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A Female Teacher, Takai Ai, Who Is Trained For An Enema On A School Trip SD (Takano Ai /  2020) 1.56 GB

修学旅行で浣腸性癖を仕込まれる女教師 たかの愛
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Chocolate Shit Mud Cake FullHD 1080p (Japan /  2020) 1.34 GB

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How Much Did You Eat FullHD 1080p (Japan /  2020) 1.32 GB

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ODV-479 A girl's toilet in a suit HD 720p (Japan /  2020) 3.53 GB

A great release from Ohtsuka Floppy, featuring the lovely Saya Takazawa -unfortably she's not vomitting in this one- and Momoi Momo. The two lovely ladies have fun bullying an old man in a suit and when Saya is here, you know it's going to be messy. The physical "violence" is very tame but we're not here for that ...

The movie begins with the two girls dinning peacefuly while trampling and kicking the old fart lying under the table. After their lunch, they humiliate him and beat him some more. After a while they decide to pee in his mouth and have him drink it. Then, they drag him into the bathroom and the real fun begins. After playing with his dick a bit, they take turns shitting in his mouth and force him to eat. After a brief interruption to get an enema, the girls come back to give him a real shit treatment and smear it all over his body and cock.

The movie ends with two short scenes where each girl shows her pussy and ass and shits in front of the camera.
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Scatorogy - 〜イケメン ザーメン 雨あられ〜 HD 720p (Eroism 1 /  2020) 1.96 GB

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Toilet Bowl Pretty Favourites FullHD 1080p (Volume 3 /  2020) 1.47 GB

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Toilet Bowl Pretty Favourites FullHD 1080p (Volume 2 /  2020) 1.63 GB

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Toilet Bowl Pretty Favourites FullHD 1080p (Volume 1 /  2020) 1.24 GB

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OPUD-261 FullHD 1080p (Kanashima Hiroko, Fujisawa Miori /  2020) 3.41 GB

[OPUD-261] Kanashima Hiroko, Fujisawa Miori 塗糞レズスカ美人妻 Scat 芳賀栄太郎

Japanese lesbians have sexual acts and do some shit smearing. A soap opera about scat lovers.
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GCD-754 Girls Garage HD 720p (Japan /  2020) 6.32 GB

GCD-754 Girls Garage ヨガ講師極太うんち 優子 33歳 人妻 全てが太い… Defecation 114分 2017/07/20 レイディックス

Sexy slim exercise girl masturbates to her shit and jacks off a guy. Gets an enema later.
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Toyoko Magnificent Poop FullHD 1080p (AsianGirl /  2020) 4.43 GB

Toyoko Magnificent Poop
An impressive poop that is not one to miss!
Multiple angles. Close-up zoom. Slow-motion replay. Cameraman-assisted (silent/unseen).
Koto’s Cleansing
Inserting a suppository and dildo in separate holes creates a blissful cleanse!
Multiple angles. Close-up zoom. Slow-motion replay. Cameraman-assisted (silent/unseen).
Saki Is Constipated
A fan favorite produces golden nuggets on a scale, witness an epic struggle to poop!
Close-up(s). Cameraman-assisted.
Note: EFRO scenes begin at apx. 00:08:50.
Isuzu Massive Poop Massive Fart
Much farting before legs spread open to push out a massive poop and an equally massive fart (6 sec!) from puckered and unwiped anus!
Multiple angles. Close-ups. Cameraman-assisted (silent).
Saki Thick One
Returning again and this time with a thick poop from behind after many minutes of teasing!
Self-filmed. Close-up zoom (poop).
Saki Sandwich Poop
An egg sandwich is cooked, eaten, and pooped out, in that order!
Multiple Angles. Close-up(s). Cameraman-assisted (female).
Note: EFRO scene begins at apx. 00:05:50.
Eme Stool Poop
First farting on a stool and then pushing out a long stool!
Close-ups. Cameraman-assisted (silent).
Return Of Saki
Witness a signature thick poop from a fan favorite!
Multiple angles. Close-up (poop). Cameraman-assisted (unseen).
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Nari Elegant Poop FullHD 1080p (Yuki Exquisite Anus /  2019) 3.45 GB

Nari Elegant Poop
Wearing a traditional floral print dress and taking an elegant poop!
Self-filmed. Close-up zoom (poop).
Yuki Exquisite Anus
Yuki is back to deliver a huge poop from a petite figure!
Self-filmed. Close-up zoom (poop).
Utako From Above (MILF)
A private show in a public stall with a finale of poop!
Self-filmed. Close-up zoom (poop).
Koto’s Cleansing
Inserting a suppository and dildo in separate holes creates a blissful cleanse!
Multiple angles. Close-up zoom. Slow-motion replay. Cameraman-assisted (silent/unseen).
Yoshiko Sensual Pooping
Turned on and overcome with the urge to poop while penetrated!
Multiple angles. Close-up zoom. Slow-motion replay. Cameraman-assisted (silent/unseen).
Maiya Sound Of Poop
A strong push produces a wonderful sound during a rush of poop!
Self-filmed. Close-up ending. Multiple angles.
Fuyumi Reverse Poop
Pooping off the edge of a western-style toilet!
Self-filmed. Close-up ending.
Miharu Alley Poop
A discreet location for a not so discreet poop!
Mizuki Dine And Dump 2
This time ending in a big poop while standing!
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Lesbian Scat Vomiting Urinal [WA-096] DVDRip (Various actresses /  2019) 964 MB

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Three daughters dirty clothes in the manure DVDRip (Various amateurs /  2019) 1.58 GB

Bullied girl surrounded by two sisters. Urine and defecation straight on him in the mouth and anal-pussy nipples torture! ! I feel by instinct despite the first lesbian play. The two say repeatedly leave Piss Drinking, painted the filth, ... until excretion.
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Scat-Eating Widow - My Lovers' Scat Punishment FullHD 1080p (Shiho Aoi, Kanon Kuga, Itsuki Ayuhara /  2019) 4.34 GB

食糞未亡人 ~愛人達のスカトロ制裁~
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Two girls chat in japanese sniff your cock for some reason, then they play with your cock for a bit giving you a handjob, then one takes a huge dump on your chest, the other takes a smaller dump, they then rub the shit on your cock wank you off till you cum, then the one that couldn't manage a big dump then lays a huge turd on your chest, whats not to like?
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Ihono Impressive Pile FullHD 1080p (JP Fetish Merchant /  2019) 464 MB

Her anus shapes an eye-catching mound of poop! Extreme close-up. Multiple angles (PiP). Cameraman-assisted.
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Aneko Perfect Circle FullHD 1080p (JP Fetish Merchant /  2019) 348 MB

Intimate view of being stretched out by a nice poop! Close-up ending. Dual angles (PiP). Cameraman-assisted (female)
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Chikako Rock And Pebbles Poop FullHD 1080p (JP Fetish Merchant /  2019) 259 MB

Smooth pebbles precede a thick and solid poop! Close-up ending. Multiple angles (PiP). Cameraman-assisted.
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[解禁] W初食糞レズスカ美人姉妹 Beautiful Sisters HDRip (Miki (美樹), Rena (レナ) /  2019) 6.10 GB

美樹, レナ
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[MLDO-135] 黄金人間便器スペシャル9・10 / Human toilet scat Compilation 9 and 10 DVDRip (乙姫エミル, Emiru, 麻生眞由美, Aso Mayu, アスカ, Aska /  2019) 4.50 GB

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Shit from Space SD (ScatGirls /  2019) 300 MB

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OPUD-163 Scat Anal Strap-on Dildo Orgy Buchikamashi Shit Seriously Ska Twice Return Bitch DVDRip (Yuma Miyazaki,Seira Mikami,Yuria Seto,Rie Tsujimura,Rika Inoue /  2019) 885 MB

The japanese av actress Yuma Miyazaki,Seira Mikami,Yuria Seto,Rie Tsujimura,Rika Inoue, participating works OPUD-163 まじスカ倍返し クソ女上司に糞ぶちかましスカトロ肛門ペニバン乱交,this work's id is OPUD-163, which made by and issued by .It is about 120 minutes long.This work is classified as Anal Play,Scat,Lesbian,Orgy,Digital Mosaic,Hi-Def, The work will be released in 2014-04-25
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E37-13 SD (Evo /  2019) 1.29 GB

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Treasure Gerorosca M Man Training Girls FullHD 1080p (Masamo Ayase /  2019) 5.68 GB

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