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Pushing Out 7 Logs FullHD 1080p (LoveRachelle2 /  2021) 506 MB

Look at you, little toilet,, waiting under my throne with your mouth hanging open, ever ready to eat my divine shit. In fact, I can’t help but mock you for always seeming to be waiting under my throne, day and night, waiting for my stinky gifts. I sit down and grace you with my gigantic load, pushing out my stinky heavy shit logs all over your face!! You’re exactly where you belong, slave, under a pile of my shit! Make sure to wipe that shit from your eyes and eat it all, slave… I will be back!
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Sexy Scat Snack FullHD 1080p (Solo /  2021) 707 MB

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I am a chewing Monster x FullHD 1080p (Solo /  2021) 1.13 GB

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Stinky Tofu Farts UltraHD 4K (Solo /  2021) 1.25 GB

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One day Olga in a diaper FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2021) 1.18 GB

Hello friends and fans. Olga filmed this video all day. Olga decided to make a good present before Christmas for connoisseurs and fans of scat, our fans and fans. In this video Olga is wearing a diaper. Olya decided to devote the whole day to walking around the city. She walked around the city, visited cafes and went there to the toilet. But Olya did not take off her diaper, she defecated every time in the diaper. Olga recorded all this on video and you will see small fragments from her day on this video. Olga went into public toilets twice and took pictures as she walked around the city. I went to visit friends. And when Olga returned home, she showed you what she had collected in her diaper for the whole day. Each time he became heavier and heavier))) At home, Olga undressed and showed how he sagged, this suggests that he is full. Then Olya took it off and showed that she had been collecting all day! I hope you enjoy her exclusive video and appreciate her efforts. Almost half an hour of amazing shots! Happy viewing!
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Captured & Caught Under My Shitter UltraHD 4K (Toilet Slavery /  2021) 1.37 GB

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NK05 - A TALE OF TWO TOILETS HD 720p (Natalia Kapretti, Sasha, Maya /  2021) 972 MB

Raw, hot, genuine toilet sex action featuring Russian lifestyle Mistress Natalia Kapretti and her eager and willing toilet subs - exclusively produced for Hightide with English subtitles included!

Natalia says: "Sasha and Maya are my two longest serving human toilet sluts. Their cute mouths served as my personal toilet countless times. Yet they never met each other.......until today.

Sasha arrived first, as always a little nervous. So I made her remind me about the first time we met to help her relax and get her juices flowing. Recalling her first toilet slave experience usually does the trick. It worked again.

Now that my toilet Sasha is pre-heated, it's time to prepare toilet girl Maya. This one is easy because the bitch is in heat all the time!

To make sure that both my slave girls were horny and hungry during their first encounter I hadn't allowed Sasha to have sex for the past two months! She begged and whined but I didn't care because I control the body and mind of my slaves.

So with two toilets willing and ready to do anything for an orgasm all they needed was a big lump of my shit...;)"
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Golden body FullHD 1080p (CutieSyren /  2021) 1.48 GB

I take a nice smooth, brown shit and smear it all over my body and ass and it blends so beautifully with my skin and makes me look like a beautiful chocolate goddess
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8 Delicious Dumps Compilation FullHD 1080p (Goddesslucy /  2021) 1.07 GB

I took daily shits in front of the camera and named each one to create this compilation of 8 trips to the toilet. This video is edited to showcase the movement of turds stretching my asshole and sliding and popping out. If you like to watch my asshole working to push out these thick sexy shits and you want to see them come out one after another, then this video is for you. Each dump also has a 1.5 second title screen showing their name and most of them also have a brief shot of the pile of shit. This is like my previous compilation but I think my technique of filming improved!

1. THE BIG SHINY CRAP CASCADE I can’t wait to poop! I can barely stand still before my asshole starts opening up and you can see dark crumbly nuggets shining in the light as my asshole becomes wider. This is a thick hard, dark one that fades into a lighter softer texture. I pee while attempting to push out the last fart and tiny turd. Bristol stool scale- starts as a 2 and ends as a 4

2. FLUFFY AND JUICY-LOOKING LOGS (For some reason you can not hear this one not sure why, sorry, I thought you would like to see it anyways) This one is mostly softer but not like liquid… Is that corn? Watch how the pieces seem to tear off as I am shitting while standing up. Rectal mucous causes the shits to have a polished shine that makes them look juicy. Bristol- type 3

3. STICKY SOUNDING SHIT STORM My pussy is so wet as I am pushing out this corn filled shit. It took a moment to crown but once it did the smelly shits were all unleashed. You can hear wet sounds from the sticky shit passing rapidly as well as my exhausted breath as you watch this one rapidly slide out of my asshole. I show you the pile of turds and you can see my pussy cream dripped on top. Bristol- 4-2

4. LOGS, SHINY POPS AND WET FARTS. Watch my sweaty asshole slowly open up around these solid logs that won’t be held back anymore. Then watch me wetly fart and pop out some small smooth wet shits that come flying out with force. And you can see where I got the last ones on the toilet seat because i was shitting standing up lol. bristol 2-4

5. DARK SLITHERING SHITS Hard heavy, sticky turds stretch my asshole wide. Watch my shitty asshole pushing as piss drips from between my pussy lips until my asshole widens with long hard shits gliding out and hear my breath as I push them out of my asshole.

6. LONG PERFECT PLOP. This long shit glides easily and perfectly out of my ass. It has a dark color that fades to a lighter color. I know you love watching me stand here and push out all these perfect shits for you.

1. SMOOTH CHOCOLATE RODS WITH PISS. Watch this long chocolatey smooth shit fall from my ass.

8. BROWN SOFTNESS. My ass has goosebumps and I know it’s time to urgently unload this hot brown stuff from my ass.
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Panty Orgasms HD 720p (CutieSyren /  2021) 838 MB

After taking a nice big shit in my panties I smear it around my buttcheeks before fingering myself and being out my vibrator so my Shitty pussy can have an orgasm
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Scat Witch With Toy FullHD 1080p (SweetBettyParlour /  2021) 659 MB

The enchanted princess kisses her tame dragon after a special treat! sounds great, right? It doesn’t even matter that the princess looks like a sexy witch smeared with red paint, and the “tamed dragon” is just a rubber toy... treats! Treats will always remain attractive, because this is real female shit! Join this surreal and dirty party, because you will see here not only a sexy monster girl, huge portions of fresh shit from a tight ass, smearing feces on the face and playing with dirty tongues, but an incredible number of hot scenes in excellent quality, unique atmosphere and really dirty and crazy action! Crazy Solo Scat Girl With Huge Portions of Female Fresh Warm Stinky Shit / Dirty Poop in Mouth Play Face Shit Smearing Dirty Play UHD Homemade Scat Porn Fetish Clip
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Many more shorts with shit FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2021) 1.09 GB

In this video, we again use our panties. Jan, Alice and Carolina tried on many different panties, wrote and poked at them. Then they filmed dirty underpants, dressed clean and soiled dirty underpants. Then we put on one pair of underpants on ourselves, on top of them they put on underpants with a gob inside and so received two pairs of underpants at once.
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HOT! Double Sexy Dirty Play FullHD 1080p (SweetBettyParlour /  2021) 636 MB

This is an absolutely crazy video that will make you quit ALL YOUR BUSINESS and indulge in pleasure… There are TWO hot and incredibly fragrant videos with a really dirty girl waiting for you !! Period, Pissing and endless thick dense streams of shit. Huge meat ass asks to open your mouth for all the girl’s juices and gifts! Drooling already? Get ready for DOUBLE pleasure, two huge asses, two fantastic heaps, and two pairs of… sneakers?Two Pooping Scat Clip in one Video Compilation with Huge Stinky Poo and Shit Massive Pile Efro Smearing Shit on Dat Ass Dirty Booty Dance with Female Poop, Period and Pissing Close Up Defecation Fingering Butthole and more…
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Be my chocolate licker! FullHD 1080p (MissMortelle /  2021) 1.81 GB

I’ll make it clear to you where your place is: Under my asshole, with your mouth wide open. You will not only have to watch, but experience with your own flesh how it is when I unload my chocolate sausage into your toilet hole and encourage you to enjoy it with all your senses. You have to worship my holy ass as much as the noble chocolate portion that I will feed to you. With my dirty talk and a look at my black painted toes I will get this dirty pile into your tummy. You are and remain my chocolate licker!

Ich mache dir klar, wo sich dein Platz befindet: Unter meinem Arschloch, mit geöffnetem Maul. Du wirst nicht nur zusehen müssen, sondern am eigenen Leib erfahren, wie es ist, wenn ich meine Schokowurst in deine Toilettenöffnung entlade und dich dazu ermutige sie mit allen Sinnen zu genießen. Meinen göttlichen Arsch hast du genauso zu verehren, wie die edle Schokoportion, die ich dir verfüttern werde. Mit meinem Dirty Talk und einem Blick auf meine schwarzlackierten Zehen werde ich diesen geilen Haufen schon in dich reinbekommen. Du bist und bleibst mein Schokoschlecker!
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Stinky/Sweet Heart-Shaped Shit FullHD 1080p (Sophia_Sprinkle /  2021) 788 MB

Sophia is back to feeling herself again, very appropriately squeezing out her hugest shit yet–it comes out shaped as a heart! And my, it’s as pretty as it is calamitous to her poor little hole. Featuring extreme and extended HD close-ups of her stinky love-pile.
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Wide Pussy Spread And Swollen Shitty Asshole Tease FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 963 MB

As always this time also really need to poo. The proof is my gaping asshole. But gaping by my poo inside. I knee in doggy pose so close to your face and telling you to sniff my pussy and smell my fanny farts but don’t resist my gaping asshole as well. I start with long teasing in doggy and I bet drive you crazy with this view. Is your hand on your dick right now? Good… I keep teasing you and playing with asshole but only try to not release poo just suck it back by hole. Stinky smells in the air can you smell it? After tempting you in doggy lay on back and spread pussy nice and wide, gaping as well while puckering butt hole for your eyes. What a magical view to both of my holes. Once I can’t hold it but still spread that pussy widely I push out massive poo close up. First thought would be hard as I pushed it hard but I would say hard-medium soft one. Peeing a lot while spread pussy as well. Then on my side I teasing you by dildo asshole make it more swollen and stretching by. I have no doubt don’t need to ask you to cum. That’s guarantee.
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Extreme Up Close Period Shitting FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 526 MB

I’m on my period in this video. And was filming extreme close up to my beautiful asshole. Really had to poo and when I’m playing and puckering my bum hole you could see little tiny piece of poop came out. But I don’t release them yet at the beginning. Keep puckering till I can hold it. My pussy is bloody as I’m on my period this time. So red it looks yummy isn’t it? Well I was filming extreme close for great spectacle. During pooping peeing too. After I feel cannot hold my shit I just release them and coming out big and yummy long turd. So long. Feel so good. Now I’m much more better ? My wet and bloody pussy and poo covered asshole such a great view in this up close video with crystal clear details. At the end I show how big poo I’ve made in the video from different angles.
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Party Truth Or Dare Leads To Imani's Fantasy FullHD 1080p (Amateur /  2021) 1.32 GB

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Serve Me Toilet Slave FullHD 1080p (thefartbabes /  2021) 577 MB

It’s time to prove your devotion slave.Open your mouth and serve Your Unique Goddess!
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Serve Your Poop Goddess FullHD 1080p (thefartbabes /  2021) 376 MB

Come to me my slave and serve your poop Goddess! My wet pussy and huge shit are waiting for you!
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Enema after an enema FullHD 1080p (LucyBelle /  2021) 1.54 GB

I tried to do something brave, namely two enemas. After the first one, so much dirt fell out of me that it was all dirty with shit, during the second enema I started pissing a stream from my ass and pussy. The second enema made me feel hollow and dizzy. You have to see for yourself how much wet shit flew out of my tight ass! That shit smelled amazing!
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Nice poo FullHD 1080p (Valentynexx /  2021) 215 MB

n this video I dressed very sexy to poo on the floor, my poo came out very cute.
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I shit my pants watching TV FullHD 1080p (Marinayam19 /  2021) 1.87 GB

I went out for junk food- burger, fries and milk shake. The next day, I am watching a great show, I need to shit buy I don’t want to leave to go to the bathroom, I let it all out , got comfortable and continued to watch the show after
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Three girlfriends dirty lesbian show FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2021) 931 MB

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Lesbian Farting Complilations FullHD 1080p (GoddessTempest /  2021) 2.20 GB

Lesbian Farting Compilations brings you the very erotic scenes from my two top seller Lesbian Farting videos. I even included the scene of me sitting naked on Chanelle’s face and riding her face while she was sticking her tongue right up my ass.

Chanelle is my very best girl slave because she knows what I like and she doesn’t mind sticking her tongue deep up my ass so I can fart right into her mouth. It’s the highest form of respect one woman can show another woman. By licking her ass while she farts right into your mouth and face. I just love feeling another girl’s tongue vibrate against my asshole when I fart into her mouth and knowing she is actually smelling and tasting my farts. If you love seeing girls Farting into each other’s mouths and faces then this Lesbian Farting compilation video of mine is a must for you. Compliments of:

Lesbian Farts – Girls wanting to have some fun by having one farting in the other one’s face early in the morning. Loads of fun! Very carefully controlled diet allows me to blow massive amounts of stinky gas right out of my cute little bottom.

In this video I put Chanelle to the ultimate test early in the morning. Still wearing my cute pajamas she brings her face close to my bottom as I really need to fart. I later grab her by the back of her head and push her face right into my small, warm & soft bottom for the next couple of stinky ones. She inhales deep to ensure I don’t have to smell them. She’s the best girlfriend ever!

But I want to make it even more special with direct skin on skin contact. So I take my pajama pants of in full view for you. The real fun starts now as I get onto all four’s onto the bed with her on her knees behind me. Now she press her face into my naked bottom so she can lick my ass deep and work her tongue into my rectum to tongue fuck a few more farts loose. Feels amazing to fart on her warm & soft facial skin.

If you think it can’t get any better you’ll be wrong! Watch how I ask Chanelle to lick my ass AGAIN. She puts her mouth nice & tight over my little asshole and tongue my ass deep when I start farting again. Right against her tongue & deep into her mouth. You can actually hear the muffled sound of my farts exploding against her tongue as she eats my smelly gas. I even lift my shirt during farting to show you there’s no hidden devices, all those loud & explosive farts you hear are 100% real coming out of my colon.

It was erotic beyond words feeling my anus vibrate against her tongue during the farting so afterwards I sat down nude on her face and started to ride her face bringing myself to climax. With her tongue up my ass & her nose in my soaking wet vagina we were both in heaven.

Lesbian Farts 2 – If there’s one thing I love it’s feeling another girls nose in my ass crack when I pass gas. It’s something very special between two girls when one puts her nose right up another girl’s asshole when she farts.

At first it was like my farts were shy, they didn’t want to come out right away. But not too long I started to blow loud, nasty and smelly farts right into Chanelle’s face. I pushed her face right into my beautiful Goddess ass crack as I farted and like a good girl she sniffed my nasty farts in order to ensure her queen doesn’t have to smell them.
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