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Young Scat Girls No.2 FullHD 1080p (Diarrhea Action /  2022) 1.60 GB

The second movie of our series with young scat girls is out. Again we took the same girls as so many customers asked us to make a movie with them again. This time it's more like a diarrhea movie. The fresh diarrhea from 18 year-old girls tastes fantastic and the smell is also amazing. So if you like fresh shit of 18 year-old babes and love diarrhea then you are at the right place. In this movie, one of the girls visits the other one. They start making out and they try lesbian playing. They lick each other's pussies with a lot of saliva and then one of the girls shits into the other one's mouth. So it's an exciting movie with diarrhea swallow and scat eating
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Christmas Shitting FullHD 1080p (PrincessMonica /  2022) 636 MB

Check out my Christmas shit. My nice big ass is very close to you. Enjoy the sweet and fresh shit.
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Anal gear knob fuck until the sausage presses - Geil shit in the rental car SteffiBlond UltraHD 4K (Devil Sophie /  2022) 629 MB

Anal gear knob fuck until the sausage presses - Geil shit in the rental car
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2 Girls 1 Cup No.2 FullHD 1080p (Nikki, Jessi /  2022) 2.19 GB

Two Girls 1 Cup Part 2! Starring Top girl Nikki and Jessi. These two bitches were hungry. So they decide to eat a dessert. It begins with them pissing in cups and then drinking each other’s pee! Then, they shit into their dessert cups and place whipped cream and strawberries on their shit and begin to eat it with spoons! But that’s not all, the girls get messy, play with their shit and dessert, and begin placing their shit into each other’s mouths and press the shit against their lips and kiss! They clearly giggle and enjoy playing with their shit! And then to finish their desserts, both bitches swallow and eat their own shit! Amazing video! DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE SECOND PART OF THE FAMOUS 2 GIRLS 1 CUP VIDEO!
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Lookin Like Mariah Carey (Big Booty Panty Poop Mess) FullHD 1080p (Mariah Carey /  2022) 1.65 GB

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How to make up for me UltraHD 4K (Devil Sophie (aka SteffiBlond) /  2022) 551 MB

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OMG I have to poop and piss like this - come on let's have a look at the parking garage UltraHD 4K (Devil Sophie /  2022) 1012 MB

OMG I have to poop and piss like this - come on let's have a look at the parking garage
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Fastfood piglets really messed up the fastfood toilet shit with SteffiBlond UltraHD 4K (Devil Sophie /  2022) 690 MB

Fastfood piglets really messed up the fastfood toilet shit
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Breakfast is ready - I come kack and piss your plate full with Devil Sophie UltraHD 4K (SteffiBlond /  2022) 486 MB

Breakfast is ready - I come kack and piss your plate full
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6 POV Punishments (with GS and Scat) FullHD 1080p (MissMortelle /  2022) 1.57 GB

You harassed my little sis on an online clothes selling site and asked her for sexy pictures of her wearing a bikini. Because of that I'm going to punish you today. Too bad you did not know that the older sis was a dominatrix!
I stand in front of you in a red vinyl dress and tell you to get down on your knees. First you will have to endure ballbusting with my bare feet! Maybe it eases the pain a little that you can see my divine pussy flashing?
Next, I'll make you smell and lick my stinky feet. These feet were in closed sneakers until just now and have been sweating nicely while I've been riding my bike..
A POV Clip to sexy for a slave like you!
Then you have to lie on the floor and endure barefoot trampling. Again and again I trample you with my feet, stepping on your face, your cock and your balls. While using you as my carpet, my dress slides up further and further..
Now we finally come to the perverted punishments.. Completely undressed I stand above you with spread legs. The divine view makes you totally submissive and as soon as I begin to pee – directly onto your face – you willingly open your mouth! After two golden shower fillings you might think that I've tortured you enough; but the peeing has only made me hungry for more: For Brown Shower!
Now I squat directly over your mouth with my asshole and command you to open big.. I will shit directly onto you until you are completely covered with my shit. I will now push you to eat every little bit of my scat. Finally, as a last punishment you must lick my dirty asshole clean. Since you are a bit shy about it, I just sit on your face with my shitty butt and give you facesitting until you clean everything with your tongue. That's what you get when you harass my sis online!
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Fart video turns into pooping FullHD 1080p (Yourfantasy6190 /  2022) 779 MB

I m on my bed.I was trying to film a farting video for you but it seemed like my ass had another plan! It came out a pooping one on the bed
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I piss and shit myself - as cool as ever with Devil Sophie UltraHD 4K (SteffiBlond /  2022) 505 MB

I piss and shit myself - as cool as ever!
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Oopsie Poopsie UltraHD 2K (Messylexi /  2022) 1.01 GB

Lexi is out on a road trip and stops at a rest stop to stretch her legs and use the bathroom since her stomach has been upset all day. While walking around Lexi decides to head to the bathroom but her stomach had other plans for her. On her way there the pressure was just to much and she tells you she isn’t going to make it and has diarrhea in her tight pink jeans right there in front of all the people around the rest area. In true Lexi fashion she just says oops and sits in her mess and watches people walk by.
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Well Fed 1 HD 720p (Holly /  2022) 1.01 GB

We have received quite a few emails requesting some heavy scat action with a bbw girl. When Holly - a super-chubby escort from London who works caters for special fetishes such as scat and bdsm - emailed us and absolutely wanted to show of her toilet skills we didn't say now. Little did know what extremely perverted girl was waiting there. Holly is certainly one of the most extreme scat girls around who genuinely orgasms time after time when she has shit in her mouth or is being fisted. If bbw ladies and super-hard scat action is your thing, don't miss this one. Holly gets well fed and she deserves only the best.
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Sperrgebiet Erotik No.12 DVDRip (Amateur /  2022) 1.09 GB

Horny hardcore movie with many hot girls, wet piss- and bizarre caviar action!
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Portrait Extrem 2 - The very first time DVDRip (Rosamunde, Sahra, Kfz /  2022) 705 MB

Kann man nach "Avantgarde Extreme" noch weitergehen ? Diese Serie entstand aus dem Bedurfnis wiederholt die Rahmenbedingungen der bisherigen Serien zu sprengen und konzeptionell vollkommen frei arbeiten zu konnen. Euch erwartet also im Laufe der Serie ein Sammelsurium aus diversen orgiastischen Sessions, "Privat"-Castings und sonstigen Fragmentenaber auch Szenarien mit Handlung im "Avantgarde"-Stil. Der einzige gemeinsame Nenner dieser Serie wird die "HARTE LINIE" sein. Lasst Euch bezaubern, durch den authentischen Charme extrem veranlagter Girls & Ladies !
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Shit Smelling Pig Bitch FullHD 1080p (Japan /  2022) 4.73 GB

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Avantgarde Extreme 41 DVDRip (Simon Thaur, Pipi, Olga, Bea, Johanna, Ricky Tzatzicki /  2022) 700 MB

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Diaper smearing with diarrhea FullHD 1080p (p00girl /  2022) 838 MB

Diaper smearing with diarrhea, what a huge pile of shit and pissing, diaper full and leaking, smearing my body with it, shoving it in the pussy, turning it inside out and putting it on again, very hot and fresh shit
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Scat fuck 24 (no male scat) HD 720p (Versauteschnukkis /  2022) 1.68 GB

In this video of the dirty snukkis, the milf pisses shit into her fucker’s hand and he smears her cunt and ass with it and fingers her before he fucks her. Then he gets up and pisses on the milf’s cunt and continues to fuck her, then they switch positions and continue to fuck around with their shit. Have fun watching
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Poop Doggystyle FullHD 1080p (AinaraX /  2022) 417 MB

You’ll see me shitting from behind with my knees on the ground. I grab my buttocks with my hands to open my ass and my butthole so you can see better how the poop comes out. You will see my facial expressions squeezing to kick her out and feeling relief and pleasure. You will also hear my gasps and moans. Have you seen that??! while I shit my pussy drips its own juices! white liquid weight falling… In the end you will see the pile of shit accumulated on the floor with the milk of my rabbit together.
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Shit on the floor head on III FullHD 1080p (AinaraX /  2022) 384 MB

How sexy I am in today’s video! I stand facing forward with my legs bent open and my hands resting on the ground. I’m naked. I’m wearing high-rise lace stockings with a fuchsia fishnet, that make me see very sensual legs. I squeeze a little so that all my shit can start to come out smoothly, with rhythm, without pause and continuously. I didn’t have to do much effort, it came off easily. While I’m shitting you will hear my moans of pleasure and see my facial expressions. Look how smoothly those brown cairns come out! they look really pretty. Then I quickly get a source with a lot of pee power. I left the whole floor wet! Finally, I show the result on the ground with close-up shots.
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Handcuffed Enema Humiliation FullHD 1080p (Custom Request /  2022) 1.03 GB

Request Details: The video will start with the model wearing white or grey leggings with no panties, pulling them down to her ankles and administering an Enema. After taking the enema the model will sit down on the toilet to get ready to release… However, the model has an outstanding warrant for her arrest for suspected drug possession. As she is sitting on the toilet a police officer throws her to the ground and handcuffs her behind her back, the officer pulls up her leggings for some decency, but still leaves her on the floor struggling for a while, whilst requesting transport, not realising that the model is extremely desperate to relax her bowels and release a massive load in her leggings. The model is still struggling on the floor at this point while the officer is busy requesting a transport van. The following is the most important part of the video. The model will struggle on the floor for a good few mins, really expressing how much they have to shit (Squirming/Wiggling/Clenching ass/crossing legs etc) and after those few minutes of pure, extreme desperation, the model will release a massive load into her leggings making a massive explosion and a bigger mess with a big moan to follow. The model will be very embarrassed at this point, lying bound by handcuffs with shit all over her leggings, unable to do anything but wait until the officer returns. The officer returns, stands the model up, removes the cuffs and demands that the model undergoes a strip search as the crime is drug related. The model is in disbelief at the thought of having to expose herself after going through what is already the most embarrassing experience of her life so far, so naturally she pleads, but to no avail. She reluctantly removes her shirt and bra, lifting both breasts to show there are no hidden narcotics there. She then slowly pulls down her leggings and takes them off completely, standing in a puddle of her own shit. The officer requests the model to show the inside of her shit covered leggings as part of the search. and then tells the model to turn around in a 360 degree motion showing her whole body, front and back. The last part of the search includes the squatting and coughing stage. The model will face the camera, place her hands on her head and squat, coughing twice. The model will then turn away from the camera showing her ass, again squatting and coughing. Lastly the model will turn from the camera, bend over and spread her ass cheeks in the last part of the search. The officer, frustrated that he hasn’t found anything illegal in the models possession, handcuffs the model again and throws her to the floor. The video will end with the model crying in pure utter embarrassment with her spirit completely broken. My only request prior to the video would be that the model holds her shit in for 2-3 days or for as long as possible, to ensure of a big and messy load! (I am aware most models only film solo which is no problem at all so in scenes with the officer feel free to be creative with angles to make appear that the officer is off camera or just whatever suits. The officer also doesn’t have to actually say anything either, as long as the model is making it clear of the basics the officer is saying based on the models responses) Please focus on the desperation and embarrassment as the main focal points of the video.
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Anal sex shit on the chest FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2022) 1.21 GB

In this video, Carolina and Alice. The girls are about to play their favorite shitty games. They stripped each other. Their young bodies are beautiful, they kiss and caress each other. Then the girls have anal sex, fuck each other in the ass with a rubber thick member in turn. Then they shred each other’s breasts and spread shit on their boobs. They continue to play, caress and kiss each other and lick the shit from the chest and swallow it
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I will fulfill any your whims, mistresses HD 720p (Milanasmelly /  2022) 1.88 GB

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