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Mistress Antonella gives her own supreme caviar FullHD 1080p (MistressAntonellaSilicone /  2020) 1.65 GB

Mistress Antonella is with her dog slave for a training. She is amazing wearing a red trousers, transparent stiletto shoes, black latex bra and black latex jacket.
She put a chain leash and orders him to go in the cage, her dog has a nice dog mask. She orders her dog to bark time to time when she decides, and also to smell her feet and black stiletto shoes.
Then, she gets him out of cage, she gives to him to sniff poppers. After that, she walks him on leash and she orders him to raise the left paw then the right.
Next, she plays with him with a small ball, she throws the ball and the dog brings it back. She teaches her to sit up and beg and to bark to show that he is happy and want to play with the ball.. She orders him to sniff her stiletto shoes. After that, she orders him to lie down on the floor, she ties his hands, she put nipples clamps with electricity and she writes with a permanent marker, on his body, that this dog is the property of Mistress Antonella.
Finally, she put a pump on his dick in order draw up it and to suck up his dick with the pump
Mistress Antonella gives some chocolate yoghurt to her slave.
Then, she offers to him her own supreme caviar directly in his mouth, and she orders him to eat all
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Double Monster Shit FullHD 1080p (Thefartbabes /  2020) 742 MB

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Great Toilet For My Shit FullHD 1080p (janet /  2020) 946 MB

I know how much you wanted to be here, on the craziest adventure you could ever have and fulfilling your greatest wish, serving as my toilet slave, swallowing all my precious shit like a toilet flush, that was one more custom request from an admirer. I arrived and my toilet slave was already in position, I put my anal lips fully inside your mouth, I gave a heavy load of shit that completely filled your mouth when I looked at it was a dark brown shit with a pasty consistency like a delicious poop ice cream. But the your work is not over yet, clean all my ass, leave it clean, and tell the public how delicious your dinner was.
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Three shitty vomit FullHD 1080p (ScatLina /  2020) 1.24 GB

Video contains the most interesting episodes of shitty vomit from three films: “Vomit in shit mask”, “Shitty milk”, “Christmas dinner”.
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Sensual, Dirty Poo Smear On My Hair FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2020) 1.07 GB

Are you ready for a dirty, filthy fun with me? I wear a white top on nothing else and tell you I wanna take all my shit and smearing all over on my hair front of you. After a little pussy show I knee to doggy backward to you and my butt hole dirty of shit. I felt have to poo so let’s hold my hand and take all my creamy brown shit. Big load I’m sure would be enough to smear on my hair. I start it facing to camera and bring my hands down, ,start from root. I smear it nice and well, just make sure don’t miss out any part of my hair. I’d say this load just perfect to smear all over. I also show hair backward.Lots of stinky poo covering my head and colored my blonde hair nicely to darker. Have fun.
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Shit in the hands FullHD 1080p (Lila /  2020) 1.97 GB

Today Lila want to shit in the hands of his slave. she sits on him and he put his tongue deep in his ass. after he put a finger in his asshole. and Lila feels the shit coming. this morning she makes a really stinky shit in the hands of his slave. and he smell that, and lick.
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Scat body FullHD 1080p (SmellyVany /  2020) 1.35 GB

I love being scat! My Master covered my whole body whit the shit. I loved it! My master collected shit for many days.! Maybe 1-2 kg….. hmm how disgusting this is…. Then I have dressed up and he was fucking my ass! Then he spanked my cunt! And i played whit my scat pussy….
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Smelly FullHD 1080p (SmellyVany /  2020) 1.64 GB

Hy Dear! my whole body is smeared with scat. I love the smell, the feeling it covers my body. My panty full of shit! After is my master fuck my dirty smelly scat pusssy
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Soup with shit FullHD 1080p (ScatLina /  2020) 1.41 GB

Today I wanted something special, I decided to make a soup of my own feces. His recipe is pretty simple. First you need to shit in a plate, then make an urine enema and mix it all with shit in a plate. The soup is ready, and you can start a wonderful meal mmm… this food makes me so excited that I can’t help but fuck myself with a dildo. Join the viewing of my dirty game… I’m waiting for you
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Quiet scat fun! UltraHD 2K (sexandcandy18 /  2020) 1.58 GB

lots of tasting + another face mask come play with me xoxo
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15 mins of fun UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 1.39 GB

– Focus on the booty
– Naked
– Glass bowl
– Pee
– Very slow soft poop
– Oiling and slapping my butt cheeks
– Teasing
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Scat on the bed FullHD 1080p (Lila /  2020) 1.83 GB

Lila drink some coffee this morning. So a good shit is coming from the ass of Lila. His slave is hier to cleaning her ass, and she make him play with his shit, take some in the mouth, smelling.
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Scat Princess II: Full Smear FullHD 1080p (xxecstacy /  2020) 1.15 GB

This is video two of a four part series. This video starts off after Scat Princess I: Good Morning, where I’m already in my shit facial mask. Allowing shit to drip from my mouth, I begin talking dirty to you as I take excess shit from the last video and begin smearing it all over my tits and front. My goal is to get myself as covered as possible for you while talking dirty and tasting my shit. As I get as covered as possible, I do a little play, getting myself to a teasing orgasm for you.
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Scat Body 2 HD 720p (SmellyVany /  2020) 611 MB

I love being scat! My Master covered my whole body whit the shit. I loved it! My master collected shit for many days.! Maybe 1-2 kg….. hmm how disgusting this is…. Then I have dressed up and he was fucking my ass! Then he spanked my cunt! And i played whit my scat pussy…
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Big Messy Diaper Change UltraHD 2K (MessyDiaperNat /  2020) 373 MB

I made a big doo doo in my diaper and it spread all over. I first rub my diaper and squish it and pee in it and smear the poo around in my diaper before taking it off. Then I have a big clean up to do and I put on a clean diaper afterwards.

Watch me change myself on my changing mat.
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She wants to FEED me her SHITTY FullHD 1080p (DirtyBetty /  2020) 672 MB

Incredible bullshit going on in my house, first my favorite donuts disappeared, then it seemed to shees pee in my orange juice .. For the time being it was funny, but now everything has become worse !! Betty is not just growing an army of mutant shit, she is trying to feed me with her shit !!! BUT I DON’T WANT TO EAT THAT SHIT, I just asked to cook a burrito with “BALDESH” sauce and this is what came of it .. Her shit sensors are placed all over the house, I can’t stay here anymore, now you have to decide what to do (It sounds strange, but sometimes it seems to me that she is experimenting with a time machine, I don’t know if it’s dangerous, but I’ll soon figure it out. Stay in touch, I will keep up to date !!) REALLY EXTREME BADASS AND CRAZY CONTENT IS COOOOOOMING!
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Share my shit FullHD 1080p (mikadoshop /  2020) 974 MB

Today Ali and Itzhak have to be peacefull together and share my shit.
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Lina scat young swallowing shit FullHD 1080p (Lina /  2020) 2.59 GB

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Scat Princess I: Good Morning FullHD 1080p (XxxEcstacy /  2020) 1.56 GB

This is video one of a four part series. This video is filmed kind of like a life vlog, where it starts out waking up in my PJ’s, hair and makeup a mess. Greeting the viewer, I take you on a journey downstairs where I need to poop so badly. Can’t let it go to waste, though, and in this video I smear my shit into a facial mask for you before using it to brush my teeth. I transform myself into your pretty little scat princess, focusing on the senses in dirty talk.
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Beginner Toilet Slavery FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2020) 675 MB

Youve always wanted to taste my shit… well now you can.
I want you to start your journey into being my toilet slave….
Ive been cooking you a treat up inside me and i want you to watch as i bend over and push the load right out…
I show you it mizture of hard logs and soft.
I want you smearing your cock with the soft shit and holding a small piece of my shit inside your mouth while you stroke…..
Feel my shit melt inside your mouth, stroke harder now i want you to swallow as you cum hard…
Every day i want you to do this but adding more shit each time till the whole load is gone.
If you do it… You will become Evas Toilet Slave
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Teen’s first diaper fill + face mask! UltraHD 2K (sexandcandy18 /  2020) 1.06 GB

Hey guys! Here is me trying out diapers for the very first time. It was such a good warm experience I had to share it! A full bladder and bottom leads to a full diaper and some leakage! Lots of tasting too.
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Huge Constipated Shit FullHD 1080p (DirtyFairy /  2020) 761 MB

I had to shit all day. I could FEEL it inside me, stuck in there. Finally after grocery shopping I knew it was finally ready, and I hoped I could make it home so I could get it on camera. Little did I expect, it did NOT want to come out EASY! First I squat over the toilet in reverse so you can see my pussy in full view as I try to squeeze out the big hard dry shit. I force it and it stretches my asshole so wide it cracks and bleeds as a few pieces fall out. I get some coconut oil to try to help it out but I quickly realize the bulk of it will not budge without my fingers pulling it out piece by piece. I pull some out, but decide to turn around and get the rest out. My fingers get covered in shit, as does my hairy ass, everywhere. I talk dirty to you the whole time convincing you to help me eat my big shit out of my ass, clean my hairy and bloody ass with your tongue, and be a good little toilet slave for me. I help you wash it down with a little piss too. I show you the damage in the bottom of the toilet as it flushes down the drain, or rather, down your throat. You’re such a good toilet.

You’ll see some undigested millet seeds from the seed bread I’ve been eating in this shit! Otherwise this shit was made with breakfast sausage, eggs, seed toast & raspberry jam for breakfast, spaghetti & chicken nuggets for lunch, and chicken breast, green beans, and a baked potato for dinner, all in one huge bloody shit! Enjoy!
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Tasty shit from shoes FullHD 1080p (ScatLina /  2020) 1.89 GB

Videos for lovers of feet and not only… First, I masturbate with shoes and inhale their smell, then put the shit in the shoe and eat with great desire. I also eat all the vomit from the shoe that came after I fucked myself in the dirty mouth using a dildo
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Dirty anal FullHD 1080p (ScatLina /  2020) 880 MB

Hi guys! I invite you to masturbate with me. in this video I will show you my anal in all its beauty… I will fuck myself with a dildo in the ass full of shit until the shit comes out of the anus and I get a crazy orgasm. Warm, smelly shit, I want to smear it on my lustful body and fuck myself again and again to get another stormy orgasm
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Tethering to My Thick Shit FullHD 1080p (ElenaToilet /  2020) 614 MB

I can’t hold anymore shit inside me, I’m absolutely DESPERATE! I masturbate before shit. I thrust my fingers deep into my pussy and lick them. I struggled to keep my shit in but I couldn’t, it all rushed right out of my tight, abused little hole! I show off my hot stinky thick turds and show you it close…Now that I’m all emptied out, I wanna you clean my butt with your tongue?
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