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Swallow cum with shit my dirty slut FullHD 1080p (Shit Mistress /  2020) 1.01 GB

Suck cocksucker, suck slave’s cock. He wants to shit, it much the better. I’m going to take the shit out of his ass and feed it to you. That lot of shit, all for you dirty slut. I’ll smeared shit on his cock thicker, of course, and on your face should be smeared in shit. Now continue suck, sucking better, so that he comes and you swallow all cum with shit. Yes, you are what a dirty cocksucker, you’re getting high, enjoying shit and dick. Yes, take lot of shit in your mouth and keep sucking. Oh, he cums, cums in your mouth, swallow, enjoy the mix of shit and cum. You’re such a dirty, dirty slut.
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FREAKY scat panty pooping play FullHD 1080p (DirtyBetty /  2020) 838 MB

Hi, I haven’t stained my pants for a long time, I need to fix this urgently!
I like to knead my warm and fresh shit between my huge and soft rolls, and I’m just going crazy with this smell!
As always, you will find a unique atmosphere and an unforgettable show of love between a freaky girl and dirty and stinky shit!
Excellent farts will break out of this dirty and excited ass!
For lovers of dirty girls, poop, big asses, dirty fetishes, smearing shit, pooping in panties, as well as lovers of delicious farting and surrealism!
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10 poops in a row FullHD 1080p (LittleMissKinky /  2020) 1.50 GB

I have this delicious big poops, which I love to share with LittleMissKinky
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Scat session 18 UltraHD 2K (amateurcouplewithfriends769 /  2020) 457 MB

A great view of some of the sexiest shit around. Love playing with that clit while she takes a huge creamy dump on the bed, she was so desperate she made a crappy mess of her buttonhole before we started. Making her cum, EFRO, foreplay, scat, cumming while she poops, touching that crap while that dick blasts off, stinky little bum takes cumshot for your viewing. New content, new position, fantasize and feel the warmth of our nasty little sex secret. Enjoy!
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Operation Dumbo Drop FullHD 1080p (SexyFlatulence /  2020) 470 MB

I like shitting for you when I’m bent over the bed. This contains two clips of me doing that. I also talk about the consistency of each shit and touch it so you can see the difference– one is hard and one is real soft! The second clip I start off farting in some blue satin panties but that quickly escalates into something more! I slid off my panties, bend over the bed, and spread my legs so you can see my logs come out
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Scat session 25 FullHD 1080p (Amateurcouplewithfriends769 /  2020) 475 MB

She catches me jerking off in the bathroom without her and wants to help. Like a good slave she knows exactly what to do and starts taking off her clothes, getting down on her knees, and making her shit ready for her master. She shakes that beautiful round ass while kneeling against the wall like a good little doggy slave. She does everything her master asks for and more as the foreplay heats up past making her cum. Like a naughty girl she pees on the floor, with her tampon still in, and proceeds to flood the bathroom with her long awaited wetness. With her feet and knees wet she takes a shit while getting a fountain of cum all over her ass and back. There was so much build up of blue balls that day that more jizz shot out again after the first, giving her a two for one. Messy little slave makes a jerk session fantastic, head down ass up, showing off her tits, pussy, legs, ass and listening skills. Undressing for her master and cumming like a good little scat pup. Plaid shirt for your liking master? New clip
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Smear your hair with shit FullHD 1080p (miss_Di /  2020) 996 MB

Smear your hair with shit.Again, I decided to do a procedure for my long black hair from shit. As usual, I took a shit and smeared my hair with shit.A weekly treatment that gives my hair growth and it looks amazing
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Cowgirl poop! FullHD 1080p (MiaRoxxx /  2020) 249 MB

Riding the hard dick and pooping… I am a pro! What do YOU think?
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Poop In My Pussy Hole Shitty Orgasms! HD 720p (CosmicGirl /  2020) 624 MB

Panty pooping clip with lots of super hot insertion play! Watch me push my poop deep inside my pussy hole and ass… pushing it back out several times! Spitting on it for lube I smear my thick brown poop all over my pussy and ass cheeks then masturbate rubbing my clit with my shit until it makes me cum so hard!
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Pee for you - spit on shit - piss from glas talk about shit FullHD 1080p (Smiley, Nikki /  2020) 1.45 GB

Smiley and Nikki pee for you.
Look at cute Smiley and horny Nikki pissing for you in a glas.
spit on shit.
Nikki is shiting for you and spitting on her shit. Enjoy your meal.
Piss from glas talk about shit.
Amirah is pissing in a glas for a slave and she is telling him how she will shit in his mouth.
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Gag On My Shit You Worthless Dog UltraHD 4K (LoveRachelle2 /  2020) 1.41 GB

Treating you like the worthless creature you are, coming to me to scavenge off my FILTH
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Future MOTHER-In-Law FEEDS You Before WEDDING! UltraHD 4K (LoveRachelle2 /  2020) 1.47 GB

(YOUR POV!): It’s my wedding night and I’m in a room in the church waiting to start the ceremony. You, my soon to be mother in law walk into the room wearing a dress, garters and no panties underneath. You’re congratulating me and welcoming me into the family. You then proceed to tell me how excited I must be to walk down the aisle to kiss your daughter and to consummate the marriage afterwards. But that there was one thing we needed to do first. Your daughter has made the last few years very hard at home and you feel the need for some…. payback.

What better way to get revenge than to ruin her wedding night. Tell me that you want me to lick your asshole right before I go up to kiss my soon to be bride. You bend over and raise your dress or skirt and put your ass to my face. I can’t resist and dive right in! You then fart accidentally…then tell me that you know the perfect way to get back at your daughter– you will use me as a toilet! I will swallow all my future mom-in-law’s shit to make sure our clothing stays nice and clean, and everyone after will wonder what stinks, especially my bride! Little will she know she’ll be smelling her mom’s shit on her newly-wedded husband’s breath! I can’t wait to CUM with a JOI countdown, and finish cleaning off my new mother-in-law’s shitty asshole before the wedding procession starts!
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Dirty Ass Ducky FullHD 1080p (AbigailDupree /  2020) 289 MB

Ducky wants to play in my dirty asshole, do you want to play too?
When I feel a poop coming on, I like to wait because it feels so good when it grows bigger in my butt. Sometimes I wait for days for just the right alone time to scat and masturbate. I cramp so bad from the farts building up and the smell gets my pussy so wet and ready to play dirty games with my shit.
When I play with my poop, I feel sexy smearing on my ass, pussy and tits. When I smear it a on my skin and smell it, I get really horny as you can see here in this video. I fist may ass and prolaps by pushing hard, shitting more to smear as my poo starts to get sticky from dying on my skin. By now I have almost completely cover my whole body in my golden brown poop, smearing more on my ass, pussy and tits. Over stretching my dirty panties to hurt my pussy, I am so turned on frantically groping myself with dirty, smelly shit for you. Am I sexy for you now?
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Scat Smear Enema Prolapse Big Orgasms FullHD 1080p (AbigailDupree /  2020) 364 MB

I love the smell and feel of my poop, even the colo turns me on! When I have alone time, I love to masturbate in the tub to enema my poo out. Just the smell alone causes me to orgasm after just a few rubs of my shit covered pussy. I know you like it when I push real hard to poop and I prolapse both of my love holes. I like it when you tell me to poop for you because it pleases you and I feel sexy. Poop, Scat, Smearing, Asshole Prolapse, Rosebud, Object Anal Insertion, Shitty Bra, Enema, Masturbation, Bathroom, Solo Female, Shit, Pooping, Moaning, Anal pushing, Asshole Slut, Water Squirting, Pink Prolapse
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Makes you eat shit FullHD 1080p (miss_Di /  2020) 1.42 GB

Makes you eat shit. I pee with a fountain , then I poop and they make me eat shit conditionally. I humiliate you with mats and insulting words. You’re a shit eater and you’ll eat my shit every day for dinner or Breakfast. You must smear my shit on your face, mouth and teeth, you must smear my shit on your anus and body you must devour my shit greedily. Eat my shit.
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Small cars in shit FullHD 1080p (miss_Di /  2020) 1.73 GB

Small cars in shit. I decided to masturbate my pussy with toy cars, I wrote on them. Then I wanted to poop, I poop. Smeared herself and her vagina with her own shit. Then I smeared the cars, my stomach.I played with toys and enjoyed my shit. I used a shitty typewriter to jerk off my vagina a little. I like. I love my shit.I have experienced pleasure it is so fascinating.Look at the way a girl smeared herself all over with shit for you.
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Food In Isolation FullHD 1080p (Thefartbabes /  2020) 341 MB

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Toys on poop FullHD 1080p (miss_Di /  2020) 871 MB

Toys on poop. I poop on toy cars and then just put them on my shit.
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Naughty Scat Girl FullHD 1080p (Scatdesire /  2020) 1.09 GB

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Poop & Fart Tease UltraHD 4K (MakeKatPurrrr /  2020) 465 MB

Teasing you with her tiny naked body Kat knows just what you are wanting. You can’t help your dirty fetish and you wanna see more of what Kat has to offer. Bending over for you Kat open up her asshole and pushes out a couple of farts before pooping for you. Pooping with her ass up in the air her pussy gets so creamy thinking of what a dirty girl she’s being for you. She plays with her pussy a little before gaping her asshole open and pushing out a couple more fart right in your face!
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Jerk off to my Hole UltraHD 2K (XshayXshayX /  2020) 1.07 GB

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Dirty Ass Worship Pt. 2 UltraHD 4K (MakeKatPurrrr /  2020) 796 MB

Kat oils herself down and turns you on with her body. She bends over and tells you that she wants you to use her shit as lube. While you try to hold a straight face, she notices that your getting bigger with her every word. After she gets you “dirty” she bends down and tell you to clean up her ass while you jerk off. She plays with her ass and talks real dirty to you. She turns around and spits on your cock, adding more lube. You can’t believe you are using lube from Kat’s ass to get off. You are so turned on and can’t hold back any longer. Kat opens her ass up wide. She tells you how to cum using her shit as you eating her booty cleaning it all up for her.
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Scared Schoolgirl FullHD 1080p (AnnaCoprofield /  2020) 574 MB

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Shit with conversations - The slave writes FullHD 1080p (miss_Di /  2020) 1.70 GB

Slave pisses. A slave in BDSM accessories pisses in her light pants. I have long suffered and could not my bladder was very full. Endured to the last. Finally, there was relief. I sucked my pants completely. Such bliss to be wet with your own urine.

Shit with conversations. Shit on the chairs , imitation of the toilet. I say all sorts of nasty things to shit-eaters. A whole lot of shit.Big beautiful poop. I tell the camera that it was eaten. Shit eaters eat my shit , enjoy a good appetite.
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A Little After Fun FullHD 1080p (xxecstacy /  2020) 746 MB

For this video, I show you exactly why I haven’t had the chance to do much scat filming this month. There’s an absolutely filthy custom up and coming that I’m excited to almost be at capacity for. I start off desperately needing to shit, and I store the shit, show you, following teasing you a bit. I start off licking the excess cream from my pussy, before I start fingering my filthy asshole. Licking everything off my fingers as I do so, I give you a close up view.
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