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Sore tummy ends in SHIT fuck fest FullHD 1080p (Curvykitten92 /  2018) 1.74 GB

Wow guys, I have a full-length 18 minute video for you to enjoy!

In this video I have had to go to bed to rest with upset tummy pains!
I am laid in bed surrounded by lots of stinky farts when my partner walks in and asks how I a. I tell him I am really blocked up and ask him to cuddle in bed to help my tummy pains. His sexy body gets me very horny and I start sucking his cock.

Wouldn’t it be super hot if I just shit right here in the bed? I lay back down and spread my hole and begin teasing a shit. I decide it is best to treat him so i climb on top and start taking a fat shit on his cock. He fingers my arse before my juicy brown load drops out. He slides his dick in my pussy and I start riding him immediately after I’ve pooped. WOW that was so hot!

He covers my arse in thick hot warm shit and we continue to fuck. Next I wank and suck his shitty throbbing cock and then begin to rub shit all over his body. Mmmm, I wish you could smell it! I cover my tits and tummy in beautiful brown poop! He turns me over and proceeds to slip his dick into my tight little arsehole. His big cock stretches my shitty hole and I begin to moan whilst I cum. My arse is so tight that I decide to take his shitty dick and shove it in my pussy.

I lay on my back spreading shit all over my self and begin to rub my clit. He slides his shitty cock deep in my clean fresh pussy and fucks me hard. Wow, I never knew I’d take shit up my cunt, but it feels amazing. We continue to fuck with shit more and more. He rubs shit all over my pusys and brings me to yet another orgasms. Afterwards, we continue to fuck before he can’t hold his load anymore. My pussy and arse are sore and covered in shit so I decide to suck him dry.

I clean my nasty shit off his dick with my mouth, making sure I taste my pussy and shit juices! He cums all over me leaving me in a shitty cummy mess.
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Lesbian Shit Abuse UltraHD 4K (Saori Kido, Demmi /  2018) 3.39 GB

Demmi is so sexy in that movie, she knows that saori is always ready to serve her desires and today, she is excited for a very dirty one. Demmi forced Saori to suck her pussy and asshole, getting much pleasure for the next step. Demmi shits on Saori's face, covering the slave's face with a tick layer of shit.
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Russian Amateur Shit SD (Shit Girl /  2018) 188 MB

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2 Girls 1 Cup No.2 ( HUNGRY BITCHES - 2 ) FullHD 1080p (Nikki and Jessi /  2018) 2.15 GB

Two Girls 1 Cup Part 2! Starring Top girl Nikki and Jessi. These two bitches were hungry. So they decide to eat a dessert. It begins with them pissing in cups and then drinking each other’s pee! Then, they shit into their dessert cups and place whipped cream and strawberries on their shit and begin to eat it with spoons! But that’s not all, the girls get messy, play with their shit and dessert, and begin placing their shit into each other’s mouths and press the shit against their lips and kiss! They clearly giggle and enjoy playing with their shit! And then to finish their desserts, both bitches swallow and eat their own shit! Amazing video! DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE SECOND PART OF THE FAMOUS 2 GIRLS 1 CUP VIDEO!
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Just Sexy Panty Pooping FullHD 720p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 439 MB

Wow, how I love this pose, bending over the table and feeling that something sexy should happen soon. You already know what I’m talking about, yeah. And of course you right! I’m going to poop my panties and masturbate myself with my solid log again
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Panty Pooping FullHD 1080p (Shit Girl /  2018) 1.30 GB

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Rapid swallowing of female shit without chewing HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 1.81 GB

Rapid swallowing of female shit without chewing! I liked to swallow shit blindfolded – so I can deeply taste taste and suppress vomiting better! So for girls it is more comfortable when they do not see the eyes of a slave – do not perceive it as a person. This video clearly shows my throat – how I suffered when I swallowed Amina’s shit and how hard she commanded the feeding process. I quickly swallowed 2 large and hard pieces of shit from Amina, but with great anguish. This time I swallowed almost without chewing – I become more comfortable female toilet. Before Amina, I was hard-pressed with fart Yana – she really had a lot of shit this time – when I swallowed a portion and thought it was the end, Ian filled my mouth again! Her shit looked ugly – but I did not see it when I swallowed. Christina started today! She energetically filled me with urine and bitter shit and prepared me for the next girl. Throat close-up – to see the process of swallowing. The girls said that now I swallow faster than before.
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4 girls – torment and pleasure HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 1.76 GB

4 girls – torment and pleasure! 4 girls – my new record! They raped me with a mob! At first the girls in turn told what they ate yesterday and said they wanted to shit and showed their asses in panties. Then we went to the studio and the girls took turns using me! I felt the taste of the shit of the new girl Lisa – and now I know for sure that every girl has her own unique, individual taste! Liza’s shit was not sweet, not sour, not bitter – I almost did not feel his taste. All girls have a unique taste and it is very addictive – the desire to experience a new taste! This time I decided not to tie my eyes to enjoy the look of their beautiful asses and look like shit.

Congratulate me – I have a new girl – Lisa! She is a real angel, her voice is divine, her shit is sweet nectar and she has a very luxurious girlfriend that you will soon see! I was very fortunate that I found it and can enjoy meetings with it – I hope you will also appreciate the beauty of Lisa!

This is the best way to spend time with girls! They fart and stink – but for me they are the most delicious! It was scary, but the desire to feel their tastes and the fact that now I will be used by 4 girls was stronger. I did not know what they prepared for me – but I knew that I would eat all their delicacies – it’s my duty!
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Fart And Shart In Leggings FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2018) 1.10 GB

Watch me at my friends house desperate to fart as have really bad trapped wind but my friend is in the toilet as per usual.. Maybe i can let them out down here and they wont be to loud so she wont hear. I start farting getting rid of my trapped wind and they are so loud that they shock me im so embarressed, i keep pushing them out one after the other.. which makes me pee my white leggings. I tell you ive been so constipated and nothing seems to be able to get my shit out. Ive heard an enema works i grab my friends enema and squirt in into my arse and pull up my pants and hoping that by time it kicks in my friend will be out. It comes on suddenly and i fart and all the water from enema soaks my leggings but no poo… I think my friends out so i go off camera then rush back. Omg its coming i fart and shart into my leggings i pull down my leggings and show you my shart covered thong and shart spattered leggings. This is so embarrassing.
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Amina and Yana relax in sauna. New slave with MilanaSmelly HD 720p (Amina, Yana, MilanaSmelly /  2018) 477 MB

Amina and Yana relax in the sauna. A new slave! Our studio was visited by a new toilet slave Michael. He wanted girls to use it and make everyone eat it even if he begged them to stop! We’ve started. The girls rested in the sauna and went swimming in the pool, their bodies were hot. Meanwhile, Michael was waiting in the toilet. The girls rigidly used the new slave and sent him home to his wife he is married
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Must eat it all HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 1019 MB

Must eat it all! He did not expect that eating female shit is very difficult, but girls did not care!
P.S. A new toilet slave
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Solo Scat Girls By Top Model Gaby SD (Gaby /  2018) 879 MB

Blonde girl Gaby have scat scenes in the beatiful country of Brazilia. In the first scene she is at the backyard where she shit next to a tree. The second scene is inside the house where she fully naked and we can see her fantastic back tattoo on the corridor. The next scene is in the kitchen where she put a nice pile in front of the oven. Her two last scenes are outside the backyard where she put a nice big brick to the tiles.
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Mouth She loves sucking shitty cock SD (Amateur Ass /  2018) 192 MB

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Transparent Pantes Pooping FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 337 MB

I told you I don’t like to go to the toilet ! Didn’t I? Well, if only I could do something sexy over there. How about to take on my new transparent panties and watch how slowly my heavy load fills them to the max
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Kunilingus SD (Femdom /  2018) 95.7 MB

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Mel And Tima 2 SD (Marcelo Cross /  2018) 699 MB

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Shit-eating machine for 6 girls HD 720p (Liza, Yana, Christina, Amina, Lassie, Megan /  2018) 1.04 GB

Shit-eating machine for 6 girls. Girls like this toilet very much, because it swallows fast! Urine, shit, usual or menstrual discharge - it swallows everything. He is in great pain - but he likes it! Today he served 6 stinky girls, he bathed in their smells and tastes!...
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Poop In Panties JOI FullHD 1080p (TheFartBabes /  2018) 895 MB

Goddess is giving you jerk off instruction while pooping in panties after she is ordering you to eat her shit.
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Best way to use the Toilet FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 516 MB

Have you ever heard about the best way to use the Toilet? Well, let me show you. Simply – go to the toilet, but don’t take your panties down. Just take any comfortable position you want and begin some sort of soft masturbation by your panties… And then – just poop your big bulge inside your panties and continue cumming till orgasm will blow your head! It doesn’t matter what you will be doing after that, the only important thing is – your feelings + your orgasm. That’s all!
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Stretching Causes Bowel Movement FullHD 1080p (EllaDearest /  2018) 1.54 GB

I have recently started yoga and have realised all that mindful stretching really loosens my bowels. Watch me engage in some light stretching in only a sports bra, I stretch so you can have a good look at my pussy and most importantly my ass hole. I do a few stretches to get my bowel moving once i’m ready I stretch my legs back and let out a medium sized soft light brown load. My webcam starts ringing but I ignore it as my toilet boys are more important right now…. I then continue to stretch out showing off my shitty ass hole with my load right there in front of me.
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You can not watch! Triple use in total darkness HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 1.10 GB

You can not watch! Triple use in total darkness. This video we made in the early morning, Yana could not stand it any more, she had diarrhea – she phoned with the girls and they came to me at 9 am. This was the first time in my life when I was used by three girls in total darkness, I could only feel the taste, smell and hear – nothing distracted me from swallowing! Yana poured a sweet and smelly diarrhea into my mouth, I had to swallow it with large swallows at the time of defecation, so that she did not fall to the floor – I made about 7 large sips at the time when diarrhea came out of her. Swallowing was difficult – my mouth was rusted with remains of badly-digested food. Diarrhea also covered my nose – I could not breathe and my mouth was also filled to breathe I took 4 more deep sips! Amina puknula and poured into my mouth quality, hard shit with a pleasant smell and taste! Her shit is always sweet – she eats a lot of sweet and likes chocolate. Her shit was hard to swallow, she had to chew a lot, I swallowed some of the pieces without chewing and I felt them coming through my throat and trying to relax the larynx. In the process of glutting, I had a lot of saliva that helped swallow, but sometimes flowed out. In the end, I took in the bitter shit and urine of Christina, was liberated and saw the light!
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You’re My Human Toilet FullHD 1080p (RussianBeauty /  2018) 807 MB

Your my next human toilet victim. I will be using your mouth to deposit log after log that I push out. Anything I can’t push out, you will be sucking out with your lips and mouth. You will be surviving on only my shit and piss. My last victim was only able to survive 10 days on my piss and shit and he loved every second of it. I bet you would love to choke on my logs as I completely sit on your face as you struggle to breathe. Let’s see how long you’ll survive. Open wide bitch, it’s time for you to savor my loads.
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2018 Shit and Piss Party HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 1.64 GB

2018 shit and piss party. At first Lisa came into the room. This time, she was keen to shit, since we agreed that she would tolerate 2 days! She peed in my mouth for a long time, then she put a hard piece of shit in my mouth and continued to piss, I had to chew the crap at the same time and swallow urine. In the process, I felt a strong smell of her female genitalia – it was delicious! Lisa put all her shit in my mouth and ordered me to swallow it while she was smoking a cigarette. Yana fed me with liquid shit and female discharge. Christina, powerfully with a fart poured into my mouth my sweet shit and a large portion of urine. This time the girls did not regret urine – I like to drink urine, but this time it was very much!
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PantyPooping + VR v2.0 FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 355 MB

Looks like Virtual Reality porn gives me even more sexual satisfaction than standard sex. But only if I pooped my panties while watching VR porn and masturbating with my hot heavy load in panties. So my new formula is: VRporn + PantyPooping = mindblowing orgasm
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PantyPooping + VirtualReality v1.0 FullHD 1080p (NaughtyPuma /  2018) 580 MB

Something totally new and insane this time. I’m watching lesbian VR porn and pooping my panties for more immersive feelings and sensations! And looks like this VR porn in headset drives me nuts and superHorny! You better watch this than read this
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