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Squatting in Jeans FullHD 1080p (Valentynexx /  2021) 251 MB

In this video I was wearing jeans, a T-shirt and tennis shoes and it was full, a perfect poo came out.
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Ella pooping in your face and spraying pee FullHD 1080p (Ella /  2021) 617 MB

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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait FullHD 1080p (Marinayam19 /  2021) 611 MB

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Koharu Ambitious Poop - Aoi Patio Poop - Saeko Home Alone - Honami Secret Menu Item - Hitomo Chocolate Spread FullHD 1080p (Honami /  2021) 5.64 GB

Koharu Ambitious Poop

Description: Having fun in an upside-down position! Pooping and peeing onto her own face! Self-filmed. Multiple Angles, Close-up(s). Slow-motion.

Aoi Patio Poop

Description: Biker jacket, lingerie and big poop in seclusion. Self-filmed.

Saeko Home Alone

Description: Pooping to relieve boredom, a huge log! Self-filmed. Close-up(s). Scale.

Honami Secret Menu Item

Description: Treated to a 3 course meal and serving you a big log for dessert! Multiple Angles. Close-up(s). Cameraman-assisted.

Hitomo Chocolate Spread

Description: Making a delicious homemade chocolate spread! Self-filmed. Note about final scene before purchase: As partially seen in preview, model only playfully nibbles bread corner (and swallows in full video). If you are wanting further progression you will not find it in this video, but surely it is a unique taste nonetheless!
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Shit before a date FullHD 1080p (Mikadoshop /  2021) 754 MB

Remasterd mp4 HD Version of a clip from 2012. Princess Nikki use her slaves as shit toilets before going out for a date. Very humilating talk, and a lot of shit!
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Dirtywife new task – eating her husband kaviar FullHD 1080p (GoddessAndreea /  2021) 467 MB

Starting today, it seems that Dirtywife has entered a new stage: she become a human toilet for her husband. She agreed for him to pee in her mouth and poop. Then he played with his kaviar and ate a little. Do you think it could be dirtier than it got ? Watch her adventures in the next episodes! Soon a new dirty clip with Dirtywife and Mister Faith!
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Shit on Madaira 07 FullHD 1080p (Mikadoshop /  2021) 638 MB

Remasterd mp4 HD Version of a clip from 2012. Both Scat Ladies Princess Nikki and Rachel must shit at the same time. Their toilet slaves are waiting outdoor. After shitting of Scat Ladies they let clean her assholes from a toilet slaves tongue. While the toilet slaves have to clean the assholes from their Scat Ladies, the Ladies kiss both and laugh.
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Pop AS quat Pt 2 FullHD 1080p (Solo /  2021) 458 MB

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Anal Leakage FullHD 1080p (SexyFlatulence /  2021) 418 MB

Certain fat-free foods give me bad ass grease! Watch me make a mess in my pants and on my floor!
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Brown Solid in a Pee Puddle - Congrats Grad and Great Work 2! FullHD 1080p (Marinayam19 /  2021) 2.30 GB

My last creamy pussy video had gotten great feedback so I thought I would do another one.I take off my panties and show off the creamy gusset, it didn’t cream while shitting ( pussies are unpredictable right? Well At least mine…) But you do get to see my peeing and pooping close up! And the end result is the brown solid in a puddle.. beautiful!
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Giantee Fucks and Shits on Littlees FullHD 1080p (Marinayam19 /  2021) 1.44 GB

I have small little animals, I let some sea creature suck my tits and penguin eat and fuck my pussy till I cum Then I shit on them and all of them got to eat my delicious shit
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Sexy naughty 3bitches FullHD 1080p (PrettyEbonies /  2021) 795 MB

Three black naughty bitches. The first time being naughty with model layo, Larry and me the naughtiest whore… lots of pee, shit, and smearing.drop your comment pls
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Farting story time! FullHD 1080p (BabyDollNaughty /  2021) 1.23 GB

Ive had a few people send me requests for fart videos, and decided to take a stab at it! So, here I am talking about past embarrassing farts while farting for you!
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Scat swallowing and puke show FullHD 1080p (SlutOrgasma /  2021) 1.72 GB

Scat Slut-Orgasma Celeste extreme scat swallowing and puke vomit cam show
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Poo face mask UltraHD 2K (Your_mariam /  2021) 394 MB

My biggest plug ever, watch me struggle to put it into my really tight ass, wearing it all day and then pissing on it and shitting to make myself a nice poop face mask using the plug as the brush.
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lustful self humiliation in brutal scat fuck UltraHD 4K (LizzyDirt /  2021) 1.80 GB

Its LizzyDirt fucking 3! In this video I will fuck my pussy with my thick favorite dildo until I get really horny my scat instincts awaken. but first I have to empty my bladder, you can watch me from below as it bubbles out of my piss hole warm and wet. Now I want to shit in a condom to be able to fuck me again with this warm soft shit sausage. in my imagination that worked very well, in real unfortunately less. but that’s not bad, because so I had more shit to rub in my cleavage and push the dildo behind. I’m getting hornier! so horny that the sauce drips out of my pussy without me having to touch it! I get from it so desire to fill my face with my warm shit and then fuck with the dildo purely. I want you to imagine it would be your cock that fucks my mouth! I lie on my back and imagine you hammering my holes while I dildo fuck my asshole. I feel my asshole is not yet empty, and when I press appears not only piss from my pussy, but even more shit directly from my frayed asshole (this happens several times in the video. It is not enough for me to be fucked only in my ass, so I take to the dirty shit assfuck still my hands in my mouth and penetrate alternately ass and mouth. If you still have not come by then (which is very very unlikely!) now comes the opportunity! several minutes of pure perverse cock teasing with a lot of shit, sucking, titty fuck and handjob on the fat dildo.
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Scatisfaction deep throat scatslut UltraHD 4K (LizzyDirt /  2021) 1.79 GB

A few days ago I put away a rack and then discovered this place for my fantasies. So I set it up so that I could really soak myself. To heat me up I start the game with a glass in which I let my piss splash to let it run down drooling on my body, so that my plump tits shine in the light and my nipples become quite hard with horniness. Getting hornier and hornier I start with my “shit game” and can devote myself more and more to my filthiness. In between I feel so comfortable in front of the camera that I can really switch off and my first video is created, where I came with the shit dildo in the ass so right. Because my pink giant dildo is much too big, but I want to become a deep throat goddess, I bought a new dildo. I lubricate him full with my shit and then push him further and further, very deep into my throat. This is of course not everything, but if I would reveal everything now, it would be boring. What I can tell you but; You can look forward to extreme shit fuck Deep throat.I will lubricate me completely, many ass fuck scenes and fuck shit back in the ass and drink piss AND my first orgasm in front of the cam! that’s it with my virginity so enjoy the show
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Olga’s naked body is all in shit FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2021) 704 MB

In this video, the toilet slave Olga puts on a very dirty toilet show for you to see how much you can love your shit and play with it. Olga raises her ass in a birch position and first shits and pisses on her face and mouth, and then smears shit on her naked body. Olga remains in the birch position, and as soon as her whole body was covered with shit, Olga picks up a kitchen spatula and fucks herself in the ass. Olga fucks her ass with the handle from the shoulder blade, introduces it into herself for almost the entire length and gets great pleasure from it. Then Olga pulls a kitchen spatula out of her ass and inserts a kitchen spatula into her pussy with a wide end and, with the help of masturbation with a kitchen spatula, brings herself to orgasm. Olga had an orgasm, she loves these games and shares it with you in her videos. When Olga has enjoyed herself, she pulls the kitchen spatula out of her pussy and turns to you. She picks up the remains of shit with her hands and smears it on her already dirty body. Then Olga blows you a hot kiss. Enjoy exclusive videos from a real slave and enjoy watching.
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Olga shit in bed, body in shit FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2021) 854 MB

Hello to all our fans. In that video, Olga gave a shit in bed and smeared her body with shit. Olga was lying on the couch completely naked, her hairy pussy stood out on her snow-white body. Olga turned and then chose a pose with her back to the camera and gave the morning shit out. Olga was lying on the couch, and shit came out of the priests, it slid down her buttocks onto the bed. Olga got up and took the shit in her hand, she sniffed it and then she smeared the shit all over her body.
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Ass in Shit FullHD 1080p (Lily /  2021) 1.02 GB

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2 HUGE Heavyweight Shits! FullHD 1080p (Sophia_Sprinkle /  2021) 1.75 GB

Better together (+discounted)!
In this mini-comp, you get the best of both worlds with two desperate dumps: one into shiny leggings of black, and the next into form-fitting leggings of smooth matte white.
Both pair struggle to accommodate the hefty loads left by Sexy Sophia, even seeping down the pant legs!!
(White legging video has a mini bonus-dump onto the floor!)
Her curiosity got the better of her and she weighed these bad boys; watch the video to find out what they clocked in at!!
Shot in 4K; featuring 15+ minutes(!!) of previously unseen footage.
Limited spots still available for month of July shippables and edibles—secure yours with Sophia via private message before they’re gone!
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Now Toilet, We'll Use You, Eat Shit FullHD 1080p (Natalia Kapretti /  2021) 2.74 GB

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Erotic Dancing and Pooing FullHD 1080p (Sweet_Peaches /  2021) 276 MB

Watch me do a lil dirty dance while making you cum in my favorite f*ck me heels mmmm…. I’m getting better at this you think? Important Message! Some of you who are buying my videos are sharing them on other websites without my permission. There is a watermark in every video, it has my name on them and clearly states, “DO NOT SHARE”. Obviously, some of you are choosing to ignore it. Two of my videos were uploaded to a site today,, I know the person who did it. If this violation continues not only will I report you, I will be forced to stop making videos.
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Yui’s First Time Eating Feces! FullHD 1080p (Fetidistrojp /  2021) 3.04 GB

ored from the usual routine, Yui decides to venture into other forms of sexual activity and one that catches her attention is scat! With the help of her partner, she makes this come into reality! Beginning with having her ass licked and devoured, then following it with peeing into the man’s mouth, she later starts pooping on to a plate! When she could no longer release anymore, she receives an enema and continues oozing feces out of her rectum! By the time she is finished, her head is held in place while a different man serves her poop inside her mouth! She chews and swallows in the process as more of her feces is stuffed inside! Eventually, she is handed with a vibrator and she gets busy pleasuring herself while she eats more feces! In the process, she gets filth all over her body, consequently getting smeared from her face all the way down to her legs! When there is nothing left for her to eat, Yui concentrates her attention on sucking her partner’s dick and then following it with titty fucking with her pair of massive boobs! By the time the guy reaches maximum erection, he lays the poop-covered lady on her back and gets busy fucking her vagina! While he is pounding her fast, hard, and deep, the other guy grabs as much poop from her body as he can and then serves it back into her mouth! This leaves her munching on her own feces as she moans as hard as she can from the overflowing pleasure! From lying down on her back, she is later placed on top of the guy where she rides his dick until he cums inside of her!
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The Dirty Anal Beads UltraHD 4K (MakeKatPurrrr /  2021) 605 MB

Playing with my tight asshole could never be more fun. Fingering my hole getting it nice and lubed up for what’s to come. Grabbing my anal beads and teasing my ass and pussy with them I begin to pop them in one by one. I get them all the way up my ass and it feels so good! Pulling them out bead by bead they come out clean the first time. Your eager to see more so I shove them in again and pull them out and this time they come with a little present. Grabbing my shitt and shoving it back in my asshole to shit it out again and tease you ith it. You know you wanna smell it, taste it even. Giving you a nice close up of my dirty beads and yummy pile of shit, you can’t take it. You just want more.
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