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Leather Leggings Diarrhea FullHD 1080p (thefartbabes /  2023) 1002 MB

Loading my leather look leggings with huge messy diarrhea!
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SLOPPY WET SHIT IN YOGA PANTS UltraHD 2K (Sookie_sims93 /  2023) 714 MB

Fuckkk this was a really bad messy one! It stunk so bad! It was everywhere, all down my thighs and pussy! I was so desperate and had to shit in my yoga pants during a PT session. I peel my pants down to show you the massive mess and Jump in the shower and blast the shit off my arse, watching the pooey water and chunks go down the drain
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Messy Jeans FullHD 1080p (marcos579 /  2022) 944 MB

I’m feeling very hot today, so i decide to poop and pee in my new jeans after long day shopping and eating a lot of food, i need to relax and to get a nice wet orgasm while i’m pooping in my new tight jeans. But i need your orgasm as well, i spread my messy ass for your hard dick.
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Filling My Spandex FullHD 1080p (BetweenMyCheeks /  2022) 752 MB

Working out doing squats, lunges, I fill my spandex It make a huge bulge. You know I have to keep working out I continue my morning work out with shit filling spandex its seeps through while working out. I know its making your cock hard you can only dream of the stench and wish to get a taste. Every exercise entices you, makes your cock throb I show you the mess and the huge amount of shit.
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Hungry Girlfriend Shits White Leggings FullHD 1080p (Sophia_Sprinkle /  2022) 1.19 GB

Our new live-in girlfriend Sophia has some interesting habits! When she wakes up hungry, she indulges in some snacks to satiate her appetite. After returning to the shared bed, her tummy rumbles and she unleashes a torrent of mud from her ass into her new white leggings! Would you rather be big spoon or little spoon?
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Pooping in Jeans on the Beach FullHD 1080p (Janet /  2022) 1.29 GB

It is afternoon, I’m walking on the beach, but I need to shit and i cant hold, i dont know where to do it, dont like the idea of going into the woods and get it there, so I start to poop into my jeans, I feel warm and wet, jeans are a bit dirty, the jeans are full of shit, I’m moving on and I feel so excited.
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Handcuffed Enema Humiliation FullHD 1080p (Custom Request /  2022) 1.03 GB

Request Details: The video will start with the model wearing white or grey leggings with no panties, pulling them down to her ankles and administering an Enema. After taking the enema the model will sit down on the toilet to get ready to release… However, the model has an outstanding warrant for her arrest for suspected drug possession. As she is sitting on the toilet a police officer throws her to the ground and handcuffs her behind her back, the officer pulls up her leggings for some decency, but still leaves her on the floor struggling for a while, whilst requesting transport, not realising that the model is extremely desperate to relax her bowels and release a massive load in her leggings. The model is still struggling on the floor at this point while the officer is busy requesting a transport van. The following is the most important part of the video. The model will struggle on the floor for a good few mins, really expressing how much they have to shit (Squirming/Wiggling/Clenching ass/crossing legs etc) and after those few minutes of pure, extreme desperation, the model will release a massive load into her leggings making a massive explosion and a bigger mess with a big moan to follow. The model will be very embarrassed at this point, lying bound by handcuffs with shit all over her leggings, unable to do anything but wait until the officer returns. The officer returns, stands the model up, removes the cuffs and demands that the model undergoes a strip search as the crime is drug related. The model is in disbelief at the thought of having to expose herself after going through what is already the most embarrassing experience of her life so far, so naturally she pleads, but to no avail. She reluctantly removes her shirt and bra, lifting both breasts to show there are no hidden narcotics there. She then slowly pulls down her leggings and takes them off completely, standing in a puddle of her own shit. The officer requests the model to show the inside of her shit covered leggings as part of the search. and then tells the model to turn around in a 360 degree motion showing her whole body, front and back. The last part of the search includes the squatting and coughing stage. The model will face the camera, place her hands on her head and squat, coughing twice. The model will then turn away from the camera showing her ass, again squatting and coughing. Lastly the model will turn from the camera, bend over and spread her ass cheeks in the last part of the search. The officer, frustrated that he hasn’t found anything illegal in the models possession, handcuffs the model again and throws her to the floor. The video will end with the model crying in pure utter embarrassment with her spirit completely broken. My only request prior to the video would be that the model holds her shit in for 2-3 days or for as long as possible, to ensure of a big and messy load! (I am aware most models only film solo which is no problem at all so in scenes with the officer feel free to be creative with angles to make appear that the officer is off camera or just whatever suits. The officer also doesn’t have to actually say anything either, as long as the model is making it clear of the basics the officer is saying based on the models responses) Please focus on the desperation and embarrassment as the main focal points of the video.
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Shit on your Dick until you Cum FullHD 1080p (MissMortelle /  2022) 1.36 GB

Don´t I look sweet in my blue jeans and my white underwear? I am playing cute only to lure you deeper into my dirty-minded fantasies. Yes, jerk for me. I want your dick to be hard for me. Let me take off my blue jeans and my white underwear. Do you like how my sweet asshole looks like? This sweet asshole will now cover your toilet dick in a pile of creamy shit. I will use those innocent white panties to wipe my ass. I will show you the dirty stains on my white underwear and tell you to lick it clean! I break my shit down in front of the camera and show how all of this poop is sticking to my gloves. Now it's time to rub your dick with my shit and the dirty panties. I am uncovering my boobs for you to become more and more sexually inclined towards poop. Feeling my warm shit all around your dick is everything you need to orgasm. Let me train you! This was a custom for a sub named Eric. Order your own custom video, where I say your name once or multiple times!
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I endured for a long time and now I poop FullHD 1080p (Pleasure /  2022) 238 MB

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I do in my jean and dab on them and the boots FullHD 1080p (Sarathonson /  2022) 1.93 GB

I was at the cattle fair with my boots and leather jacket I arrive in a hurry wanting to go to the bathroom I want to take off my clothes to relieve myself I take off my jacket but the pee can’t take it anymore so I pee in my jean sexy so I also shit on them and start to play with shit putting it in my boots and pants I smear all shit on them a big mess to end the night play vomit too
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Yellow Tights Slap Messy FullHD 1080p (Thefartbabes /  2022) 1.02 GB

Hot baby is naughty peeing, cumming, shitting slapping, messy
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Anal Leakage FullHD 1080p (SexyFlatulence /  2021) 418 MB

Certain fat-free foods give me bad ass grease! Watch me make a mess in my pants and on my floor!
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Who Wears Shit Shorts? FullHD 1080p (Sophia_Sprinkle /  2021) 815 MB

Sophia wears shit shorts. Join her on what starts off as a mundane chore that leads to the biggest, stinkiest, mess she has made so far! Projectile liquid shit included: if you’re in the splash zone, you’re in for a treat
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Tatiana shit in red leggings FullHD 1080p (Svetlana /  2021) 3.91 GB

Svetlana - Tatiana shit in red leggings

Good morning my dear friends. I shot this video in my big room. In the video, I’m in red transparent leggings. I am having fun, cleaning the room and dancing. Then I took a chair and using it did my dirty business) I gave a shit in red leggings and then posed in them, just frolicking and having fun. I showed my dirty ass, sat on a chair and smeared the shit even more inside the leggings. Then she showed her dirty ass again and it was fun and good for me, realizing that you are looking at me and you also enjoy my dirty games. Enjoy your day! With love Tatiana!

Svetlana - Tatiana shit in jeans

Good day. How boring is our life) Sometimes I think so, vanity, illness, work and nothing for myself. I haven’t shot hot videos for you for a long time. A little sickness tortured me. But now down with everything and we must rejoice and give others a reason for joy. I hope you missed me so much because I missed you so much. Finally, I felt a little better and I’m at home alone and I can do what I like and what no one knows about except you and me) In this video you will see how I piss and shit in jeans. I posed on the floor in the hallway, there is a lot of space and light. I’ll show you everything, and dirty ass too) Don’t wait, buy this video right away, you haven’t seen me for a long time! Enjoy your viewing, my friend!

Svetlana - Shit from the buttocks to the legs

Good night my friends. It’s late today, but I can’t sleep and I decided to do one more pleasant thing for myself and for you. I add a video in which I shit while standing. My rolls are squeezed and shit comes out right on my feet. I kind of squeeze it a little with my plump buns. Then I move, my ass moves, my muscles in my legs. I bend over and show dirty anal. My feet get dirty and stomp on the dirty floor. Here’s a creation I got today!

Svetlana - Shit on Tatiana's feet

Good day everyone. A new week has begun and I wish everyone who reads this a successful new week and new achievements in life. Today I made a new film on which I smeared my feet. Just your legs. I was completely naked, posed for the camera, showing you how sexy and cute I am. Isn’t it? My big boobs moved and my muscles worked. Then I became an ass, turned to the camera, closed my legs and just let the shit down. It had to slide freely over my legs. It didn’t work out right away, but I did it anyway. I shit right on my bare feet and smeared the shit on my feet as I rubbed them together. I smeared the shit, bent over to show my dirty ass and smeared the shit all over my legs again, which is my mood at the start of a new week. Happy viewing to all!

Svetlana - I take a bath and shit

Hello my friends. In this video, you see me taking a bath. I’m cheerful, I’m in a good mood, I always want to shoot for you) I show you how I bathe, my naked body, big tits. I lie on my stomach and you see my juicy buns in the foam. I am with you with all my vibes and I like that you look at me. I pissed into the bathroom, the camera is so that you can see the urine pouring directly into the water in which I bathe. Then I lay down on my side, opened my buttocks and shit into the water. Poop fell into the water with foam and I swam in water with poop) I am in a good mood and I wish you the same. Look, enjoy and have fun! Happy viewing!
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Ruined Bulge In Shiny Tights FullHD 1080p (thefartbabes /  2021) 993 MB

Ruslana pooping huge bulge in shiny sheer tights and ruining her tights.
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Latest jean poop with foot smear FullHD 1080p (LadyX /  2021) 1.38 GB

Lots of sexy smearing and foot worship with foot smearing in my luscious shit
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My New Scat Make Up Yoga Pants Shit FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 1.99 GB

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Desperation under the bathroom and poop UltraHD 2K (LucyBelle /  2021) 1.83 GB

I stand under the bathroom and she is busy. And I really have to poop. I’m waiting for a while but I can’t stand it anymore and I’m doing a pile of jeans. Then I hide it and finally get in and clean my pants.
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Shit in jeans FullHD 1080p (Tatiana /  2020) 821 MB

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Shitting In My Tight Blue Jeans FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2020) 1.30 GB

Are you obsessed to my jeans ass don't you? Do you wanna peel my pants off and see my ass? or just leave it on and let me turn to dirty girl in this cutie? Well I show off my butt hole close up and teasing you. Then put the jeans back and keep tempting you by my jeans ass all over. Since I'm your dirty girl I wanna make it poopy for you. And I guess you are can't wait to see it. I knee on doggy and start dildo my ass make it poopy around before I put my jeans back and release this creamy dark poo straight into my pants. You can't resist my jeans ass right? Such a magical moment when I push my poo out with some loud farts. Can you imagine how warm is it? I feel poo spread in my jeans. I talk to you dirty and sexy all about encouragement and masturbation encouragement. I stand up and wanna show off my stinky jeans can I? I remove it and bending over let you starring on me. Take your time and jerk off. I get back to dildo my ass standing while provide you pretty nice and dirty view to my jeans and ass, gaping, fucking myself and tell you I want you to cum for me. I do everything to make you cum. I also release some of loud farts in my jeans for you. Have fun
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Piss and Shit in Light Jeans UltraHD 4K (Janet /  2019) 916 MB

Hi my fans. Here I am again shooting for you. Today I again put on my light jeans that you love so much and I will piss and shit in them. I am dressed in jeans and show myself to you in them. Of course, I’m moving in front of the camera, trying to take a closer look so that I can see every crease on my jeans. Then of course I piss and shit in my favorite jeans and posed for you with shit inside the jeans. You will see how the shit is spreading inside the jeans. I love you, my fans.
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Alina crapped in jeans HD 720p (Alina /  2019) 340 MB

Alina crapped in jeans
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Pooping in my jean HD 720p (nastymarianne /  2019) 428 MB

Early morning shit in my old favourite blue jeans ! Watch me pushing hard my shit out of my ass and spread it on my jean and body.
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Flu Thinking Puke, Ending up as Shitting my Shorts HD 720p (EricaKay /  2019) 275 MB

Erica is not feeling very well; she has a fever and doesn’t know if she has to poo or puke…we’ve all been there before! She kneels in front of the toilet thinking that she is going to throw up and as she is trying to puke, she explodes into her jean shorts…she has been contipated for days and finally she gets to let everything out. It pushes like a volcano out of her shorts and when she is releasing her days of constipation, she can only moan, push, pass gas, and push a lot of shit that eventually drips down her shorts onto her legs and feet. When she is finished, she stands and the shit runs down her legs and destroys her shorts.
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Oops! I Just Shit My Capri’s HD 720p (EricaKay /  2019) 148 MB

Erica can’t wait to get home because she has a really bad stomach ache. Driving home, Erica has to shit so badly! She finally pulls into her garage and runs to the door only to find it locked!!! No one is home so she just explodes in her pants. No one is home to let her in and she has to wait in her shit filled pants until someone comes home to let her in the house.
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