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Scat Smear Enema Prolapse Big Orgasms FullHD 1080p (AbigailDupree /  2020) 364 MB

I love the smell and feel of my poop, even the colo turns me on! When I have alone time, I love to masturbate in the tub to enema my poo out. Just the smell alone causes me to orgasm after just a few rubs of my shit covered pussy. I know you like it when I push real hard to poop and I prolapse both of my love holes. I like it when you tell me to poop for you because it pleases you and I feel sexy. Poop, Scat, Smearing, Asshole Prolapse, Rosebud, Object Anal Insertion, Shitty Bra, Enema, Masturbation, Bathroom, Solo Female, Shit, Pooping, Moaning, Anal pushing, Asshole Slut, Water Squirting, Pink Prolapse
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Makes you eat shit FullHD 1080p (miss_Di /  2020) 1.42 GB

Makes you eat shit. I pee with a fountain , then I poop and they make me eat shit conditionally. I humiliate you with mats and insulting words. You’re a shit eater and you’ll eat my shit every day for dinner or Breakfast. You must smear my shit on your face, mouth and teeth, you must smear my shit on your anus and body you must devour my shit greedily. Eat my shit.
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Small cars in shit FullHD 1080p (miss_Di /  2020) 1.73 GB

Small cars in shit. I decided to masturbate my pussy with toy cars, I wrote on them. Then I wanted to poop, I poop. Smeared herself and her vagina with her own shit. Then I smeared the cars, my stomach.I played with toys and enjoyed my shit. I used a shitty typewriter to jerk off my vagina a little. I like. I love my shit.I have experienced pleasure it is so fascinating.Look at the way a girl smeared herself all over with shit for you.
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Food In Isolation FullHD 1080p (Thefartbabes /  2020) 341 MB

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Toys on poop FullHD 1080p (miss_Di /  2020) 871 MB

Toys on poop. I poop on toy cars and then just put them on my shit.
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Naughty Scat Girl FullHD 1080p (Scatdesire /  2020) 1.09 GB

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Poop & Fart Tease UltraHD 4K (MakeKatPurrrr /  2020) 465 MB

Teasing you with her tiny naked body Kat knows just what you are wanting. You can’t help your dirty fetish and you wanna see more of what Kat has to offer. Bending over for you Kat open up her asshole and pushes out a couple of farts before pooping for you. Pooping with her ass up in the air her pussy gets so creamy thinking of what a dirty girl she’s being for you. She plays with her pussy a little before gaping her asshole open and pushing out a couple more fart right in your face!
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Jerk off to my Hole UltraHD 2K (XshayXshayX /  2020) 1.07 GB

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Dirty Ass Worship Pt. 2 UltraHD 4K (MakeKatPurrrr /  2020) 796 MB

Kat oils herself down and turns you on with her body. She bends over and tells you that she wants you to use her shit as lube. While you try to hold a straight face, she notices that your getting bigger with her every word. After she gets you “dirty” she bends down and tell you to clean up her ass while you jerk off. She plays with her ass and talks real dirty to you. She turns around and spits on your cock, adding more lube. You can’t believe you are using lube from Kat’s ass to get off. You are so turned on and can’t hold back any longer. Kat opens her ass up wide. She tells you how to cum using her shit as you eating her booty cleaning it all up for her.
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Scared Schoolgirl FullHD 1080p (AnnaCoprofield /  2020) 574 MB

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Shit with conversations - The slave writes FullHD 1080p (miss_Di /  2020) 1.70 GB

Slave pisses. A slave in BDSM accessories pisses in her light pants. I have long suffered and could not my bladder was very full. Endured to the last. Finally, there was relief. I sucked my pants completely. Such bliss to be wet with your own urine.

Shit with conversations. Shit on the chairs , imitation of the toilet. I say all sorts of nasty things to shit-eaters. A whole lot of shit.Big beautiful poop. I tell the camera that it was eaten. Shit eaters eat my shit , enjoy a good appetite.
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A Little After Fun FullHD 1080p (xxecstacy /  2020) 746 MB

For this video, I show you exactly why I haven’t had the chance to do much scat filming this month. There’s an absolutely filthy custom up and coming that I’m excited to almost be at capacity for. I start off desperately needing to shit, and I store the shit, show you, following teasing you a bit. I start off licking the excess cream from my pussy, before I start fingering my filthy asshole. Licking everything off my fingers as I do so, I give you a close up view.
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Eat My Thick Turd and Cum FullHD 1080p (Scatdesire /  2020) 1.07 GB

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Clean The Mess I Made FullHD 1080p (xxecstacy /  2020) 744 MB

video is part two, following Shitting My Leggings. In this video, I pull my leggings down and run my hand up my asshole to collect some of the shit. Sniffing the shit, I talk dirty to you about how I want you to eat it out of my hand. I then follow to tell you to clean up my asshole and my shit covered leggings.
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choolgirl Full Back Panty Wetting Desperation FullHD 1080p (sammiecee /  2020) 3.28 GB

Schoolgirl Full Back Panty Wetting Desperation

Description: As I’m doing my work in class I really REALLY need to go toilet, I put my hand up and ask Sir if I can go, but he tells me no, and to carry on with my work. I try but I just cant sit still, I fidget, I cross my legs, I push my hand onto my panties, nothing is working, I’m not sure how much longer I can hold it in, I ask Sir a couple more times, but he’s just not letting me go. Oh no, it’s too late I think it’s started coming out, i look down and my panties are getting soaked, pee is pouring all over my chair and the floor and I just cant stop it. I stand up and it just keeps coming, my bladder was sooo full. And now Sir says I can go, did he enjoy seeing me suffer?

Bed Panty Wetting Dildo Masturbation

Description: I’m rubbing my pussy while tucked up in bed, I have a real urge to pee but am too turned on to go to the bathroom so I pee in my bed in my panties, I then pull them to one side and carry on peeing in bed. Whilst lying in the wet patch I start fingering and dildoing my pussy, then flip over onto my belly and cum.

Piss Drinking Slave Training

Description: Aren’t you a lucky boy… I’ve chosen you to be my piss slave.. now here comes your training. I’m gonna piss into this glass and expect you to have every last drop, including the drips hanging off my pussy. While you’re jerking that cock I want you to sniff it, nice deep breath, doesnt that just smell delicious, now dip your tongue in, good boy… now take a big gulp and hold it in your mouth until i give you permission to swallow… before you know it I have you emptying it.

Barefoot Peeing Dildo Fucking

Description: Completely naked I finger my pussy before peeing all over the floor and dildo. I then ride my toy, my pussy creaming all the dildo until orgasm.

Piss Drinking Toilet Slave Training

Description: You are such a complete waste of space useless slave, but I’ve had an idea whilst sitting on the toilet. Rather than wasting toilet paper, why dont I use you as my toilet paper, surely that’s one thing you can be useful for. Now let’s see if you’re up to the job….
I’m really not satisfied with your work. you’re going to have to practice more, for now I guess I’ll just have to use you as my toilet. Open your mouth, I’m going to piss into it and you’re going to gulp it down. How about I shit in your mouth too.. after some pushing I actually dont think you’re worthy of my shit yet. Maybe you can prove yourself next time. Now clean up and fuck off.
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Messy diaper change in the Bathroom UltraHD 2K (MessyDiaperNat /  2020) 357 MB

Messy diaper change in the Bathroom

Description: I am very messy and I need a clean diaper. I better change before it leaks and I can feel it leaking around the edges so I massage the outside of my diaper and then clean up the big mess I made and put on a clean diaper and time to take care of my dirty one
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Shitting My Leggings FullHD 1080p (xxecstacy /  2020) 829 MB

This was previously a custom, and part one in a two part video series. Desperately needing to poop, I get nice and close to the camera wearing my pink and black leggings. With my ass in the camera, you can hear me squeezing the shit out and enjoy as I slap the bulge in my leggings, making quite the mess. It even leaks through onto my hand as I’m slapping and grabbing at the shit
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Wet Shitty Panties FullHD 1080p (sammiecee /  2020) 1.43 GB

Wearing my bright pink and white outfit I tease you before pissing in my white high rise full back panties, getting them very wet, I then lean back and start doing a HUGE shit in my panties too, the panties are weighed down with it and has leaked out the side a little too. I stand up and show you the wet shitty panties, I pull them down and show off my shitty arse and arsehole before pulling the panties back up and wiggling the weight of the shit between my legs.
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A Week Of Shits FullHD 1080p (sammiecee /  2020) 1.47 GB

For one week I film my daily shits, in different positions, angles, some small and big, some fly out and some I struggle to squeeze out.
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Poop Smear UltraHD 2K (MessyDiaperNat /  2020) 316 MB

There are no wipes and nothing to clean up with so this baby girl got poop all over herself. See her get it all over her midriff and her nipples and her butt.
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Pee & Constipated Struggling To Poop FullHD 1080p (Sammiecee /  2020) 2.04 GB

After a sexy little striptease in lingerie, I spread my legs over a glass table and piss all over it, showing you two different angles, I then turn around, spread my ass cheeks and start pushing, I’m constipated so takes lots of pushing and squeezing before anything comes out, and when it does they’re little pellets. Lots of asshole squeezing views. When I decide to finish I pick up the little pellets, place them onto some tissue and bring them to the camera for you to have a good look.
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Cleaning up after a messy diaper UltraHD 2K (MessyDiaperNat /  2020) 215 MB

I need a diaper change and I also have to pee and I sit in it and smush it, sit in it. Then I show you my messy diaper and but buttock and I clean up. This is my very first upload here
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I plant a flower and fertilize it FullHD 1080p (Big pile, New scat, Scatting Girl, Shitting Ass /  2020) 339 MB

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Dressing gown UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 332 MB

Pink dressing gown
Creamy poop
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Shit From My Rose Butt FullHD 1080p (Scatdesire /  2020) 796 MB

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