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TOILET SISSY'S BISEX TRAINING HD 720p (Sunny, Mistress, 2 Sissy Subs /  2019) 591 MB

The training of toilet sissy hubby continues, when his wife teams up with like-minded lady Sunny and her sub hub. Both slut wives take great pleasure in encouraging their husbands to cross yet another line, while filming the encounters for their own amusement and further humiliation of their subs...
This title contains bisexual action, so if this offends you, don't buy!
Please note that this is amateur footage so the image quality, sound etc. may not be perfect but the action is raw, extreme scatsex at its best.
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VM70 - VERONIQUE - THE MOVIE HD 720p (Veronica Moser /  2019) 597 MB

Veronica says: "This is my idea of a perfect wellness session - a relaxing bath, a bottle of champagne and lots of my favourite stuff to play with
Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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BBWENDI - DINNER WITH THE LADS HD 720p (Wendi, 2 males /  2019) 1.10 GB

After sub BBWendi's amazing debut as an all-gender toilet, her proud master threw an old-fashioned dinner party for his precious slut - just her, two blokes and the food and drinks she loves so much...
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KIRA & MOLLY - BUTTHOLE NURSES HD 720p (Kira, Molly, 2 males /  2019) 687 MB

When nurses Molly and Kira worked their magic on an apparantly passed-out patient, he soon showed signs of an amazing recovery - more than enough reasons for the chief physician to reward the two hottest nurses of the ward with a couple of orgasms on the house...
Note: Despite some minor audio flaws this title is simply too good not to release.
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BETTY & FRIENDS - FLOOSIES ON VACATION HD 720p (Betty, Sexy, Marlen, 2 males /  2019) 733 MB

A message from Betty:
Hi all, Hope you're still enjoying the summer!
I just returned home from a relaxing trip to the countryside with Marlen and Sexy... Pheew,.it was HOT!!!...and so were we :-)
So we decided to go moonlighting in the cute little village brothel, just for laughs (and a little pocket money.
Well, news travels fast in the village, and it wasn't before very long when some local guys came to check out the Floosies On Vacation :-)
Enjoy and have fun,
Betty, Sexy & Marlen
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VM66 - THE LICK EXPERT HD 720p (Veronica Moser, 1 male /  2019) 1.34 GB

Veronica says: "To celebrate my new blond girlie look, I arranged a mellow session with a true lick pig. He had such a great tongue that I wished he would go on forever, but of course we didn't forget the nasty stuff..."
Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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VM65 - ONE MAN SHOW HD 720p (Veronica Moser /  2019) 591 MB

Veronica says: "After I had my cunt tattoo refreshed in a painful 5 hr session, I couldn't touch myself for a whole week! I was starving for relief, so I treated myself to a special dinner - a perfect way to celebrate my new shiny red cunt... "
Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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THE SECRET CLUB HD 720p (Julia, Sexy, Penelope, 5 males /  2019) 597 MB

We were tipped off about a secret place where true scat lovers come together to let their hair down. Fortunately we knew most of them, and they had no problem at all with our cameras, as long as we wouldn't interfere with their after-work activities. Of course we wouldn't, after all nothing is better than the real thing! Thanks guys and girls for allowing us to document your unstaged, filthy action and share it withthose who haven't found the Secret Club....yet!
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BETTY PRIVATE - THE ASS-TO-MOUTH SESSION HD 720p (Betty, Desiree, 1 male /  2019) 1.27 GB

Betty sent us another private tape with a message:
Hi, this time Desiree and I met up with a guy who likes ass-fucking a lot - well, that's one thing we had in common ;)
With sluts like us, the ass is always a good starting point, and there's usually a mouth close by
Have fun, Betty & Desiree
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ONE OF THOSE WEEKS HD 720p (Angelina, Linda, Sunny, 2 males /  2019) 964 MB

Angelina really is one of a kind - this time she asked us to accompany her during a typical week, including a remote encounter with her Master, solo sessions in her basement and the usual mid-week visit from Linda, Sunny and their partners. Don't get the wrong idea though - it wasn't all about's just that we're not good at filming typical Matron activities like cooking, baking or floral arrangements
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