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You are a toilet FullHD 1080p (HotDirtyIvone /  2019) 705 MB

Yes you are a toilet. My own private toilet. Nothing more. But u know what? I think this is amazing. You’re so lucky man. You should be happy. Closer than ever before. I’m just shitting on you. During this I make a lot of loud and stinky farts… Sharts haha. I’m peeing on you too. You love it. You want more. Maybe someday you’ll get more…
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Shit-Storm for a shit-eating toilet slave FullHD 1080p (annalise /  2019) 503 MB

And the next shit-eating toilet slave, serving me as a living toilet. The slave was ready, with his mouth wide open, lying on the floor. So that he got everything full in his mouth and he could see my horny ass while pooping, he lay under the stair step. What the slave did not know, was, that I had diarrhea. And so I pooped him a real huge Shit-Storm in his mouth. Beautifully soft, I pooped him a huge diarrhea-shit into his toilet mouth. Then I pissed him a huge load of piss in his, with shit filled Mouth.The shit and piss pampe had to eat the slave then. Listen as he smacks as he devours my delights! And you can see it all again from 3 camera shots in Full HD, so you do not miss anything. A must for every FemDom shit- and pee lover!
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Slave swallows shit with sperm HD 720p (suppkakiem /  2019) 543 MB

Real toilet slave should take in ALL that comes out of the lady – even if it’s the sperm of Alina’s boyfriend, who cumshot in her pussy just 10 minutes ago. In this video, the toilet slave quickly eats Alina’s shit from her hand. When Alina rose above the toilet and began to push hard, the sperm flowed from her vagina. The slave, seeing as on the shit, in his hand, dripping semen, immediately licked it, for the toilet slave – it was a real delicacy – his mistress’s shit flavored with sperm – what could be more delicious?
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Faceshitting Toilet Domination HD 720p (marcos579 /  2019) 1.42 GB

I have my slave eating my asshole… There are not many things better than lick me before my toilet! I love to enjoy while he licks my asshole and soon enough I have a really powerful orgasm! Oh my gosh, this makes my ass so ease off that I want to use him as my TOILET! Yes, I’m gonna feed him with my monster SHIT! And he seems like a toilet seat for my GODDESS ASS! I want his mouth as close as possible to my ass, so nothing can fall out his mouth! He has to take and swallow everything! I am using my feet to keep his mouth right in my shit and keep feeding him until I am cum! He has to clean my asshole with his tongue! I think he is a not bad toilet! I will use him again later…
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7 Days 7 Shits FullHD 1080p (SexyFlatulence /  2019) 395 MB

I filmed my shits for an entire week! And I experimented with smearing for the first time on Day 6!
Day 1: I drop a big load in my satin pants-and I literally mean drop- my big ball of poo rolls down inside my pant leg and comes out at the bottom lol! I show you how messy my legs and inside of my pants got from pooping in my pants.
Day 2 + 3- Shitting into vacuum sealed bags. This is how I make those delicious poos for my customers
Day 4 - My big ass hangs over a cushion I fart and then let a medium-sized corn filled poo out
Day 5 - I pile it high with a fatty long shit onto my bathroom floor
Day 6 - I’m on top of my bathroom counter with a nice POV view from below. This poo left quite a mess on my ass so I figured why not just smear it a little across my ass cheek? It was fun
Day 7 - I just woke up and first thing I needed to do was poo. My poo is full of corn! Super long shits collect into a heaping pile on my bathroom floor.
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Broken Toilet Fantasy Alexis UltraHD 4K (Scathunter /  2019) 1.80 GB

Alexis Gotta Ass Bigger Then A Lexus. Meet Alexa…This is really her name and her ass is really as big as a Lexus! No really. It is. And she is absolutely fine as fuck. In this movie I set a trap, and write “Out Of Order” on a sign and post it to the woman’s bathroom… In hopes of catching a girl that has to shit. I totally score big time when Alexis showed up with her big booty shaking having to take a shit badly! I then lure her up to my room by telling her that she can use my bathroom…however I have already locked the bathroom door in my room and the only place left to go will be directly in my mouth! This is an amazing classic broken toilet fantasy, made to perfection, by the size of her gigantic big white butt, and pretty, sexy face. She gives the most incredible head and pees all over my face and into my mouth, before she spills her hot load of scat into my waiting open mouth. I chow down all of it and swallow mouthful after mouthful, as she sucks my cock like she is fucking possessed. I then give her a hot cum facial bath to finish her off…no mask, all face. Your not gonna want to miss this one I can promise you that! There aren’t too many white girls looking sexy as fuck with a ass the size of hers…willing to open there big sexy butt cheeks and shit into a hungry mouth…
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Turning You Into My TOILET UltraHD 4K (ElenaToilet /  2019) 730 MB

I guess you’re wondering why I called you in here, slave? Well… I know your filthy little secret, slave… I know you’ve been sniffing my dirty panties in the toilet! I let you worship my dirty feet and my sweaty ass…Open wide your mouth and eat my divine shit! That’s right, I’m going to feed it to you… and from now on, you can do whatever you like to my ass and jerk off to them and clean my dirty arsehole.. as long as you can eat my shit. Doesn’t it look tasty enough to make you my toilet? Huh?
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VM69 SCAT WHORE FOR HENRY HD 720p (Veronica Moser, 1 male /  2019) 594 MB

Veronica says: "My long-time member Henry knew exactly how to treat me right. He fucked me hard up the ass, opened my shithole with a speculum and filled me up with his hot piss before stuffing all my holes with shit. He made me come four times and left me lying on the floor exhausted as the worn-out, filthy scatwhore I love to be!"
Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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THE GREEDY PAIR HD 720p (Betty, Violet, 3 males /  2019) 1.16 GB

A message from Betty: Hi again!
I'm back from another fabulous shooting weekend with the Hightide crowd.
So glad I met lovely Violet for the first time....and definitely not for the last!
We hit off so well that after the final cut we stayed right there on the set for a fag and a chat, still covered from head to toe...
and agreed to meet the next morning for a dirty breakfast...
but thats another story ;)
Love, Betty & Violet
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SHAMELESS MATRONS THE MAGIC GLOVE HD 720p (Marilou, Angelina, 1 male /  2019) 591 MB

We received this intriguing application by Marilou:
Dear Hightide-Team,
my name is Marilou.
I’m a big girl, and I love piss and scat!
I also have a huge thing for blue rubber gloves (really!)
I think I’d make a good Shameless Matron…do you?
Big Kiss,
Piss, scat AND blue rubber gloves? Of course we'll give that a try!
So glad we did because during a wild encounter with Angelina and a gentleman friend Marilou turned out to be the perfect addition to the Matrons gang - mature, shameless and horny as hell
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BBWENDI THE ALL-GENDER TOILET HD 720p (Wendi, Marlen, 1 male /  2019) 861 MB

Chubby sub BBWendi is back, keen on taking her human toilet training to the next level. For the first time ever she gives in to her bisexual side, which in Wendi's case means providing full toilet service to men and women alike. Fortunately Marlen was more than willing to lend a hand and a full ass, making Wendi's master proud and his all-gender toilet the happiest slave in the world!
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Hotel bath room scat slaves pov version HD 720p (mikadoshop /  2019) 542 MB

Roxy orderd a slave into her hote. She orderd him to lay down on the floor of the bath room and shits in mouth.
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Pussy on Pussy FullHD 1080p (ScatFreekzClub /  2019) 1.95 GB

I just finished making my bed up with my new favorite plush pussy blanket. I’ve been holding my shit in my hot tight phat ass all day. Its ready to bust out my big butt but I have been waiting so you can see my hot load. I tried to put whip cream up my fudge packed ass but it didn’t want to go. I wanted to feel my big black dildo up my ass with all my thick shit but it wouldn’t fit in my tight ass either. I can only rim my ass. I loved sucking my dildo thinking it was your dick daddy. Since I can not fit anything up my phat ass I decide to give you instruction on how to beat your dick with my shit. That was a big load in my black leather leggings, I liked mixing my shit with cream thinking it was your cum daddy.
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Shit Like Dishwashing Detergent FullHD 1080p (Brown Wife /  2019) 1.03 GB

Masked and pregnant, this Russian wife shits on the floor, picks up her turd and uses it as soap for her dishes. She proceeds to smear to turd over her breasts, belly, and legs
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TOILET SISSY'S PARTY DUTIES HD 720p (Miss Kelly, Miss Pia, Miss Naomi, 2 Sissy Slaves /  2019) 1.10 GB

The Toilet Sissy Saga continues, now with newcomer Naomi preparing her slave dog in the bathroom before she joins Miss Kelly and Miss Pia for a fun afternoon of feeding and humiliating two devoted sissy slaves. With only the best shit swallower being allowed to cum, both slaves engage in a fierce race to the bottom...
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If you're familar with the typical AstraCelestial session, you probably know that it's never over till it's over. Same here - Jane, Sandy and their lucky fucker play hard until the last drop in an incredible scat-fuck-vomit orgy as if there's no tomorrow!
Please note that this title was not produced by us. While camera angles, sound etc. may not be perfect, the action is raw, extreme scatsex at its best.
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Flu Thinking Puke, Ending up as Shitting my Shorts HD 720p (EricaKay /  2019) 275 MB

Erica is not feeling very well; she has a fever and doesn’t know if she has to poo or puke…we’ve all been there before! She kneels in front of the toilet thinking that she is going to throw up and as she is trying to puke, she explodes into her jean shorts…she has been contipated for days and finally she gets to let everything out. It pushes like a volcano out of her shorts and when she is releasing her days of constipation, she can only moan, push, pass gas, and push a lot of shit that eventually drips down her shorts onto her legs and feet. When she is finished, she stands and the shit runs down her legs and destroys her shorts.
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MASSIVE 5 Day Load In My Faux Leather Leggings FullHD 1080p (CosmicGirl /  2019) 1.25 GB

I turn my ass to the camera to unload a MASSIVE 5 days worth of poo into my skin tight black leather leggings. I reach inside my pants pull out the first incredibly dense, monster sized poo ball and then squish it in my palm. It has a nice clay-like consistency. I then give you a nice close up shot of the hot mess I just made. I reach back into my leggings to retrieve the 2nd, equally massive poo ball in my other hand. I smear some on the front of my leggings and rub my pussy hard with my shitty hand leaving a few really nice thick streaks of poop on my pants. I turn my ass back to the camera and with both of my hands full of my stinky poo I smack my ass leaving poo all over the ass of my pants. I pull my pants down and stick a finger in my shitty hole. I pull my pants back up, take an extra deep breath and inhale all the lovely smells emanating from my hands. I give my stinky poo hands a quick lick before waving good bye!
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Oops! I Just Shit My Capri’s HD 720p (EricaKay /  2019) 148 MB

Erica can’t wait to get home because she has a really bad stomach ache. Driving home, Erica has to shit so badly! She finally pulls into her garage and runs to the door only to find it locked!!! No one is home so she just explodes in her pants. No one is home to let her in and she has to wait in her shit filled pants until someone comes home to let her in the house.
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Eat It ALL, Slave FullHD 1080p (LoveRachelle2 /  2019) 391 MB

Here you are again, sitting on the floor and begging for my shit like a dog… and I wonder, should I feed you? Have you been good enough, slave? Are wasting your Mistress’ time? Are you WORTH the privilege of eating my shit? Well, we’ll see, now won’t we? That’s right, you’re going to eat it ALL this time, slave, and I won’t be satisfied until you’re dragging your tongue on the floor to lap up the last flecks of my shit!
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Yana shits in leather pants FullHD 1080p (Yana /  2019) 875 MB

Yana went to the toilet and lit a cigarette, Yana was wearing leather pants, Yana ran a hand down his pants and started to caress her cunt, Yana smokes a cigarette and Masturbates, smoked a cigarette Yana turns booty to the camera and takes off his pants, showing you my clean ass , then again Yana wears them and starts to shit in his leather pants. Oh yeah so much crap was inside the leather pants. Yana again turns his ass to the camera and takes off his pants, all the ass and leather pants in the shit, Yana again puts them on the ass and to sit on the toilet. And again he sticks his hand and starts to masturbate her cunt. Yana loves to experiment and she bought these leather trousers especially for you
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Diapered Leather Seductress HD 720p (thefartbabes /  2019) 1.14 GB

Goddess Panther is seductively teasing you with her leather outfit and big and messy load in her diaper and plastic pants.
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Surprise in leggings and a closet FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2019) 1.08 GB

Olga came into the room and opened the wardrobe and began looking for his pants, she wanted to change clothes and go to the store, Olga got the first one pants, no, not that, then the other, again not then, and several times she had taken from the wardrobe of pants, eventually Olga made their choice and wore a white shirt. When Olga wore leggings and shoes from the wardrobe appeared Yana, as Yana then tell Olga she was sitting in the closet and waited in a room change will come Olga. Yana was wearing black leather pants, Yana and Olga began to fill with crap your leggings and leather pants at a time. At first it did and then Olga and Yana. Yana Olga show you her beautiful ass, taking pants and leather jeans, and wearing them again. At the end of the video Yana has climbed in the closet and began again to wait for Olga
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Sexy Seduction & Poop in Leather Booty Shorts HD 720p (BDSMangel /  2019) 720 MB

You love the way My thighs look, how thick and juicy they are, the way they lead up to My ass cheeks and curve just enough to poke out and bounce when I walk. Wearing these sexy shiny leather lace side shorts drives you wild. Looking at my pussy while I rub it against the fabric. And when I take them off, and show you my ass hole you get harder and harder waiting for my poo to slide out and drop for you. Nice close up views at the end gives you an amazing look at my poo xx
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Messy Prank Revenge FullHD 1080p (CosmicGirl /  2019) 802 MB

I am laughing and making fun of my room mate for a prank I pulled on him. Laughing and humiliating him for the way I made him piss and shit his pants last week when I dressed up like a zombie and scared him on the way to his usual morning time bathroom trip.
It was so hilarious, but very embarrassing for him. So, he decides to get me back one day, and has a friend dress up in a scary “IT” style clown costume and he “breaks into” our apartment! It startles me so badly andI can’t help it, I am just so scared that I make a big dirty mess in my freshly washed jeans! I try to deny it for awhile, but then realize its pretty apparent that I have totally soiled myself with a big load of shit and piss…and it’s Much worse than he did! Both of them had a nice big laugh at my expense.
They won’t let me use the bathroom to clean up until I show them my shit and piss covered ass because they are just plain mean! plus they are total pervs too, I could see both of their erections growing in their pants as soon as I pulled my mess filled jeans down!
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