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Fucking my shit filled pussy FullHD 1080p (Sarathonson /  2021) 400 MB

Sara starts by fucking her ass with her dildo. She then poops and stuffs her pussy with her poop. Then she fucks her shit filled pussy with her dildo.
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Shit and cum in the same gusset UltraHD 2K (your_mariam /  2021) 502 MB

I shit putting my thong on one side so you can see everything falling down my glorious ass to the toilet to then wipe my asshole and all the shit in it in my panties and proceed to masturbate until I cum in the already full of shit panties. Watch me shit, hear me moan, watch me cum, repeat.
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Banana Sprite challenge gone wrong UltraHD 2K (your_mariam /  2021) 46.8 MB

Banana Sprite challenge gone wrong. I tried to, but no vomit. So I grab my fingers until everything comes out, including on the other part of the body! Fizzling with all that Sprite. The most filthy video you’ll ever seen. I also have the longest version of this video, which is 35 min, and I sell it for 70€, it includes the whole challenge and a “get to know me” conversation with me, because I can’t stop talking.
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Taste dirty poop feet after anal fisting FullHD 1080p (LizzyDirt /  2021) 1006 MB

I was 3 days no longer poop and my ass is about to explode. So that my shit does not jump out, I press my foot against it and plug my dirty hole. But finally, the camera runs and I let it out. Ooh my God, I’ve probably never pooped so much and new pieces keep slipping out of my bulging ass. But the fun must not be over yet, so I push my hand in my ass and fist myself until my hole is big enough to stuff the shit back in my ass. Anal fucking with my fucking hand, how good it feels. But that’s not enough for me, I’m still way too clean and my feet also want to be spoiled-dirty. I lubricate them with pleasure and lick the caviar between my toes. The brown sauce is smeared on my tits and then I rub my pussy with the shit. At this moment I piss myself full and goddamn, there’s more shit coming! Mmmh, I have to look at that up close and try it with my tongue and finger my pussy before I fist myself again really deep in my ass to finish.
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I pack my shit into my vagina and masturbate FullHD 1080p (your_mariam /  2021) 1.45 GB

Nasty nasty pussy. I had to give myself a nice inside shower to let go everything I packed. A masterpiece in full HD.
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Mommy licks poop off your dick UltraHD 2K (VibeWithMolly /  2021) 1.15 GB

Mmm Mommy’s been a bad mommy… too much to drink and my husband passed out! I catch you jerking off and decide to help you with that. Then I confess that I have a kink that I’ve never been able to try with your dad. I pee into my wine glass and make you drink it. You agree to let me poop on your dick! Then I lick it off.. oh boy… this is our little secret! You can never tell your father!
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Pee and poop on dildo suck UltraHD 2K (VibeWithMolly /  2021) 728 MB

Watch me tease you with my strap on! I make you suck my huge clear dildo. Then piss all over my dildo in a bowl! I suck all my piss off of it then poop in the piss filled bowl and make you clean my ass with your tongue. I know how much you like cleaning mommy’s asshole.
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Squat dirty anal FullHD 1080p (Valentynexx /  2021) 598 MB

In this video I was squatting doing very dirty anal, a lot of soft poo comes out.
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Slurrybois SD (Sven Falkenberg /  2021) 1.68 GB

Sven booked the «Dirty Weekend» at the DIRTYGAYFARM.
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Twink and Shit / イケメンうんこ / MENG-002 SD (Gay /  2021) 1.95 GB

ノンケ18歳 龍之介、初AVにして糞まみれ!
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Cuck humiliation, lick my tits UltraHD 2K (your_mariam /  2021) 713 MB

Your wife sends me again because she’s still fucking better looking and younger guys than you. I shit so you can see my full face and asshole and then I smear all over my tits while making fun of you and touching myself.
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Little Shitty Panty FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 1.58 GB

Today I’ll make you so very happy. Do you know why? Because you dirty boy and me will have lot of fun. I had forgot to place a new menstrual pad in my panty that means it just got red from my pussy. How much you’re hungry for a nasty filthy pair of cute panties of mine? Don’t say anything I feel your crave so badly. So let me surprise you my boy. I tease you to show off front and back my cute nude colored bikini pants and realized that red spot on the gusset. All my sexy act and dirty talk encourage you to grab your dick and masturbating. I just reassure you to do that. I get on my knees front of you and spread both of my holes. Pussy is a bit of bloody, shit reveal out of my asshole. I blow some fanny farts straight to your face. You love it so much don’t you? I keep gaping holes and still talking sexy n dirty to you all over. Naughty girl turns to filthy one and I just lick my red bloody spot on the gusset but I certain you wanna copy me. I’d give my pants for you but I need it dirty boy, maybe later you can get them. You will get All In 1 dirty pants from me today. Red, shitty and piss soaked your fave combo. I complete it and your dreams come true by. I stick a glass toy in asshole while on my forth and then shitting a huge one to my cute little panty for you. Shit and piss make it even more filthy. How badly you wanna touch my shit? Warm creamy chocolate filled dream pants. I start smear scat out on my pants make it such a dirty one and keep talking to you about jerking off your dick. It’s easy. Everything has given to have fun. After I filled with that messy turd my panty remove a bit and my ass totally covered by poo. I grab that glass toy and fucking my butt all over. Sniff this pants, and cum for me. Me and you exactly know what means big mess right? I give you cum countdown and say goodbye with a cute loud farts in my pants.
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Runny Poo Down On My Leg FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 1.30 GB

I walk into the bathroom and wearing my casual jeans short and top. Nice and slow strip off remove every pieces of my clothes and teasing you by naked body. I tell you that I need to poo it’s never been a secret. Good girls shits every day but the thing is I didn’t poo yet. It’s wrong. I wanna expel a big poo but it doesn’t come. It’s a shame. I wanna fuck out a big poo out of my ass. I need help so I just grab a glass toy and asking you to help me. I talk dirty and sexy of need to poo. My poo it’s stuck need to help out. I insert the toy fast to my ass and while talking dirty I fuck my little hole in great view. This time I wasn’t gentle with my poo hole I fuck it hard. Well I’ve been right look at that. After few minutes fucking a nasty runny shit running down on my legs and it’s just still coming out. What a lucky girl I am today. I knew the solutions is just some anal to get it out. Stinky runny poo pouring out of my ass and just keep coming and coming. Seductive moments for your eyes and I can’t stop playing. Dirty, filthy just way how you really hungry for. I know the key how you going to cum for me, I know the secret key. I love how you’re starring on my shitty ass this is the real pleasure. Smell my ass and you can cum for me. This dirty view drive you crazy no doubt. Let’s cum right now. I bend over before the end and touching my poo by fingers it’s just super creamy and huge. In this video you will get lot of nasty diarrhea, anal play, dirty talk, seduction, shitty asshole and some farts.
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Fuck The Shit Out Under The Shower FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 1.56 GB

This video is kinda Ignore You one but I pay attention to make sure you get sexy view to ass and shitty asshole all over. I walk under the shower already naked and start with quick hair wash and put balm on then take a soupy shower tease you a lot by nice soapy ass. Slide finer gentle then grab my glass toy to do anal play. I am pretty sure need to shit but stuck inside so start to fuck my butt. I wanna fuck all the shit out of my ass and glass toy could help me. I slide in and out of my ass toy gets shitty faster than expected and I am able to push out some stinky sticky shit. I keep playing all around, spread my ass, bending over and just playing all over. My asshole dirty around, swollen and I push it so hard to release more and more of poo out. I spread butt a lot and you can admire my hemorrhoids asshole backward while I do. After this little dirty anal fuck I wash off the shit of glass toy clean my ass and I’m ready to get towel.
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Suck My Shitty Lollipop/Colorful Poo FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 1.24 GB

I’m in a pretty playful mood today. Wear only my sexy triangle bikini bra without bottom and began with some ass flashing and shaking for you. I wanna give you some nice and sweet treats today. Can I? Are you hungry big boy? Definitely you will get when I’m talking about that big shit in my ass what we’re waiting for. Let me treat you today and you will not regret. I have a sweet lemon taste pop and no worry you won’t get only a simple lollipop you will having my healthy brown and veggies covered candy. What an amazing day hmm?… I bend over wink butt hole and penetrate the sweet inside and just waiting to get melted a bit. Sweet melting shitty asshole… You don’t need to wait for long that I push out a huge nasty, colorful shit. Seriously has 5 different shades of brown and bit of reddish color in. I able to see spinach leaves, seeds, tomato and so on. I shit on your lollipop and it’s just covered thickly by. After shit I push the pop back and keep playing in juicy asshole all the way through, Push the pop in and out, talking dirty to you my big dirty boy about you need to be feed nicely so lick that shitty lollipop right now. I fart, melting sweet juices running out of my asshole and while I do fuck gentle myself with you going to jerk off to me, is that clear? I give you countdown from 10 to 1 and voila you will cum to your Goddess now. The surprise that when I thought no more shit hides in ass came out even more kind of runny shit. I show the mess on the floor then you will kiss my ass.
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Dirty ass FullHD 1080p (Valentynexx /  2021) 1.44 GB

In this video I did a lot of soft poo and then put it all over my ass also pee, anal and fisting.
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Table Manners SD (Mary Castro /  2021) 700 MB

Mary Castro is a very sexy secretary and the fetish she likes most is to touch herself, shitting and pissing to show off to you. Don’t miss our delicious Mary Castro showing her intimacy only for you.
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Anal masturbation and poop on the floor UltraHD 2K (your_mariam /  2021) 718 MB

Anal masturbation and poop on the floor. I use my dildo to make sure my ass is wide open for the poo I’m gonna make on the floor of my living room.
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Sexy Big Surprise From Petite Ass FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 1.33 GB

You know how naughty girl I am who loves playing filthy games so much. I’m wearing a green top for you and at the beginning I’m talking about would be such a fair game if when I surprise you with something big and lovely you will jerking off your dick. I think rules are easy AF but I need to know that you think? I remove the top and you can admire my petite body from head to down there. Pretty petite ass to your face. Obviously this is the right moments to make you even more horny like you’re at this moment. I tease you a lot by asshole in doggy pose and dirty talk and the only job you’ve got in the game stroke your dick. Certainly the best game ever you get to complete right? I stuff a pink anal beads deep inside my poo hole, I literally feel when I push my shit back by the beads and this makes me suffering. I need to shit badly and after awhile I sit on my heels, barefoot in focus and a bit spread my ass cheeks to release my nasty big shit. Such a big shit from petite blonde ass. What a game right? I let you explore my pile of poo close up and I explain you what exactly could see inside. Tomato pieces, green leaf as salad, and basil leaves for sure. Smells like a healthy hot meal ready to served but today you won’t able to taste it you will going to keep up the rules in our game. It’s not a rush but I ask you to jerk off faster and more harder. Repeat it, faster and harder play on your dick. And I promise you the view and my shitty ass guarantee to win. I play all over with the anal beads and I will give you a 10 sec countdown. Are you ready? I stuff deep inside the toy into shit hole and farting, fanny fart and get you ready to cum. Lovely game with easy rules.
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Blondie’s filthy outdoor adventures UltraHD 4K (LizzyDirt /  2021) 1.50 GB

Fan review: “On a warm sunny day, she ventures out and saw an abandoned boat. The plan was just to go for a walk and find somewhere to be naughty, but now she has a new idea. She gets naked teases you while rubbing herself. She lubricates her toy with her saliva and pushes it into her sharkweek ready pussy. She doesn’t want her ass to be left out and insert the second toy up her ass. What a filthy little girl! Now her toys are covered with her rosy cum. She did not shit for 2 days and she felt the urge to go, but she wants to put the shit to good use. She starts pounding her ass repetitively until her rose hole is gaping wide open, and swollen coated with her fresh shit. Her asshole is gaping open and a lump of shit nearly fell out. She immediately pushes the shit right back in her swollen asshole, because she knows that for her the best lubrication has to be her fresh shit. She wants to taste the toy that is covered in her shit and start smearing it all over herself. The smell of fresh shit turns her on even more. She fucked her gaping ass till she squirt all over the boat deck. To finish herself off, she fisted her ass and showing off her light shitty prolapse. I guess we have to wait till the next time when she fills up with shit for the new video. Hope it won’t be long!”
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Extremely messy scat addicted mare UltraHD 4K (LizzyDirt /  2021) 1.88 GB

I had to make you wait a bit, so that you are properly loaded, and you must be today! Because I was, and purely by chance it was captured on video for you! So you can watch me fuck my ass and my neck at the same time and it almost takes my mind away with lust. Because it feels so damn cool to feel my own shit on my body, my face and in my mouth. To slowly squeeze the shit through between my fingers and smear it in my hair and cover my lips with brown shit lipstick so that you can imagine pushing your cock between them and I lick and suck the sauce afterwards with pleasure. i will fist my asshole again and again, and not waste a gram of my precious shit. everything serves me as a stinky slippery super glide the only thing missing is still a big load of cum to my complete happiness, that would be your part. So let me rob you of your mind (which is guaranteed to succeed. And don’t forget to rate the video once you’re back in your right mind
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Little Black Dress, Heels And Chocolate Banana Stuffing FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 1.57 GB

I love being classic, elegant and sexy at same time. Oh before I forget to mention I love being kinky and naughty too. So this is the reason I wear my LITTLE BLACK DRESS without panty and classic pump heels on. My dress is pretty tight and show exactly enough to make you horny. In my ass a pink plug and I don’t shy to show you upskirt. I take the time to tease you for long time show off high-heels , long legs, pretty plugged ass and lot of upskirt while talking dirty about my ass, shit hole and poo. I love when you’re thinking of me, I love when you’re watching my stinky dirty ass, I also love when you’re sticking your nose on my poo hole and smell it all over. I encourage you to keep sniffing me and standing I play with butt. I guarantee if you smell my ass your dick gets even more hard. I sit with legs high up (heels view just great) and I keep to stretching my asshole. You’re my horny boy who can’t wait me shitting. So definitely time to return your attention and I’m shitting such a big dark perfectly creamy shit for you. Playing a bit more with plug and keep talking sexy, dirty how much I love spending time with you. You’re my slave and I love treating you on any way. This is the reason I have 2 small banana to make you even more happy and surprise with such a sweet chocolate covered dessert. I still sitting on the chair with legs wide apart, heels on and stuffing banana and pushing in and out in and out. I let it in to covered by some chocolate and pushing out the first one. Yummy sweet treats. Open your mouth and take it now. I do stuff the second one too and repeat the same play and pushing out to giving both. These chocolate bananas calling you to eat so bad. Why don’t you grab it and eat them right now
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Blonde Shitty Enema Session/Noisy Farts FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2021) 1.86 GB

Here I am and ready to give myself massive amount of enema. I show off you my fit and toned naked body with a butt plug in my ass. Start to pulling out the shitty plug and play with it all around. Gaping my pretty hole by and I’m so ready to make my ass clean as much as I can. I don’t waste my time just knee down and filling up ass with water, desperation AF then squat in the shower and release so much shitty water. Still desperation though but get down and comes up the second round. Fingering asshole gape it before make enema. Every time I try to take as much water I can this time would be the same. I release the second round standing bit knees bending for great view. My ass like a shitty waterfall. I grab my dildo and keep gaping ass by make myself farting. I do fart lot of loud one. Third round is up. Take lot of water desperation so badly. Before push it out I stick the dildo like a plug in my ass and make the stream even more strong with it. Nasty shitty water everywhere around me. I keep farts as well and playing with anus. Forth round is coming up and I repeat all of these while the second big bag of enema finished. I’m moaning and seriously almost crying of pressure in my stomach. My ass squirt xtremely lot shitty water till the end. Very noisy releases, lot of dirt and anal gape, farting, shitty mess, close ups, swollen asshole and even more waiting for you in this video.
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BETTY & FRIENDS - A SHITTY JOB HD 720p (Betty, Molly, Monalisa, Sexy, 2 males /  2021) 581 MB

A message from Betty: Hi there! After our mind-blowing all-girl encounter known as "Four of a Kind", we girls were happy and satisfied...yet we all felt something was missing... Maybe a dick? Or two! With guys attached!! Guys who know what we want and give us what we need. We giggled and laughed and fantasized...and when we were done, the story line for this movie had emerged. Next day in the opening scene, Monalisa got offered a job in a biker bar.... ;) Enjoy! love, xxx Betty xxx
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Farting story time! FullHD 1080p (BabyDollNaughty /  2021) 1.23 GB

Ive had a few people send me requests for fart videos, and decided to take a stab at it! So, here I am talking about past embarrassing farts while farting for you!
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