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Card game HD 720p (LittleMissKinky /  2020) 171 MB

Lets play a game a dirty game. i explain the rules… 2 cups, 1 filled with chocolate, the other filled with my shit. If i draw red, i stick a fruit in the liquid chocolate, if i draw black I stick the piece of fruit in the jar with my shit…u already know that I wait for black cards to savour my delicious shit
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Suck cock, suck shit, do dirty minet FullHD 1080p (ShitMistress /  2020) 1.36 GB

For some time, my toilet bitch loves suck. She with such pleasure and joy falls to the penis, as if it is a lollipop. I can’t deny her this pleasure. Women should not be denied anything at all. I hung the slave and gave full freedom to her playful mouth and tongue. And I’ll take care of the slave ass. And again, this asshole didn’t wash his ass. So, I’ll sweeten slave cock, smear it with shit. Here is and have a lollipop in smelly chocolate-shit glaze. Suck my cocksucker, lick the shit. My hand goes deep into slave fucking ass. Turn your face to me slave girl, I want to make you shit mask on your face. You’re a real cocksucker. A slave can’t stand your sucking skills for long. Catch the cum, bitch, swallow it with shit. Now, let’s practice to do fisting. Lubrication is not needed, the shit will replace lubricant. Put your hand in his ass, deeper, stronger, more intense. Yeah, shit falls out of his ass in chunks. I see a happy smile on your face bitch, you like it. As a reward, lick his dirty, shitty ass. Enjoy your licking, my toilet slut.
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Daddy’s girl messy fun UltraHD 2K (Sexandcandy18 /  2020) 1.94 GB

Morning fun! Holding it for Daddy then making a mess in my panties and playing in it!
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My poop is really big and sweet FullHD 1080p (DirtyBetty /  2020) 878 MB

“Drama about a hot girl who loves sweets and her own sweet shit”
Here you will find crazy faces, slanting eyes, a huge ton of cool shit !!! Smearing poop, shooting close-ups, juicy ass of a perverted mother … I warn you in advance that this bitch will treat you on the first date with her signature dish, I hope you like sweets?
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How I Want You To Eat My Shit HD 720p (ElenaToilet /  2020) 1.14 GB

New great video with me pushing out your poop meal!? I masturbate and poop while facing at the camera and groan with pleasure while thick turds comes out of my butthole! I know how much you enjoy eating my poop, and want me to show you my shit close. So close! Look more… They disgustingly smell and have different colors, exactly as you like, stupid toilet.
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Pushing 3 Poopers UltraHD 4K (ShitGirl /  2020) 554 MB

I don’t always have time to shoot a full length vid featuring each and every one of the birth of my turds–but I always at least try to catch them all on camera! These turds are long, thick, and nasty! I’ve had more cheese in my diet than usual and you can see it! Gross! One poop pushes post-period juices out my pussy as it goes on and on and ON. Get an eyefull, you pervs
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Very dirty babe FullHD 1080p (Lolicoon /  2020) 584 MB

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Seven Shits So Special I Named Them FullHD 1080p (goddesslucy /  2020) 854 MB

I made this video to be about the action of turds stretching and popping out and snaking out of my asshole. Watch me poo for 5+ minutes. Only a few 2 second shots of 4 of the piles in the toilet and 1 of toilet paper included, the video shows some piles but does not focus on that. This video is about the motion of shit out of my asshole. This was urgent, in the moment, spontaneous video, but I captured steady closeups of my shitting asshole. So close, you can almost smell it.
These shit piles are so special I named each one as if they were a menu item. A 1 second title is in the video for each one.
First dump is Thick Fat Smoothie with Crumbly Nuggets on Top (not as wet as a smoothie as in the drink, just using smooth to describe the texture of part of it)— this one is a must see beginning with a fat lumpy cluster of dark, fragrant, sticky little poop balls (because I ate mozzarella sticks lol) falling apart as they emerge from my massively expanded asshole, blending into a thick, smooth, tan almost foamy looking but still solid, long poop-snake. This bathroom visit is a combo of the 2, 3, and 4 on the Bristol Stool Scale / Bristol Stool Chart.
Second is Fast Juicy Plops. Satisfyingly smooth as each long turd slides out of my ass. Relatively firm, dark, poops that pop out of my ass, and a thin little poop squeezing out at the end. Bristol scale: Mostly 4, some 3 qualities.
Third poop is Slow Sticky Chocolates with Yellow Bits. I believe those yellow things are corn. I had eaten tacos with corn. Bristol: 4-3
Fourth is Thick Yellowish Paste. This sweet smelling ass-load is soft but difficult to squeeze out, you can hear me grunt in a whisper as I forcefully squish it out. Bristol: 4.
Fifth is Flamin’ Hot Battering Ram. I could NOT hold this one back! Beginning with a hard, fat ball of dry sticky turds that stretches my ass wide, this thick, long dump blends in color as it slithers out of me, revealing the red of the “Xxtra Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.” You will love the wet noises this poop makes in my ass. You can see the red poop pile in the toilet. Bristol: 2, 3 and 4.Sixth poop is named Sticky Juicy Curved Rods. I remember the strong, complex, mysterious aroma of this shit that was held in for a day before finally releasing these long hard curving shit-rods while standing up. You need to hear the sound of these sticky dark shits as they make their way out of my anus. Bristol: 3 .The seventh shit is the Knobby Chain. This firm but bumpy collection of turds had a dark classic poop scent and sticky noises as it wound its way out of my hole. Bristol: Mostly 3.Buy this if you just wanna see a variety of juicy shit slide out of this asshole. See these shining, satisfying shits. Hear the sounds. Indulge in this intimate experience.
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Panty send FullHD 1080p (Amateur /  2020) 605 MB

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Stupid Slave Wants My Butthole FullHD 1080p (ElenaToilet /  2020) 585 MB

Oops! Pushing out these thick fat shit is hard! My tight little asshole certainly has its surprise for you, stupid slave ? At first it’s easy – and feels pleasurable to push…One of the biggest I’ve ever had to groan and push out my asshole. That one took, and was so thick and hard, it really hurt!? In a good way, of course… but it was so intense I could barely restrain myself! As a reward for the slave I have huge farts at the end!
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Filthy Ass Fucker FullHD 1080p (JessicaKay /  2020) 338 MB

This video starts out with me gaping my ass, and a little bit of dirty talking. Today, I have thew strong urge to fuck my ass nice and deep. When I realize I have to shit, I don’t stop… I push it back in with my dildo, and play with it for a few minutes. Once I begin to release myself, I suddenly want something more… I make sure the dildo is nice and covered in shit, and then I smear it on my ass. I eventually get my hands dirty, smearing it on myself and still fucking my ass the whole time! This was the first smearing video I ever made!
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Speculum Compilation FullHD 1080p (dirtygardengirl /  2020) 1.66 GB

I strive to get the perfect speculumed open shitty asshole, 3 times! First time is just after I made pooping fisting vid, I just wanted to open my ass up again! I had already pooped in the previous vid so my ass cavern was only slightly shitty. 2nd time I had to shit, so cranked my asshole open and pooped turds through the speculum, and this was really cool, so the next day I did it again with a full of shit ass.. Prolapse, fingering of prolapse, Gapes. I will continue to strive for perfection, lighting, angle and shit, a nice loose shit would be interesting i think.
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Daddy Instruction Smear FullHD 1080p (ChubbiBunni /  2020) 847 MB

Daddy wanted to watch me smear my poo so I did a little show for him. He told me where he wanted me to cover myself and I listened like a good princess. Started at my thighs, to around my pussy, to my stomach, and my butt. He loves it when I play with my stinky poop.
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Plate Poo Bundle 1 FullHD 1080p (ChubbiBunni /  2020) 552 MB

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Amateur Smear HD 720p (ChubbiBunni /  2020) 271 MB

I was in the middle of a shower when the urge to poop came over me. Guess I need to lather up and rinse. How else would I unwind after a stressful day at work?
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Quinn’s First Shit Clip FullHD 1080p (ShitGirl /  2020) 529 MB

Naked Farting In Your Face

I have been eating a lot of fast food lately. Especially spicy food that has made me super gassy. I know how much you love my farts so I blast them in your face, some of them smell horrendous and I wave them right at you. inhale my loud, nasty farts. You want to put your mouth around my asshole and suck them in, I know how bad you love my ass. My farts start of short and low but as I get gassier I rip them super loud right in your face.

Smell My Stench

Spicy Food Intake/Fast Food before hand: Tons of Real Farting//3 different angles-a few naked farts// Farting in boyfriend’s face// LOUD farting

Seth has been real lazy lately and has been taking naps in the middle of the day I have been so mad at him for just being a lazy bum. I try and motivate him but he just always seems to want to sleep. So I decided to start eating real spicy food and fast food to make my stomach extra bloated with gas. I know how gassy I get with spicy food and then I ate fast food to make my stomach extra gassy. I know that the smell will be bad so I want to wake him up with the stench. I stand close up and fart in my yoga pants, they start to smell super bad so I pull down my pants to make the room smell more. I keep letting out wretched farts until it wakes Seth up. He asks what the hell that smell is and I just laugh. I get on top of him and I put my ass in his face. I make him smell my stinky ass. He coughs and gags and I just keep farting. I blast him with fart after fart right in his face. He keeps telling me how disgusting it smells but I pay him no attention and just keep farting in his face. I can tell he can’t take it and I just keep laughing as I blast him over and over. I make him learn his lesson the hard way.. With farts in his face. My stomach is so bloated with gas and I know I want to leave him with a few real amazing ones so I pull down my yoga pants and fart naked right in his face. Maybe he stop being so lazy.

Quinn’s First Shit Clip

I have actual IBS: my stomach decides what it wants to do when it wants to.. I feel like I’m going to have the runs.. I sometimes have small accidents in my pants so I feel as I’m sitting down a fart but a little came out so I get on the floor, I spread so you can see.. I then push all my poop out. I had no idea it was going to FLY out of me!! You can actually see it go everywhere (it’s great). I move the camera so you can see how far it went (since I had no idea my poop shot out like it did) I show my mess and pee a little as well. I look forward to expanding my limits and show you what a messy girl I am.

LOUD farts

I ate a ton of greasy food yesterday and my stomach was me all night. I woke up with the worst IBS. I’ve had IBS for 8 years now and my stomach does what it wants to do. I knew I would be gassy and I had just finished running so I’m in my yoga pants. I let out a loud fart. I know how much you love my farts, how such a petite small girl can have such loud farts. I keep letting them out and getting closer to the camera and give you multiple positions. I also show off my bloated stomach. All this gas is making my stomach so swollen. As I’m standing I can feel another one coming on so standing I let it out. I bet you would love me to pull my pants down and spread? well.. If your lucky maybe next time I will. You will be impressed by the noise of my farts!
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Happy and Smeary HD 720p (ChubbiBunni /  2020) 237 MB

I really needed to poop after work and wanted to play a bit. Why not make my first smearing video? I actually enjoyed the warmth and creamy feeling of my poop. Definitely will do it again soon!
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Doggy-style Ass Worship, Spanking & Hard Poop FullHD 1080p (SunnyBunzCamgirl /  2020) 493 MB

Wow! This is an amazing video! I really outdid myself with this one, and just know you’re going to love it.

I spend several minutes turning you on, teasing you with my sexy ass wiggles, shakes, and hard SPANKS! Kneeling and down on all fours I move my body just the way you like it, jiggling my ass cheeks for you. When I’m good and ready, I begin to poop in a doggy-style position. So sexy! I don’t hold back as I moan and grunt, working hard to hold my shit back in, groundhogging and winking my little brown hole at you. I coyly look over my shoulder at you, and then I let you see all of the big shit inside of me, holding it there with my asshole wide open, before finally pushing it out. It’s so hard and I’m straining my poor little tiny asshole to push this thick, hard, knobby log out. I breathe deeply and then there’s MORE. A second big load for me to squeeze out!

After all of that, I’m so turned on and can’t help touching myself and rubbing my juicy pussy, still down my hands and knees, with my pussy and ass right in your face. You can hear how wet I am! Mmmm! Lastly, of course, I am sure to show you up close the details of my big hard poo on the floor! The only thing harder than these poops is going to be your dick!
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You Only Deserve To Eat SHIT FullHD 1080p (LoveRachelle2 /  2020) 586 MB

Tell me, slave. Do you think you’ve done well serving your Mistress? Do you feel you’ve properly worshipped me? Oh, really? Well, I don’t think so, you worm. I think your heart is in the wrong place. I think, instead of thinking about how to serve ME, you only think about how much you want to eat my SHIT. Well then, why don’t you come here and take the ONLY thing you’re good for: being a human toilet! I tease you, making you think I”ll actually let you cum tonight after making you jerk off and right on the edge. Keep dreaming. You’re only allowed to ache for how badly you need to cum while you’re eating my shit. I tell you what I’ve eaten to make you an especially nasty load. You want my shit so bad? Then have a big, slimy, trashy load of shit. You deserve to be punished, slave. You think you’re getting my usual load of beautiful, dense, delicious shit? Wrong! Enjoy your meal of pre-digested JUNK food!
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Smearing While Cleaning Up FullHD 1080p (xxecstacy /  2020) 1.15 GB

This is part 2 following Toilet Shit, Tit Smear, Tasting where I aim to clean up in the shower, allowing the shit to slowly wash off of me. As I do, though, I get an idea with the rest of the shit left in the toilet, smearing myself more while showering. You have to get dirty to get clean, and it just so happens that I love getting filthy. There is a small bit of tasting in this video as well.
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Lady Quinn Carter sniffing her farts off my dick HD 720p (jigglis /  2020) 1.04 GB

Lady Quinn Carter is so hot, she filled up on pizza and broccoli just so she could turn me on…by farting all over my cock. Thank you baby…now rub that sexy nose on my dick, so you can smell your dirty asshole. Nobody sniffs cock like you Quinn, you’re gonna make me come all over that sexy ass chest piece
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Pregnant Anal Gape and Poop HD 720p (LindzyPoopgirl /  2020) 3.32 GB

Prolapsing my Poop until it squirts out
It’s fun to mash my poop around with a pen to see how much is in there. It feels nice to tease my asshole while the poop just wants to come out!
I hold it in as long as I can, teasing myself with the pen, pushing my shit in and out of my ass. Making my shitty asshole prolapsed as much as I can before I suck the poop back inside with my sphincter muscles Finally I can’t play with it anymore and the poop comes gushing out of me!
Poopy Asshole & Prolapsed Play Time
In this kinky Anal shit tease vid, I get up close and personal with my sensual poops… I begin by teasing and talking dirty about how badly I need to go, and how I’m going to do it right in your face. I then get down on all fours, and take off my sexy thong and play with my shit filled, gaping asshole. It is puckered up and open, dark and wide, filled with a nice hard poop that drives you wild. I wink my asshole for you, pushing it in and out… I slowly let the first little piece of shit fall out.
I keep the big log of poop inside me as long as I can, showing you the tip of it at first… thrusting and pulling, just like a fat cock. Pushing the turd in and out of my sexy little asshole. I finally let all the poop out of me, and I continue to push and prolapse my asshole until you see the dirty rosebud up in your face. When I shit, it is sooo close to your face, like an inch away from your nose… you can almost feel my shit grazing against you. A nice long turd slides right out of me, as I grunt and push, so sexy and loud!!!
Then I take my pen, and pinch it in my asshole, and swirl it around to get shit on it, just to be extra kinky ? Just like a little school girl taking a break from her studies LOL. I keep the teasing going, describing how good my asshole feels, pushing it out, getting out the last pieces of shit. Then I get right back up into your face as you watch me wipe myself clean. I spread one side of my ass with one hand, while wiping with the other, showing you the dirty details on the white toilet paper and wipes. Get your hard cock ready for this kinky excursion because my asshole can wait no longer!
Shit on the Floor, Eat it like a Whore
And drink my piss to wash it down.
This video is very dark and degrading. But this is my place as your submissive shit and piss slut. I make dirty rhyms but I lose track of the times I actually swallow my shit. I whine and pout, and squat, push it out, lots of piss and droppings of poop. I get on my knees because I’m here to please, and I tease you with shit in my mouth, on my tongue. I’m just a dirty poet, trying to be cute so you will like me and cum hard to this degrading consumption porn.
Price is high because this is actually quite embarrassing for me, so I would like less people to see it.
Lots of Puke
Lots of puke to make you cum because you want to cum down my filthy throat… Fucking my throat with my butt plug, dildo and fingers until the puke runs down my body…. I talk so dirty to you while I sensually gag and fuck my face, and titty fuck my wet & dirty breasts
Gapin Shit Fuck and Speculum Play
My longest video… Starting with a sexy flirt and strip, teasing with my pussy, giving close ups of my ass. I’m ready for a kinky, anal dildo fucking, and butt plug stretch in my shitty, naughty asshole. I make my asshole wet with my spit and pussy juice before the insertion of a small dildo… After a few good pumps, shit starts getting stuck to the toy. As I use bigger and bigger toys to gape my ass, more shit comes sliding out, I let the shit stick to the toy and push it back inside me and smear it around my filthy rim. I gape and prolapse my hole until my dirty rosebud is sticking out and I piss down my ass. The hot piss turns me on and helps me smear more…
After a good shit fuck to my dirty asshole, and plenty of poop left on the blanket to play with, I start to spread my hole with my fingers, and then with a speculum. As I play with my gape, I start to fart and a little more poop drops out. The speculum opens me wide and I let you see inside as I continue to tease and play with my shit… I take some poop from the pile and shove it back inside the opening, back up into my asshole, so I can shit it back out again! Rubbing, smearing, gaping, spreading, and extreme close ups in this sexy, kinky shit play video!
Super Filthy Fuck, Smear, Gape and Squirt!
I’ve been preparing for you, anxious to be your little anal whore. I have been walking around the house wearing nothing but satin panties, with a large beady butt plug inside me. Riding it, opening my asshole… When I present myself to you, I take down my panties, and use the but plug to start fucking my asshole. When I look down, I realize, it is completely covered in shit… The ecstasy I was feeling was a big raging backload of greasy, mushy shit that had been stuck inside me for quite sometime. I had been so horny for you, I literally forgot to take a shit.
I now have to accept that I am your anal shit whore, and play with my asshole that is now oozing a massive load of poop. I’m making a big mess on myself, and on my toys. The shit spills underneath my butt cheeks, and I am forced to roll around in it while I play with my naughty holes. I fuck myself nice and deep with a long dildo, and move on to bigger butt plugs, making my dirty shit hole gape and prolapse in pleasure. My pussy is sooo wet the entire time. I finger fuck my ass to get my hands dirty and rub my clit a little… I pull out my big Hitachi wand and let it get dirty with liquid shit as my pussy juices are mixing with the mushy shit that is smeared all over both of my holes.
I let myself edge as I keep playing with my shit-covered toys, pushing the same shit in and out of my asshole. I then use my inflatable butt plug to give myself a really good stretch! I stick the plug in my ass and pump it until it’s nice and big. When I pull it out, I push out my rosebud, and use my fingers to open up my dirty asshole. The second or third time I try to insert the plug, it falls right out of me until I can make it big enough to stay inside! I then make the butt plug vibrate, turn on my Hitachi and masturbate my wet, shitty holes. Every thing is dirty, messy, mushy and slippery, to the point where I can barely grip my toys or hold them in place in my asshole… Even the struggle of trying to manage masturbating in my creamy shit mess makes me even more worked up, that I finally have to buzz myself into a glorious squirting orgasmic mess. The juices squirt up into the air, and gush down my filthy asshole, adding to the slippery mess that is underneath me.
I end my beautiful scene with some camera angels of my big mess… Showing off my asshole, pussy, feet, hands, toys, everything is covered! And I feel amazing!
Pregnant Anal Gape and Poop
9 Months Pregnant and getting this shit out of me in the diaper position… laying on my back with my legs spread… Gaping my asshole with lube so the shit slides out nicely and you can see inside my ass
Pose, Cum, and Poop – The big Struggle
I am feeling nasty and horny for you. I start out nude, teasing you… spreading my legs, showing off my purple toenails, and spreading my holes. I do several hustler-style poses. My pussy is so wet. I get myself off multiple times with my Hitachi and my fingers. The vibrations against my hot, wet, clit are making me feel lose and relaxed. As I orgasm, long & loud farts are bursting out of my asshole. My pussy juices run down my asshole, creating hot, wet farts.
After the last HUGE cum, I realize I need to take a big dump. My asshole feels cramped up, and stuffed with shit. At first, it is a massive struggle to get the hard turd out that is stuck inside my ass… I push and push! I grunt and scream, and I sweat trying to get out this annoying hard piece of shit! It is dark, chunky, and very hard. It is a long struggle of pushing, spreading open my ass, and even sticking my fingers up my pussy to try to push on the poop through the skin that separates my pussy and asshole. Once I get the first piece of turd out of my asshole, I take a breath before continuing.
The rest of my shit is just beautiful. It is thick, hard – but not too hard – and it is embedded with corn! Once I squeeze it all out of me, it’s time to wrap it up and send it to your house! Only the best quality shit is shipped to your door, when you order my “poops and pees wrapped up in my undies
Shit Sucking, Pussy Rubbing, Titty Fucking, Smear!
This Glamorous girl is ready for a big turd!! The first turd I squeeze out of my asshole is nice and firm, making my pussy so wet thinking about what I’m going to do with it.. I play with it, rub it, suck on it like a cock, and love it!!! I lick the entire length of my amazing shit, and suck on it while talking dirty and giving sexy, snarly looks. After my pussy is nice and juicy, I rub the hard shit against my hairy cunt. I use my hands and shitty fingers, getting very messy. The rest of the shit is nice and soft, so I just sit on it and smush it into my ass. I play, smear, tease, and drive you crazy with my sexy shit play!
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Post Birth Frontal Piss and Shit FullHD 1080p (jordansdirtysecret /  2020) 156 MB

Here comes round two! I don’t show my face in this video. I start out stripping out of my bra and pants – showing off my post birth belly and stretch marks. I show you my bush but get down to business because i’ve held this bad boy in for two days and i’m normally regular. First I piss all over the floor and plate before my asshole spreads open and unleashes a huge dump that actually tore my already tender, healing asshole. I show my finished product and then squeeze some fresh milk out of my engorged tits for your pleasure… There is a small amount of blood in the poop that dripped from my pussy.
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Nervous About First Shit After Birth FullHD 1080p (jordansdirtysecret /  2020) 207 MB

I do not show my face in this video. I just had my baby and i’m really nervous about my first shit since I was split open so much. I let you see close ups of my pussy and asshole before I lean back on my hands and feet to give you a full frontal view as I give a massive shit that built up over 2 days. I am excited to share this with you even though it hurt a little coming out. I then let my tits leak milk onto my fresh scat and let you watch. There is a small amount of blood coming out of my pussy at the end of the video in a close up.
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Little Gwen and the Doggy FullHD 1080p (GwenyT /  2020) 694 MB

Little Gwen wants to “play” with the Doggy and make him feel good, she asks for Daddy’s permission and then she starts. First taking the Doggy in her butt and then cleaning her smell off his warm Doggy Cock with her mouth. She then takes him deeper down her throat and makes herself throw up again and again.. She loves making the Doggy happy!
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