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Clean up my feet UltraHD 4K (HotDirtyIvone /  2020) 460 MB

Today I stay all day long in my shoes. It smells like hell.. So gross. And after a whole day I shit it my panties and next step into it. And this is result of it…
Wet, stinky, gross… I step into it and walk around my room. Everything smell like my own shit.
Here is my kingdom. My smell.
You’re here a bitch, slut, my slave. Nothing more. Less than shit. Right now you have to clean up my feet. Using only your face, bitch.
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Brown cookie in panties FullHD 1080p (HotDirtyIvone /  2020) 706 MB

I poop in my lace panties. You can hear it… very loud. This sounds… After it I have dirty ass. Like from the chocolate. I make another small poop – this is candy for you. Taste it. Lick my ass like a sweets… And finally I give to you fresh brown cookie from my panties. You have no choice. Eat it. You just must. Open your mouth sweetheart, this is cookie for you. I bake it for you. You have to eat it all so open your fuking mouth and eat my shit!
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Shit and Blood on Big Dick FullHD 1080p (janet /  2020) 1.38 GB

First of all I wear my black panties with bra on. Would you like I protect you with my shit and blood in this crazy world? How badly you want me I protect you with them and everything will be good around you. I’m your pretty dirty girl who’s take care of his dirty boy. You beg me to show off my dirty holes don’t you? I tease you in doggy spank on ass cheek. Let’s say now I will fuck your hard dick this is the first step to protect you nice and well. I insert my dildo and fantasy of your dick in my ass how digging my shit out of butt. Nice to being inside my isn’t it? Let me shit on your cock to get it safe. I let this nice turd on your dick then tell you how much I wanna feel you to pound my dirty hole. Fuck me and my ass hole keep protecting you. I’m gaping, fucking and poo for you more. Pretty feet you while you fuck me. I gave you my ass you give me your cum. Return the favor and both of us will be happy.
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Poop 18 FullHD 1080p (Farting /  2020) 241 MB

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Poop 17 UltraHD 2K (Solo /  2020) 246 MB

Poop 17
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AN. 100 minutes farts! HD 720p (HotDirtyIvone /  2020) 1.97 GB

Compilation of my best movies of July! extra price!
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Perfect Poo FullHD 1080p (Teen /  2020) 346 MB

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leggings squat workout panty poop UltraHD 4K (TinaAmazon /  2020) 1.42 GB

atch me workout in my tight grey leggings. Squatting in multiple angles showing off my perfect ass. After I pull my pants down and take a poop in my light blue satin panties.
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Fuck in shit FullHD 1080p (Versauteschnukkis /  2020) 1.30 GB

In this video the dirty Schnukkis shit at each other. First, the milf crouches over the thick cock of her fucker and poops on it in a wonderful huge poop sausage, then she turns on her back, spreads her legs and her fucker poops her hot skinny shit on the hairy cunt. Then he takes a vibrating anal plug and sticks it in the milf’s ass and smears it with all the shit and then he takes his thick cock and smears it briefly with shit before he sticks it in the shit hairy cunt and penetrates it until you change position and he now also covers her face with shit and fucks her until she orgasm
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My Thanksgiving Dinner FullHD 1080p (Solo /  2020) 633 MB

An earlier Alexa clip when she was much younger but no less beautiful. After a day of overeating during the Thanksgiving holiday, she takes a huge shit into a plastic container, then tells us about everything she ate.
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Watch My Huge Dump FullHD 1080p (Amateur /  2020) 335 MB

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Poop 16 FullHD 1080p (Defecation /  2020) 689 MB

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Dirty Asshole Privates 2 FullHD 1080p (Poo /  2020) 1.66 GB

Video 1 - Not the dirtiest private. She tries her hardest to show me what is in that sexy ass of hers. Subtle scat

Video 2 - Longer, music was asked to be turned off. Lots of shit lube and some scat. Very sexy show.
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Panty Poop in Public Store FullHD 1080p (Janet /  2020) 1.02 GB

This is the most extreme public pooping I’ve ever done! Watch me fill my panty with a smelly load of shit in a very public and busy store!
I’m in a grocery store and I have to shit so bad! I don’t have time to track down a bathroom to use! I have to go now! I have no choice but to fill my white panties with shit right here in the store! I’m kind of excited about it though! I’m a dirty shit girl and I know it will feel so good to poop in public!

I pull my skirt up and bend over! Soon my shit is sliding out of my poophole! I’m filling my panties right here in the store! I’ve never pooped like this before in my life! My pussy is so wet from the rush and all the pleasure from shitting in a store aisle where people come around the corner and see me!

My warm shit feels so good in my panties! Look at that huge load of poop in my panties! I love shaking my ass and walking around this store with a huge load of shit squishing around in my panties!

It’s time to head home! I have to walk out of this store with a huge load of shit in my panties! I wonder if anyone will see the brown spot in my panties!

I’m am so incredibly turned on! That was such an amazing rush! My pussy is so wet! My ass is filthy! I leave the store, take off my dirty panties, and leave them on the ground for someone happy to find them. Maybe it’s you.
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Dessert Anal FullHD 1080p (Sweettang /  2020) 751 MB

his is it people–enjoy! After dinner my husband gets to watch me shit with my panties on and while holding my ass open. Then he fucks my ass deep and gets scat all over his cock. He ripped my ass and I pushed out his jizz…his dick and hands were smothered in my scat. Better than a fudge sundae
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Lady and the Dump FullHD 1080p (Sweettang /  2020) 1021 MB

Lots of play leading up to the main event. I dance my curvy body around and shake my round booty…my tassels jiggle while my plump cheeks bounce. My husband is ready for me and wants to walk me in on the leash. I examine the bowl, and get my booty ready for a poo poo. In this perfectly lit, HD close up shot I drop a nice solid doggy style shit right into the blue and black bowl which perfectly matches my shoes and outfit. Let me turn around and take some nice big whiffs of that shit. I know you wish you were here to grab it for yourself. Do with it what you wish as I hang my head over the bowl and touch my toes. I invite you into my bathroom to play with my logs and asshole.
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Poop 15 FullHD 1080p (Solo /  2020) 366 MB

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Black FullHD 1080p (Casey /  2020) 1.79 GB

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Filthy anal 2 FullHD 1080p (Brownsensations /  2020) 2.05 GB

Since y’all loved the first one so much we decided to make another one lol. This video is muchhhh longerrr and much more filthier with a lot of shit, pissing, farting and smearing. Make sure y’all pull out your lotion for this one and enjoy the show of this filthy phat ass.
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Poo Pee and Spit in Your Mouth UltraHD 2K (Marcos579 /  2020) 1.56 GB

My personal slave is lying on the bath, ready to serve me as a full toilet. As appetizer, I order him to lick my feet. Then it’s the turn of my pee. I piss in his mouth. As usual, it’s a little of pee and, being the first in the morning, it’s yellow and tasty. But now it’s time for the real treat: my delicious shit. Bigger thurds pile up on his open mouth. He starts chewing and swallowing but, today, I have a lot of shit. To stimulate him, I kick the shit in his mouth with my feet. I order him to open his mouth to spit there. His mouth is very dirty and he couldn’t swallow all the crap. My slave was very good today
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Quickie dirty anal FullHD 1080p (Brownsensations /  2020) 210 MB

Couldn’t capture the side angle like i wanted to. Shit was falling out my ass trying to setup. I was able to catch a quickie of getting the shit fucked outta me.
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My Disgusting Stinky Toilet UltraHD 2K (Marcos579 /  2020) 1.23 GB

My shit eater is watching me, and I tease him with what is to finally feed him. But the slave seems to be more interested in my pussy, rather than his actual food source! Well I have to change that, and I have him lay down, while I hover my food wagon above his face. Bu enough teasing, I need to shit badly, so his mouth better be open. I shit a nice log straight into his toilet mouth, and watch him as he enjoy my bodily gifts.. While I humiliate him!
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Wet Farts With A lot Of Messy Anal UltraHD 2K (ScatFreekzClub /  2020) 746 MB

I was so horny today I just needed my ass fucked until it was so messy. I know you love my chocolate cheeks messy with your cum an my poop. I take your dick an put it in my ass from the back, side an front. I couldn’t get enough of your cock today daddy. I love feeling your cum feel my ass Freek. I give you all the wet farts with your cum an my shit mixed together I know you love when I’m so freaky an messy for you. Yes, give me that cock please! Make me shit your fucking cum out!
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Poop 14 FullHD 1080p ( /  2020) 920 MB

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Its a Monster! Upset Poo FullHD 1080p (MissAnja /  2020) 1.49 GB

Today I feel upset and I’m in emotional mood. I have strong cramps because my period it’s on the way but it didn’t come on yet. So I’m in waiting status but also didn’t poo 2 days ago. I can’t hide away my mood so just describe it. I can’t lie so telling the truth only. Have days like these in every women’s life and by my part love it even if suffering on the first day

s before bleeding. But talk about something nasty and big. I wear a cute thong on and tease you by my ass, poo is just gape asshole and realize how big will be. I felt can’t hold it and this part filmed in POV to ensure close up crystal clear view to asshole. I leave the thong on and push this monster poo out. OMG…. It’s a serious monster and was so hard to push it out. Half part of it’s hard the rest of is creamy. But I still want to playing and cleaning out my ass so grab few of mini enemas and start to filling my ass with the first one and get cramps quickly I need to release it. Thong still on and my ass squirting out enema liquid. Let’s fill up with the next 2 bulb and waiting for squirting out. This the explosion was a bit bigger and then I keep staying in doggy and pull aside the thong to admire my super swollen asshole. Mucus liquid leaking out of and I’m still in pain. Well today I went through on so much pain but my ass got cleaned out at least. At the end I remove the thong and hold in hands to take a look how shitty and mucus from my ass. Have fun. Little note: In the video I use small special liquid filled enema bulbs not the big enema bag of mine. Small but even more dirty my panty then
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