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First poo in Vr HD 720p (Nicolettaxxx /  2020) 188 MB

To watch this video you will need to use glasses for augmented reality (VR viewers) and download a program for VR as KMPlayer Vr. Download the video on your phone, then open the KmPlayer Vr program and have fun! My big ass has never been so round as in this new Vr video where you can taste it like it’s live!
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OPUD-261 FullHD 1080p (Kanashima Hiroko, Fujisawa Miori /  2020) 3.41 GB

[OPUD-261] Kanashima Hiroko, Fujisawa Miori 塗糞レズスカ美人妻 Scat 芳賀栄太郎

Japanese lesbians have sexual acts and do some shit smearing. A soap opera about scat lovers.
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GCD-754 Girls Garage HD 720p (Japan /  2020) 6.32 GB

GCD-754 Girls Garage ヨガ講師極太うんち 優子 33歳 人妻 全てが太い… Defecation 114分 2017/07/20 レイディックス

Sexy slim exercise girl masturbates to her shit and jacks off a guy. Gets an enema later.
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Sexy Pee And Poo FullHD 1080p (Marcos579 /  2020) 888 MB

This is a sensual, EFRO style pee and poop video. I strip off for you, I know you love looking at my naked body while you stroke your hard cock. I show you everything, and then I ask if you’d like to see me pee. I squat down and pee in the glass, telling you to stroke your cock for me while you watch. Then I realise I need to poop too, so I push out a big hard log on to the floor, moaning all the while.
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Big Farting Girls FullHD 1080p (DirtyMaryan /  2020) 3.41 GB

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Dropping Massive Thick Shit FullHD 1080p (ElenaToilet /  2020) 998 MB

I’m making and sending you a video of me pooping to enjoy while you’re finished. I want your nose right up to your screen as you watch me wink my shit-brimmed anus and harden in your hand as you listen to the glistening sounds my wet asshole makes, just begging to shit. I want you licking your lips as my pussy drips with excitement as I’m about to birth all these smelly turds for you. Mmm, I show you my load and make you eat all that stinky shit ? So glad you still get to watch me shit from the source…
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Diarrhea Of The Mouth HD 720p (GoddessKinkyCaramel /  2020) 417 MB

Ever seen a human toilet in agony with a mouth full of shit? Well you have now, I used my sub’s mouth as a toilet with shit exploding everywhere on his face and in his mouth. I even made him watch it down with some of my delicious Texas tea. I made him lick my ass clean like a good little bitch.
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Lets give the neighbors a show UltraHD 2K (Seduction /  2020) 144 MB

Beautiful day to open the blinds and be naked isn’t it ? Yessss and what’s even better is putting on a Nasty show! It’s a quickie for my nadtyboys I’m topless and need to go to the bathroom so I begin to pee in a container some gets all on my leg which youll lick up later haha after pissing I turn around showing my freckled ass and begin to shit some turds but then a semi thick medium size load comes flowing out and mmmm did that feel good my little mixture in my container I shake up and show off to you and whoever is watching from outside this video gets straight to the point come find out
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Enema 4 Day Poop Smear HD 720p (Abigail Dupree /  2020) 542 MB

A 4 day stubborn poo that I finally go rid of with an enema. I talk about not take a poop and how I use anal beads and enema to get the stubborn turd out. I describe how my shit smells and looks with corn in it as I smear my bottom all brown, then my legs… stomach.
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Desperation of culinary blogger FullHD 1080p (Nastygirl /  2020) 1.06 GB

Blogger wanted to show how she cooks new dish but during filming had desperation. So insted prepairing food she cleaned dirty ass and floor with towels
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Sscat sex 37 FullHD 1080p (Amateurcouplewithfriends769 /  2020) 688 MB

Rubbing those juicy balls against that beautiful scat girls clit and making a mess of some great scat sex. Penetrating her with a full load of crap in her ass makes her pussy so much tighter, it can hardly fit in there. She waits patiently to poop once her master is ready for her stinky load. Great cumshot and lots of poop, Scat sex, EFRO, couples sex, making her cum, jizz load, getting pooped on while cumming, warm wonderful scat. New content
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Desperation during yoga work out FullHD 1080p (nastygirl /  2020) 1.30 GB

I had yoga work out. I used different poses for it and unfortunately pooped in my tight yoga leggins. I show after it my dirty ass, dirty leggins and shit falling on the floor. So insted work out i needed to clean it all
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All in shit, satisfied toilet bitch FullHD 1080p (Mistress /  2020) 987 MB

What lying down, get ready now I’m will going to shit on you. You are a schmuck, a bitch, a toilet and coprophile, our slave, nobody and nothing. All in shit, satisfied bitch? You are being courted by two Mistresses, bear it and enjoy while you can. Jerk off, but don’t you dare cum, you’ll cum on our legs and lick your cum off, loser.
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Shit obsessed girl made a mess FullHD 1080p (DirtyBetty /  2020) 1.41 GB

The clock is exactly 04:21 in the morning. On the table are a bunch of working papers, and plans for a thousand and one unfinished project. Want to sleep, but how to fall asleep without a perverted scat session? I grab the light, the smartphone and already starting to get wet. But where can I find a fresh, huge piece of warm shit? “My dear mr.Annonimous, I have been cooking for you all week, now it’s your turn to treat”. But my voice sounded unnatural. Did this happen again? Something truly wild, and so perverted, break out! Are you ready?
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Piss and Shit in a Jar HD 720p (scatdesire /  2020) 705 MB

Today I feel to play with my slut and I call him for a session. Because I know his fetishes and his addictions, I just pee in a jar. I put my ass on your face, in your mouth and order you to clean them and lick them good. At the end, I prepare your meal and I shit a lot in a jar, to give you to eat it home slowly. You will become soon a full toilet! Stay with me for more dirty action!
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Shit slut cumming as she eats her shit FullHD 1080p (TinaAmazon /  2020) 2.64 GB

I’m such a shit slut. I really have to shit and feeling so horny I really want to eat my shit. I tease in a short black dress and heels talking dirty. Then I take a big shit on the floor. Its smells delicious, I take a few small pieces and swallow them. Then I use my magic wand to cum while I chew on more of my shit and lick and suck it covering my lips in my shit.
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Seven Day Poo in My Pantyhose! FullHD 1080p (EmilyMilk /  2020) 1006 MB

A rare seven day shit!! I can’t believe I could fit the anal beads in there!! It was such a relief pushing out this thick and creamy load. Just right for chewing on! And it spreads like butter on my feet!
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Shitty spa, so dirty we’re FullHD 1080p (Mistress /  2020) 1.36 GB

Today, my slave girl waiting for surprise in the morning, shit Spa, for youth and smoothness skin. Huge pile of shit came out of my ass and landed on her breasts. Ah, what a smell of shit immediately enveloped us, how soft shit is warm to the touch. It is so nice to smear on the body, it is so easy and thick to lay down. This is so exciting, this is real bliss. My toilet slut and I masturbated, cums, screams with pleasure, we all covered in shit. Getting covered in shit and masturbating is the most wonderful thing to do in the morning
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Huge Panty Poo Smear and Taste! FullHD 1080p (EmilyMilk /  2020) 505 MB

Cum listen to the sprinkling sound of me piss my panties! I follow it up with a nice fat shit right up in front the camera. There’s so much poo that I can really coat it on my back side! This mess looked especially tasty so I grabbed a bite to chew while fingering my asshole! So orgasmic!
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I eat shitty womit (part 2) FullHD 1080p (ScatLina /  2020) 1.63 GB

In the second part of the video I made a shitty vomit. I love this extreme game with shit! I drank all the vomit and fucked myself in my dirty mouth with a dildo again. I have such a stinky vomit, and I love shit from my mouth so much that I want to do it again and again. I smeared part of the vomit in my face, enjoying it and eating the rest of the vomit. Hmm, this is bliss
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Fun in a storage FullHD 1080p (NoraNature /  2020) 203 MB

Could not help myself! I like to rub my pussy fast with my shit to cum.
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Giant Green Peas Poo In My Black Leggings FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2020) 1.26 GB

Watch me wearing a black tight leggings on, cute bralette and black gloves on hands. Modeling a bit in my pants show off leggings ass close up. I spit on gloves and stick fingers into ass. Juicy as you could hear it. Stick some green creamy shit on gloves fingers. How badly you want to stroke your dick to my dirty pants? I wanna fill and destroy my pants with stinky poo which would make your dick hard. Trust me this poo will be super stinky and huge one. I encourage you to smell my stinky ass. I smear some poo around my asshole before release it. You can’t hide away your hard dick yet. Let me filling this leggings and drive you crazy with my poo. Standing hardly pushing out this giant and super creamy green peas poo. I stand close to camera and you could watch and listen those cracking noises while pooping. Poop coming through on leggings so it’s time to smear all over. I take out a massive green shit ball from my pants and I am impressed how beautiful it is. Its looks like a big green “shit” ball. I start to make pants dirty with front and back and telling you to jerk your hard dick right now faster. Obviously made your dick rock hard so nothing else to do just stroke it to my shitty leggings ass. I also fingering asshole bending over smudge more and more poo around it, then take back the leggings and release long and loud nasty farts to your face. I repeat it few times then I am sure you’re close to cum. Farting loudly just sounds so naughty. I ask you to jerk and cum on my green poo covered pants right now and pushing out one more noisy farts for you.
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I puke, smear and eat shit for you FullHD 1080p (MoxiMinx /  2020) 469 MB

Moximinx has saved up her shit for 2 days and 2 nights, and her ass is so fucking stuffed with it. On top of that, she ate so much dinner that her belly is purging out. She starts riding a dildo and sucks the shitty dildo like a dirty little shit whore. She starts slathering herself in her shit and hopes she has enough for her whole body. She shits out a fat turd and mashes it back into her asshole. She takes the long dildo covered in shit and starts to deepthroat and gag on it. As a result, all of her dinner comes out as puke. She then fists her ass to get the shit she stuffed inside earlier. She shapes it into a cookie shaped shit and takes a big bite. She chews it slowly, tasting everything and shows her empty mouth afterwards.
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Back from tennis UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 391 MB

Im rocking a pink french tennis dress and I’m back from the tennis court.
It is time to make an enooooorrrrrrrmmmooouuuuus poop.
While I am pooping, blood runs down my leg and on my table. The contrast between the red on the white is great. So I decide to take more blood out and smear it on the table It was fun
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Amateur Lesbian Scat And Toys FullHD 1080p (Jelena, Tiana /  2020) 1.62 GB

New lesbian scat movie of the amazing babes Jelena and Tiana. Tiana is such a mega sexy scat bitch and together with Jelena they start to kiss and start to use some extreme sex toys. After there will be a big shit into mouth and more scat kisses from that young sexy bitches! So check out the newest scat lesbian movie with toys and sexy scat kisses with two sexy russian babes Jelena And Tiana.
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