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POOPING ALL OVER SD (Wildpassion, Flaming Woman /  2018) 643 MB

Indoor, really doesn't matter for Wildpassion and her red and blond poo-loving girlfriends. They always find a place to drop a load and get dirty!
Please note that this is amateur footage so the image quality, sound etc. may not be perfect but the action is raw, extreme scatsex at its best.
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WRONG TIME, WRONG PLACE SD (Lady Caca, 1 male /  2018) 1.01 GB

With a stage name like Lady Caca, it's no surprise that an aspiring actress winds up at our studios sooner or later. However, we had a different scenario scheduled than Lady Caca had in mind. Nevertheless she took on the challenge and mastered the part of scat sub slut like a natural, leaving us in doubt if she actually was in the wrong place at the wrong time...

(plus short appearance by an anonymous couple)
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VM44 - SERVING ANGELINA HD 720p (Veronica Moser, Angelina /  2018) 1.01 GB

Veronica says: "Serving breakfast for Lady Angelina is a perfect way to start the day. She's so sweet and kind and even invited me to join her at the table. I'm so proud to be her maid!..."

Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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DEVOTED TO FILTH HD 720p (Irena, 1 male /  2018) 969 MB

Camera debutant Irena arrived at the set with her lover and the best possible scenario: "We play like we play at film us....ok?" We love that approach, as it allows us to capture the intimacy of scat play between real-life couples. Ever wanted to be the fly on the wall when the couple-next-door gets down and dirty? Here's your chance!
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BETTY & FRIENDS - WHAT GOES IN MUST COME OUT HD 720p (Betty, Layla /  2018) 983 MB

A message from Betty:

Hi all, it's me again ...and now I brought a friend :-)

Layla has always been intrigued by what I do...and curious to try it herself...

So whens he found out that I had another shoot scheduled, she 'coincidentally' dropped by....filled to the brink!

Yummy! More goodies for me!! It's just a matter of getting them out. That shouldn't be so hard.... after all, what goes in must come out!!


xxx Betty :)
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WTF? Mammoth pile Ass with microstars FullHD 1080p (DirtyBetty /  2018) 174 MB

Amazing new serial clip with Unbelievable pile of fresh shit, and Real big ass with cosmic dust *ok thats simple glitter, i’m joking! That clip 1 from 2, but i told you, you want to watch this again and again! My happy booty waiting your EXPLOSIVES cum!
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My big Breasts are full of shit FullHD 1080p (BigTitsAlisa /  2018) 1.10 GB

It was the evening I was bored and I wanted to add some fun to your boring afternoon, I called a friend and asked her to join me, but she forgot to bring a camera. My friend arrived half an hour after my call. I already had time to put on makeup, and freshen up, I asked her to shoot me on video for you and we started shooting. I’m sitting on the bed on me wearing a light summer dress I lift the hem of the dress and show you my hairy pussy, then I decide to take off my dress revealing completely my body, I’m sitting on the bed in front of you completely naked, I pick up a rubber penis and first take it in my mouth, after my mouth I put my legs and fuck myself with it, imagining that you fuck me now, I’m even more excited. During Masturbation I understand that I want to go to the toilet, I pull out a rubber member from my pussy, relax the anus and shit and piss on the bed. Oh, that’s just fine. I think I can handle myself let me shit and piss on my bed. Now in my bed I’m not alone, with me next to my pile of shit, I take shit in my hands and smear my shit on my naked body. Now I’m all in shit and I’m ready to play a little more with myself, I get cancer on my knees and put myself in the ass rubber cock and fuck myself with it. Oh my God it’s such a pleasure, you can not imagine, the smell of shit in the apartment, I’m all in shit and I fuck myself in the ass rubber member imagining that you do it
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WARNING: very extreme stuff, not for all FullHD 1080p (Lovenia /  2018) 868 MB

I’m sitting on the toilet and I poop… but suddenly my boyfriend wants, and without give me time to clean my beautiful little ass, puts it inside me and then gets a blowjob to the dirty penis then he want to put his cock on my tits and so more... that really dirty games and all my sensuality
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Shitting And Peeing In My Leggings FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 682 MB

I love being a naughty girl and i want you to watch while i pee my white leggings and shit right into them listen while i pee and fill them before rubbing my bulge and tell you how amazing it feels… I then peel them off and show you the messy creamy load inside…
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Roast Dinner With Giant Log FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 633 MB

Watch me set the table for you and pour you some wine after your hard day at work, ive made you the perfect roast dinner but i forgot your favourite yorkshire puddings so i decide to add my own topping, I climb onto the table and first sprinkle it with pee gravy before pushing out a giant big log… Mmmm now its ready for you i show it close up then feed you 3 mouthfulls… I want all this gone by the time im back understood? We dont want any food going to waste now do we…
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PantyLoading 05 FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 1.08 GB

ombo is finally here! I was so naughty and horny while making all these recordings. It took the whole week to complete this due to charging time. 3 days for each solid panty loading. And it was definitely worth it! Those sensations was driving me nuts when I was pooping my panties on the wall, so I wanted to repeat this incredible feeling in the bathroom. And in gratitude for all your support a bonus video with leggins wetting repetition… I thinking about loading them too someday
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Pantypoop In Mommy’s Room FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 386 MB

Right now my mom go out for shopping and I think I have to do something new and extreme! To poop my panties in her room and make it quick before she come back. Oh my, I’m so nervous and the same time it turns me on. Or even drives me mad! My god, this new environment makes me feel so horny… Yeah… I’m pooping my panties already
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PantyLoading 10 FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 536 MB

Hi there! Check how I played with my ultraload in panties. I was crawling from work with dirty ideas in my mind, thinking about how to make my panties dirty and sit on the load. So here I am, watch me doing it slowly and naughty. Scene contains pantywetting, pantypooping, wet masturbation and sitting on the load game
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Step Sisters Latex Enema FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 1.19 GB

Watch me in latex pants clean my arsehole out into latex leggings, I make him watch while i feel them up and my ass juices spray out through the seams. Before showing him the big mess his sister made x
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VM49 - A TELEGRAM HD 720p (Veronica Moser, Angelina, 2 males /  2018) 1.32 GB

Veronica says: "When I was killing time with a dick-with-a-guy-attached-to-it, classy Angelina announced a spontaneous visit in style - by telegram! (If you never heard about that, google it ;)) She arrived with a gentleman friend who was very curious to see how Angelina and I spend quality time together. Soon enough he would find out himself ;) ."
Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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VM45 - TOILET JEANIE HD 720p (Veronica Moser, 1 male /  2018) 1.68 GB

Veronica says: "When I take some time for myself, I often wish a play partner would materialize out of thin air. Most of the time it remains just a fantasy, but once in a while I get lucky...:-)"

Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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SHAMELESS MATRONS - WILDER BY THE YEARS SD 720p (Linda, Angelina, Cora, 1 male /  2018) 946 MB

When her neighbour asked Angelina to take care of Slave Linda during his absence, she couldn't keep her hands to herself, only to be caught brown-handed by the Master of the House. But everyone deserves a second chance, and Angelina got her's the next day, when she took in Linda for another slave sitting session. Luckily for you, she got swayed by her old friend Cora who - after a long absence from our set - was starving for some good old dirty action. When the Master's away, the Matrons come out and play. And when he returned earlier than expected, they take their punishment with pleasure!
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VM57 - WHITE DREAMS HD 720p (Veronica Moser, 2 males /  2018) 1.64 GB

Veronica says: "I asked two friends to help me fulfill a fantasy: An angel in white being transformed into a nasty brown slut. They did a great job stuffing me with
their horny dicks and filling me up with piss and shit - in the end there
was not a single white spot left on me."

Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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VM46 - BASEMENT KELLY SD 720p (Veronica Moser, Kelly, 1 male /  2018) 1024 MB

Veronica says: "A friend kept a very nice surprise for me in his basement: a heavily pierced and tattooed slave slut who had admired me from the distance for a long time. Kelly was horny as hell when we finally met and willingly offered her ass, pussy and mouth for a hot and filthy session, pushing her limits further than she had ever imagined!"
Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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PRAYING MANTIS - DINNER WITH THE COUNTESS HD 720p (Contessa Barbara Calucci, Marlen, 4 slaves /  2018) 1.46 GB

Famous lifestyle domina Countess Barbara Calucci allowed us a peek into her domain, where no less than four (!) hungry slaves eagerly awaited their daily feeding. Serving dinner were the Countess herself assisted by Marlen, to ensure that no starving mouth would be left unfed. After all, feeding her servants is all in a day's work for a stern mistress doing a serious job.
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My white panties are full of shit FullHD 1080p (BigTitsAlisa /  2018) 1.14 GB

You like to watch when a girl fills her panties with shit and urine, when trickles of urine flow down her legs and her panties protrude from the shit. I’m wearing a dress and panties, I first pose for you in a dress after which I take off my dress and pose for you in panties, I love to show you my body, after showing off my body I get cancer and shit and piss in my panties fill them with shit and urine, my feet trickle with urine my panties are full of shit, I take off my panties and show you my ass which is all in shit, after that I take the shit out of my panties with my hands and RUB the shit between my legs, my cunt is covered in shit, at the end of this video, I put my panties back on my body and pose for you again.
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Pet Slave UltraHD 4K (Shit Girls /  2018) 3.19 GB

Alana needed to travel for business and let her pet slave at home with a lot of recommendations to not mess the place around. But eventually, the slave Saori needed to make her necessities and the only place she found to do it was her own food bowl. When Alana arrives from a very long trip, she was furious with that stinky shit! She decides to make Saori clean it herself but in a different way. She will have to eat her own shit and also her dome shit! Alana makes sure to give Saori a really hard time, making her spread the entire scat on her body and eat it very slowly to feel the awful taste!
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Trance style – Series 2 FullHD 1080p (Fetish-zone /  2018) 1.22 GB

A few days later will be released a mini-series ” Real, shared, living toilet”
There I lie, my mouth is inserted a huge capacity which will Pooh and pee men and women, and then to stir the poop with a pee and it will fit in my mouth and I’ll swallow.
What mini-series clips would you like to see in the future? Please write in the comments here: 1) the life of a toilet slave.(Sitting in a cage for several days in a row eating and drinking only poop and pee Master and Mistress). 2) Poop eat on the speed! (Mister or Madam poops and I try to eat poop as quickly as possible, literally spoon by spoon without stopping). 3)Eat shit from the toilet! (Sir or Madam poop in the toilet and I eat poop right out of the toilet). Vote which topic gets the most votes and will be removed in the first place.
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Trance style - 3! FullHD 1080p (Swallowing machine /  2018) 1.40 GB

New swallow!
New swallowing in new style!
Now video clips will be placed by numbers as a series
Will be scat-series show with a focus on swallowing poop
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Scat On Platform Boots And Smear FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 1.01 GB

Watch me with my white PVC platform boots show you how kinky i am, i show them off before laying them down and shitting over them infront of you before smearing my scat all over my boots and then standing in it… I then fuck my pussy with my shitty heel and fuck my pussy with my dildo till i cum hard… I then fuck my arse and shit some more before smearing it all over my white boots once more. Kinky scat boot fetish
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