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Thick turd out of my perfect asshole UltraHD 4K (LizzyDirt /  2021) 212 MB

my bathroom needed a clean up anyway, so I could use the opportunity with a calm conscience and show you a huge turd from my asshole and plop on the already dirty floor. after shitting, i wanted to hold the poop in my hands for a moment and yes, the consistency would have been perfect to jerk you off with it
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Pantyhose poop before scatfist my ass UltraHD 4K (LizzyDirt /  2021) 662 MB

It is once again a normal end of the day. At my asshole squeezes for hours and I’m so happy to finally be able to poop full of pleasure. But why without stockings if it also goes with? D And my beloved leather High Heels I also keep the same. Watch as the shit bump under my pantyhose is getting bigger and starts to press through the fine stocking stitches. Who is stronger; My ass or the pantyhose? With my hands I slowly reach into the warm, mushy and stinky shit and then let it plop on the floor to then lubricate my ass full of it. Because I know that you love that as much as I do, I now fist my ass with relish until the juice squirts out of my pussy and she begins to twitch with joy
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Blondie’s filthy outdoor adventures UltraHD 4K (LizzyDirt /  2021) 1.50 GB

Fan review: “On a warm sunny day, she ventures out and saw an abandoned boat. The plan was just to go for a walk and find somewhere to be naughty, but now she has a new idea. She gets naked teases you while rubbing herself. She lubricates her toy with her saliva and pushes it into her sharkweek ready pussy. She doesn’t want her ass to be left out and insert the second toy up her ass. What a filthy little girl! Now her toys are covered with her rosy cum. She did not shit for 2 days and she felt the urge to go, but she wants to put the shit to good use. She starts pounding her ass repetitively until her rose hole is gaping wide open, and swollen coated with her fresh shit. Her asshole is gaping open and a lump of shit nearly fell out. She immediately pushes the shit right back in her swollen asshole, because she knows that for her the best lubrication has to be her fresh shit. She wants to taste the toy that is covered in her shit and start smearing it all over herself. The smell of fresh shit turns her on even more. She fucked her gaping ass till she squirt all over the boat deck. To finish herself off, she fisted her ass and showing off her light shitty prolapse. I guess we have to wait till the next time when she fills up with shit for the new video. Hope it won’t be long!”
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Extremely messy scat addicted mare UltraHD 4K (LizzyDirt /  2021) 1.88 GB

I had to make you wait a bit, so that you are properly loaded, and you must be today! Because I was, and purely by chance it was captured on video for you! So you can watch me fuck my ass and my neck at the same time and it almost takes my mind away with lust. Because it feels so damn cool to feel my own shit on my body, my face and in my mouth. To slowly squeeze the shit through between my fingers and smear it in my hair and cover my lips with brown shit lipstick so that you can imagine pushing your cock between them and I lick and suck the sauce afterwards with pleasure. i will fist my asshole again and again, and not waste a gram of my precious shit. everything serves me as a stinky slippery super glide the only thing missing is still a big load of cum to my complete happiness, that would be your part. So let me rob you of your mind (which is guaranteed to succeed. And don’t forget to rate the video once you’re back in your right mind
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Little Black Dress, Heels And Chocolate Banana Stuffing FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 1.57 GB

I love being classic, elegant and sexy at same time. Oh before I forget to mention I love being kinky and naughty too. So this is the reason I wear my LITTLE BLACK DRESS without panty and classic pump heels on. My dress is pretty tight and show exactly enough to make you horny. In my ass a pink plug and I don’t shy to show you upskirt. I take the time to tease you for long time show off high-heels , long legs, pretty plugged ass and lot of upskirt while talking dirty about my ass, shit hole and poo. I love when you’re thinking of me, I love when you’re watching my stinky dirty ass, I also love when you’re sticking your nose on my poo hole and smell it all over. I encourage you to keep sniffing me and standing I play with butt. I guarantee if you smell my ass your dick gets even more hard. I sit with legs high up (heels view just great) and I keep to stretching my asshole. You’re my horny boy who can’t wait me shitting. So definitely time to return your attention and I’m shitting such a big dark perfectly creamy shit for you. Playing a bit more with plug and keep talking sexy, dirty how much I love spending time with you. You’re my slave and I love treating you on any way. This is the reason I have 2 small banana to make you even more happy and surprise with such a sweet chocolate covered dessert. I still sitting on the chair with legs wide apart, heels on and stuffing banana and pushing in and out in and out. I let it in to covered by some chocolate and pushing out the first one. Yummy sweet treats. Open your mouth and take it now. I do stuff the second one too and repeat the same play and pushing out to giving both. These chocolate bananas calling you to eat so bad. Why don’t you grab it and eat them right now
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Shitpress Close Up UltraHD 4K (LizzyDirt /  2021) 941 MB

I’m almost on my way to a party, slipped into one of my favorite dresses and got dressed up, when suddenly the shit starts to press really hard and wants to get out. I just have to squeeze it out of my pink ass rosette and because it feels too good, I have to rub myself with the warm, fresh shit, inhale the stinky scent and finger my wet pussy into orgasm shit heaven. Oh damn, does it make me horny again to go to the party with pussy juice between my legs. If they knew what you know. Be ready for a dirty quickie and let’s cum together! Since it must go quickly, my dress should remain as clean as possible and the space is just rather limited in my bathtub was no time for really good camera shots and the picture is partly a bit blurry. This does not correspond to the quality that Lizzy Dort strives for and I therefore offer you the video for 10, instead of 16 dollars.
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Blonde Shitty Enema Session/Noisy Farts FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 1.86 GB

Here I am and ready to give myself massive amount of enema. I show off you my fit and toned naked body with a butt plug in my ass. Start to pulling out the shitty plug and play with it all around. Gaping my pretty hole by and I’m so ready to make my ass clean as much as I can. I don’t waste my time just knee down and filling up ass with water, desperation AF then squat in the shower and release so much shitty water. Still desperation though but get down and comes up the second round. Fingering asshole gape it before make enema. Every time I try to take as much water I can this time would be the same. I release the second round standing bit knees bending for great view. My ass like a shitty waterfall. I grab my dildo and keep gaping ass by make myself farting. I do fart lot of loud one. Third round is up. Take lot of water desperation so badly. Before push it out I stick the dildo like a plug in my ass and make the stream even more strong with it. Nasty shitty water everywhere around me. I keep farts as well and playing with anus. Forth round is coming up and I repeat all of these while the second big bag of enema finished. I’m moaning and seriously almost crying of pressure in my stomach. My ass squirt xtremely lot shitty water till the end. Very noisy releases, lot of dirt and anal gape, farting, shitty mess, close ups, swollen asshole and even more waiting for you in this video.
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Pooping My Tight Leather Leggings FullHD 1080p (Cleopatra /  2021) 1.75 GB

I’m wearing leather leggings, tight to my ass. I tease you and give you a big portion of farts and shit just the way you like. This film is the essence of a smug, sexual ass and fragrant shit.
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The famous shitting stripper UltraHD 2K (VibeWithMolly /  2021) 755 MB

Watch me role play a stripper who has to shit for her fans. I take a huge poop while holding myself in a tough position! Tons of dancing and I make you lick my shit filled asshole and cum!
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Juicy And Tasty FullHD 1080p (World Of Shit /  2021) 2.05 GB

My panties are full of so juicy and tasty shit.It’s sexy and hot.Come on to play with me.
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Shiny Messy Leggings FullHD 1080p (ShitGirl /  2021) 1.60 GB

Goddess is pooping massive shit in her shiny tights.Ruining tights and teasing you mercifully with hot dirty ass and pussy.Explode for your Goddess.
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Sneaky Stepdad Panty Poop Seduction FullHD 1080p (Sophia /  2021) 1.38 GB

Editor’s Note: This scenario contains Roleplay, Simulation, and is heavy on Monologue; some of the featured themes are not for the faint of heart. Sophia comes home from a long day of work to find her stepfather pilfering around her room! After recovering from the initial shock, she decides to console him about the recent passing of her mother—his wife—and expresses her desire to help him feel better. What he requests is a big panty poop, for which she is apprehensive to oblige but ends up more than fulfilling stepdad’s fantasy! Shot in 4K; featuring over 13 minutes of extreme, original, and exclusive content!
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Solid Gold Pant Poop with Sophia's Scat Shop FullHD 1080p (Sophia /  2021) 1.24 GB

Sophia swoops a sexy boy home from the club where she’s a go-go dancer. While figuring out what to do before the lights go out, Sophia’s IBS kicks in and she has no choice but to soil her work shorts and floor with her thick, mushy shit! How humiliating–all in front of her would-be one night stand! How will he react? Shot in 4K; featuring over TEN minutes of original exclusive content.
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THE SECRET CLUB HD 720p (Julia, Sexy, Penelope, 5 males /  2021) 1.47 GB

We were tipped off about a secret place where true scat lovers come together to let their hair down. Fortunately we knew most of them, and they had no problem at all with our cameras, as long as we wouldn't interfere with their after-work activities. Of course we wouldn't, after all nothing is better than the real thing! Thanks guys and girls for allowing us to document your unstaged, filthy action and share it with those who haven't found the Secret Club....yet!
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Scat Bar SD (Bizarre /  2021) 700 MB

Dirty dirty bad girls, playing stinky and with lots of passion for it. Uncensored scat games. Tons of shit in this movie! Enjoy!
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MFX-1230 Swallow Queen II SD (Josie, Cristina, Ayumi, Perla, Raquel, Ravana, Milly /  2021) 715 MB

Some girlfriends are playing snooker in a bar when all of a sudden Josie - the scat queen - arrives. The girls recognize her and start complimenting and kissing this hot queen and she takes advantage of all this worshipping and asks them to shit on her. They could not refuse such a noble proposal and feel a lot of pleasure by shitting on Josie and seeing this real queen playing, messing and swallowing the scat. So, if you like it nasty, don't miss this movie!
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MFX-1078 Tourist Accidental SD (Nikki, Tatthy, Andressa, Milly /  2021) 348 MB

Nikki and Tatthy has just arrived from a dinner. He puts some video so they will watch it, and they get quickly excited. Suddenly, a beautiful foreigner knocks on the door. She asks them to use their bathroom, and they let her in, but with other intentions. A few minutes later, their neighbor Andressa knocks on the door asking for toilet paper. They also invite her in and the four of them involve themselves into a delicious seduction game with vomit, piss and scat. Do
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BETTY & FRIENDS - A SHITTY JOB HD 720p (Betty, Molly, Monalisa, Sexy, 2 males /  2021) 581 MB

A message from Betty: Hi there! After our mind-blowing all-girl encounter known as "Four of a Kind", we girls were happy and satisfied...yet we all felt something was missing... Maybe a dick? Or two! With guys attached!! Guys who know what we want and give us what we need. We giggled and laughed and fantasized...and when we were done, the story line for this movie had emerged. Next day in the opening scene, Monalisa got offered a job in a biker bar.... ;) Enjoy! love, xxx Betty xxx
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Happy Valentines Day in Red Lingerie FullHD 1080p (Marinayam19 /  2021) 427 MB

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Assplosions FullHD 1080p (SexyFlatulence /  2021) 628 MB

This was so much fun filming my farts over the course of several days. All farts with little time in between! Shower, POV, outside, in my car, on a leather seat, panties, leggings, etc
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Squatting in Jeans FullHD 1080p (Valentynexx /  2021) 251 MB

In this video I was wearing jeans, a T-shirt and tennis shoes and it was full, a perfect poo came out.
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Ella pooping in your face and spraying pee FullHD 1080p (Ella /  2021) 617 MB

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait FullHD 1080p (Marinayam19 /  2021) 611 MB

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Koharu Ambitious Poop - Aoi Patio Poop - Saeko Home Alone - Honami Secret Menu Item - Hitomo Chocolate Spread FullHD 1080p (Honami /  2021) 5.64 GB

Koharu Ambitious Poop

Description: Having fun in an upside-down position! Pooping and peeing onto her own face! Self-filmed. Multiple Angles, Close-up(s). Slow-motion.

Aoi Patio Poop

Description: Biker jacket, lingerie and big poop in seclusion. Self-filmed.

Saeko Home Alone

Description: Pooping to relieve boredom, a huge log! Self-filmed. Close-up(s). Scale.

Honami Secret Menu Item

Description: Treated to a 3 course meal and serving you a big log for dessert! Multiple Angles. Close-up(s). Cameraman-assisted.

Hitomo Chocolate Spread

Description: Making a delicious homemade chocolate spread! Self-filmed. Note about final scene before purchase: As partially seen in preview, model only playfully nibbles bread corner (and swallows in full video). If you are wanting further progression you will not find it in this video, but surely it is a unique taste nonetheless!
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Shit before a date FullHD 1080p (Mikadoshop /  2021) 754 MB

Remasterd mp4 HD Version of a clip from 2012. Princess Nikki use her slaves as shit toilets before going out for a date. Very humilating talk, and a lot of shit!
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