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Shit Delivery Restaurant HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 1.62 GB

Shit Delivery Restaurant. On this video, the slave could not spend time with the girls and did not see how they shit. He only received a ready-made package with three hot dishes and drinks near the door of the girls apartment. The slave immediately went home to enjoy the taste of three fresh dishes from Christina, Amina and Yana!
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Meet 2 new girls: Kira and Lera HD 720p (SmellyMilana /  2018) 1.85 GB

Meet 2 new girls: Kira and Lera! I again could gather – 6 girls! We met new girls: 2 new girls: Kira and Lera! Slave was forced to serve two new girls! Christina, Lisa, Amina and Yana today were ruthless and very smelly. The slave was shocked when he learned that today he must serve a large number of girls – but he can not give up such a variety of tastes!
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MADAM'S DIRTY MAIDS SD (Kira, Molly, Sexy /  2018) 738 MB

When sweet Molly arrived on the set after a long break, she brought her lover Sexy for moral support and maybe a short clean appearance as Madam - but certainly no more! After all Sexy didn't like scat at all, in fact she had never even tried. Well, we know that it's hard to stay clean when redhead Kira is on fire, but no one could have imagined what happened next. This was the first time we ever witnessed an absolute beginner go in at the deep end, and in no time the trio indulged in a breathtaking all-girl scat, piss and kiss battle as if there was no tomorrow...
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Dirty Game with Your Toy Cars part 2 FullHD 1080p (Anna Coprofield /  2018) 1.63 GB

Did you leave your toy cars in my place?! So now they are mine! I will drive cars on my body, use my pussy and ass as a garage, forcing cars to move with a stream of my urine and shit a huge pile right on these cars! I will immerse the cars in the shit, make them very dirty and do drift then will park my dirty cars in my hot garage again, smear shit on my pussy. I’ll try to wash your cars with a rag that lay beside me and absorbed urine and shit. But… oops! I’ll make your cars dirty again. But I’m a good girl, and I will definitely return your favorite toys to you…you just have to lick them until they get clean first!
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POOPING ALL OVER SD (Wildpassion, Flaming Woman /  2018) 643 MB

Indoor, really doesn't matter for Wildpassion and her red and blond poo-loving girlfriends. They always find a place to drop a load and get dirty!
Please note that this is amateur footage so the image quality, sound etc. may not be perfect but the action is raw, extreme scatsex at its best.
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SHAMELESS MATRONS - WILDER BY THE YEARS SD 720p (Linda, Angelina, Cora, 1 male /  2018) 946 MB

When her neighbour asked Angelina to take care of Slave Linda during his absence, she couldn't keep her hands to herself, only to be caught brown-handed by the Master of the House. But everyone deserves a second chance, and Angelina got her's the next day, when she took in Linda for another slave sitting session. Luckily for you, she got swayed by her old friend Cora who - after a long absence from our set - was starving for some good old dirty action. When the Master's away, the Matrons come out and play. And when he returned earlier than expected, they take their punishment with pleasure!
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You Will Eat Your Own Shit… No Mercy shit UltraHD 4K (LoveRachelle2 /  2018) 1.50 GB

Buyer’s Script:

I am your young sissy slave. I have one limit: SCAT. You say that slaves have NO limits and NO rights. So, today you’ll force me to drink my piss and eat all my shit (a lot). NO EXCUSE.

Make me take a crystal glass, a plate, a fork and a spoon. Then you order to me to shit on the plate and fill the glass with my piss. This is my dinner!! Mistress, show me how to piss in the glass and shit on the plate. Make me wait before I take the plunge, a bit of suspense while I’m sitting on the chair in front of my dinner, waiting to eat it. Smell is so strong. I’m scared. I beg for mercy. This is my first time for real, but you don’t care.

Make me take my shit, put in my mouth, chew it, savor the taste and swallow. And repeat without pause for all the shit.

Show me how to take my own shit and eat it. Rachelle says, “I want to see your shitty plate empty piece by piece until it’s clean.” I copy your gesture, but unlike you teasing me Mistress, I’m putting my shit in my mouth and eating it! I have no choice!
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VM55 - PANTYHOSE POO SD 720p (Veronica Moser, 1 male /  2018) 733 MB

Veronica says: "This month's update is a special treat for all pantyhose, foot and shoe lovers - this is what happens when I mix those ingredients with hot steamy piss and poo. "

Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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Special Delivery! Poo From My Butt To You! UltraHD 4K (LoveRachelle2 /  2018) 1.64 GB

Making you a special naughty delivery! Right from my butt to your front door! I flirt and talk dirty and tease you (lightly, I know you’re a real cutie!) the whole time, very excited for this special first-time for you, having my whole log of poop for you to enjoy! I birth my delicious crap for you and package it up… time to send it your way!
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BETTY PRIVATE - SHITS AND GIGGLES HD 720p (Betty, Desiree, Eliza /  2018) 1.58 GB

Betty sent us another private tape with a message:

Hi there!

Welcome back ;)

I'm sure you remember how much fun I had with my new friend Desiree, and with my old friend Eliza.

But you probably didn't know that they had never met each other.

Well, that has changed now after we met for a fun weekend of Shits and Giggles! ;)

Enjoy and stay tuned!


Betty, Desiree & Eliza
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Combat girls learn self-defense HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 1.12 GB

Combat girls learn self-defense! Before the beginning of feeding, the girls decided to learn the basics of self-defense, in case they were attacked by a maniac and they could protect themselves! As a boxing pear, they used their toilet slave – they punched him in the chest, stomach and ribs and kicked them. Then the girls filled him with their shit and beat again!
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Happy birthday! Shit and earwax! HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 1.57 GB

Happy birthday! Shit and earwax! Today our toilet slave has a birthday! The girls decided to congratulate him and give him a shit-cake from 4 girls. And they also allowed us to taste the earwax of girls.
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Japan Scat UltraHD 4K (AVOPVR-011 /  2018) 2.47 GB

Two girls chat in japanese sniff your cock for some reason, then they play with your cock for a bit giving you a handjob, then one takes a huge dump on your chest, the other takes a smaller dump, they then rub the shit on your cock wank you off till you cum, then the one that couldn't manage a big drump then lays a huge turd on your chest, whats not to like?
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Shit and Blood Vol.6 Filled Pussy Part 2 FullHD 1080p (Anna Coprofield /  2018) 1.51 GB

Since shooting a video with 7 saved shit is delayed because of the unexpected start of menstruation and I miss the crap in my pussy, I decided not to deny myself the pleasure today. I wanted to shit so much, I even forgot to say hello. My shit is trying to get out, my ass is already dirty. I fart a little and make a perfect pile of creamy shit. My menstrual cup is shown from a pussy, and I take it out and to put it aside for later. I piss, fuck bloody pussy with a glass toy then fuck my ass and get some more shit, then I fuck my pussy with a dirty toy. I take the shit and start filling my pussy…oh, how I like it! When the pussy was full of shit I wipe it with wet napkins and let out my beautiful long shit from pussy. Filled my pussy a second time and poured the blood from the menstrual cup, rub it and smear it a lil. Then let out shit form the pussy again with some blood and a little shit is still inside mmm…I take the toy and fuck my pussy again, smear bloody shit on ass and pussy…
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Teasing and pooping in bed FullHD 1080p (NastyGirl /  2018) 737 MB

i tease, show sexy body, poop and show very dirty ass and smear my body with poo
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Hot playing and pooping in shower FullHD 1080p (NastyGirl /  2018) 1.10 GB

Show striptease, wash my sexy body and poop in bathroom
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Some casual poops UltraHD 2K (LittleMissKinky /  2018) 589 MB

4 poops in a row
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Hot pooping in park during menstruation FullHD 1080p (NastyGirl /  2018) 882 MB

poop in park and show extra dirty ass with blood and shit and result of my diarea
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Hot striptease poo and pee in park FullHD 1080p (nastygirl /  2018) 847 MB

show sexy body, poo, pee and show very dirty ass
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Bloody poo and sitting down in it FullHD 1080p (NastyGirl /  2018) 1013 MB

i poop, smear my soft shit on my body, show bloody and dirty ass and sitting down direct in my shit and smear poo with it and after it show extra dirty ass again
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Desperation Big Logs FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 618 MB

Watch me desperate to shit but i resist.. i stick a pen inside my tight little hole and twist it around teasing the load inside my arse, i then get urge to push i open my arsehole to show the turd inside before resisting and closing my arsehole i then open my tight pink hole again leaving my shit staring at you while my asshole stretchs open and i resist the urge to push before it gets to much and release big thick logs i then show you my big load in my hands i love the feeling of desperation
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Pooping in shorts smearing and dirty striptease FullHD 1080p (NastyGirl /  2018) 1.08 GB

I poop in shorts, show extra dirty ass and creamy pussy and just hot sexy body
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Puke Job And Scat Sex FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 1.45 GB

Watch me deepthroat your dick till i puke and spit all over it before riding your dick with an arse full of shit, i spread my cheeks apart and push out a big thick load onto your stomach before riding you some more, i then smear my shit while keeping your dick inside me and riding you some more… Now ready to cum i give you a tit job and suck your dick before giving you a cum countdown to shoot your load over my shit smeared tits
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My new swimsuit FullHD 1080p (BigTitsAlisa /  2018) 1.15 GB

I bought a new swimsuit and decided before I go to the beach in it I will write down for you a video. I sat on the couch and at first I pose for you, show you my body, I want to show you their Tits , ass and pussy, I slide the bikini top and bare you your Boobs showing you them, my big gorgeous Breasts want freedom, I take the rubber cock in hand and clamped it between their big name and they’re fucking themselves about between the Breasts, to me it’s very exciting, I want to quickly enter rubber dick in her pussy I push the bottom of the swimsuit and fuck myself in the cunt with a rubber cock, after that, I remove the rim from the ass and first introduce rubber Dildo up their ass and then pull out and fuck the rubber cock, I produce a little shit out of his ass to fit on the rubber member with a rubber member, I smear feces on your body, I suck dirty rubber dick in my shit, I fuck them yourself in the pussy and in the ass. Yes I like what I do, I like shit play with him eat his, to smear shit on their body and not only. In this video, I’m covered in shit, even my new swimsuit and the one in my shit. I hope that you will enjoy watching this video and you will want more.
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Wanna touch me? Play with my shit? FullHD 1080p (DirtyBetty /  2018) 286 MB

New UNIQUE video, feel yourself a participant in this hot scat copro show! You can do whatever you like, slap on the ass, jerk off on my fragrant hole, and of course I’ll give you a real mountain of delicious fragrant shit. It’s just incredible, you’ll see all my secrets, you’ll appreciate my scent, and you’ll taste my shit, you’ll just go crazy when spreading my ass, and you’ll bring your face closer!
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