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LUXURY TOILET SERVICE HD 720p (Mistress Emily /  2018) 664 MB

I'm dislike touching my own shit because it's gross and nasty and it smells. It's also far below me to touch it. I really like to see my shit in a slave's mouth. Watch how I take a thick and firm shit into the slave mouth. When my slave came back from the assignments I sent him on he stands on his knees as I inform him my feet is dirty and needs to be licked clean by him, before I'm using him as my toilet. I'll watch him eat my dirty ass with great relish just to please me. Afterwards he gets rewarded by me taking my own shit with my hand and stuffing it into his mouth. Just to make sure he doesn't get idea's I spitting into slave's mouth and make him to swallow all my shit. Thereafter he must lick my dirty asshole, until it becomes cleaner. Just another day of humiliation in the life of a slave serving Mistress Emily.
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Eat My Asshole HD 720p (Mistress Emily /  2018) 538 MB

I LOVE when slave's lick my dirty ass. He caresses the tongue around my asshole. It's very nice and relaxes me. After the slave licked my ass cleanly, I shit him in the mouth. I fill his mouth with shit from my ass. He likes it very much. But after all he has to lick my ass in the shower. I will piss on him and spit. Lick my legs, suck my heels, dirty toilet whore.
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Be my toilet  HD 720p (Mistress Emily /  2018) 530 MB

I LOVE when a slave licks my ass with shit. I'm very excited when I shits in the mouth of my slave. Slave licked my asshole with great pleasure. I'm piss and shit in his mouth. A stream of diarrhea shoots his face and hits him in the mouth. He loves when my shit on his face and pays me money for it. I like this very much, because I can use it as a toilet all the time and get paid.
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Scat jerk HD 720p (Mistress Emily /  2018) 1.02 GB

Good position for good work. My toilet slave always ready to serve me, any time at all. He carefully licked my asshole before I begin using his mouth as my toilet. For today he was very passionate and excited, because I kept his cock on the lock for a week. You can hear me moaning with pleasure sitting on his face. Try more, do circular motions with your tongue around my asshole. I LOVE when his tongue inside my ass. Your eating is coming. Open your mouth and enjoy yourself. A huge pile of shit from my ass now is on your face. Do you happy now? You are scat jerk and you must eat all my shit. I'm spitting and pissing in your mouth. You are my toilet.
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Shit Inside my Personal Toilet HD 720p (Mistress Emily /  2018) 860 MB

I'm again wants to play with my slave-loser. He is already ready, lies on the floor, and can not resist at all. He is very ashamed and feels unpleasant, but he suffers, otherwise I will cruelly beat him for disobedience. I orders him to lie on the floor, then I began to sit on his face and strangle him. He must lick my asshole with tongue round motions until I stop him. After cleaning my ass he open mouth wider and swallow my big stinkey shit. He did not want to eat all my shit but I did not care and I made him swallow it and I spit in his mouth as a rewards. I sat on him and began to piss on his face. He already did not resist at all, but enjoyed the humiliation. You are my personal toilet and must justify your rank and service to your mistress, fucking loser!
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SHIT DEVOTION HD 720p (Mistress Emily /  2018) 722 MB

Okey, my scat boy, show everyone what you are worth. Lie down on the floor in my bathroom and lick my sweet legs. After maybe I'll reward you with a delicious dinner for good obedience. Lick my asshole while I groan for pleasure. Put your tongue in my ass. I LOVE it when you do it, my toilet. Now open your mouth wider. As I promised, I will reward you with a delicious dinner right from my ass. A huge long shit falls into your mouth. Then again and again. Oh, I finished shit. Did you like it? I will spit in your mouth. Now you must swallow my shit along with my spit. Come on, lie down, I'll show everyone your fucking mouth before you start eating my shit.
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Biggest EFRO Collection EVER!!! FullHD 1080p (SamanthaStarfish /  2018) 1.02 GB

Oh my goodness! There is so much shitting action happening here! Watch those big massive loads of fresh stinky shit just poor out of my ass! One after the other! Do you want to see my big beautiful ass letting out tons and tons of poop!? Check out the longest EFRO collection video I've ever made!!!
Every poop is different. Different angels, positions, and consistency of shit!
And of course I talk dirty to you during every shit!
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Miranda Grace Scat Domination FullHD 1080p (Princess Mia and toilet slave /  2018) 2.02 GB

Miranda with a big ass shits servant in the mouth. 2.Every morning Miranda tortures her slave. She loves to goof on the slave.Miranda shits the servant in his mouth and sits on his face, laughing and spitting on him. 2.1.Grace shits on the slave's face through the transparent dress. A big pile of shit, slave pants. Grace sits down and smothers him. She takes off her dress and makes him to lick her big ass. The slave will have to lick a lot of crap from the Mistress's ass.
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Secretary Milana Crapped in Panties HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 443 MB

Secretary Milana fills her beautiful panties with smelly shit!
After filming this video, we found out that the smell of shit from furniture can only remove chlorox!
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Princess Mia and toilet slave FullHD 1080p (Princess Mia and Stella /  2018) 1.35 GB

1.Lick Ass,coercion,constraint,duress,scat piss,duress. The girl feeds her dog with her delicious shit. She places him on his knees, ties his hands; she lies on a table in front of him and undresses opening her vagina and ass. First, she makes him lick between her legs. She groans and smiles, getting nice feelings because of his humiliation. Then she shits into his mouth, makes him chew and eat shit. She pisses on his face and laughs. Then she stands up and smears shit on his face, she laughs while the slave gasps, mumbles and vomits. 2.Two girls tightly tied their slave and humiliate him. Stella beats this asshole over his dirty body while Mia sits on his face and strangles him by her ass. The girls laugh at him, beat and spit on his face. Then they scratch his smelly body with their heels, spit on him, walk on his body and laugh at this sleazeball. Then Mia sits down on his face, shits in the mouth, laughs. She closes his dirty face with a package, and then they write on paper humiliation and attach it to the body with staplers, then remove it and tear over.
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Scat smearing – Princess Mia and toilet slave FullHD 1080p (Princess Mia /  2018) 549 MB

Scat smearing
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Play Time Freek FullHD 1080p (ScatFreekzClub /  2018) 1.27 GB

My first shitty hand job mixed with spit. I shit on his dick then took my hugh turd an rub it all on his bbc. He was so turned on by me stroking his dick it didn't take him long to exploded right in my shitty hands after I mixed my shit wit my spit. I really enjoyed making this for you Scat freaks.
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Princess Mia and Grace Toilet Slavery FullHD 1080p (Princess Mia and toilet slave /  2018) 1.12 GB

Mia and Grace have fun with their toilet slave.
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ACID Room with RADSHIT Raider FullHD 1080p (Sweet Betty Parlour /  2018) 326 MB

New amazing video, not the best light and angle, but the maximum hot!) I shit on a plate, suck my shit, spit, smear on the face) everything as you like) Especially for you, super discount, don't miss))) I Love you, wait for new video))
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Bachelorette Party Shitting Galore! SD (Fetidistrojp /  2018) 1.56 GB

One of their own is getting married soon and they will be damned if they don't hold the nastiest bachelorette ever! Squealing on sex toys is boring for these girls; they need something hardcore. They called their trusty madam and several boys were sent over their suite. The girls line up one by one and take turns shitting on one slave's face and have their cunts and assholes licked clean by another slave.
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Cruise Balcony Frontal Massive Public Shit FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 344 MB

Sailing across the Caribbean Sea on Royal Caribbean.
On the way to another island, I make it back to the room just in time to film on the Balcony!
I do a frontal poo on the Balcony Chair and omg, the farts are crazy stinky, and the poo is MASSIVE!!!
What the hell are they feeding us here? Well everything!!!
My face is to die for while pooping, I show you the shit load up close, its firm and gorgeous!
Spread my ass cheeks for the aftermath, and do a reverse poop also!
Lunch is served with lemonade!
I could get caught at any time!!
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Shit Doggystyle HD 720p (moanavoglia /  2018) 253 MB

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Shit and Piss after Hard Work FullHD 1080p (Sweet Betty Parlour /  2018) 464 MB

Simple, short but extremely hot video)) You'll see my sexy legs and ass covered with shit) Especially for you I'm wearing my favorite tights, and put a whole bunch of crap in them !)) Sometimes nice shit and pee while I'm home alone, especially after a hard day at work)) Want to see? Love you all, stay connected, ahead as always, many new video))
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I Pooped on my Camera – Epic Mess! HD 720p (Amberbooty /  2018) 355 MB

This video has 3 clips all the same say but each poop is completely different.
A.M. poop was massive but solid. I sat my massive was down and pushed out this solid load. Clay chocolate color. A couple great farts but pretty straight to the poop I meant point. Big payload.
The second clip was actually the last clip I took. A really watery diarrhea poop. It almost looked as if I was peeing out of my ass. Lots of dripping. Messy asshole. Messy toilet. Small payload but hey.
The last clip I stood up to shit. I put a mat down to catch my load and I was completely unprepared for what happend. At first I was pushing out poops of poop you can even hear it got the floor. I thought I was done but adjusted and pushed harder for more shit to come out and epic sprays starting to force it's way out. So much force it hit and coated the camera. It was the biggest mess to date crazy mess that required a lot of clean up and a shower.
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Today I have a newbie slave who wants scat training. I'm going to make sure he understands what's required of him, he has to learn to respect me. If he performs well, I said he may have a reward. So I start his training with getting him to worship my shoes. He has to get that tongue of his going and lick the soles properly. As we continue with his training, I allow him to play with his cock. Then it's time for him to swallow some of my pee. I have told him as part of his training he has to drink at least a litre. I get him on his back and tell him to open his mouth nice and wide to receive all my pee. He has also been warned not to spill any. However, he can't cope and some of runs out of his mouth and I get him to lick it off the floor. After drinking my piss, he will get ready to receive his first portion of my delicious shit. As I sit over him, I tell him he must receive my shit on his face, then he has to swallow all of it. For a newbie, my bitch seems to coping although I'm not totally sure he deserves a reward. He continues licking my shoes while at the same time playing with his cock. However, I have warned him not to cum without my permission. Eventually he gets desperate, and I hold my pussy close to his face. He now has my permission to cum, and I leave him in his mess.
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Giant Shit in the Pants HD 720p (Mistress Emily /  2018) 832 MB

It was very stunning. I'll shit in the pants and you can see my slippery smelly shit close up. Oh, it looks very desired. Thereafter my toilet slave come to me and kiss my legs and my shoes. I LOVE to watch him squirm to please me. I do not care if he wants to or not, but he needs to sniff my dirty panties and lick my shit off the floor. When he finished cleaning my shoes with his tongue, I poked his face in the shit. I used it instead of a chair, called him humiliating and insulting words, spit in his mouth and piss on him. This video is intended for every toilet slave's, who dreams of being a toilet for his Mistress.
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A Big Piece of Smelly Shit HD 720p (Mistress Emily /  2018) 620 MB

You must have my next video! Slave must lick my asshole and close up huge shit directly in my slave mouth! I was pissing and spitting in my slave mouth.
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Full Toilet Slavery FullHD 1080p (Mistress Annalise /  2018) 1.17 GB

Today I plunged the slave into complete submission and service to me. I bound the slave and he obediently waited for his fate during the day. When I came, I slapped him with several lashes, so that he could feel how I would handle him if he would contradict me. I untied the hands of the slave and released him from the handcuffs so that he cleaned my shoes with his tongue. He passionately snuggled up my ass and pussy. I told him to lick me. I have a special chair for the toilet slavery. I took off my panties and sit on this chair. The slave fell under me and opened his mouth wider. My shit fell right into his throat. The shooting was conducted in two chambers. Well seen the exit of shit from my beautiful ass. I think every toilet slave would be happy to be in his place. After I completely freed my gut from shit, I got up and wiped my ass with toilet paper. I threw this toilet paper on the slave face, stepped on his dick and left him to enjoy the aroma and taste of my fresh shit.
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Eat My Nasty Shit FullHD 1080p (Mistress Annalise /  2018) 1.03 GB

The slave was tied up and lay in a straitjacket. She was waiting for her mistress. When I went into the room, I ordered her to kiss my feet and lick my ass. She was very executive and tried to please me. I freed the slave and hit her with a whip. She loves such treatment. In the same room in the toilet was my toilet slave, ready at any time to serve me as a toilet. He opened his toilet mouth and catch my shit, then with great pleasure swallowed my shit. After the toilet, I took off my panties and put them into a slave's mouth. He was very happy that I shit into his mouth.
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Raven’s 1st Human Toilet Vid SD (RavenPudding /  2018) 137 MB

This is my first human toilet video ever! I held my shit in for 5 1/2 days and when i finally got to release it, it was a real messy shit that had a lot of farts in it! I commanded him to lick my asshole both cheeks clean, since a lot was smeared on it. I also would push his face into my ass so that he could clean it even more. My shit was so messy that it got into both his nostrils and his ears! At the end you can see the mess I left on his face
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