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Spoon Feeding You My Shit FullHD 1080p (scatdesire /  2020) 1.06 GB

Watch me tell you how im going to Shit then feed it to you on a spoon.. Spoon feed my Slave.
I go close up and push out a big shit spreading my arse wide.. Before feeding it into your dirty mouth.

I then make you fuck your arse while im feeding you my amazing chocolate then i make you suck my fingers like a good Piggy
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Yana ate morning shit FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2019) 1.35 GB

Hello my beloved friends. Today, the video is generally good. I decided in the morning to make a surprise for you and I will tell you, it turned out. I decided to have breakfast with my shit. She took a plate and did not give a shit about it. The day before I ate a little differently and I will tell you it became very noticeable. When I began to eat poop, I felt a slightly different taste. It became a little difficult for me to swallow it, although you know that eating poop is my favorite pastime))) shit was not swallowed, and sometimes there was a gag reflex. But of course I did it for myself and for you, my dear and beloved friends. I will try to please you more with my films. Thank you for visiting our store, do not pass by, we always have something to see, always new and interesting. See you soon!
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School Girl Shit Licking And Smear FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2019) 651 MB

Watch me as a school girl with rubber gloves on i pee infront of you then stick a butt plug inside my arse and suck the shit off, I then finger my arse with rubber gloves then push out a big load of shit… I show you my hige load before licking it and sucking on my fingers some more, before smearing my mess all over my tits and face and fucking myself till i cum. I then put shit all over my lips and leave a shitty kiss on my platforms
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Scat Jeans Story - Extreme UpClose Sunday Morning Pee In Fishnet Stockings HD 720p (MissAnja /  2019) 1.34 GB

Scat Jeans Story

I wear my fave black short jeans in video. I tell you some short story of this pants. I worn 4 years this sexy short and I guess it’s time to filling with my hot poo and pee. So in one word Destroy them ? I tease you for sure then pull it on half way,show you still clear asshole close up. I know how bad you wanna see my scat filled jeans and it’s turn you on when you think about it, don’t you? Standing position backward to camera I show you my jeans covered ass, start peeing first soak in my yellow nectar this pants. Then I push my poo out so hard on feels it’s a pretty hard shit this time. I squeeze my short many times during poop just making a big mess in it. Making very Shitty for you. I push out a big turd then I show you my ass, pretty round shit covered asshole. My poo is so stinky, I want you to take a deep breath, in my room it’s such a stinky shit smell has. I Poop more when I pull my jeans on halfway then put it back on and sitting on the floor and smearing, squeezing my ass to my Shitty jeans. Standing up again and show you close poop filled, dirty,filthy stinky jeans. After then I push it inside out and make a big Smear on my ass during I give you some JOI and encourage you to cum over on my shit covered bum. I know how bad you want stroke that hard dick of yours to my bum. Let’s cum for me. ? AT the end I just put it on back this scat filled jeans and I say goodbye maybe next time you can own my dirty short, just if you want it for sure

Extreme UpClose Sunday Morning Pee In Fishnet Stockings

I wear only black fishnet stockings in the video nothing more. After getting up i didn’t pee because I was just wanted to show you how much I pee when I wake up, so just held it 1,50 or 2 hrs but I thought many times I wet myself. In the videos I tease you at start and tell you how i’m feeling myself. Really had to pee. Show up my sexy naked body tease you with sexy moves and then take the camera extremely close to my pussy and start to peeing. Camera got wet ? but in POV style I just hold it and showing a great view to my kitty. I pee a lot and it’s looks great. Then I show the mess around me on the floor

Worship, Sniff, Kiss, Lick My Monster Poo with Heels On

I wear red silky robe and high heels on. Tease you with show my ass and long legs. I don’t wear panty on. Do you like my pussy? Would you like to taste me? Well ask you did you ever think about that a sexy lady knocking on your door and you open it then she tell you need to poop so much for her. Will you let her inside in your house and let her poo on your floor? Just imagine how sexy and hot should be when a lady asking your help then your dream come true and able to watch her poo. So in the video I smoke a cigarette and spreading my legs with heels on. Admire my naked and tight asshole. I know you’re craving to see me Shitting. But first sniffs my holes, take a deep sniff of my unwashed arse hole What a great smells of it. Start to Pooping with my legs up. Nice, long monster poo. I didn’t expect this huge shit. First hard snake coming out then soft poo.. When finished holding my big loads and show you how massive. I could say heavy too. So I just tell you because I’m the stranger who’s knocked on your door worship my poo by sniffing, many times, licking, kissing and holding it. We can worship together this huge shit. Are you in? I want you to come closer and do the same as I do. I show you then you can copy me.. Don”t be shy be a nasty boy. I don’t bite ? I worship over few min and you’re doing well too. Then I just slide my finger in asshole just for fun, this time not for orgasm.And you can take a pleasure in my swollen shit covered arse hole. Sexy video, with Monster shit, lots of sniff and kiss to my poo. Smells amazing how do you think?
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Pooping At The Bus Stop UltraHD 4K (janet /  2019) 832 MB

Here you can see how I shit in extreme public place – bus stop! In the seat area in front of spectators. I love public pooping! You also!?! I get into position to poop for you at the bench. It is really big and pushing against my butt hole. I have to push really hard and grunt and moan. Really big log comes out of me. Huh, it’s stinky. Here people will be surprised sitting on this heap)) More and more is coming out, and it is skinnier, but still really hard! I show you my big log up close and let you see the details. Of course we didn’t bring any toilet paper, so I get up and put on my leather leggings right on the dirty butt. Have fun watching!
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Giving A Cucumber Shit-Dick FullHD 1080p (xxecstacy /  2019) 4.80 GB

Preparing Your Poop

Watch as I poop into a mason jar and tell you exactly what you can do with it. Through the video, I also describe the smell and texture of the poop for you. Includes a lot of dirty talk and a fantastic view.

Submissive Slut Plays With Vomit, Poo, and Piss

Watch as I smear shit all over myself, and piss in a bowl, proceeding to dump some of the pee all over myself. As I get myself nice and dirty, I add in a third mess to the mix, puking all over myself and smearing it over top of the poop and piss. I also attempt to eat some of the poop. This is the most extreme video that I’ve ever done, as well as the most submissive. I hope you enjoy it.

Giving A Cucumber Shit-Dick

Watch as I take a cucumber anally while having to poop. Wouldn’t you just love some anal where your dick gets absolutely shit-covered? Let me talk dirty to you and smear the poop from the anal all over my ass.

Desperate Wetting and Pooping Panties With Play

Watch me start off in spandex, panties, and a white t-shirt, desperate to piss and shit. Then watch as I wet my clothes, pour the piss all over my tits, and slowly strip as I smear poo all over myself. Let me shove my poop into my vagina for you and continue by screwing myself with my dildo. This was incredibly fun to make, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
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Filthy Whore FullHD 1080p (MessyChick /  2018) 639 MB

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Play With Me JOI (Jerk Off Instruction) FullHD 1080p (MessyChick /  2018) 411 MB

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Lady In Red FullHD 1080p (MessyChick /  2018) 313 MB

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Designer Lingerie Destruction FullHD 1080p (MessyChick /  2018) 1.09 GB

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Sexy in Pink Poo Play, Drinking Pee FullHD 1080p (DirtyLena /  2018) 923 MB

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The Big Shit Smear all over my Body 2K UHD (DianaSpark /  2018) 367 MB

Watch me when im in bathroom and i take a big shit and pee. .I'm going to the bathtub and i show you and taste mmm. so yummy .i play little with fingers in my ass.and smear the shit all over my body . i do shower with shit and play in dirty water!ENJOY !!!
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Red Pussy and Shit on the Tampon FullHD 1080p (DianaSpark /  2018) 474 MB

I'M ON MY PERIOD, this makes me more horny then usually, i show you my tampon and start play with my red pussy my fingers is full of blood,i like my blood this make me squirt so bad.ohh. After i shit and i put my shit in my tampon.. play with my ass and put a tampon in my ass mmm good feeling this make poo again. I taste my shit and suck my that AND LOVE MY POOP!ENJOY!!
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French Wife Turning you into Human Toilet FullHD 1080p (DirtyMaryan /  2018) 766 MB

Look at what I bought honey! You know why I got this potty chair right? Well. I discovered everything about your sick fetish. At first I wanted to just pack my things and go. But then I saw a way to take advantage of this.
See. I've always wanted to change my carreer and now I found what I want to do! You and I are going to work together. You are gonna become the biggest toilet slave in town! I'm going to bring you from house to house so woman can shit on your face after a long and frustrating day of work! Is there a better way to have fun? I don't think so! This is going to be so popular, there will be a huge demand for this service.
Let's waste no time and do it! I'm going to shit on your face right here, right now! Don't try to escape, you are gonna become my toilet and I dont care if you feel ready or not. Just look at my perfect ass. don't you wanna eat what's gonna come out of it? Your dick is hard and the hornier you become, the more you desire my warm shit!
Come here so I can shit and piss on your face! Lick everything clean now! From now on consider yourself as my personal toilet. I will never call you my husband again! Get ready to eat a lot more shit and piss!!
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Dirty Shower FullHD 1080p (MessyChick /  2018) 1.33 GB

Mia has bad stomach cramps, she has eaten something a little too spicy maybe. She sits on the toilet and fires out a huge loud wet load, but she can feel there is more left!
She gets in the shower and cleans herself, and shaves her pussy and legs, she decides to finish emptying herself with an enema, to make sure she is properly clean! She fills her ass with the syringe and fires out the water.. oops and some poop too! Well it would be a waste to just wash it down the plug hole so she plays with it with her feet, they both get a nice covering!
This clip is a voyeur clip with no talking, its like you are actually there in the corner of the room watching..
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A Very Dirty Massage FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2018) 1.18 GB

I asked Olga to give me a massage , Olga agreed and told me to undress and lay on the table , I did . Olga took the oil and poured me oil his back and began to do home massage , I love massage but from Olga this massage I was not expecting . Olga asked me to lie on my back I did what she asked , and then Olga gets cancer and begins to shit on me and piss . A large pile of shit was on my body , and Olga turned to me, took a white robe and began to cover my body with shit . Tightly covering my body with her own shit . Olga treated me not only with their hands but also breast-fucking her, too, in my shit but it does not stop and only hot . She continues to make me a dirty massage , after the massage, I relaxed and I shit on the massage table , I couldn't take it anymore I also very much wanted in a toilet , my hair on the pussy color steel shit , the chest and abdomen is also shit and the masseuse Olga was satisfied .
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A Walk in Colored Pantyhose on the Nature FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2018) 914 MB

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Olga a Slave a Mouth full of Diarrhea FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2018) 1.14 GB

I woke up this morning and thought today I want to play with Olga just Olga to be my slave . I didn't go to the toilet and Olga said to Olga also did not go to the toilet . We cleaned up and turned on the video camera . Olga wore on clothes, but only stockings and I was wearing heels, a mini skirt and stockings , Olga and I first kissed and then I told Olga to sit on my lap and open your mouth , she opened her mouth , and I turned to her ass and gave a big load of liquid diarrhea into the mouth of Olga , fucking Olga techii diarrhea and her mouth is full of liquid diarrhea , Olga glataet my diarrhea I attached to the floor of the rubber cock which she sucked at the beginning of the video I ordered slut to sit on a rubber dick and fuck yourself in the pussy , obedient Olga did . She Fucks herself and her body flows like diarrhea . It's enough for me , and I order the whore to turn to the camera ass and fuck first in the pussy then in the ass , Olga performs it . She gets up with a rubber member and starts to shit on the rubber cock , rubber cock dripping shit , and Olga sits down on his cunt , She's completely shit , and continues to fuck me , I ordered the slut Olga sucking dirty shit on the dick and she is Smoking a cigarette and watching Olga . Here I got a lot of pleasure from what I did with slave Olga .
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Liquid Diarrhea in Colored Pantyhose FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2018) 1.22 GB

I like to wear and shit in colorful tights , I and Olga wore these tights and began to pose for you , first I removed the butt Olga's pantyhose and exposed her ass , that's ass Olga just a class , then I wore pantyhose for the ass Olga . Olga got cancer and began to fill with shit colored stockings on the legs of Olga flows the diarrhea , it's so beautiful , Oh yeah Olga fun filled pantyhose piss and shit . Olga takes off pantyhose and shows you her dirty shit from the ass , and again puts them on the ass , we switch places and now I lie on the bed and starts to shit and piss in pantyhose , Oh yeah this is diarrhea came out of me , we before filming this video drank a laxative, so diarrhea poured out of us , fucking my legs are in shit and tights too .
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Sweet Dream and we’re all in the Shit FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2018) 1.36 GB

I lay down on the bed and just dozed off because I really wanted to sleep , but Olga did not sleep with me she turned on the video camera and snuck up on me , at first Olga fondled my Breasts and then stuck his tongue about between my legs , she caressed my pussy but I felt so sleepy that I couldn't even react . But Olga knows how to excite me the fuck how cool Olga caressed me when I was sleeping . I woke up and Olga began to kiss me , but then Olga was offered to play a bit , I agreed . Olga got cancer and started to shit on me on my naked body , fucking big pile of shit, Olga was on top of me . Olga village next to me and began to smear shit on my body Breasts pussy ass belly I'm all in shit Olga . Olga and I switch places and now I shit on Olga and Olga lying on the bed . Oh yeah it's cool , I take his shit in your hands and begin to smear shit on the body of Olga now we're all alone in the shit , I sit down at Olga on top and we do play as our bodies completely covered with shit . Here this is very hot video in which two girls shit on each other and smear shit on body other other.
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Buns VS Panty Shit Finger,Toy &Cream FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 1021 MB

All sexy in Jean shorts and A crop top, its major desperation!
I've been , Holding this shit for 2 hours! I strip and tease you by sucking on my glass toy and take down everything BUT my Orange Victoria Secret Boy shorts!
I Spread my BIG ass with my two hands and do some ASS winking in your face.
Spreading my Legs in the panties, I rub the pussy and tell you how naughty I am going to be. WOW, my Pussy is GETTING SO WET! I am so ready to finger my pussy. I can feel the SHIT in my rectum just finger banging my cunt!
I then use the toy and masturbate right in your face Pussy to mouth.
I am creaming so good, I talk about dropping a big load in these panties. Turns me on as you can see me dripping Cream!
Doggie Reverse I Shit the Panties right in your face, Watch as the get fuller and fuller and here the shit drop as the Bulge! I rub my Pussy while filling these up and squirt in them.
I take them off and show you the HARD nuggets In this hard pile molded together. So many for you to suck on! I smell this load well pushing it in your face ,.
I finger my pussy with my dirty poopy finger while spreading doggie in your face with a poo covered ass, Cum for ME! Smear this shit on your cock!
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This is all I need – Fuck and Dirty Blowjob FullHD 1080p (DianaSpark /  2018) 620 MB

Today im so horny and i wanna play so hard. Start with my ass , play a little and shit and pee. I grab my dildo and i fuck my asshole good and deep, i wanna make this dildo dirty and suck it like this, having my mouth fucking by a dirty cock its makes me so fucking horny,mmm my shit taste so good, i feel so dirty for u, you wanna see how dirty im? come closer and smell it. ENJOY!!!
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Smoking and Shiting HD 720p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 995 MB

I woke up really horny today and as always I love sharing that with u
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Fart Fetish FullHD 1080p (MessyChick /  2018) 1.09 GB

So last night I made the most amazing 3 bean chilli, so much fibre and protein and yum! But as we all know, vegan food gives me really bad wind! My stomach has been making the cutest little noises all morning and now its starting to hurt so I think its time to expel some of this gas!
I hitch my denim cut offs right up into my butt, my beautiful round cheeks spilling out of the bottom, you want to lean in closer dont you, you want to smell my farts really close up! I remove my shorts and hold my cheeks open as I finish expelling the gas, nice and close up. Are you ready for the explosive finish?
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Super Shitty Poopy Panty FullHD 1080p (ScatGoddess /  2018) 744 MB

After being covered with my shit staying filthy for a long time, I still want to play. I've been such a dirty girl today Daddy. I know you love watching me play, and you need more of your naughty baby cakes poopy panties. I put on a poopy panty that I saved to wear for you again. It's so filthy! I put some poop in the back and some poop in the front of the panty. It feels so good playing covered in my poop for you Daddy! I love getting filthy for you especially thinking about you getting messy with your dirty little girl's panty. Your baby cake's pussy stays so wet for you Daddy. I need Daddy to keep cumming to my super poopy panties!
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