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Shoking Scat Perverts. Part 1 FullHD 1080p (AstraCelestial /  2018) 1.18 GB

Hello to everyone it is Leona here with new fantastic video, improved lights, improved operato work and fantastic anal sex.
Open the box, and see evething for yourself, if befoure I was against swaliving and putting shit into my month, now after more than a year of scat experience I have oppened a new edges of myself.
This is new level of videos for me and my boyfriend, however a lot of new and more interesting and perverted things are awaiting ahead.
We began our scat sex at the apartment of my parents, we new that they have to come in the evening, but desire for perverted things were stronger that rational thinking. It is pleasant idea to when you see parent's bed and parent's sofa and know what terrible and filthy things yu have done there, and nobody areound knows.. Filthy seccrets is something what connecting people.
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Swallow our scat lunch FullHD 1080p (Grazy, Mary Luthay, Nicole /  2018) 1.69 GB

The friends Mary Luthay and Nicole decided to give a special lunch to Grazy. Together they prepare much piss and scat to she drink and swallow. Humiliating and fantastic, don't miss this new release from
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Diarrhea for Daddy HD 720p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 1.21 GB

Wearing my hair in two ponytails, a pair of white panties and pink pantyhose I let my diarrhea run all over. Thats how daddy likes me and if mommy wasnt home in the morning when I first had to run to the bathroom it would have been even more shit.
I take daddys cock deep down my throat messing myself with saliva. I then ask daddy to fuck my asshole standing and let more diarrhea run down my legs. We both cum hard.
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Smearing Shit on High Heels FullHD 1080p (Brown wife /  2018) 838 MB

A warm, soft, fragrant shit evenly lies on my body! Oh my God, it's so nice! And you noticed that I'm removing the mask? Ahahaha
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um, Pee, Poo and Smear FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 415 MB

Watch me in white socks, finger my pussy till i cum hard, before i pee high in the air.
I then bend over infront of the camera and push out lots of hard and soft shit. Before showing you my amazing mess and smearing it on my arse
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Shit on Self FullHD 1080p (Brown wife /  2018) 802 MB

I present you my new video. I received a lot of requests to make a video on this scenario. You wanted to see how I'm shit on self? Then enjoy it.And I already got a huge pleasure while filming it
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School Girl Poos her pants FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2018) 607 MB

Mask the teacher if i can go to the toilet and she wont let me which leaves me having to sit on my chair and go infront of the class. A wee and Poo im so embarrassed. I then rub the bulge in my pants and show my teacher my dirty knickers
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Piss, Fart, SHIT and Soil Panties FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2018) 385 MB

HD watch me piss, Fart and SHIT on my kitchen floor, I then pick my Poop up and show you it on my hands.I then wipe my arse with my satin panties and then smear my Poo all over it.
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2 Day EXTREME Vs Panty Shit/Pussy Stuff FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 1.12 GB

The title of the clip should explain it all - Extreme & Messy!I've been holding this 2 days and I can barely hold my shit to film this!Standing up right in your face, I shit my Victoria Secret Panties, pushing and the bulge is getting so big as they fill out so much! One last large push and there is so much shit spewing out the sides I have to hold it in with my hands.I smear my shit thats on my hands, all over my ass. I take the panties off and its just a big mess! Its shit everywhere! Feet,legs hands,ass! Well I take the load out, I show you and begin to smear on that dirty pussy!I Push the hard clumps deep down inside that tight pussy of mine and push it out right in your face. OVER AND OVER I take clumps of hard shit and cram them up my pussy pushing them in and out, just for you!Fingering fucking the shit as I begin to push out long logs of poop:) Smearing is everywhere and this is a hot video!
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Panty Poop FullHD 1080p (Anna Coprofield /  2018) 1.34 GB

Shit and piss in panties then smear that all
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Laxative POO and PISS JOI FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2018) 988 MB

Watch me Piss and SHIT over your cock then wank my Shit all over your cock giving you a JOI. Then smear it over my body
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Poopy Diaper Face Smear! – SamanthaStarfish HD 720p ( /  2018) 525 MB

There's something in my diaper! Something warm and squishy and very stinky! I reach my hand into my diaper and pull out a big thick glob of poop! Mmm! It smells so good! What would a cute little baby do if she found such a nice big load of poop in her diaper!? I think she would smear it all over herself! And that is what I do!I start to smear my shit all over my big boobs and my sexy belly and my legs too! It feels so good to feel my dirty poop all over my body! I know it's naughty to make such a mess but it makes me feels so good I can't stop! I keep reaching into my diaper and pull more and more poop out to smear all over myself! I love to talk dirty to you and talk about really yucky things too! I even turn around and smear shit on my ass and back! I love getting it all over!Now it's time to smear my poop on my face! Oh what a mess! But I look so pretty with poo poo on my face and it makes me feel so sexy! I can't help but reach my hand down my diaper and rub my clit! I can feel my moist shit squishing up between my pussy lips and all around my clit! Poop makes such an amazing lube! It's not long before I am cumming a nice big, hard orgasm! I love the way my body shakes when I cum and my toes bend and curl in pleasure!Then I take my disgusting diaper off and show you the huge load I made! The whole diaper is stained brown! I smear the shitty diaper all over my face and tits to make sure they are really covered in poop!
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First Swallow FullHD 1080p (TinaAmazon /  2018) 372 MB

My first ever swallow video. I start off in sexy little booty shorts striping and teasing then take a shit on the floor. Then I use my toy in my dirty ass and lick it clean repeatedly for some hot dirty atm with lots of dirty talk. I also take a piece of my shit and put it in my mouth and swallow my first taste ever. I end the video with rubbing some of my hot shit on my big sexy tits
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Worship my Dirty Ass and Feet FullHD 1080p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 1.77 GB

Wearing a black corset, stockings and heels I let myself in ur room. I'm gonna be your only mistress today. Im gonna let u watch me walk across the room, teasing u with my wonderful round ass and then Im gonna take a long shit right on ur cock. U are not allowed to touch me so I grab a toy and start riding it in front of u right after uve taken my stockings off with ur teeth. U gotta stroke ur cock as I say and cum only when I say so after riding that toy for a while Im gonna rub my shit all over ur cock with my feet asking u to spray ur load all over them. Now its my turn to cum and even if ure hard again Im challenging u for a 24hrs cum denial.
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Sexy Secretary is Playing Dirty FullHD 1080p (JosslynKane /  2018) 1.33 GB

Watch me wearing my new sexy secretary outfit and one of my buttplugs in my ass, pissing in front of the webcam and start taking a shit for you! I smear it all over my pussy, belly, boobs, ass, and start fucking my asshole with my big buttplug while i put the small one in my mouth, i keep the dirty buttplug in my mouth almost all the video, i love how it taste, mmm. this made me cum so bad. Modeling for you is all i want boss!
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I’m licking a dirty toilet FullHD 1080p (Brown wife /  2018) 873 MB

My new hot scene with a toilet. There is no description required. It's just necessary to see! P.S. Video without words and little light, because in the next room my grandmother slept. I was afraid to wake her at the most inopportune moment. It was extreme!
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Welcome Home FullHD 1080p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 981 MB

U're a tour musician and U've just came home to me.Its always such a pleasure to have u home so I'm gonna give u a treat as a welcome present.I walk in wearing a smart black dress. I'm wearing a black bra and ur favourite black crotchless pantyhose underneath. Over the pantyhose I'm wearing black see-through panties. I have my sexy black open-toe heels on. My hair is tied up, I'm wearing my glasses and I'm made up to perfection.At first I seductively show u my figure before slowly raising my dress to show u my panties. and a surprise - through my panties u can see a butt plug in my beautiful ass. I then slowly remove my dress. I take off the panties and slowly pull out the butt plug for u - it has your shit on it. I know how this turns u on. I slip my fingers into my ass which are getting dirty now and I tell u how much I want to shit just for. I then get my big brown dildo and squat above it. I begin to fuck it for u, allowing my shit to come out while I'm slowly moving up and down. I'm facing the camera, on all fours, giving u an incredible view of my sensational legs and dirty ass, all that while telling u how sexy and dirty I feel, and how much I love wearing these sexy crotchless pantyhose that turns u on so much.I'm getting really dirty now. I have so much shit!Finally, I take off my heels and ask u to massage my feet (which I've missed while u've been away). While u caress my nylon feet, I slowly fuck my now really shitty ass with my fingers, rubbing my poo over my ass and pussy until I cum really hard for u.I give u one more look at my incredible, now dirty figure just wearing my crotchless tights and bra. Then I say 'welcome home' and blow u a kissP.S: Pink Floyd tunes on the backround
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A lot of ATM FullHD 1080p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 1.47 GB

WARNING! This video contains more ATM than any other of my vids!!!
Did u take ur heart pills cause here comes one of the dirtiest vids of all time!!I couldnt even finish doing my make up cause I slipped some poop in my leggings so I had to take it all out before I was even ready. I choose to do it on a plate and save it for further use heheNow that Im all done I will continue. I will start fucking my ass with one of my biggest toys, getting more and more shit out. I was so fuckin full of shit today, literally hahahIm gonna ride ur cock so deep inside my ass and smear some of my shit on my tits as I do so.Fruits? oh yes I love fruits, even more when they come outta my ass. Im gonna eat them with so much hunger and lust yummIts time for u to fuck my ass some more but not anyhow, U stick ur cock up my ass and then u push it right into my mouth making me gag on ur full of shit cock and back up my ass fucking me harder and harder untill I cum.I stand up and start smearing all that shit all over my body. Legs, ass,tits, belly and chest.Its time for u to cum also so Ure gonna satisfy my hunger for the day by filling my mouth up. Im gonna give u a short hand job, smearing my shit all over ur perfect cock, allowing u to spank my face with it and push it deeeep inside my mouth fucking it so hard untill u spray all that cum making me gag again.Oh my, what a treat! We definitely gotta do this all over again and again and again!!!Im ur hungry lil girl!
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Naughty Nun Shit Smear and Swallow FullHD 1080p (TinaAmazon /  2018) 287 MB

I'm a very naughty and dirty nun. I get so horny when I have to shit. Watch me strip and then spread my ass cheeks and take a big shit. I love getting dirty so I rub my stinky shit all over my sexy ass. Then I take my shit and smear a cross over my big tits and some on my mouth. To show you how naughty I really I am I take a big chunk of my shit and chew and swallow it. Watch me struggle as I chew and gag until I have swallowed the big chunk down.
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Eat My Shit Nasty Boy FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 520 MB

Watch me tell you how im going to train you to eat my shit, i make you sniff my arsehole then i finger it and suck my finger.
I then shit right infront of you before telling you and showing you how i want you to sniff it, lick it and taste it.
Afterwards i stand infront of you and shit some more directly in your mouth before smearing it all over my arsehole.
Such a good Toilet Pig
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Liquid Diarrhea in White Shorts FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2018) 877 MB

I have the whole day stomach ache and I didn't know what to do ? I then wanted to use the toilet then no . Interesting behavior of my body , I wore white shorts and white stockings , to record videos for you , and start to walk in them around the room , I walked over to the table where there was no Buk, and relaxed his anus , and then out of my ass, a flood of diarrhea . My white shorts immediately accepted the color brown , my stockings, too, were all in the shit , and on the floor a big puddle of diarrhea . I didn't expect this turn so I'm very happy that all the dirt came out of my body . In one word if say I had a full body cleansing shit
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Pee, Cum and Hott Spicy Poo FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2018) 543 MB

Watch me tell you to wank over me, Ive been eating hott spicy food and my arse wants to release that hott spicy shit. Watch me Pee, Finger my pussy and cum then push out a soft shit and smear it on my arse
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1st SHIT SMEAR & LICK!!! FullHD 1080p (Princess Puckie /  2018) 1003 MB

I flip my legs over my head in the tub and spurt my first enema on me, wetting my white stockings and dripping on myself. I laugh as I feel myself up, all slimy with ass juice. It's not shitty enough! I need more so for my second enema, I get in the doggystyle position and unload a massive dump everywhere, shitty brown water expelling from my body as well as big clumps of poo. I turn around and stare with wide eyes at the huge mess I've made, I begin feeling my shit with my hands, playing with it until I work up the nerve to cup my tits with my shitty hands.I lay back in my shit and begin smearing on my stomach with a crazed expression, WHAT AM I DOING?!? My mouth drops as I rub myself everywhere, my tits, my legs, my belly, all covered with poop. I softly smear myself and smile as I talk about how fucked up this all is.I wasn't planning on doing this but I just got so curious! I sit in my shit and bend over to look at you, showing off my poopy palms, bringing them to my face to smell. I tentatively stick my tongue out and press it against my shitty finger, 3 times! I keep my tongue out and show off my shitty tongue until I wipe it against my upper lip. I go back to smearing myself and change positions, I let you know I'm a worthless dirty slut and I love it!
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School Girl Sucks her Shit for Daddy FullHD 1080p (TinaAmazon /  2018) 629 MB

I’m a dirty little school girl. I show off my sexy body for Daddy and prove that I’m a good little girl who will suck her shit for daddy. I push out a big shit for Daddy then lick and suck my shit while dirty talking the whole time how much I want to rub my shit on Daddy’s big cock and lick and suck my shit clean
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Smearing Tasty Shit 4K UltraHD (LoveRachelle2 /  2018) 1.72 GB

Watch as I smear myself all over getting shit everywhere, even ruining my new, sexy boots! I taste my delicious turd and let you watch me from behind as I tell you how hot your scat fantasies must be to be able to fuck a girl up the ass and when she shits on your cock, you grab a fistful of her poop and smear her ass all over with it, just like mine, while you keep fucking her, using her poop as lube. I rub shit on my clit as I cum thinking about it So hot!Gotta admit, it's quite a rush to live a double life and getting to wind down the day by REALLY getting dirty is just icing on the cakeI strip out of my skimpy skirt and top, and shit doggy style right on the floor wearing nothing but my mask and thigh-high boots and it's a lovely, large, juicy load, too I delight in teasing you for your scat fantasies, taking jabs guessing what turns your crank-watching girls getting nasty and filthy with their own waste turn you on, perv? Do you like my dirty fun as much as I do?I'm about to shower after a long day of getting dirty but you know, it's funny. Whenever I get asked what's the "dirtiest sexiest thing" I've ever done, most people would have NO IDEA just how nasty I can get. in fact, if they were to find out, I'm sure the shock would kill them! ometimes it's tiring being a porn star-but it's always rewarding Whew, what a long day!
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