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REGINA BELLA - SCAT SUBMISSION 2 HD 720p (Regina Bella, Gina, 1 Male /  2021) 1.03 GB

Regina Bella and Gina continue their rollercoaster ride through the DS playground. Lots of fucking, pissing, shitting in a no holds barred brown wet orgy with a willing male assistant. Top or bottom, it doesn't matter - they all submit to scat!
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BETTY & FRIENDS - A SHITTY JOB HD 720p (Betty, Molly, Monalisa, Sexy, 2 males /  2021) 581 MB

A message from Betty: Hi there! After our mind-blowing all-girl encounter known as "Four of a Kind", we girls were happy and satisfied...yet we all felt something was missing... Maybe a dick? Or two! With guys attached!! Guys who know what we want and give us what we need. We giggled and laughed and fantasized...and when we were done, the story line for this movie had emerged. Next day in the opening scene, Monalisa got offered a job in a biker bar.... ;) Enjoy! love, xxx Betty xxx
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Scat love big tits HD 720p (Melania /  2021) 590 MB

New Scat Model Deborah Blue In Her First Movie. She Have Real Original Big Titts. She Shit Melania Direct Into Mouth, And Put Her Big Titts Full Os Shit Into Melanias Mouth. Very Nice Scat Love Movie With A Lot Of Pee And Scat.
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FUN AT NIGHT HD 720p (BETTY PRIVATE /  2020) 1.10 GB

Betty sent us another private tape with a message: Hi there, First of all I hope you're all doing fine.Keep it that way, that's an order! ;) Secondly, in case you wonder what I do at night: A bit of telly, some surfing, playing with my the pets so nothing special.......except when Eliza stays over! She's kind of a boy's magnet, and every now and then we let one in for some Fun at Night :) Enjoy some of those encounters who knows, maybe you're next ;) Lots of Love, Betty & Eliza
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Many poops FullHD 1080p (LittleMissKinky /  2020) 1.02 GB

I know that you are a naughty boy and today your dreams come true. You are allowed to drink huge amounts of my pee. I wont use the toilet becuase you are here to get it all. Drink and dont waste a single drop
i recorded myself on numerous occasions just pooping. Hope u enjoy it, same like i alaways enjoy to empty my butt
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BRITISH BIZARRE 4 - THE PET SD (Jennifer, Ingrid, Master /  2019) 651 MB

Jennifer and her master, the ultra-bizarre couple from the British Bizarre series return for more extreme scat and piss adventures. This time, the decided to spiff up their weekend with a special treat. A scat slavegirl they can train and use as their personal toilet. Ingrid is as dirty and perverted as this couple so soon brown and yellow treats galore are released in eager, wide open mouths. Only for lovers of extreme toilet sex.
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BIKER SLUT / VM28 HD 720p (Veronica Moser /  2019) 594 MB

Veronica says: I always fell for tough guys, so when this leather-clad biker promised me a ride on his Harley, I was all his. The bastard made good use of me first, filling me up with piss, shit and cum, before he drove off ... without me! Nevermind, we had a great time, and as an experienced biker slut I know for sure that they'll all come back... " Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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Addicted To Shit SD (Gina, Ingrid, 1 Male /  2019) 1.20 GB

Gina is a self-confessing shit addict - she just loves the smell, taste and feel of fresh excrement on her skin and in her mouth. Scat veteran Ingrid is a perfect match for her perverted fantasies and the games these two shit lovers play are wild, ecstatic and very, very dirty.
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Shitty Times 2 SD (Elaine, Coletta /  2019) 643 MB

After so many piss adventures and movies with us, gorgeous Elaine told us she was very keen to try scat. How could we say "no" when such a lovely beauty wants to proof in front of a camera what a filthy, dirty slut she can be. This is one hot scat video and if you love to see truly great looking girls shitting, smearing and getting off with shit this is your type of video. The second scene has Coletta in a fetish scat session where she indulges in some of her favourite sex activities: dirty ass rimming, receiving her partner's shit orally and anal fisting. Shitty Times are here again at last
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SHAMELESS MATRONS HD 720p (Angelina, Cora /  2019) 1.10 GB

By popular request we present you this mature special starring Angelina and her chubby friend Cora, who is a debutant to the camera but certainly not to the kink lifestyle. Pierced, tattooed and fully shaved (body and head!), she is driven by a strong desire to be used as a filthy slut by men and women - the perfect match for experienced Angelina, who gladly introduced Cora to scat play by throwing her in at the deep end. Two shameless matrons and a dominant stud - enjoy!
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Shit Eater 4 HD 720p (LOUISE HUNTER, PRETTY LISA /  2019) 969 MB

The eagerly awaited get-together of two of the world's most extreme scat ladies. Louise Hunter and Prettylisa eat shit and drink piss as if it was a race who can swallow more. Lisa's multi-orgasmic abilities are put to test as the gets fist fucked, vomited on and both ladies wallow in a never ending sttream of brown and yellow showers.Ultra-extreme content as you would expect from Lisa and Louise
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SLUTS WANTED! HD 720p (Betty, Julia, Molly, Sexy /  2019) 1.10 GB

We're often asked "Where do you find all those exquisite sluts?" Truth is we don't because they find us - we just put up some flyers and wait till they knock on our door. Sooner or later they do, and every now and then such a campaign results in a memorable event: four shit-hungry chicks, three confident blokes and a secret biker hangout provide the ingredients for a scat & fuck orgy of epic proportions that words fail to describe. Just sit back, relax and enjoy (...and watch out for the Sluts Wanted! flyer popping up in your area...
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Berlin Scat Gangbang HD 720p (Jacky, 4 males /  2019) 1.26 GB

Jacky is an amateur slut with a strong urge to expose her kinky inner self to the public. She invited us to one of her dirty gangbangs with four guys, who provided her with anything she needs: pussy and anal fisting, pissing, gagging and lots of shit...
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Pushing the Limits 2 HD 720p (Regina Bella, Gina, 1 Male /  2018) 879 MB

Regine Bella and Gina return for their second meeting. What a delight for any perv to see these two genuine shit lovers in action and in full heat. Nonstop pee, shit, genuine orgasms and bodily fluids in this extreme feast.
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Pushing The Limits HD 720p (Regina Bella, Gina, 1 Male /  2018) 1.37 GB

We are proud to present to you a new star in the scat universe: Regina Bella.
This super-extreme beauty shocked the hell out of us when she told us her fantasies and ideas for a film. The more extreme the better. Together with two hot scat lovers she is truly pushing the limits on step further. The most amazing thing are the multi-orgasmic qualities of the girls. These shit lovers truly love their filthy games and they had one violent climax with ecstatic convulsions and cries after the other.
Simply unbelievable, 95 minutes of exceptionally hard, genuine toilet loving and this is only Regina's first film..
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DIRTY ASS OF SCATTING WORSHIP MY UltraHD 4K (Babi Ventura, Diana /  2018) 3.96 GB

Babi starring this very sexy movie, she puts Diana to worship her sexy body. Diana licks Babi's tits and pussy, use the big tongue to fuck very deep Babi's asshole. Babi is excited and she needs to shit but she can't stop the worhsip. The sexy girl order to Diana keep lick her asshole while the scat is coming, she make a giant scat and puts diana to play with that. Babi is more excited watching Diana eating her scat, when Diana returns to lick Babi's asshole, the goddess cum on Diana's mouth. After taht, Babi gifts Diana with her scat.
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OUR OF A KIND HD 720p (Betty, Molly, Monalisa, Sexy /  2018) 964 MB

A message from Betty: Hi there! I'm back.from an exciting trip to No Man's Land My first ever all-female foursome was awesome because we happened to be Four of a Kind.
Molly and I broke the ice while the others watched and wanked... (BTW, I suggest you do that too! .and when Molly and I were empty, it was time to bring in new supplies! Don't worry, we still love dicks, in fact we let the guys join us the next day....but that's another story Stay tuned, love, xxx Betty xxx
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VM29 - DIRTY LITTLE PIGS SD (Veronica Moser, Mia /  2018) 458 MB

Veronica says: "Mistress Mia handed me over her slave for a lesson in scat swallowing. I got so turned on from watching him struggle that I joined in the mess. When Mia discovered us dirty little pigs, she fed me the leftovers and washed them down with her hot piss!"
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BETTY & FRIENDS - SERVING WITH A SMILE HD 720p (Betty, Marlen, Penelope /  2018) 1.16 GB

"Hi boys and girls, It's me again, Betty, glad to be at your service ) Hope you're all doing ok!! I was so happy to be back on the Hightide set .... and soooo excited to finally meet Marlen. I've heard and seen a lot of her, and we were right in tune the moment we started playing. What an amazing way to make new friends But it wasn't over yet, the next morning my dear friend Penelope had a surprise for me too - she left me with a big smile on my face...until next time! If you enjoy the movie only half as much as we enjoyed making it, you are going to have a fantastic time! Love, Betty
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VM23 - THE BITCH SD (Veronica Moser /  2018) 246 MB

Veronica says: " According to my tattoo, I can be a bitch - especially when I have a submissive guy at my feet who loves to be mistreated as my personal shit slave and fuck stud. He did a great job licking my cunt and fucking my ass, so I rewarded him with an intimate dinner for two - I can be a nice bitch too
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First Scarlet's Scat Session FullHD 1080p (Scarlet, Bruna /  2018) 1.85 GB

Here you'll watch the sexy young girl Scarlet giving her precious kaviar to her slave Bruna. She is wearing her favorite black short of lycra, she forced Bruna to lick her pussy and tits before the piss and scat.
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Licking Mary's Dirty Ass FullHD 1080p (Mary Claire /  2018) 1.76 GB

Mary Claire is very excited today, she puts her submissive slave to lick her delicious asshole... but suddenly she felt the urge to go to make shit! Mary is so excited that decided does not stop the ass licking session and made the scat into her slave's mouth.
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The last time they met was 10 years ago - we brought them together for a memorable event: the Brown Reunion of Veronica and Ingrid, two of the hottest ladies of scat. Supported by Princess Michelle and two guys, they gave one of the best performances ever shot on film. Steamy, raunchy and ultra-extreme scat love at it's best!
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Limit Amateurs 2 SD (Barbara /  2018) 546 MB

Heavy piss, vomit and scat action from amateur couple Barbara & Max. This is one of the hottest, most extreme bizarre couples we have come across in a long time and their first video with us prooves how eager they are to go beyond the limits. Rauchy, extreme and very dirty!
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BREATH OF SHIT UltraHD 4K (Alessandra Marques, Bruna /  2018) 3.03 GB

Alessandra Marques is brushing her teeth when Bruna enters the bathroom, Bruna says good morning and Alessandra almost vomit, Bruna has a smell of shit into her mouth. Alessandra forced Bruna to brush the the but the toothpaste is not enough and Alessandra decided to forced Bruna to brush her teeth with piss and
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