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Panty Shit Slave FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2019) 752 MB

I know you love watching girl shit but i want to take your fantasy to the next level… i want you to watch your favourite girl full her white cotton panties with a big warm load then… i want you to eat from it, Sniff, lick and embrace that scat fetish of yours by taking it to the next level i show off my ass in my leggings before sliding them down to reveal my ass i grunt as a push out a big load into my knickers and rub that warm bulge with my fingers… Now time to show you that meal of yours i show it close up my big load of scat that will soon be in your tummy. This is only the beginning from now on your my panty slave and are going to be eating from them when ever i decide
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Spit And Poo Meal FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2019) 633 MB

Watch me prepare a poo meal for one lucky guy… Theres nothing more intimate than tasting my recycled waste and the drool from my lips and thats exactly what your going to get. I place a containor and shit directly into it filling it up and showing you it before spitting into a tub and then making myself gag to get all my gag spit and drool up. I want you tasting me baby i want you to be my toilet slave
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Banana Request video HD 720p (kinkycat /  2019) 325 MB

I jerk off the banana, rub it on me, spit on it, chew it, cruch it with my feet and shit on it. You have to eat all of it!
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Erotic Shit Smear FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2019) 1.38 GB

Watch me tease you in my lingerie before sliding off my bra and panties and making myself cum…. I then bend over spread my cheeks and push out a warm pile of scat to smear over my body to music… I play close attention to that pussy and stuff my scat inside before fucking myself hard and driping scatty cum down to my asshole
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Slim Thick Masturbation And Scat HD 720p (kinkycat /  2019) 227 MB

I woke up horny and I had to poo. This video involves me masturbation with dildo, playing with my big tits, farting, shitting a large amount in a hello kitty cup. I whippe my butt and show it to you.
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Food Slime Scat Wam FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2019) 1.69 GB

Watch me Get really messy just how i like it… I wear latex look leggings and my hunter wellington boots and fill each boot with food… Before smearing food all over my leggings and tits.. I feel my leggings with more food and gunge before sploshing around, peeing and making myself cum i then slide my fingers down my throat and make myself puke before shitting a little into my hands and smearing over my face and cumming some more
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Vomit Photo Studio SD (Giovanna, Priscilla /  2019) 385 MB

Priscilla is an important and arrogant photographer, but she will meet Giovanna and Michelle who will teach her a great lesson… From now on , certainly she will be more modest!...
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Tatort Toilette Nr. 24 - Geil nach Scheiße SD (ShitGirls /  2019) 504 MB

Classic series from Manni Moneto. Ein 90er Jahre Klassiker fur echte Natursekt und Kaviar Liebhaber!
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Spicy Pasta SD (Lizandra, Giovanna /  2019) 476 MB

Lizandra just woke up and her girlfriend made a delicious meal for lunch. They talk a little about the great sex they made last night, and when these two begin to eat, they realize that the pasta is tasteless. They think about what to do to improve the taste of it, but the solution they find is something peculiar, delicious and exciting... They'll shit in the pasta! Excited with the idea, these two shit in the bowl of pasta and eat it delighting themselves, quenching the hunger and getting excited with the whole situation. They seize the moment for a delicious lesbian sex, where they rub their pussies and lick their dirty asses. It's such a delicious meal that you'll want to be there too!
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Shit Job FullHD 1080p (Shit Job Victoria, Nicole, Saori Kido /  2019) 1.64 GB

Saori isn’t doing the job of taking care of Victoria and Nicole's house very well, so they decide to teach a lesson to this useless maid! They just start sitting on Saori's face, leaving her breathless, but soon they realize that’s very soft to her… Well, if she does a shit job for them, why not tit for tat? While Victoria and Nicole kiss and suck each other, they shit in Saori's face and make her swallow all the digested food! Now, this loose slave will think twice before not cleaning the house right!
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SD-3061 First Timers HD 720p (Giovanna, Latifa, Dyana, Amanda /  2019) 1.34 GB

Latifa and Amanda are two dominatrixes that decide to show their new place for tortures for two new friends Giovanna and Dyana. However, the two guests start making fun of their bad taste and start messing everything around, so Latifa and Amanda decide to put "a stop" on that situation , and to start showing them a new European sensation - the escatologie - and also show who are true dominatrices...!
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MFX-S016 Scat Swallowing Moments 4 SD (Karla, Bel, Victória, Jade, Perla, Raquel, Latifa, Iohana Alvez, Iris, Darla, Milly, Leslie, Tatthy /  2019) 886 MB

If you thought dumping moments 1, 2 or 3 were exciting, wait till you get to the swallowing parts!!! Now, MFX brings our fans the most exclusive scat chewing and swallow scenes from over 15 of our best scat movies!!! This is only the first of many editions to come! Don't be left out, start your collection today!!! Don't Spit! Just Swallow!
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MFX-6291 Fetish Dreams R88 SD (Diana, Latifa /  2019) 632 MB

Diana and Latifa returned from a party right now. They love to have fun with balloons and share that love pleasure. What they really want is still coming. They introduce the balloons in the ass leaving filled with Scat. They go mad!
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MFX-5039 Kiss My Kaviar HD 720p (Morticia, Flavia, Bel /  2019) 602 MB

Morticia a very cruel dominatrix and plays a whole day with their female slaves. Today she gives a gift to resolve them. Flavia and Bel starts licking gently the body of Morticia.
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MFX-4454 Secret Diaper Fantasy R78 HD 720p (Jade, Paloma /  2019) 1.33 GB

Jade has a secret desire: She has always wanted to wear diapers filled with Kaviar. And while Jade sleeps, her wills and desires come true in her dreams through her friend named Paloma who treats her as a baby, by bringing her a delicious Kaviar baby food and a bottle of piss, And after Jade's dreams come true she sleeps like a happy baby!
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171 Shit Gang 5 SD (Adriana, Bel, Viviane Alves, Deb, Fatima, Josie, Laysa, Simone, Telma /  2019) 327 MB

Don't miss this crazy Caviar party outdoor on the green grass! It's one of the best selling DVD ever! Lots of young Brazilian girls are shitting and playing with their Scat and having lots of fun!
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Enemania Volume 3 - Enema With 2 Young Lesbians SD (Thatty Essence, Aiumy Sunshine /  2019) 811 MB

What stupid scenes! 2 adorable young lesbians expel reciprocal enemas one over the other ... filling mouths wide open! The two lesbians are very cute, they have beautiful slim bodies, they are in their twenties and they really appreciate the humiliations pushed with anal enemas. Lesbians fill their anuses with pears enemas and then expel their enemas directly in the open mouths (you will see more than 10 enemas in the mouth!), Or on the heads (!) Or on the bodies. A young lesbian scato receives directly in the mouth a big scato brown gift conveyed by the enema! Young lesbians have to get down on all fours to lick their enemas on the floor! They also like to spit enemas in mouth to mouth! The other games: a young lesbian piss in the mouth of her girlfriend uro, licking on the knees of anus and sex, fingers in the anus ... The trailers can admire 4 other young lesbians followers of anal enemas intended tasting.
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BRITISH BIZARRE 4 - THE PET SD (Jennifer, Ingrid, Master /  2019) 651 MB

Jennifer and her master, the ultra-bizarre couple from the British Bizarre series return for more extreme scat and piss adventures. This time, the decided to spiff up their weekend with a special treat. A scat slavegirl they can train and use as their personal toilet. Ingrid is as dirty and perverted as this couple so soon brown and yellow treats galore are released in eager, wide open mouths. Only for lovers of extreme toilet sex.
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BIKER SLUT / VM28 HD 720p (Veronica Moser /  2019) 594 MB

Veronica says: I always fell for tough guys, so when this leather-clad biker promised me a ride on his Harley, I was all his. The bastard made good use of me first, filling me up with piss, shit and cum, before he drove off ... without me! Nevermind, we had a great time, and as an experienced biker slut I know for sure that they'll all come back... " Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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Avantgarde Extreme 34 DVDRip (Schnuckel Bea, Ricky Tzatzicky /  2019) 891 MB

Das ist meine Mama, ... mit ihrem neuen Freund, ... Kuno. Meine Mama ist total super, mit der kann man über alles reden. Nachdem meine Eltern geschieden waren, hat meine Mutter mich alleine erzogen. Sie ist noch recht attraktiv, und deshalb wechselt sie auch öfter ihre Liebhaber. Aber auf ihren neuen Freund Kuno fährt sie richtig ab, das hat sie mir gesagt. Und weil Mama keine Geheimnisse vor mir hat, hat sie mir verraten, dass der Kuno sie manchmal in den Hintern fickt und noch mehr, und dass sie das nicht für möglich gehalten hätte, dass sie darauf abfährt. Kuno ist wirklich ein dufter Typ, ich find`ihn auch total cool ...
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Addicted To Shit SD (Gina, Ingrid, 1 Male /  2019) 1.20 GB

Gina is a self-confessing shit addict - she just loves the smell, taste and feel of fresh excrement on her skin and in her mouth. Scat veteran Ingrid is a perfect match for her perverted fantasies and the games these two shit lovers play are wild, ecstatic and very, very dirty.
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Sadistic Niece Scat Ending FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2019) 1.33 GB

My Uncle has been staring at my ass again hasnt he… Well now im going to teach you a lesson. Your proberly wondering why you are bound at your nieces feet, i wish i could say its for pleasure but i may look innocent but im the most fucked up sadistic girl you wish you never set your eyes upon… You see that ass you love so much its killed 30 men already and your next… Im going to shrink you down and stick you inside my dirtbox make you eat the shit from the inside and suffocate you with my arse…


Ahhhh my uncle is still with us… Now for plan b open your mouth im going to make you sniff and rim my dirty stinky hole before i shit right inside your pathetic mouth… Eat my shit!! Choke On My Shit!

Hmmm Your still with us now for plan C
#I grab my shit and ram it down your throat holding your nose so you cant breathe… Death by shit uncle just the way it should be…
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Diaper Mess And Rub FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2019) 963 MB

Watch me in my Tena diaper show you it off before getting comfy and peeing into it… But then i end up shitting at same time. Your hear me fill my diaper up before i start rubbing my bulge and slowly rubbing my clit over my diaper…
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Fat Ass Shitting in Cutout Yoga Pants FullHD 1080p (littlefuckslut /  2019) 695 MB

I expose my sexy ass to you in my cutout out yoga pants. You get a close up view of shit dripping out of my asshole as I sit with my ass right in front of your face. I love the look of my ass like this & I think you will too.
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Period Shit Cum FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2019) 974 MB

Watch me on my period show off my bloody panties with a light skid mark giving you the indication a period shit is dieing to reveal itself… I take off my panties and show you them before fucking my menstrual pussy dripping period blood down to my asshole before shitting onto my floor…
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