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Tatiana shit in red leggings FullHD 1080p (Svetlana /  2021) 3.91 GB

Svetlana - Tatiana shit in red leggings

Good morning my dear friends. I shot this video in my big room. In the video, I’m in red transparent leggings. I am having fun, cleaning the room and dancing. Then I took a chair and using it did my dirty business) I gave a shit in red leggings and then posed in them, just frolicking and having fun. I showed my dirty ass, sat on a chair and smeared the shit even more inside the leggings. Then she showed her dirty ass again and it was fun and good for me, realizing that you are looking at me and you also enjoy my dirty games. Enjoy your day! With love Tatiana!

Svetlana - Tatiana shit in jeans

Good day. How boring is our life) Sometimes I think so, vanity, illness, work and nothing for myself. I haven’t shot hot videos for you for a long time. A little sickness tortured me. But now down with everything and we must rejoice and give others a reason for joy. I hope you missed me so much because I missed you so much. Finally, I felt a little better and I’m at home alone and I can do what I like and what no one knows about except you and me) In this video you will see how I piss and shit in jeans. I posed on the floor in the hallway, there is a lot of space and light. I’ll show you everything, and dirty ass too) Don’t wait, buy this video right away, you haven’t seen me for a long time! Enjoy your viewing, my friend!

Svetlana - Shit from the buttocks to the legs

Good night my friends. It’s late today, but I can’t sleep and I decided to do one more pleasant thing for myself and for you. I add a video in which I shit while standing. My rolls are squeezed and shit comes out right on my feet. I kind of squeeze it a little with my plump buns. Then I move, my ass moves, my muscles in my legs. I bend over and show dirty anal. My feet get dirty and stomp on the dirty floor. Here’s a creation I got today!

Svetlana - Shit on Tatiana's feet

Good day everyone. A new week has begun and I wish everyone who reads this a successful new week and new achievements in life. Today I made a new film on which I smeared my feet. Just your legs. I was completely naked, posed for the camera, showing you how sexy and cute I am. Isn’t it? My big boobs moved and my muscles worked. Then I became an ass, turned to the camera, closed my legs and just let the shit down. It had to slide freely over my legs. It didn’t work out right away, but I did it anyway. I shit right on my bare feet and smeared the shit on my feet as I rubbed them together. I smeared the shit, bent over to show my dirty ass and smeared the shit all over my legs again, which is my mood at the start of a new week. Happy viewing to all!

Svetlana - I take a bath and shit

Hello my friends. In this video, you see me taking a bath. I’m cheerful, I’m in a good mood, I always want to shoot for you) I show you how I bathe, my naked body, big tits. I lie on my stomach and you see my juicy buns in the foam. I am with you with all my vibes and I like that you look at me. I pissed into the bathroom, the camera is so that you can see the urine pouring directly into the water in which I bathe. Then I lay down on my side, opened my buttocks and shit into the water. Poop fell into the water with foam and I swam in water with poop) I am in a good mood and I wish you the same. Look, enjoy and have fun! Happy viewing!
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Latest jean poop with foot smear FullHD 1080p (LadyX /  2021) 1.38 GB

Lots of sexy smearing and foot worship with foot smearing in my luscious shit
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My New Scat Make Up Yoga Pants Shit FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 1.99 GB

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Shit in jeans FullHD 1080p (Tatiana /  2020) 821 MB

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Fart Sharts In White Jeans FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2020) 502 MB

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Extreme jean accident UltraHD 2K (Sexandcandy18 /  2020) 401 MB

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Squating in jeans poop FullHD 1080p (Jean Pooping /  2020) 418 MB

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FREAKY scat panty pooping play FullHD 1080p (DirtyBetty /  2020) 838 MB

Hi, I haven’t stained my pants for a long time, I need to fix this urgently!
I like to knead my warm and fresh shit between my huge and soft rolls, and I’m just going crazy with this smell!
As always, you will find a unique atmosphere and an unforgettable show of love between a freaky girl and dirty and stinky shit!
Excellent farts will break out of this dirty and excited ass!
For lovers of dirty girls, poop, big asses, dirty fetishes, smearing shit, pooping in panties, as well as lovers of delicious farting and surrealism!
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Messy, Shitty Jeans For My Love/GFE FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2020) 1.64 GB

Do you remember when I made poopy panty for you my love? And do you remember how much fun we had that time? I've missed that dirty fun. I love when you're starring on me and my look excite your fantasy and your dick. What if baby if we could repeat all the messy fun once again. Don't be shy just watch me tease you by I put my fingers in jeans and rub on pussy. Do you wanna jerk off don't you? Just let me relax you don't be afraid My fantasy is your fantasy too just share with me anytime. I show off you my jeans ass, after long jeans, jeans ass tease I tell you that how much I love making mess in my pants, jeans etc. Let's do that just front of you again. I will clean out my ass with enema, What do you think? Will I make such a filthy jeans for you my love? I give enema myself then release it nice and slow to make this light blue jeans super dirty and shitty. I feel the poo stuck between my tights and jeans you able to see it. I provide you lot of sexy close up view while push out that big poo, watch it how growing my jeans behind. Feeling super naughty after the first round and I repeat it. Filling up myself in doggy then standing squirt out all the nasty water for you. Also farting loudly. I gape my ass with a dildo to make some noise, wet farts in jeans then that definitely make you cum my love. What a messy fun again. At the end I tell you how happy I am that we did it again. I can't wait for the next one
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Peed Myself in Blue Jeans Short Desperation FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2020) 850 MB

I really desperate to pee. I had lots of water, coffee and tea and it’s really time to pee. But I wear my dark blue jeans short which is so sexy on my round butt and little crop top. In every single second I feel pee myself promptly, but cannot pee yet. Desperate through on few minutes, walking up and down, doing desperate dance and hold pussy it make my situation easier. Holding the crotch. Try to tease you and while desperate show off my pussy and ass from behind a I don’t wear any underwear on. Also tell you I love wetting myelf while I wear panty or any type of pants on. I love the feeling when warm pee drops just running down on my legs. And I guess you think it’s really sexy and hot. So when I feel can’t hold pee anymore I just release it and pee myelf in jeans short make it wet. The material just soak it in pee nice and slowly. Also you able to see pee is going down with strong stream on legs to floor. Can you heat how pee hit the floor? You hear it for sure. After peed myself show my wet jeans front and back to you and give little peek of my pussy too. Now I feel much more better than few minutes ago?
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Shitty Jeans and dirty dildo pussy FullHD 1080p (BabyDollNaughty /  2020) 1.03 GB

Makin my jeans deliciously messy then fucking my dirty pussy
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Piss and Shit in Light Jeans UltraHD 4K (Janet /  2019) 916 MB

Hi my fans. Here I am again shooting for you. Today I again put on my light jeans that you love so much and I will piss and shit in them. I am dressed in jeans and show myself to you in them. Of course, I’m moving in front of the camera, trying to take a closer look so that I can see every crease on my jeans. Then of course I piss and shit in my favorite jeans and posed for you with shit inside the jeans. You will see how the shit is spreading inside the jeans. I love you, my fans.
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Alina crapped in jeans HD 720p (Alina /  2019) 340 MB

Alina crapped in jeans
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Pooping in my jean HD 720p (nastymarianne /  2019) 428 MB

Early morning shit in my old favourite blue jeans ! Watch me pushing hard my shit out of my ass and spread it on my jean and body.
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Sexy Tights Hard Push Shit FullHD 1080p (thefartbabes /  2019) 939 MB

Pooping hard constipated shit in sexy tights!
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Flu Thinking Puke, Ending up as Shitting my Shorts HD 720p (EricaKay /  2019) 275 MB

Erica is not feeling very well; she has a fever and doesn’t know if she has to poo or puke…we’ve all been there before! She kneels in front of the toilet thinking that she is going to throw up and as she is trying to puke, she explodes into her jean shorts…she has been contipated for days and finally she gets to let everything out. It pushes like a volcano out of her shorts and when she is releasing her days of constipation, she can only moan, push, pass gas, and push a lot of shit that eventually drips down her shorts onto her legs and feet. When she is finished, she stands and the shit runs down her legs and destroys her shorts.
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Oops! I Just Shit My Capri’s HD 720p (EricaKay /  2019) 148 MB

Erica can’t wait to get home because she has a really bad stomach ache. Driving home, Erica has to shit so badly! She finally pulls into her garage and runs to the door only to find it locked!!! No one is home so she just explodes in her pants. No one is home to let her in and she has to wait in her shit filled pants until someone comes home to let her in the house.
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Messy Prank Revenge FullHD 1080p (CosmicGirl /  2019) 802 MB

I am laughing and making fun of my room mate for a prank I pulled on him. Laughing and humiliating him for the way I made him piss and shit his pants last week when I dressed up like a zombie and scared him on the way to his usual morning time bathroom trip.
It was so hilarious, but very embarrassing for him. So, he decides to get me back one day, and has a friend dress up in a scary “IT” style clown costume and he “breaks into” our apartment! It startles me so badly andI can’t help it, I am just so scared that I make a big dirty mess in my freshly washed jeans! I try to deny it for awhile, but then realize its pretty apparent that I have totally soiled myself with a big load of shit and piss…and it’s Much worse than he did! Both of them had a nice big laugh at my expense.
They won’t let me use the bathroom to clean up until I show them my shit and piss covered ass because they are just plain mean! plus they are total pervs too, I could see both of their erections growing in their pants as soon as I pulled my mess filled jeans down!
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Huge Bulge In Tights FullHD 1080p (thefartbabes /  2019) 1.07 GB

Goddess is pooping huge sexy bulge in tights.
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Poop Accident in My Yoga Pants FullHD 1080p (littlefuckslut /  2019) 631 MB

I was trying so hard to hold it in until I got home but as soon as I get in the door it happens! I have a big poopy accident in my leggings. I crouch down trying to hold it in but it doesn't work and my ass lets loose. I show you what a mess I made & it really starts to turn me on so I start playing with my asshole. I finger my dirty hole for you before going to clean myself up.
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Olga Lolita and Yana in light jeans FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2019) 1.15 GB

Hello our dear fans. Today I want to present you a video that I know was missed by our very beloved and constant fan. In this video, I am in light jeans. The video is not ordinary, you will see not only me and how I write and cocoa in jeans, then a wonderful continuation. In general, listen and watch. I’m in my light jeans in my room, posing and showing you my favorite jeans and how they sit on me and how tight they fit my sweet ass. Then of course I write and cocoa in jeans, you will see the whole process on the video, it is fascinating. Of course, I show how I look in dirty jeans. Then I take off my jeans, leave them on the floor and leave the room. It would seem that all, but this time I was watched by cunning two girls. Olga and Lolita came into the room after me, she began to smell my shit, took the jeans in her hands and enjoyed the smell, then they smeared my shit on their bodies, Olga really loves my shit and of course she ate it and licked the poo from my Jeans. The girls have soiled themselves in my poop and dirty jeans today for them have become a good incentive for their game. Come to our store, we will delight you again with many interesting videos. I love you, my dear
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Panty pooping after laxative and cum FullHD 1080p (DirtyBetty /  2018) 326 MB

Hi, if you read this then you know all the details in a good shit in panties, a huge ass, cute panties, a great angle and a sea of fragrant shit from my sweet ass! It remains only to add a little freshness, how about a large dose of laxative? Maybe I should let my boyfriend fuck me in the ass? And if both? However, I did! Enjoy my epic shit bitches!
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Jeans Super Selfie FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 591 MB

Hello my Dear! Miss me? Do you wanna see another hot Selfie Panty Pooping in Jeans? Here it is, look. My sweet pee flowing down my jeans through panties and my favorite part of course – panty loading with a huge solid bulge. Yeah I know you like this just as I like
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PantyLoading 06 - 09 FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 1.20 GB

As promised – here is my first jeans PantyPooping video. It was very tight and unusual feeling while I loading my panties under jeans, and after that – two sided masturbation completely turns me on…

Just what doctor ordered – panty wetting in jeans, panty pooping in panties, hot wet masturbation on both sides… And finally – first time = playing and sitting on my heavy solid load! Ohh, a lot of sexy and kinky feelings
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We poop and piss in denim jeans FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2018) 1.46 GB

We have not recorded a video for you in jeans things for a long time, we decided with friends that we need to record such videos more often for you our favorite fans. With me in this video take part Carolina and Marina, I asked the girls to take out of the house denim things, Marina brought denim breeches light color, Carolina denim shorts dark color, and I wore jeans light color. First, we take turns posing for you in denim things take different poses, showing you their white clean ass, after the demonstration, we take turns pooping and piss in denim things on our feet stick urine, leaving wet traces on denim things, we shoot in denim shit, then remove them and show you what we have in the inside of denim things and their dirty After the demonstration, we put our denim things back on our dirty Asses and pose for you already in dirty things. We decided to arrange a very hot jeans show for you!
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