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Shitting on the phone in the tub UltraHD 4K (Devil Sophie /  2022) 381 MB

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'SWALLOW IT' Training LEVEL 1 FullHD 1080p (BastiennesButtButter /  2022) 445 MB

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Mean Teacher Suggests Student Become Her Toilet FullHD 1080p (BastiennesButtButter /  2022) 578 MB

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I have never been so violent FullHD 1080p (Devil Sophie /  2022) 197 MB

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Two Scat Starlets Feed a Hungry Slave FullHD 1080p (Sophia_Sprinkle /  2022) 1.36 GB

These two girls are on an adventure and they’ve found a man they can use for fun. The toilet slave lies on the ground and CassieScat and Sophia Sprinkle take turns on the toilet seat filling his mouth with piss, farts and tons of shit. They tease him and giggle with each other as they command him to taste and chew and describe every nasty smell and taste and then thank them for it. You get multiple angles since one girl always has a hand held camera while the other is tenderly ruining the poor slave.
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2 Girls 1 Cup No.2 ( HUNGRY BITCHES - 2 ) FullHD 1080p (Nikki, Jessi /  2022) 2.15 GB

Two Girls 1 Cup Part 2! Starring Top girl Nikki and Jessi. These two bitches were hungry. So they decide to eat a dessert. It begins with them pissing in cups and then drinking each other’s pee! Then, they shit into their dessert cups and place whipped cream and strawberries on their shit and begin to eat it with spoons! But that’s not all, the girls get messy, play with their shit and dessert, and begin placing their shit into each other’s mouths and press the shit against their lips and kiss! They clearly giggle and enjoy playing with their shit! And then to finish their desserts, both bitches swallow and eat their own shit! Amazing video! DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE SECOND PART OF THE FAMOUS 2 GIRLS 1 CUP VIDEO!
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Fastfood piglets - really messed up the fast food toilet shit FullHD 1080p (Devil Sophie /  2022) 349 MB

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Smoking latex high heels Scat - violently put in a heap UltraHD 4K (Devil Sophie /  2022) 640 MB

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Big turd smearing UltraHD 4K (HolyCrap /  2022) 753 MB

I like to eat nuts for breakfast, I smeared them on my body…. it’s really arousing!
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His first time angekackt now is rubbed and blown FullHD 1080p (Devil Sophie /  2022) 296 MB

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Light blue jeans tease and shit UltraHD 4K (TinaAmazon /  2022) 1.16 GB

Wearing tight light blue jeans showing off my perfect ass…getting your cock nice and hard. Slowly I pull my jeans down and expose my sexy panties that look so good on my big round ass. Once I have you all hot and bothered I take a big shit for you. This is a custom video I made for Phil so his name is in it.
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Welcome! Hi Hey Hello! I am soooooooo happy to say that you the fans have kept this thing alive and found a way for a studio like this to continue operating in spite of it’s challenges! This movie and every movie moving forward will be produced and live on because of the strength in the scat community! Pat yourself on the back here before your hand is too tired to pat anything hehehe This movie literally has everything I have ever dreamed a scat movie should be! I would like to say I absolutely loved how much shit and scat there was in this film it was just never ending it seemed like haha! What a movie! You all wanted more shit well you got it and some haha! All of the girls really shit there brains out! Helga shitting at the beginning to me was so incredibly hot! Especially because I was informed that Helga would only be conducting an interview… I had no clue that she was going to surprise the girls with a large hefty load of her pretty brown scat! So needless to say when she bent over and began releasing that monster log I immediately turned on my vibrator lol Helga is so effing hot like I just cannot understand where he gets these amazing women from! (Well he did find me too lol and I’m quite amazing as well! hehe) Anyway watching them chow down on Helgas fat load literally made me cum so hard! And then watching how they ate every last drop of her shit?! I mean they didn’t waste a drop! I was so blown away. All of it was consumed. Then Imani holds the plate up and says were out of scat! O man at that point I just knew this was gonna be such a great movie! These just keep getting better and better and better! Just when you think they cant possibly get better, Scathunter produces another masterpiece! The way that Imani was swallowing in this movie was insane! By the way I noticed Imani has a new look and wow she is BEAUTIFUL! Im impressed by her. Her ass is now ridiculously large, and I must admit I am a little jelly haha I have a huge ass but nothing compared to hers! Stephanie was a powerhouse in this movie as well. The way that the two of them swapped and shared scat together and genuinely enjoyed it seriously had me soooooo horny it was alarming lol There was a part where Stephanie was slurping up scat and Imanis vomit from the floor that had me so turned on by her submissiveness! Especially when Imani was cumming and she was drinking her squirt, that was so hot. I wish I could have traded places with her and been the one soaking up that yummy cum. 100 out of 10. I had to watch this movie twice just for it to sink in, and I am probably going to watch it again tomorrow as well hehe. For all of you who pre ordered just remember you made this happen! And you got it at half price. Just keep in mind we will be doing every movie this way moving forward so you will always have the chance to get in early. Thank you all again for your continued support and we really hope you enjoy this one!
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Scat Deep Hand And Real Swallow FullHD 1080p (Barbara Ferraz /  2022) 1.49 GB

Extra Pervers New Scat Movie. Very Big Scat Come Out Of The Ass From Barbara Ferraz And Go Direct In The Throat Of Her Slave. The Slave Real Swallow The Scat And Domina Put Her Whole Hand In Her Mouth. Extra Pervers Dirty Scat Movie!
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Hungry for sports - please shit me really full - Public on the roadside FullHD 1080p (Devil Sophie /  2022) 234 MB

Hungry for sports - please shit me really full - Public on the roadside with Devil Sophie
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But what if the sausage suddenly appears with Devil Sophie UltraHD 4K (69 I love /  2022) 1.05 GB

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Chastity Shit Sucker: Femdom Scat Porn FullHD 1080p (MissMortelle /  2022) 1.70 GB

I lock my slave’s cock in a chastity cage and tell him that I will only let him out again when he has eaten all of my shit. I wear the keys to his penis cage around my neck while I tease my imprisoned slave with my ass. I make him worship my butt cheeks with kisses. Then he also has to lick my boots while I keep reminding him of his slave duties: If he wishes to regain freedom, he has to suck the scat out of my ass and eat all of it… Next I tease my chastity slave with facesitting & finally rimming. I ride his tongue with my naked asshole until I’m in the mood to shit directly into his mouth!

These are the rules of this dirty Femdom Scat Game: My slave´s mission is to suck the shit out of my asshole. If he manages to suck it out, he also has to swallow my poop completely. Only then, am I willing to unlock his dick from the chastity cage. Do you think that my slave will be able to take in all of my scat? Swallowing scat without any sexual stimulation can be hard… Will I reward my chastity slave with an orgasm or will he fail at his toilet duties? See for yourself if my shit-sucker wins or fails at this dirty challenge.
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Fastfood piglets really messed up the fastfood toilet shit with SteffiBlond UltraHD 4K (Devil Sophie /  2022) 690 MB

Fastfood piglets really messed up the fastfood toilet shit
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Enema and I shit a lot on the slave FullHD 1080p (Girlsscatandpiss /  2022) 992 MB

I am a very naughty mistress,
With my slave, white, it’s my toilet, my defilement
He must administer the enema to me, it is a product that will clean my skin well.
Gut and squeeze out a lot of good smelly greasy shit
He puts a finger in my asshole, and he pushes the pear
I feel the liquid entered me hummmmmmmm
I want to shit, I reject the big enema, there is a lot of shit
This asshole gets in the eyes hihihihi…
he turns his head, I’m going to train him, this filthy pig; there is a lot of poo
he’s soiled with my shit, it stinks, it’s greasy, he likes the smell of this pig, he’s going to enjoy it
the slave shoves a finger my get me out of the poo
I fart a lot, the slave likes when it stinks, hihihhihihihi
this pig sniffs my big buttocks, he likes it when it stinks hehehe
I start spreading my shit on his body, the slave masturbates
He likes my good stinky shit, he treats this pig
mistress also smears my cock and balls, and jerks me off with
this pig he is very excited, I coat that cock well I masturbate him… hummmm
I force him to smell my poo, I coat his face, the pig gets hard
he likes to have good shit on his face and nostrils, I oblige him
to sniff my soiled fingers, this pig want a lot of shit on it mouth
I coat that face well with my shit, I smear it, he likes it
his face with the mask is all brown, he is ridiculous and dirty hehehe
it’s really my dirt, my old pig and ugly, he masturbates thoroughly
he is more and more excited, I massage it well, more and more good shit
he can’t breathe anymore, he opens his mouth, I smear his lips, he’s really a pig
he loves having a mouth massage, and he enjoys this toilet hard
you who watch this video think it’s you
and buy the video
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SSG-1 Scat Secretary Girls - a dirty office SD (Brazil /  2022) 700 MB

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Scenes of Shit FullHD 1080p (Goddess Zephy /  2022) 985 MB

This LEGENDARY collage of clips features some of my hottest toilet scenes. POV at the beginning--you're my human toilet and I shit right on your face!! Scenes of me taking a HUGE dump right on my cucky slave's face, laughing as it piles on, then continuing his immense humiliation by making smell my shit on a plate while I set up a hot date with my stud and take selfies to send him. The last scene, I drop a cute little poopy on my human toilet's face, then victory pose and mock him for being such a pathetic bottom feeder! This is a hot, erotic, EPIC shit clip you can't miss!
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Full Toilet Treatment - Shit Covered Foot Worship UltraHD 2K (Mistress Damazonia /  2022) 1.36 GB

Full Toilet Treatment - Shit Covered Foot Worship
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Carlton Hotel Scat Room Number 3 Dirty 1 FullHD 1080p (Pleasurvation At The Shits /  2022) 1.70 GB

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Full Toilet In My Fancy Hotel Room FullHD 1080p (Mistress Damazonia /  2022) 1.19 GB

Full Toilet In My Fancy Hotel Room
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Taste My Delicious SHIT UltraHD 4K (marcos579 /  2022) 898 MB

I am stunning in my little black dress and high heels as I walk in on the toilet slave. From the floor, it can look up at my pretty legs as it worships my feet, licking the bottoms of my shoes and then sucking my heels. You will imagine that it is your own tongue pushing its way between my toes as your furiously masturbate. As I take my position over slaves mouth, you are so close to my asshole that you could almost put your own tongue inside it like my slave. The slave’s tongue loosens my asshole and goes all the way inside and my asshole becomes more engorged and begins to protrude threateningly. Finally the blessed reward arrives and piles up on the slave’s mouth and face. The slave’s mind is further warped, associating pleasure and pain, degradation and ecstasy. The degraded pervert lies on the floor as I stand over it, my glorious and unattainable pussy and I spit in his mouth finally.
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Two mistresses shit in slave mouth FullHD 1080p (Female Domination /  2022) 1.82 GB

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