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Kytana Gyulia and friend strapon and diarrhea FullHD 1080p (GoddessAndreea /  2021) 886 MB

In this last clip from the series with Kytana and Gyulia, Mistress Kytana and Gyulia humiliated their slave and fucked him twice with their huge strapons in his ass. They changed various positions and destroyed his mouth and ass at the same time. In the end, they sent him to their friend to humiliate him and make a CEI at the end. Then she made diarrhea in his mouth and made him swallow.
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SCAT SEX 4 FullHD 1080p (Brownsensations /  2021) 703 MB

Shitting all over his dick while my ass smears it all over him from pouncing on his dick. Warm soft shit lube covers us as i take that shitty dick deep in my ass.
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Scat Masturbation FullHD 1080p (ScatGirl /  2021) 1.06 GB

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Quick but messy ass to pussy FullHD 1080p (Sexandcandy18 /  2021) 626 MB

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Extreme Luxus Scat Play Exclusive SG Video Production FullHD 1080p (Top Model Betty /  2021) 1.46 GB

New exclusive movie of the top scat queen Betty. Real big load of luxus shit come out of her amazing body. she take all into mouth and cover all her beautiful face and even her hair with her shit. After she takes a mega big vibrator and start to push him in herself, the vibrator is full of her warm expensive shit and she mastrubate herself and suck it hard. Amazing new and exclusive on SG-Video to see movie!
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Apples, carrots, salami and duarhea explosion FullHD 1080p (Rumianahotmilf /  2021) 2.70 GB

Fuck my ass with fruit dildos for man and lick it.But not enough for him,he wanted real fruit and vegetables. Forces my sss with apples, carrots and long salami and in a moment just elplode diarhea. Then cut apples in two pieces and put again deep in my dirty ass

Rumianahotmilf - Ass fuck and poo art

Fuck my ass with big dildos and gape it till poop.And then paint on all my body for fan

Rumianahotmilf - One hour fuck in heavy menstrual day

Fuck and fist both holes in heavy menstrual day,spread it,pee and let blood flow out. Showand touch my bleeding cervix in close up,ty to put finger inside it

Rumianahotmilf - Wash my body with pee, drink pee

Pissing on glass on the kitchen and wash my boobs with my pee.Pissing again in glass on the bedroom at doggy position and wash my butt. Rest of pee in plastic bottle and drink it, mmmm so tasty
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Pancakes with a pile UltraHD 2K (LucyBelle /  2021) 1.56 GB

Big two pieces of poop in pancakes you have to see this! Everything looks delicious. And someone will enjoy eating it. For the pancakes smeared with peach jam, I make two big poop! It smells very tempting, this is the best combination. Sweet jam and delicious poop!
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Femdom Scat POV Education FullHD 1080p (MissMortelle /  2021) 870 MB

I explain to you what scat training is actually all about. Until the end of the video you have to masturbate and listen to your goddess. I will show you my ass and asshole, while I insult you. Then I will shit right over you. You horny toilet bitch will have to eat my shit and jerk off to my countdown!
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Swallow Bitch FullHD 1080p (Solo /  2021) 642 MB

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Sherry fists sub then dines on turd FullHD 1080p (MsSherryBells /  2021) 956 MB

This is another superb clip from the gorgeous Ms Sherry Bells.
Sherry sits spread eagled and teases us with a beautiful sensual fingering session her stunning cunt open and glistening as she seductively massages her clit.
But that’s all bollocks really you don’t want to hear this boring shit do you; you guys want the really dirty shit, ok ill cut to the chase.
Sherry reaches for her trusted wand smashes fuck out of her clit and frigs herself off until she delivers to us a fucking huge screaming orgasm, make sure your volumes turned down for this one guys.
Once recovered Sherry shakes herself down and sits pretty as subby enters the room and straddles her.
I don’t really want to spoil for you what comes next, but if I don’t you probably wont buy the vid so I’ll give you a little taster, I don’t want you missing out.
Once straddled dirty Sherry fingers subs sweet hole gently opening his tight little mangina testing the water before ramming her fist right up his arse.
Sherry knows exactly what she is doing and knows what she wants, pumping her fist like a V8 piston, subby cant help but to convulse, squirt and eject her fist followed by a huge dollop of shit.
Sherry being the dirty bitch she is, then does exactly what she does best and licks and sucks her shitty fingers giving us a fucking amazing shit eating show even scraping more shit off the floor until she gets her full shit fix.
Horny as fuck Sherry desperate for another cum then beasts her cunt with her fat knobbly shitty dildo until she brings herself off with one of her signature squirting orgasms.
This is another complete wank fest and will have you ripping your cock to shreds and begging the good lord to bring you a Sherry to play with.
Get this one bought guys you wont be disappointed.
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Shit Cake FullHD 1080p (Eating Slave /  2021) 1.41 GB

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Its time to take this relationship to the NEXT level HD 720p (Scat Queen Delilah /  2021) 1.58 GB

Perviously titled; “You could never satisfy My ASS”
its still the same clip, nothing but the title was changed

***Cruel Intensions relation-shit:
Penis Humiliation-Break up, Placed in Chastity and Turned into a TOILET

Bossy Delilah is all dolled up and she’s dropped by your place, for what you’re thinking is going to be one long night of fun and fucking.

Turns out she’s only stopping by to give you the news. She’s checked you out on the dates you’ve had with her and decided that your little penis in not nearly enough to satisfy her Ass. Nope, “but I’ve got one other option for you”, she tells you – “that’s to become my full fucking toilet”.

“I take shits that are longer than your penis. The only way that you’re going cum when I’m around, is to eat my shit”. Stripping off her tight sweater and sitting down and lighting up, you know what’s coming next. To her word, Bossy’s shit is piled high. In fact, there’s so much shit in her pile that if you lined up all the pieces end to end, it’d stretch from the market where she buys her food, to her toilet seat where she serves her mud monsters.

As it turns out, Delilah has a heart. You’re tied up and in chastity and you’re desperate to cum, but Bossy is thoughtful. She takes the key to your chastity device and shoves it into her pile of shit, deep into her pile of shit.

“Dig your way to freedom,” she says with a smile, “then you can jerk off”
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Mfx-615 -- Scat Shit Swallow Lesbian SD (Amandas Career /  2021) 699 MB

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Hollywood Scat Amateurs 33 SD (Nina Cardova /  2021) 245 MB

Model Nina Cardova play with shit
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Using My Toilet Outdoor HD 720p (Angelica Scat /  2021) 196 MB

I am enjoying the sunshine outside, when I suddenly feel the urge to take a shit. Well it is time to also use the toilet outdoors, so I call him over. He is allowed to worship my ass and I have him lay down on the ground. I really don’t care if anyone sees us. He is the one looking foolish anyway. So I start peeing in his mouth, and it is really a lot of poo. I tell him to keep the shit in his mouth, and not swallow, at least not until I tell him to. I push a nice piece of shit in his mouth, and tell him that he can touch my pussy, while enjoying his meal!
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Ms Sherry’s Shitty Hand Job FullHD 1080p (MsSherryBells /  2021) 888 MB

Subby lays patiently for the gorgeous Ms Sherry. She struts in whip in hand her high heels clip clopping as she walks. Showing no mercy Ms Sherry whips poor Subby’s cock and balls making his cock dance and twitch. Ms Sherry then straddles Subby squats and strains peeing on his balls before laying a gorgeous brown cable along side Subby’s eager cock.
Ms Sherry being the beautiful person she is then treats subby to a wonderful sensual massage turd in hand spreading her gorgeous turd all over his cock and balls. Sherry even lets subby suck her turd from her fingers, she is so kind.
Once cock is caked in her delectable brown mix Ms Sherry treats subby to a damn good wanking edging him perfectly and teasing him to the brink of explosion.
Finally Ms Sherry succumbs and wanks the shit covered cock until subby can hold it in no longer, Sherry is no push over and like the bitch she is she squeezes poor cock as subby cums before letting go and allowing subster to shoot his spunk into the air.
This clip is a gorgeous sensual filth and shit fest from start to finish, sit back and imagine that Sherry is wanking your cock, why not even shit into your own hand and wank yourself as you watch for a full interactive experience. I did a few times oops.
This is another great clip from the Ms Sherry’s filth emporium check out her others they are all gorgeously amazing.
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A Nice, Quick But Huge, Soft Shit Outside In Nigeria FullHD 1080p (ShitGirls /  2021) 845 MB

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Brazilian carnaval scat party FullHD 1080p (Group /  2021) 549 MB

Isabel, Bia Mello, Victoria and jaque decided to enjoy the brazilian carnaval at home, but the stupid Jaqueline forgot to wear the fantasy. The girls decided to give her a special clothe, covering her body with shit.
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Ass Worship Panty Poop FullHD 1080p (Thefartbabes /  2021) 1.09 GB

Goddess is ordering to worship her ass till she starting pooping in hot peach full back panties! You are my toilet paper! It all my shit slave and worship your Goddess’ shitty ass!
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We gave a shit and swapped cowards FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2021) 1.02 GB

Hello our dear and beloved friends. also guests of our store. In this video, Yana, Caroline and Alice. We were wearing white panties. Become cancer on the floor and take turns shitting in panties. When one of us shit in panties, two other friends sniffed and played with panties. Then we crawled a little on the floor in dirty panties. we went further and when everyone gave a shit in panties, we took them off and changed. That is, it turned out that each of us put on the panties of another person. Here is a video we got on the day when we all got together!
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Goddess Panty Desert FullHD 1080p (Thefartbabes /  2021) 950 MB

Goddess is pooping sweet desert for you in new white full back panties! Peeing some champagne for your desert
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licked my shit for the first time FullHD 1080p (Marinayam19 /  2021) 954 MB

Y’all! I did it! I start off by showing off my CK a underwear. I pee a bit, and I quickly had to hide behind the curtain because I thought my neighbor was looking into my window. I come back, shit, pee more, and licked my own shit! There is always first time for anything!
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12 Turds 4 Slave FullHD 1080p (Thefartbabes /  2021) 883 MB

Get ready slave for 12 constipated turds and pee drink! Clean my hole and pussy!
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Shit Before a Date FullHD 1080p (Mikadoshop /  2021) 347 MB

Princess Nikki use her slaves as shit toilets before going out for a date. Very humilating talk, and a lot of shit!
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Human Toilet in Chastity belt FullHD 1080p (MistressAnna /  2021) 798 MB

You can not miss this collection! SCAT exclusive super this, we offer the best, cocoa places that leave, you excited for a whole movie over and over again!
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