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He wanted to escape! But could not HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 1.03 GB

He wanted to escape! But could not. This is a small story about the hard life of the toilet slave, who is forced to constantly be in slavery to beautiful girls and be a personal toilet. He ran with all his might, but the girls caught him and now he will have to eat female shit and drink urine!
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Farts, Shit, Prolapse Eat It FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 861 MB

Watch it pov style close up.. i want to be worshipped and your the one to do it… I fart in your face making you sniff, smell and eat those shitty farts before fucking my pussy and dripping cum into your mouth… I then open my arsehole to show the red insides of my arsehole teasing you with the shit thats waiting to drop into your mouth.. i tell you what ive eaten and how i want you to eat my raw shit and swallow it. I push open my arsehole the raw shit peeking through my prolapsed arse before pushing it out and telling you to swallow it…. While you chew away i fart more shitty farts into your face making your smell that arse while you eat what has been cooking inside me for days
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NEW DOC ON THE BLOCK SD (Crystal, Ella, Sunny Kiss /  2018) 514 MB

Note: Due to a hidden defect at the time of recording, all material shot with our main camera turned out to be unuseable. Given the choice between not releasing the material at all or using the footage shot with the additional cameras, we decided to release an edit of the backup footage at a reduced price for download-only.

Doc Crystal looks back at her first day on the job which happened to be a huge success, thanks to friendly nurse Ella and willing patient Sunny, who gave her a warm and wet welcome that she'll never forget....
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Dirty Game with Your Toy Cars part 2 FullHD 1080p (Anna Coprofield /  2018) 1.63 GB

Did you leave your toy cars in my place?! So now they are mine! I will drive cars on my body, use my pussy and ass as a garage, forcing cars to move with a stream of my urine and shit a huge pile right on these cars! I will immerse the cars in the shit, make them very dirty and do drift then will park my dirty cars in my hot garage again, smear shit on my pussy. I’ll try to wash your cars with a rag that lay beside me and absorbed urine and shit. But… oops! I’ll make your cars dirty again. But I’m a good girl, and I will definitely return your favorite toys to you…you just have to lick them until they get clean first!
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Pantypoop In Mommy’s Room FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 386 MB

Right now my mom go out for shopping and I think I have to do something new and extreme! To poop my panties in her room and make it quick before she come back. Oh my, I’m so nervous and the same time it turns me on. Or even drives me mad! My god, this new environment makes me feel so horny… Yeah… I’m pooping my panties already
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PantyLoading 10 FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 536 MB

Hi there! Check how I played with my ultraload in panties. I was crawling from work with dirty ideas in my mind, thinking about how to make my panties dirty and sit on the load. So here I am, watch me doing it slowly and naughty. Scene contains pantywetting, pantypooping, wet masturbation and sitting on the load game
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VM57 - WHITE DREAMS HD 720p (Veronica Moser, 2 males /  2018) 1.64 GB

Veronica says: "I asked two friends to help me fulfill a fantasy: An angel in white being transformed into a nasty brown slut. They did a great job stuffing me with
their horny dicks and filling me up with piss and shit - in the end there
was not a single white spot left on me."

Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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Trance style – Series 2 FullHD 1080p (Fetish-zone /  2018) 1.22 GB

A few days later will be released a mini-series ” Real, shared, living toilet”
There I lie, my mouth is inserted a huge capacity which will Pooh and pee men and women, and then to stir the poop with a pee and it will fit in my mouth and I’ll swallow.
What mini-series clips would you like to see in the future? Please write in the comments here: 1) the life of a toilet slave.(Sitting in a cage for several days in a row eating and drinking only poop and pee Master and Mistress). 2) Poop eat on the speed! (Mister or Madam poops and I try to eat poop as quickly as possible, literally spoon by spoon without stopping). 3)Eat shit from the toilet! (Sir or Madam poop in the toilet and I eat poop right out of the toilet). Vote which topic gets the most votes and will be removed in the first place.
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Dirty Talking Scat Play FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 959 MB

Watch me dirty talk to you telling you all the things we would do together if you were right here with me now, I first pee on my bed then push out a big thick log from my tight arsehole. I show you it before smearing my scat all over my tits while dirty talking then my pussy and face… I want us to have dirty kinky scat sex… i tell you how much i want it while i make myself cum once more
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Shit and Blood Vol.6 Filled Pussy Part 1 FullHD 1080p (Anna Coprofield /  2018) 1.60 GB

The best quality video is divided into 2 parts. Full compressed version is also available (46:23min)

Since shooting a video with 7 saved shit is delayed because of the unexpected start of menstruation and I miss the crap in my pussy, I decided not to deny myself the pleasure today. I wanted to shit so much, I even forgot to say hello. My shit is trying to get out, my ass is already dirty. I fart a little and make a perfect pile of creamy shit. My menstrual cup is shown from a pussy, and I take it out and to put it aside for later. I piss, fuck bloody pussy with a glass toy then fuck my ass and get some more shit, then I fuck my pussy with a dirty toy. I take the shit and start filling my pussy…oh, how I like it! When the pussy was full of shit I wipe it with wet napkins and let out my beautiful long shit from pussy. Filled my pussy a second time and poured the blood from the menstrual cup, rub it and smear it a lil. Then let out shit form the pussy again with some blood and a little shit is still inside mmm…I take the toy and fuck my pussy again, smear bloody shit on ass and pussy…
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White pantyhose full of shit FullHD 1080p (BigTitsAlisa /  2018) 1.04 GB

I bought a white tights in a mesh and decided to immediately use them in the video. I wore white tights and red high heels. At first I decided to play a little with you I began to pose for you, I like to show you my beautiful body, after showing my body and my new white pantyhose, I take off my pantyhose to show you my ass. Showing you my ass I put my pantyhose back on my ass again I get cancer on my knees and fill my new pantyhose with shit, Yes my pantyhose are in the net and shit comes out through the net (you can clearly see how my shit fills the pantyhose). The smell of fresh shit fills my room I was excited and I want to caress myself a little, I shove my hand in pantyhose and begin to caress myself between the legs, but I like to play with my not shaved pussy my bed all in shit I widely arrange my legs and very quickly masturbate my clitoris here’s an orgasm. And then a stream of urine breaks out of my pussy and I feel relieved with excitement, my bed and I myself are covered in shit on me new white pantyhose that I tore from the excitement between my legs. I didn’t expect that from myself.
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Time to Pantypoop FullHD 1080p (Naughty Puma /  2018) 506 MB

I have a lot of work… Always… Sometimes it makes me so angry and boring – so I wanna do something good and nasty… Maybe naughty… Or even dirty… You know what I talking about! Yes! I see it in your eyes when you looking at my dry panties, and I know you want me to make them wet, and full of heavy poop!
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Enough Work! Time to Pantypoop! FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 578 MB

My regular business travel bring me to the new hotel this time. But what do I do if I have a lot of time here and want to have a fun? Sure = play in new bed with my favorite pantypoopiing games! Hopefully this room is comfortable enough for all my requirement. So I poop my panties, play anal penetration game with my load and squish it all again. In case if there is any other PP fetish fans around – I going to drop my loaded panties when I’ll leave this place
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Panty Loading 17 FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 374 MB

Oh… anal sex! With my own solid poopy dildo again. You know my superpower to make extra solid poop into panties and then use it like dildo to play with my ass? So this time it was the biggest load I ever made and when I stick it back again – it feels like raping my anus with big cock, deep inside! Also it feels like the best anal sex I ever had. I know that I’m crazy dirty girl, but I also know that you like it!
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White Dirty Sexy FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 437 MB

I’m always a DirtyGirl! Especially if I wear clean white underwear – my mind starting to play tricks with me to make it all dirty! This time I have completely white leggins over my white panties… So something is not right here! Isn’t it? Yeah – I should poop my panties and play with squishing my load all over my bum in leggins! I would like to play longer with my loaded panties, but looks like my mom came back sooner than I thought
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Happy Valentine’s Day FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 968 MB

Hi and Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m away from home right now, and I miss my boyfriend so much… But I want to make some Valentine’s Day present for him! So what about hot and sexy pantypooping while I imagine that my solid turd is his dick? Yeah, it is a lot of fun ! And I love that tight feeling while it sliding out of my asshole into my panties…and sliding in again… Also – there is a little bonus a heart shape poop
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Ultra Anal porn PantyPoop FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 413 MB

I waited pretty long for this… Yes I wanna be dirty girl again! I want to poop my panties badly, to load them with big solid log! And to get my feelings even better – I want to watch some anal porn while I will pooping my panties! This really turns me on and helps me feel those anal porn movies with my own ass. Total immersion. Watch it all from behind and you will be driven just like me
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PantyPooping Teacher FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 686 MB

I was a Teacher today in our hospital… When I came back to home I thought – how boring is to be a teacher… But I can change this without taking off my clothes, – I want to shit myself and be the Dirty Teacher! It’s more fun you know! So I pissed my white panties, loaded them up, and squished everything I’ve got between my bumcheeks. Wanna lesson with me? I can teach you how to poop panties correctly! And you will have to pass my exam!
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Goth Chick Plays With Scat FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 941 MB

Watch me poo into the toilet ten show you it and scoop it out with my hands i then smear it over my big tits and clothes and pussy before finger fucking my pussy till i cum. Smearing my warm shit on myself feels amazing…
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Poopy Farts DESTROY My Panties FullHD 1080p (LoveRachelle2 /  2018) 1.01 GB

Never trust a fart. I blow all these hot stinky farts in your face while groaning and dirty talking until I start to shart! Watch and smell as I slowly fill my panties with all these stinky sharts! You can see them poke through my panties, and I smash them right back in, get on my bouncy ball, and keep on farting and sharting. Look close as I peel off this ruined pair of panties! I guess I can't use them anymore, do you want them?
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Pooping in sexy transparent underwear and smearing FullHD 1080p (nastygirl /  2018) 1.25 GB

i poop in sexy transparent underwear and take it of smearing my body and show my very dirty sexy ass and after it smear another parts of my body too
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Pooping smearing sitting in shit and striptease FullHD 1080p (nastygirl /  2018) 1.22 GB

i show sexy body poopsmear and sit down in shit and show extra dirty ass
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Ginormous Shit Meal For Slave (Biggest Poo To Date) FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 725 MB

Watch me prepare a shit meal my slave will never forget… preparing a meal perfect for toilet slave training… I put a plate infront of me and shit log after log this is by far the biggest shit i have ever done… When i think im done more just keeps coming, hard thick logs of delicous raw shit… I then prepare his meal, i get a roll and slice open and spread a small amount of shit inside, before doing two more adding more and more each time. I then grab a giant thick log from my shit pile and place it on his plate ready for me to send. The perfect scat meal for a slave in training
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ChocPussy Deluxe FullHD 1080p (LittleMissKinky /  2018) 487 MB

Its been a while since I did my last really kinky clip, but here it is. I fuck my dirty ass, use the dirty dildo for my Pussy and enjoy myself while smearing the chocolate all over my clit
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Shit and Blood Vol.5 Speculum Full version FullHD 1080p (Anna Coprofield /  2018) 1.97 GB

I take out a tampon full of blood and a little fuck my pussy with my fingers then insert speculum and examine my cervix for a loooong time, blood comes out of the cervix Sometimes you can hear loud sounds since I hit the camera with speculum to show everything closer for you. Taking the speculum, I piss and shit a large pile of soft and liquid shit, fuck my ass to make more shit and fuck my pussy with dirty fingers a little. Insert the speculum in the ass and show you what’s inside, then I insert the speculum into the pussy again and try to smear cervix with shit, smear the shit on the pussy and ass, squeeze the blood out of the tampon and smear it all again. I take bloody urine from the floor and pour on the pussy and smear again…
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