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Stinky Tofu Farts UltraHD 4K (Solo /  2021) 1.25 GB

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Who Wears Shit Shorts? FullHD 1080p (Sophia_Sprinkle /  2021) 815 MB

Sophia wears shit shorts. Join her on what starts off as a mundane chore that leads to the biggest, stinkiest, mess she has made so far! Projectile liquid shit included: if you’re in the splash zone, you’re in for a treat
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Ruined Bulge In Shiny Tights FullHD 1080p (thefartbabes /  2021) 993 MB

Ruslana pooping huge bulge in shiny sheer tights and ruining her tights.
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Stinky Mess! Shit Twerk Butt Plug UltraHD 4K (LoveRachelle2 /  2020) 1.46 GB

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Finally I Ate All My Shit FullHD 1080p (ShitGirl /  2020) 1.64 GB

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I Poop From Pussyand Ass FullHD 1080p (dirtygardengirl /  2020) 786 MB

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Human toilet pig wife used hard FullHD 1080p (Domination /  2020) 983 MB

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Poop & Fart Tease UltraHD 4K (MakeKatPurrrr /  2020) 465 MB

Teasing you with her tiny naked body Kat knows just what you are wanting. You can’t help your dirty fetish and you wanna see more of what Kat has to offer. Bending over for you Kat open up her asshole and pushes out a couple of farts before pooping for you. Pooping with her ass up in the air her pussy gets so creamy thinking of what a dirty girl she’s being for you. She plays with her pussy a little before gaping her asshole open and pushing out a couple more fart right in your face!
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Plug – Poop – Squirt – Cream & Cum Explosion FullHD 1080p (VeganLinda /  2020) 444 MB

Dressed up in a sexy Dessou sitting on my Bed.. playing around with my Plug a bit and starting to fingering myself.. When I cum: everything cums out of me at the same time, my Plug shoots out, followed by my Shit, Squirt, Pee and a big amount of Cream running down to my Poo… What a great experience, what a release.. Do you like to have some fun with me?
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Huge Panty Poo Smear and Taste! FullHD 1080p (EmilyMilk /  2020) 505 MB

Cum listen to the sprinkling sound of me piss my panties! I follow it up with a nice fat shit right up in front the camera. There’s so much poo that I can really coat it on my back side! This mess looked especially tasty so I grabbed a bite to chew while fingering my asshole! So orgasmic!
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Shitty secretary (Part 1) FullHD 1080p (ScatLina /  2020) 925 MB

The secretary at work talking with the boss, and suddenly she wanted to use the toilet. But the toilet was busy, she could not stand it and peed in a cup and shit in pantyhose. This made her horny, and she began to smear shit with her body, masturbate and push the shit into her pussy and mouth
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The Extreme Closeup Poo UltraHD 2K (Sunnydelight69 /  2020) 345 MB

As requested a very real very up close and personal close up of me pooping. You see inside and my dirty protruding anus. I grunt and moan. This is the closest I could get.
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My big poo FullHD 1080p (AnnaCoprofield /  2020) 1023 MB

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Peanut butter cookie shit sandwich FullHD 1080p (TinaAmazon /  2020) 1.02 GB

Watch me prepare you a special treat. I got you some yummy peanut butter cookies but it’s missing chocolate. So I shit out some of my delicious chocolate so I can make you some extra yummy peanut butter and chocolate cookie sandwiches.
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Naked Farts And Shit FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2019) 838 MB

Watch me naked let out big bassy loud farts for you over and over again…. As i fart i rub my pussy hard and then fart some more…. All this farting is making me feel like i need to shit, i cup my hand under my naked bum and push out a warm load into my hands… I show you it before smearing it over my big tits… I Love being a naughty fart scat girl
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Push My Bikini Huge Shit FullHD 1080p (thefartbabes /  2019) 1001 MB

Nasty masturbation and slow pushing my sexy bikini with huge massive shit.
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Delicious Shit for Your Dinner FullHD 1080p (janet /  2019) 713 MB

I held it pile for two days! I was to busy to work in this days and don’t thought about toilet. When shit wanted to get out very much I went to the toilet on the plate. Delicious and smelling diarrhea came from my ass!
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Best Fetish EVER! Tasting Delicious Poop UltraHD 4K (LoveRachelle2 /  2019) 842 MB

This is a very special video, in that I filmed it right after filming an EXCLUSIVE custom video for a buyer who paid a very high rate to guarantee that he’d be the only person in the world to see it! But, before packing up the amazing poop I had to ship it off to him overnight, I turned the camera on and had a little fun… My poop really turned me on, I loved the color and the look and texture, and it smelled SO good, nice and earthy. You may not get to see me birth this turd in this video, but you get to hear everything I ate that went into it, how it smells, and, how it tastes…. I lick and taste my yummy log over and over and over again, it’s SO good! Lick that shit like a lollipop! I misbehave–this buyer paid SO much for his custom and the poop to go with it, but I couldn’t help myself–I ate a little bit, even though it’s all supposed to belong to him… I hope he doesn’t mind! You don’t, do you?
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Delicious Dish for My Gourmet FullHD 1080p (Anna Coprofield /  2019) 1.96 GB

Today I will serve the table and prepare a delicious dish for you so I defrost my 9 bags of shit and fill the plate first. I pour you champagne, you can drink while I add the main ingredient – a portion of fresh fragrant shit right out of my ass. I’m a great chef, is that so? I’d like to try it too but this dinner is just for you, my gourmet… Bon appetit
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This shit turns you on? You’re a Nasty Fuck aren’t you? FullHD 1080p (littlefuckslut /  2019) 642 MB

I want you to fuck me in my asshole today babe, but please go slow! I rarely get fucked in the ass and my tight asshole just can't take it. As soon as you slide your hard dick in I feel it! I have to go and I need you to take your dick out! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take it out! Its too late though, as soon as your dick slides out I empty myself onto your hard cock. I'm so sorry! I had to go so bad. But what? This turns you on?! You like your dick sliding against my dirty asshole? Then you need to keep fucking my asshole then don't you? If it turns you on then it turns me on too. It's the best anal I've ever had, being able to push out my asshole while your dick slides in and out instead of being paranoid I'm going to make a mess. I love making a mess. All. Over. You.
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Masturbation Scat FullHD 1080p (Shitting Ass /  2019) 1.89 GB

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Poop & Pee on my Pizza Plate FullHD 1080p (Tegan /  2019) 209 MB

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Unplug & Poop. Please Eat Me Up! FullHD 1080p (Littlefuckslut /  2019) 926 MB

Get this nice view of me pushing my princess plug in and out of my puckered hole. I pull out my plug and give you a sneak peak of the log that's ready to slide about before pushing my plug back into my ass. After a little more play I pull out my plug and slowly unload my thick shit into a container. My turd holds open my asshole and all I can think about is you to puting your lips inside and kissing it. I want you to taste me so bad. I want you to lick my dirty ass. Watch my suck my cream off of my fingers & Please, please, PLEASE taste me! Eat me up.
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Bathtub Underwear Shit 07 FullHD 1080p (CassandraMay /  2018) 140 MB

Continuing the bathtub series with a new angle! Squating down, I shake my ass, then pull my grey panties to the side and push out a huge shit. I wink my shitty asshole a few times before moving the camera and showing my pile of poop and then my slightly fuzzy pussy and asshole again.
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Dancing with poop and eating shit FullHD 1080p (Fetish-zone /  2018) 1.94 GB

Half an hour of mad, cruel eating of poop!
Crazy bizarre dancing and swallowing!
(Dancing with poop in my mouth)

Hello all my lovely! I’m Laura!
I finally learned how to swallow poop properly! And with a smile on his face:)
After filming the previous clip, I learned to swallow poop well!

And now I write from myself with a clear conscience.
Short about itself: am sports – bodybuilding.
I like everything unusual and perverted.
I used to take hormones and anabolic steroids for results and now I’m taking poop and drinking urine instead.

I’m a very perverted woman.
I love crazy, kinky sex!
In this clip:
1) I very plentifully a Poo and it all shot very, very close-up!
2) I dance with a huge poop in my mouth… (Madly and depraved) I Think everyone will like it.
3) I’m eating poop one by one…
4) I swallow poop with a smile on my face!
5) Shit in this clip very many! but I eat absolutely all the poop!
And finally I can say that no one else can swallow and eat real poop like me!
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