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New toilet slave Norman FullHD 1080p (MilanaSmelly /  2020) 2.42 GB

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Soft Surf FullHD 1080p (liglee /  2020) 208 MB

Wow the smell my shit leaves on my fingers drives me crazy,i love it. My poo is so soft almost reminds me of soft Surf ice cream
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Messy in white FullHD 1080p (Sexandcandy18 /  2020) 196 MB

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Ass to mouth + peeing myself and tasting FullHD 1080p (Sexandcandy18 /  2020) 640 MB

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Swallow My Monster Thick Poop UltraHD 2K (Marcos579 /  2020) 1.50 GB

y toilet slave swallow my shit while I am enjoy and groan with pleasure. I have a real big thick turd for him. His mouth is right under my asshole, perfect to take and swallow my smelly shit. I am looking down at a ‘man’ I have just used as a toilet. You get to see my sleek form from beneath the toilet seat, your natural environment. Look into my eyes and see how low you are. “You are a toilet…you are not human.
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Fingering the shit FullHD 1080p (MiaRoxxx /  2020) 295 MB

Fingering a big turd out of my ass with dirty fingers and tampon in my fuckable pussy
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Facesitting Shit Hole UltraHD 2K (Marcos579 /  2020) 2.01 GB

I have my slave eating my asshole… There are not many things better than lick me before my toilet! I love to enjoy while he licks my asshole and soon enough I have a really powerful orgasm! Oh my gosh, this makes my ass so ease off that I want to use him as my TOILET! Yes, I’m gonna feed him with my monster SHIT! And he seems like a toilet seat for my GODDESS ASS! I want his mouth as close as possible to my ass, so nothing can fall out his mouth! He has to take and swallow everything! I am using my feet to keep his mouth right in my shit and keep feeding him until I am cum! He has to clean my asshole with his tongue! I think he is a not bad toilet! I will use him again later…
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Petite Blonde Monster Shit In Fishnets/Gape/Farts FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2020) 1.46 GB

I wear a full body fishnets pantyhose on without panty. i ask you do you have a huge fetish for fishnets right? What else do you like? Big poo by chance? I knee in doggy pose and keep teasing you with shaking my ass in this crotchless pantyhose and spanking my butt cheek hard. Do you wanna spank me? I should poo as I didn’t poo 2 days again and I really need it. In doggy I tempting you with gaping asshole. But I don’t touch it just let it opening by itself. And this stinky smell drive you crazy. I ask you to smell my ass and my poo. I turn around on my back to missionary pose with legs wide apart and up and tell you to stroke your dick and how hard to hold my big poo. Love and worship the great and clear pussy view while I push out this seriously monster poo of my tiny asshole. While I poo admire my fishnets feet and strong stream pee too. I’m impressed how huge poo I have pushed out. I take the camera closer then you have some time to see it closer and more detailed. I encourage you to stroke your dick and smell my ass while I fuck my little butt with a dildo. Lovely feet, pussy and asshole view while fucking ass. Swollen poop smeared asshole gets even more juicy. I ask you to do whatever you want with my ass and please you to fuck it even harder than now to cum deep inside me. I fart on my dildo many times fucking it hard and pretend your dick is deep inside me. Just smell me and cum for me please and I release even more stinky farts under your nose. At the end I can’t let you go without some ass shaking and naughty loud farting.
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Good shit directly in the mouth of slave FullHD 1080p (Lila /  2020) 1.44 GB

Hi, in this movie, this is the morning and i want to make a big shit. i want to shit directly in the mouth of my slave. and this is what i do. i loved that. to push my shit and feel the mouth of my slave taking the shit.
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Dirty Anal FullHD 1080p (Asshole Shows /  2020) 7.10 GB

Video 1: Sexy mature latina close up anal dildo with scat.
Video 2: Latina in her 30's large anal dildo in a public show with visible shit
Video 3: Private show with a sexy young skinny latina. Very dirty. Lots of scat.
Video 4: Love this model. She always does an incredible show. Dirty anal fingering, gaping, dildo play.
Video 5: Public show capture again. Huge dildo. Visible scat.
Video 6: Younger latina again. Private show, lots of scat and anal gaping. Some farts in there too.
Video 7: Sexy skinny young one again. You get to see her amazing body at the end here where she "squirts". As always, a decent amount of shit too.
Video 8:Older mature latina, just some fingering, good quality camera, a little scat.
Video 9: Great camera. Mature latina model, visible scat and a very well used asshole.
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Scat on the bed FullHD 1080p (Lila /  2020) 1.79 GB

Lila drink some coffee this morning. So a good shit is coming from the ass of Lila. His slave is hier to cleaning her ass, and she make him play with his shit, take some in the mouth, smelling.
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Shit and Blood on Big Dick FullHD 1080p (janet /  2020) 1.38 GB

First of all I wear my black panties with bra on. Would you like I protect you with my shit and blood in this crazy world? How badly you want me I protect you with them and everything will be good around you. I’m your pretty dirty girl who’s take care of his dirty boy. You beg me to show off my dirty holes don’t you? I tease you in doggy spank on ass cheek. Let’s say now I will fuck your hard dick this is the first step to protect you nice and well. I insert my dildo and fantasy of your dick in my ass how digging my shit out of butt. Nice to being inside my isn’t it? Let me shit on your cock to get it safe. I let this nice turd on your dick then tell you how much I wanna feel you to pound my dirty hole. Fuck me and my ass hole keep protecting you. I’m gaping, fucking and poo for you more. Pretty feet you while you fuck me. I gave you my ass you give me your cum. Return the favor and both of us will be happy.
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Poop 17 UltraHD 2K (Solo /  2020) 246 MB

Poop 17
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Dirty Asshole Privates 2 FullHD 1080p (Poo /  2020) 1.66 GB

Video 1 - Not the dirtiest private. She tries her hardest to show me what is in that sexy ass of hers. Subtle scat

Video 2 - Longer, music was asked to be turned off. Lots of shit lube and some scat. Very sexy show.
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Poo Pee and Spit in Your Mouth UltraHD 2K (Marcos579 /  2020) 1.56 GB

My personal slave is lying on the bath, ready to serve me as a full toilet. As appetizer, I order him to lick my feet. Then it’s the turn of my pee. I piss in his mouth. As usual, it’s a little of pee and, being the first in the morning, it’s yellow and tasty. But now it’s time for the real treat: my delicious shit. Bigger thurds pile up on his open mouth. He starts chewing and swallowing but, today, I have a lot of shit. To stimulate him, I kick the shit in his mouth with my feet. I order him to open his mouth to spit there. His mouth is very dirty and he couldn’t swallow all the crap. My slave was very good today
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My Disgusting Stinky Toilet UltraHD 2K (Marcos579 /  2020) 1.23 GB

My shit eater is watching me, and I tease him with what is to finally feed him. But the slave seems to be more interested in my pussy, rather than his actual food source! Well I have to change that, and I have him lay down, while I hover my food wagon above his face. Bu enough teasing, I need to shit badly, so his mouth better be open. I shit a nice log straight into his toilet mouth, and watch him as he enjoy my bodily gifts.. While I humiliate him!
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Wet Farts With A lot Of Messy Anal UltraHD 2K (ScatFreekzClub /  2020) 746 MB

I was so horny today I just needed my ass fucked until it was so messy. I know you love my chocolate cheeks messy with your cum an my poop. I take your dick an put it in my ass from the back, side an front. I couldn’t get enough of your cock today daddy. I love feeling your cum feel my ass Freek. I give you all the wet farts with your cum an my shit mixed together I know you love when I’m so freaky an messy for you. Yes, give me that cock please! Make me shit your fucking cum out!
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No Escape Little Toilet FullHD 1080p (LoveRachelle2 /  2020) 904 MB

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No shitless life FullHD 1080p (Mikadoshop /  2020) 752 MB

The slave is complaining that his mistress never want to piss and shit at him. Princess Nikki fully understand his desperate position, she piss in a glas and let him swollow her juice. Later she shits on the floor step in her shit and orders him to lick her shoes.
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Dirty Anal Privates 4 FullHD 1080p (ScatGirl /  2020) 2.72 GB

The dirtiest anal I have ever seen in a private! She is back (well, i asked for another private ha), this time with sound. Lots of messy messy anal, some scat, lots of lube and loads of fucking her ass with that red dildo of hers. Other video was a capture of a public show she was doing, so more subdued but still some scat on the dildo. If only she could get a better webcam, we'd all be so much happier
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Shit Jean Shorts Lockdown FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2020) 797 MB

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Sucking and jerking this filthy DILDO FullHD 1080p (Natalielynne699 /  2020) 1.09 GB

I start by doing a little teasing and then start fucking my ass with my dildo… when it starts to get messy and I cant hold my shit in anymore I take a big shit and then use my poop as lube to jerk my dildo. After that I decide I want to taste that poop and suck my filthy dildo.
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The Best Kind of Relief UltraHD 2K (Clevexci /  2020) 262 MB

I had been holding this in since yesterday…
I love holding in my poop. It’s like a game, how long will I last? hehe. This one was tough though. I really really had to go but it just wouldn’t let me! They tend to get harder the longer you hold them.. turns out touching myself was just what I needed.
Watch my asshole slowly get dirtier and dirtier and wink at you as I’m pushing as hard as I can to let this load out.
Hope you enjoy as much as I did!
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Dirty Asshole Private Show FullHD 1080p (Shit /  2020) 769 MB

Model used a toy to dig out some shit and then rubbed it around her asshole for me. She then proceeded to push out more as she kept her asshole really close to the camera.
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