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Shit Sucker Produce FullHD 1080p (ScatFreekzClub /  2019) 1.91 GB

I give my thick turd a sexy blow job, wishing it was your dirty cock. I take my dildo an smear an jerk it with my semi soft green turds. I wish you were here with me my shit loving freek. The taste of my shit in my mouth turns me on so much, I have to smear an fuck my dirty ass ass. I love you being here watching me.
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Foot play FullHD 1080p (Spankmepink /  2019) 494 MB

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Your Shitty Handjob FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2019) 1.08 GB

Watch me make erics dream come true, i pull my tight jeans down and pee before stretching my arsehole wide open to reveal my hard poo inside… i then slowly release it pushing out log after log before showing you it and licking that sweet tasting shit… That making your dick hard? well watch this i bite off a piece and chew it before spitting it over your hard dick… I then lick my shit while i wank that throbbing dick before smearing my warm shit all over your hardness and giving you a cumcountdown to blow your load
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Pooping & Cumming In My Panties For Private Tutor! UltraHD 4K (LoveRachelle2 /  2019) 1.60 GB

I’m just a poor, kinda nerdy and naughty schoolgirl who needs your help tutoring for an upcoming exam. I don’t have any money to pay for tutoring… but I’m sure there’s another way to pay? Oof, but, before we get started, can you tell me where the bathroom is? I gotta go real bad, I’m desperate for the tutoring help and it just so happens I’m also desperate to shit! I’m shocked to hear your terms, but intrigued, cuz I’m such a dirty girl… and agree to soil my panties in front of you and sit down in the mess and masturbate til I cum! And as payment, you get to keep my shitty panties
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Ass juice and flying turds FullHD 1080p (Spankmepink /  2019) 992 MB

In this video, closely watch my ass jiggle and twerk. Watch me fill my ass with a warm water enema and then expel my juices. I start off by controlling the juices flow, but in the end my sphincter muscles give in and out shoots my poo juice right in your face. As I push, I let out some loud and stinky ass farts. My asshole then stretches wide as I pop out two juicy turds; my dirty ass on display.
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Fill my Pussy 10 Saved and 1 Fresh Shit Part 2 FullHD 1080p (Anna Coprofield /  2019) 1.94 GB

I moved the shit from the plate to the bowl and froze it again. A few days later I took out a bowl and tried to defrost the shit with a hair dryer for a very long time. I could not play that day, so I left the bowl on the street in a secret place for one night. I picked up the bowl in the morning and dried the shit with a hair dryer again (you will not see any of these actions with defrosting, because it is boring). Now shit is suitable for filling my pussy. Let’s play! I take the first handful of shit and start filling my pussy. Ah … I haven’t pooped in 3 days, so I realized that I can not let the shit out of my pussy only so I continue to fill the pussy even more and shit from 2 holes at the same time. Mmm… fresh shit is just great and fills my hole perfectly and it goes out just as well, I do it several times. Finally, I decided to fill the pussy with fresh and defrosted shit at the same time. I get up, take off my bra and blouse, turn my ass to you and squeeze the long and thick shit out of my pussy. WOW! I never thought my pussy could hold so much shit! I smear it on my boobs and belly then I smear all the shit from a bowl all over my body. A layer of shit so thick, it’s just an incredible feeling!
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Babydoll Full Panties FullHD 1080p (thefartbabes /  2019) 1.29 GB

Naughty babbydoll is loading her pearl plastic panties and masturbating bratty until orgasm!
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Pink Cotton Panties Tease FullHD 1080p (thefartbabes /  2019) 1.11 GB

Panther is teasing you with her new pink cotton panties, pushing in them bratty fat pile! Playing naughty anal and want you cum in her dirty asshole
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Hot Lunch For Teacher’s Pet! Earn Your A! UltraHD 4K (LoveRachelle2 /  2019) 1.40 GB

It’s about to be lunch and Miss Rachelle has asked you to come see me for an important matter. I just have to tell you, that I have never meet such a sweet boy and a gentleman-like student in my life… I’ve also noticed how keen you are whenever I bend over–particularly when I bend over and fart in class. And I want to gift you with some “chocolate”. Some students eat glue… others eat poo!
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Eat shit from pussy FullHD 1080p (ScatLina /  2019) 1.36 GB

Great video… a lot of shit… which I push into my pussy using a mirror, then I take a spoon and start eating shit right from there… it thrilled me so much that I pulled out the expander I got crazy squirt and finished this shit with great excitement
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New great scat video FullHD 1080p (ElenaToilet /  2019) 3.25 GB

Taste My Big Yummy Shit!
I’ve gotta shit real bad and dirty. I’m fucking in my ass. Do you want to taste it, don’t you? I can’t keep shit in anymore! I crap a HUGE turd, leaving me all messy, and hot, my pussy creaming all over. It smells so good. As you like! You should clean me up back there ? You are the best shit eater!
How I Want You To Eat My Shit
New great video with me pushing out your poop meal! ? I masturbate and poop while facing at the camera and groan with pleasure while thick turds comes out of my butthole! I know how much you enjoy eating my poop, and want me to show you my shit close. So close! Look more… They disgustingly smell and have different colors, exactly as you like, stupid toilet.
Stupid Slave Wants My Butthole…
Oops! Pushing out these thick fat shit is hard! My tight little asshole certainly has its surprise for you, stupid slave ? At first it’s easy – and feels pleasurable to push…One of the biggest I’ve ever had to groan and push out my asshole. That one took, and was so thick and hard, it really hurt! ? In a good way, of course… but it was so intense I could barely restrain myself! As a reward for the slave I have huge farts at the end!
Tethering to My Thick Shit
I can’t hold anymore shit inside me, I’m absolutely DESPERATE! I masturbate before shit. I thrust my fingers deep into my pussy and lick them. I struggled to keep my shit in but I couldn’t, it all rushed right out of my tight, abused little hole! I show off my hot stinky thick turds and show you it close…Now that I’m all emptied out, I wanna you clean my butt with your tongue?
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Satin Panty Series – Parts 1, 2, and 3 FullHD 1080p (SamanthaStarfish /  2019) 1.40 GB

Everyday this week I am shitting in my pretty satin panties! I will shit and piss in them and then wear them while I masturbate and play with my happy wet pussy! I do delicious nasty things with the fifth and final load!

Day 1 and 2″

Watch me shit in my sexy smooth satin panties! I fill them up with two huge loads! I taste both loads! I like the taste of the second load better and I spend more time with the turd in my mouth!

Watch me dance around in my toilet panties being a dirty happy scat princess!

Day 3 – I take out my nasty satin toilet panties. They already have two loads of shit in them! I add another load and dance around and rub my pussy while wearing the stinkiest and dirtiest panties I own! I love how full my panties are! Three loads in one pair! Wow!

Day 4 – Time to add another load to my filthy panties! Watch me struggle to fill my wet shit filled panties! Ih oh! There is not enough room for all this shit in my panties! I guess I’ll have to shove my shit into my bra! Watch me shake and jiggle my massive shit covered tits! I tell you about the the nasty things I plan to do in part three of this video! What nasty things will I do with FIVE loads of shit!?

Day 5:
Time for me to squeeze out the fifth and final load into my nasty satin toilet panties! All week I’ve been shitting and pissing in what once were the prettiest satin panties. Now they are shit stained and smell like a port-a-potty! In the crotch are four massive loads of shit!

With a full ass, I stuff my pussy with shit so I can shit out of both holes at the same time! I push put such a pretty log out of my ass and at the same time a slimy girl cum coated turd plops out of my pussy!

The turds fall on the massive week long pile of shit!

I stuff my pussy completely full and push the shit out of my pussy! I run my cunt and then stuff my hole up again and again! I finally get the entire weeks worth of shit into my happy shitty pussy hole!

For a grand finale I pop a big piece of shit in my mouth and push it out like I am shitting out of my mouth!
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Shitty Times 2 SD (Elaine, Coletta /  2019) 643 MB

After so many piss adventures and movies with us, gorgeous Elaine told us she was very keen to try scat. How could we say "no" when such a lovely beauty wants to proof in front of a camera what a filthy, dirty slut she can be. This is one hot scat video and if you love to see truly great looking girls shitting, smearing and getting off with shit this is your type of video. The second scene has Coletta in a fetish scat session where she indulges in some of her favourite sex activities: dirty ass rimming, receiving her partner's shit orally and anal fisting. Shitty Times are here again at last
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SHAMELESS MATRONS HD 720p (Angelina, Cora /  2019) 1.10 GB

By popular request we present you this mature special starring Angelina and her chubby friend Cora, who is a debutant to the camera but certainly not to the kink lifestyle. Pierced, tattooed and fully shaved (body and head!), she is driven by a strong desire to be used as a filthy slut by men and women - the perfect match for experienced Angelina, who gladly introduced Cora to scat play by throwing her in at the deep end. Two shameless matrons and a dominant stud - enjoy!
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Very Pregnant Fingering Orgasm and Shit FullHD 1080p (jordansdirtysecret /  2019) 140 MB

I do not show my face in this video. Can you believe i’m due in just 2 short weeks? I sure can’t! Gosh my pussy just needs a little attention, maybe I should cum before I take a big dump for you with my ass facing the camera. The video is 5:19 and filled with pleasure! I wipe and flush for you at the end.
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Pregnant HD 720p (Alexa /  2019) 700 MB

This is one of the last videos Alexa made as a big, pregnant woman before retiring from the video business. She takes a massive shit on the floor with legs spread apart.
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Stinking Adventure FullHD 1080p (HotDirtyIvone /  2019) 600 MB

This time I sit on the floor and send to you many stinky farts. Farts are juicy and not so loud… After a moment of farting I just released this STINKY half liquid monster.
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Filthy Scat School Girl FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2019) 1.56 GB

You can not miss this collection! SCAT exclusive super this,we offer the best,cocoa places that leave,you excited for a whole movie over and over again!
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A for a condom FullHD 1080p (HotDirtyIvone /  2019) 175 MB

shit for a condom, for you, for your dick. put your dick in, real, stinking shit!
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Jerk It To My Shitty Feet & Pantyhose FullHD 1080p (littlefuckslut /  2019) 637 MB

Watch me make a mess with a big creamy pile of shit. I let it pour out of my ass and plop it right onto my feet. I smear it all over my feet and destroy my pantyhose with my shit. I pull off my thigh highs and squish my creamy load all through my toes and soles. I want you to jerk it to my dirty filthy feet. Pump your cock right through my soles.
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MFX-814 – The Hotgirl DVDRip (Latifa /  2019) 447 MB

Latifa, a hot young brazilian girl shows you a sensual striptease, followed by delicious Caviar, which she rubbes in her entire body.
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SLUTS WANTED! HD 720p (Betty, Julia, Molly, Sexy /  2019) 1.10 GB

We're often asked "Where do you find all those exquisite sluts?" Truth is we don't because they find us - we just put up some flyers and wait till they knock on our door. Sooner or later they do, and every now and then such a campaign results in a memorable event: four shit-hungry chicks, three confident blokes and a secret biker hangout provide the ingredients for a scat & fuck orgy of epic proportions that words fail to describe. Just sit back, relax and enjoy (...and watch out for the Sluts Wanted! flyer popping up in your area...
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MFX-587-1 Jackie's Intimacy SD (Jackie /  2019) 379 MB

Jackie has a secret fantasy…That one day she can arrives at home wearing a white panty and suddenly poops a lot on her panty and walks around the house …Come to see Jackie becoming her dreams true …
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Sniff and Smear FullHD 1080p (ChubbiBunni /  2019) 987 MB

This was a request for me to be a bit more sensual. I was asked to slow down and describe the smells, textures, and feeling on my skin. Definitely the perfect load for this kind of video.
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New Apartment Smear FullHD 1080p (ChubbiBunni /  2019) 757 MB

What better way to celebrate a new place than with a nice protein shit? Did I mention I started working out? Oh yeah, these protein poops are hot and sticky. They smear so well too.
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