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[SD-3072] The First Time Of Kelvin HDRip (Najara, Kevin, Milena /  2019) 1.31 GB

Najara and Milena waiting for the arrival of Kelvin. He - the seller, who would not give them the right order. So Najara and Milena decide prevail and punish him with candles, scat and urine, because he did not do his job and he certainly should get a lesson the hard way!
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Scat Swallowing Models DVDRip (Tatthy, Nana Volgue, Karla /  2019) 399 MB

The perfect combination! Hot brazilian Models, sex and a lot of shit! Tatthy, Karla and Nana make a beautiful movie where the pleasure in having sex with scat comes to extreme!
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SD-5128 Grim Scat Payback HDRip (Hannah, Paola Alvares, Latifa /  2019) 1.34 GB

Latifa is dominated, humiliated and forced to eat the shit out of her cruel dominatrices Paola and Hannah. Poor slave Latifa
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SD-3268 Pretty Woman HDRip (Alessandra, Latifa, Nana, Karla /  2019) 1.35 GB

Alessandra, Latifa, Nana and Karla in a great Scat film. Karla is sleeping when Alessandra, Latifa and Nana arrives, they dominate Karla and take out their clothes. The hard punishment starts, the girls make Karla to swallow their scat, piss and vomit, a very humiliate film
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MFX-6463 Ignored HDRip (Josie, Jade, Mary /  2019) 551 MB

Josie and Jade are kissing with many spit. Mary Castro watch them with pleasure and piss in a cup and drink together with her friends
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MFX-3201 Scat Widow HDRip (Chris, Daniela, Bonnie, Josie, Jade /  2019) 1.22 GB

Jade lost her husband and she's crying inside her bedroom quietly, until her friends Chris, Josie, Bonnie and Daniela appear to cheer her up. Words are not enough to make Jade feel better; so her friends decide to kiss and give her a lot of piss and scat. In a few minutes, the widow girl forgets about her husband and enjoys all the "gifts" that she receives from her friends, until they get tired and fall asleep as teenagers.
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MFX-3065 Wedding Gift HDRip (Adrielle, Latifa, Melanie, Dyana, Najara /  2019) 1.27 GB

Adrielle and Latifa will get married and they try to talk about this with their boss Melanie , but she doesn't agree and shows them who`s on control, humiliating them and making them eat her shit and drink her piss... On the second story, Najara is a rich girl and she is waiting for her dressmaker Dyana to prove her new dress. When Dyana arrives, Najara gets very angry with the bad quality of her new dress and she decides to give Dyana a bad lesson... !
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MFX-1174 SCAT BARB-Q DVDRip (Ayumi, Victoria, Saiury, Milly, Lizandra, Latifa /  2019) 825 MB

Do you have any idea of what can happen when 6 hungry girls get together for a Barb-Q? The KINKEST things! The girls start drinking beer, getting wild with lap dances and have a lot of fun while the barbecue is on the grill. They start getting wet and horny and get naked! It s eating time and the meat isn t exactly what they want to eat, so our hotties begin to fart and prepare a delicious SCAT BARBECUE! They roast the scat on the grill. They taste this wonderful warm shit spiced up with diarrhea sauce specially served in a bowl. They eat and swallow everything and afterwards delight themselves with this scat barbecue, lots of scat lesbian play and tasty vomit dessert! Don t miss this naughty orgy and bon appétit!
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MFX-1052 My Favorite Teacher DVDRip (Latifa, Leslie, Sabrina Red /  2019) 746 MB

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MFX-935 Worshipping All For You 4 DVDRip (Ashley, Milly /  2019) 387 MB

This is one of those movies that will make your mouth water. The girls Ashley and Milly have their armpits really hairy. They lick each other’s armpits and to spice this different orgy more, kaviar appears to make this amazing movie even hotter.
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MFX-855 Old Friends DVDRip (Leslie, Mary, Spicy /  2019) 746 MB

Three friends got together after a long time apart. Spicy, Leslie and Mary Castro know how to spend their time together. They opened a bottle of wine and began to play with Spicy's milk, spreading it on their bodies, they play with piss and with delicious scat on each other's mouth. A great movie with hot scenes.
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MFX-836 Girls In Paradise DVDRip (Hannah, Iris, Karla /  2019) 399 MB

Hannah invites her two friends to an intimate party that will have a lot of kaviar, piss and vomit. Karla and Iris arrive and don't waste time, they start to piss in a vase, kiss each other and spill piss all over her body, but they are not happy, so they start to make kaviar in their mouths, breasts and blowing it all over her body and when they are completely wet they delight themselves vomiting and masturbating until they cum..
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MFX-814 – The Hotgirl DVDRip (Latifa /  2019) 447 MB

Latifa, a hot young brazilian girl shows you a sensual striptease, followed by delicious Caviar, which she rubbes in her entire body.
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[解禁] W初食糞レズスカ美人姉妹 Beautiful Sisters HDRip (Miki (美樹), Rena (レナ) /  2019) 6.10 GB

美樹, レナ
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[MFX-S011] - The Best of Scat Dumping Moments 11 DVDRip (Agata Ventury, Michele Santos, Jessica, Dyana, Cristina, Spicy, Ravana /  2019) 1.50 GB

MFX Media is one of the biggest scat movie producers in the whole world and for this reason we have on our collection, hundreds of scenes showing our wonderful girls on their most intimate and fantastic moments. Now we are releasing another edition of our big collection with the best of DUMPING SCAT moments. A great movie with digital quality available in DVD. You cant miss it!!!
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〜イケメン ザーメン 雨あられ〜 HDRip (Eroism 1 - Scatorogy /  2019) 1.96 GB

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[MLDO-135] 黄金人間便器スペシャル9・10 / Human toilet scat Compilation 9 and 10 DVDRip (乙姫エミル, Emiru, 麻生眞由美, Aso Mayu, アスカ, Aska /  2019) 4.50 GB

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Avantgarde Extreme 55 DVDRip (ShitGirls /  2019) 995 MB

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Avantgarde Extreme 52 DVDRip (ShitGirls /  2019) 698 MB

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Avantgarde Extreme 53 DVDRip (ShitGirls /  2019) 1.07 GB

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Nasty ScatNina Gets Scatting DVDRip (Nina /  2019) 467 MB

Red haired lady Nina scatting different places extreme dirty collection.
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Sperrgebiet Erotik 001 DVDRip (Fanny Steel, others /  2019) 1.25 GB

Horny hardcore movie with many hot girls, wet piss- and bizarre caviar action!
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Grenzbereich 16 DVDRip (Sandra Die Öffentliche Toilette /  2019) 433 MB

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Avantgarde Extreme 18 DVDRip (ShitGirls /  2019) 885 MB

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Avantgarde Extreme 47 DVDRip (ShitGirls /  2019) 698 MB

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