmly accepts it, this makes me very happy. For the first time, I gave her free rein, and what a surprise. She savors my shit, licks it off her face, hands, smears over her chest, all over her body, she likes my shit. Suck, play with strap-on, suck deeper, I love when suck with snot, with drool. Here is you lot more strap-on, show yourself, please yourself. She does not hesitate introduce dirty in the shit strap-on in the pussy, jumps on it, enjoys. Licks, drives on her titties and fucks herself again. “Mistress, can I cum”, these words are like music to me, I see that now she is mine, she is enjoying everything that is happening. Meet my new toilet slave girl Maya, I hope you like her as much as I do. Now you will often see her on your screens
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Scatfuck with my biggest poop(part 2/4) FullHD 1080p (Versauteschnukkis /  2020) 1.76 GB

In this part the hairy horny milf is fucked missionary while her face is now smeared with the horny shit. Have fun watching
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Scat porn with hairy milf (part2) FullHD 1080p (Versauteschnukkis /  2020) 1.90 GB

After I shit him a big sausage in the rubber he slips it over so that his cock was loosely 40cm long and fucks me in a coma until he pulls out the rubber again, lubricates me with my shit and pisses me in the pussy and continues to fuck when he suddenly thought of shitting my hairy cunt and taking it even more and fucking me again until he wixxted his shit-smeared cock in my mouth. Have fun watching
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Scat Eat And Shit Sucking By Top Babe Betty FullHD 1080p (The Green Mask /  2020) 617 MB

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Eat this big shit FullHD 1080p (Dianascat /  2020) 681 MB

After eating macaroni, I want to finally feed you shit.Since you haven’t eaten shit in a long time,you should have dinner.Oh, how much I want to shit that it makes my ass swell.Now I’m going to shit on my plate and feed you shit.Huge, thick shit is coming out of my ass.Why are you looking so scared?Are you dissatisfied with something?This is your horror open your mouth.You know that until you eat everything, you won’t leave the table.Open your mouth,start eating.Here is so spoon for spoon.Don’t throw up.If you throw up, I’ll feed you all the vomit back.Like a good girl.We’ll put shit in your nose to make you feel better now you look like a real shitty pig.I love feeding you shit
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BETTY PRIVATE - FUN AT NIGHT HD 720p (Betty, Eliza, 3 males /  2020) 1.10 GB

Betty sent us another private tape with a message:
Hi there,
First of all I hope you're all doing fine...Keep it that way, that's an order! ;)
Secondly, in case you wonder what I do at night: A bit of telly, some surfing, playing with my the pets...... so nothing special....
...except when Eliza stays over! She's kind of a boy's magnet, and every now and then we let one in for some Fun at Night :)
Enjoy some of those encounters......who knows, maybe you're next ;)
Lots of Love, Betty & Eliza
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Hi! with SweetBettyParlour FullHD 1080p (SweetBettyParlour /  2020) 1.05 GB

New, incredibly crazy premium clip from your favorite dirty dark scat fetish queen!
Huge, impossible size 2-day shit, endlessly crawling out of the sweaty and huge ass of a terrible demon of lust from the other world of perversions!
– Making an incredible mask of power and authority from shit
– Wild and crazy devil style
– Huge pieces of shit on the face and mouth
– Licking a finger
– And music to experience all the horrors of being in this mystically damned bathroom with a stinky smelly and such a sexy style demon and making huge batches of crap for horrifically exciting toilet games.
– Timeless and spaceless!
Now you should see it, but be careful…
It is addictive because after her kiss you can become her slave!
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Scat sex 39 FullHD 1080p (Amateurcouplewithfriends769 /  2020) 857 MB

Her ass is so full of crap its making her pussy tighter than ever, tight fit sex while she tries to poop on her man. Catching that massive compact crap and cumming as she finishes off her magnificent EFRO poop on him. Making her cum and great cumshot while holding her freshly made crap, nice tight pussy sex and clit play, panty wearing, EFRO, sex, scat, pooping, cumming, dirty sex, camel toe, poop on him, very sexy, new content
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Banana & kaviar for you FullHD 1080p (Antonella /  2020) 1.10 GB

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OPUD-261 FullHD 1080p (Kanashima Hiroko, Fujisawa Miori /  2020) 3.41 GB

[OPUD-261] Kanashima Hiroko, Fujisawa Miori 塗糞レズスカ美人妻 Scat 芳賀栄太郎

Japanese lesbians have sexual acts and do some shit smearing. A soap opera about scat lovers.
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GCD-754 Girls Garage HD 720p (Japan /  2020) 6.32 GB

GCD-754 Girls Garage ヨガ講師極太うんち 優子 33歳 人妻 全てが太い… Defecation 114分 2017/07/20 レイディックス

Sexy slim exercise girl masturbates to her shit and jacks off a guy. Gets an enema later.
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Swallow cum with shit my dirty slut FullHD 1080p (Shit Mistress /  2020) 1.01 GB

Suck cocksucker, suck slave’s cock. He wants to shit, it much the better. I’m going to take the shit out of his ass and feed it to you. That lot of shit, all for you dirty slut. I’ll smeared shit on his cock thicker, of course, and on your face should be smeared in shit. Now continue suck, sucking better, so that he comes and you swallow all cum with shit. Yes, you are what a dirty cocksucker, you’re getting high, enjoying shit and dick. Yes, take lot of shit in your mouth and keep sucking. Oh, he cums, cums in your mouth, swallow, enjoy the mix of shit and cum. You’re such a dirty, dirty slut.
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Cowgirl poop! FullHD 1080p (MiaRoxxx /  2020) 249 MB

Riding the hard dick and pooping… I am a pro! What do YOU think?
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It was a real slaughter! But I managed! FullHD 1080p (MilanaSmelly /  2020) 1.58 GB

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Scat session 15 UltraHD 2K (amateurcouplewithfriends769 /  2020) 475 MB

Great scat sex with smearing crap on her ass. She tries so hard to crap on him while his shaft is inside her pussy. She blasts his dick out of her pussy as the crap slides by that little gap behind her vagina. It’s so tight she can’t hold that dick in as she craps. Smearing it on her ass as she takes a huge cumshot all over her back and ass. That redhead loves to cum just before she craps all over herself. New clip with sexy EFRO scat
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Scat session 24 FullHD 1080p (Amateurcouplewithfriends769 /  2020) 269 MB

She’s on her little doggy knees taking a crap for her hovering master. Great farting foreplay as her master keeps her down for some scat surprises. As she pushes hard and moans to get that log free, it’s grabbed and used as lube to finish the job. More crap tumbles down her pussy as the first log wasn’t enough. Loved it when she got surprised once that crap landed back on her ass. Crap smearing and scat play from behind with mega cumshot and some foreplay, showing off her feet and beautiful pussy. Messy, sexy show. Wide screen. New clip
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Anal sex scat session FullHD 1080p (Amateur Couple with Friends769 /  2020) 714 MB

New first time couples anal sex with scat. She takes that cock in her ass like a champ, having sex with an ass full of poop, scat sex, dirty talk, desperation, tight asshole, redhead, messy, creamy, powerful pooping out a cock with shit, pulling the cork on her ass as fresh crap gets packed into her ass crack with a cumming dick, squishing balls and cock into that fruity pile of poop. Amazing anal with a great poop out, you can almost feel the warmth of her crap as you watch this steaming scat session. The poop makes a wonderful sound as it is coming out of her ass. Some farting while she has a cock in her ass. Wide screen with many personal close ups. The dirty talk between these two is amazing, so much chemistry, so sexy, she’s a keeper, dirty girl gets me off. Duration 5 minute 43 seconds
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Delicious Spit-Drenched SHIT Sub Sandwich UltraHD 4K (LoveRachelle2 /  2020) 1.53 GB

Hi there. I know I’ve been expecting you as my guest, but I’m sorry to say that I just don’t keep much food in the house, I like to eat out. All I got lying around is a loaf of bread, practically. But don’t you worry.. I’ve got a great idea for what I can make you… Close your eyes…

…and VIOLA! I’ve created an incredibly MASSIVE shit sub sandwich for you! I garnish the sandwich with my spit to give it more flavor. Then remember–I have a whole vial of spit I spent HOURS collecting all ready to go! I swish the container around, you can see the cloudy spit inside! I pour a whole OUNCE of saliva allll over your sandwich… now it’s tastier than ever! But wait–silly me, a boy like you needs a glass of hot golden piss to wash it down!

Now eat your GIGANTIC meal–on the floor by my perfectly manicured feet, like a dog. And eat it exactly how I tell you!
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Shit Breakfast Sandwich FullHD 1080p (LoveRachelle2 /  2020) 245 MB

I’ve got a tasty looking bacon and egg breakfast sandwich for you, but you know what? I’m gonna make it special for you, can you guess how? Hee hee. I take a shit all over your breakfast sandwich and show it off before offer you your meal, telling you how good it smells… I bet you’re hungry aren’t you boy?
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Poop Ramen… Delicious! EAT WITH ME Instructions UltraHD 4K (LoveRachelle2 /  2020) 1.51 GB

I’m so thrilled to have you over as a guest! I made you a little something to eat… sorry it’s not much, my kitchen is trashed, practically empty and I’m not much of a cook! All I really had were some ramen packets, so I made you a bowl of noodles. I drained it, though. Looks bland and boring! Am I doing this wrong? Sorry babe! Surely there’s SOMETHING I can do to make your meal a little more interesting…

And sure enough, there is! My special lite Piss Broth and Poop Topping really gives this ramen the kick it needs! I EAT A BIG BITE of my sweet shit along with some noodles to show you exactly how I want you to savor this treat, babe. Make sure to follow along with my instructions!
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Scat smear and fuck on the floor FullHD 1080p (Heatherfly /  2020) 1.24 GB

2020 – A brand new home and a new camera. And ofcourse a very very dirty, smeared all over, pissed all over, hot, happy and cute Heather – in the conservatory on our new heated floor. It’s never hard nor dirty enough. We’ve been busy for a while, and finally found the time to dedicate an evening to our scat and piss games.
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