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My first time of eating Shit… UltraHD 2K (LittleMissKinky /  2020) 1.40 GB

You know that I love the amazing smell and taste of my poo and that it turns me on to shit and masturbate. This time I not only licked my shit, I ate it!!…. Wow …what a delicious chocolate. Eating my shit excited me so much that I had to masturbate…
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Poop Doggy Dog FullHD 1080p (Scathunter /  2020) 1.04 GB

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Canary Islands Big Shits only (10 Videos) HD 720p (VeganLinda /  2020) 1.16 GB

As I got so many nice reviews for my Canary Islands best of Crazy shits I did something different for you.. this Shits are not that crazy, as mainly at my AirBnb home, BUT, with a lot of Poop! 10 Videos, 9 of them are Shit, 2 of them Outdoor, 1 with Fartig as I ate some crap the day before, and big amounts of shit. I found a new Organic Store here on the Island and ate a lot of stuff
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HUGE soft turd and pussyplay FullHD 1080p (Solo /  2020) 166 MB

Playing with my sweet wet pussy for ou while shitting a huge and soft turd
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Shitting In My Jeans FullHD 1080p (Janet /  2020) 1.46 GB

Hello my dear friends. Of course, I really miss you) I shot a video with jeans for you yesterday. On it I will show you how I dress them on my naked body. Then I play with myself in jeans, posing in front of the camera. I put my hand in my jeans. Then I wrote and shit in jeans and warm shit spread around inside. I also played in dirty jeans, showed you my dirty ass and put on jeans again. Madly in love with you!
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Stripping & Shitting UltraHD 4K (MakeKatPurrrr /  2020) 1.24 GB

Kat just got back from the store and wants to show you what she’s been holding for you. Teasing you with her tiny feet (size 4) and stripping off her shoes dangling them on her feet. Showing off her bare feet for you Kat then strips out of her pants and panties so she can take a nice yummy shit for you. Leaning back so you can see her pretty face, toes and her meaty pussy open while she takes a huge shit. Laying down next to her shit so you can admire her pretty face while she sniffs it all up! And don’t worry she knows you wanna see those gorgeous little toes next to her shit so she gives you exactly what you want!
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Cake custom 2 HD 720p (Sexandcandy18 /  2020) 1.86 GB

Here is another cake custom video I had lots of fun filming! Two different scenes, both new. come get messy with me!
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Meet the new model Anna, 20 years old! FullHD 1080p (MilanaSmelly /  2020) 492 MB

I have a new model, her name is Anna, I think this is one of the most beautiful girls who worked for me – maybe she is even more beautiful than Christina and Lisa, but not a fact – this is just my opinion. This is an introductory video – you can see how the first shoot takes place, she is still embarrassed by me and she asks me questions about what and how to do. You can see that there is a lot of shit in her sweet ass and she was well prepared, but she couldn’t shit well, but the next time she promised that everything would be fine! Typically, girls of this level do not agree to scat video, but only to eroticism, but she already knows that we have a constant toilet slave and said she was ready to shit in his stinky mouth!
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Smelly Part 1-2 FullHD 1080p (SmellyVany /  2020) 1.46 GB

Hy Dear! my whole body is smeared with scat. I love the smell, the feeling it covers my body. My panty full of shit! After is my master fuck my dirty smelly scat pusssy
Description: In this video we finish what we started! My master covers me whit poo… And after it fuck me and my scatpanty pun into my pussy and FUCK MY ASS! And end of the video he pissing me!
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Little loser pay for my Chocolate HD 720p (VeganLinda /  2020) 134 MB

I allow you to watch my wonderful body in my Bikini, enjoying the sun in Spain, in my holidays, walking around trough the Mango and Organges trees I have to shit. A lot! I’m telling you, that you will never ever be allowed to touch my beautiful body, my bombastic ass, but I have something else for you.. something really suitable for a Piggy like you… big vegan choc, directly out of my ass… into your mouth! I’m shitting on a plate, showing you my middle finger and then feeding you with a full spoon of my Godness-Shit! Enjoy
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Be my Slave UltraHD 2K (LittleMissKinky /  2020) 665 MB

You are craving my delicous soft, stinky poo. You dont want anything more than bury your face in the huge pile of my shit, rubbing your cock again and again with the brown gold of mine.
Before you get it, you have to clean my dirty butt and cheeks with your tongue!
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Another Shitty Cum UltraHD 4K (MakeKatPurrrr /  2020) 989 MB

Starting out in doggy style Kat teases you with her nice big booty twerking and pushing out her pretty little butthole. Pushing out a nice huge log while still in doggy then twerking over it and laying down to show off her pretty face next to her yummy shit. Bending over after sniffing up her nice nig log Kat bends over and spreads her shit all over her ass. Then leaning back she mushes her feet all in her shit spreading it around and leans back and cums for you with her favorite vibrator!
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Black leggings tease counter poop UltraHD 4K (TinaAmazon /  2020) 1.32 GB

Wearing a tight pair of scrunch bum leggings I tease you with my bubble bum. Bending over and squatting for you. Then I pull my pants down and take a shit close up on the counter.
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I shit too big for your plate UltraHD 4K (VeganLinda /  2020) 871 MB

I had no chance to shit the evening before so I went to bed holding it back… for you! To show you my huge shit again! And this is what I’m going to serve you in this Vid, a giant Poop again. And as always after shitting, my Pussycream comes out of my Pussy…
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Best of CRAZY Poo & Pee Canaryislands FullHD 1080p (VeganLinda /  2020) 1.58 GB

My first week here on Teneriffe, Canary Island is over and I made quite a lot crazy Poo & Pee Vids for you.. 15 Videos! … mainly Outdoor… just next to the street… once on my Rental Car… down from our AirBnb Roof Top… in neighbors garden… on hiking paths…. one Vid I make my Panty dirty for a Customer…crazy – sexy – and of course… Big Shit as usual! Enjoy my first Part of my travel on Canary Islands. Next Stop: 2 weeks El Hierro! I will Shit there as well and there will be a Part II for sure
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Big morning Shit on public Street HD 720p (VeganLinda /  2020) 44.0 MB

Walking around in El Hierro, Spain, I desperately have to shit.. my friend was blocking the bathroom of our AirBnb so I had no other choice to go outside then house and look for a good place to shit… I can feel already that there is coming a BIIIIIIG load of shit and I cannot hold it until my friend is finished in the bathroom… so… I just shit on the Street, hoping no-one is driving or walking here during the next minute.. I just shit on the public street and show you my big load after it!
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7 days every Pee & Shit AsiaTrip (Part 2) UltraHD 2K (VeganLinda /  2020) 1.61 GB

Two Vids from this Toilet-Flat are already published here, the one on the hotel floor, and also another one called “typical asiatic toilet”, so if you wanna have a look first how I’m filming, you can choose first this single Vids. Here I uploaded 52 Clips from this week, I was filming in Indonesia & Thailand, every single toilet. Pee & Shit. A lot of Outdoor filming. And one Shit-Pee-Smearing Video is in it as well, on the cliffs of Koh Tao. I hope you will enjoy the week as I did. In some Vids I’m talking German… but actually you don’t need to understand my words
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Dinner for Losers UltraHD 4K (VeganLinda /  2020) 1.16 GB

The only way you will ever have dinner with *me* – a beautiful lady with the most beautiful Ass you’ve ever seen – looks exactly like this: no touching, you on your knees, mouth open and ready to eat my big vegan chocolate from the alps and drink my morning pee! Listen carefully! I’m speaking in English in this Clip (no German)
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Dirty Ass Worship Pt. 1-2 FullHD 1080p (MakeKatPurrrr /  2020) 1.46 GB

Making you worship my fat ass before I piss and shit all over your face! Some slight rectal prolapse occurs since the “load” was not to big
Description: Kat oils herself down and turns you on with her body. She bends over and tells you that she wants you to use her shit as lube. While you try to hold a straight face, she notices that your getting bigger with her every word. After she gets you “dirty” she bends down and tell you to clean up her ass while you jerk off. She plays with her ass and talks real dirty to you. She turns around and spits on your cock, adding more lube. You can’t believe you are using lube from Kat’s ass to get off. You are so turned on and can’t hold back any longer. Kat opens her ass up wide. She tells you how to cum using her shit as you eating her booty cleaning it all up for her.
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Big Shit on my Rental Car in Spain FullHD 1080p (VeganLinda /  2020) 235 MB

I’m shitting on my white VW Polo Rental Car in Spain and *YOU* are just right under me, the perspective is like I would Shit and Pee directly in your mouth.. Enjoy the view and imagine how it would be to eat all of my delicious vegan chocolate! There comes a lot of Shit & Pee directly down on you, Pussycream as well.. as always when I shit.. Enjoy it!
This is one of my “best of” Videos of my first week Pee & Shit on Canary Island, Spain in the new year 2020 – in total I will film my best Pee&Shit during 3,5 weeks until the 24th of January.. so check out my profile to be continued if you are interested in that kind of stuff
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Shit & Cum in my hand… chocolate is ready HD 720p (VeganLinda /  2020) 200 MB

The first time that I touch my Shit with my hand or body… I just wanted to serve you my Shit as natural as possible… so you can watch me fingering my pussy, touching my titts, and having some fun with myself in different positions in my AirBnb bathroom in Spain. I’m also taking to you a bit and telling you what I’m feeling when I’m fingering my pussy while I have to shit ad hard as I had to at this moment. Then… I just cum to a intensive orgasm just in front of your eyes, standing doggy and shitting in my hand at the same time… After that I show you my Poo in my hand and continue with my shower
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My Shit for Breakfast after I cum HD 720p (VeganLinda /  2020) 214 MB

First: noooo, I’m not eating my Shit, of course not, I’m a Lady… ! *but* YOU should have my Shit for breakfast! Can you eat it all? After seeing me how I cum, I’m sure, you will!

Traveling around in Spain I live in several nice AirBnb Houses.. since yesterday I’m in a new house here on El Hierro and I felt to welcome myself there a bit… so…. I just woke up, ready for my breakfast, making some Tea and… masturbate on the kitchen. Fingering my Pussy doggy and sitting on the AirBnb kitchen I cum to a intensive orgasm. Followed by a highly erotic Shit… first I shit only a bit sitting in front of you, then changing to doggy, showing you my feet and big Ass and shitting my healthy vegan shit on the kitchen… I take a fork and serve you my Shit… listen to my words: “open your mouth – breakfast is ready”… Enjoy my newest Vid
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My first Poo-Tape ever PoleDance UltraHD 2K (VeganLinda /  2020) 326 MB

THIS was the very first I’ve made a Video where I shit & pee… it was a Custom and I gave it a chance.. and it was VERY VERY interesting to me and so my passion for Poo-Vids started… You see me first dancing on the pole, then Pee, Shit in front of you, with Cream coming out my Pussy followed by a real and intensive orgasm ! I hope you enjoy my FIRST Expireience ever. The quality could be better, but its great though…
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7 days every Pee & Shit AsiaTrip (Part 1) UltraHD 2K (VeganLinda /  2020) 1.91 GB

(PART 1 of 2) Two Vids from this Toilet-Flat are already published here, the one on the hotel floor, and also another one called “typical asiatic toilet”, so if you wanna have a look first how I’m filming, you can choose first this single Vids. Here I uploaded 52 Clips from this week, I was filming in Indonesia & Thailand, every single toilet. Pee & Shit. A lot of Outdoor filming. And one Shit-Pee-Smearing Video is in it as well, on the cliffs of Koh Tao. I hope you will enjoy the week as I did. In some Vids I’m talking German… but actually you don’t need to understand my words. Have fun xxx Linda.
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Play & Poop Pt. 2 UltraHD 4K (MakeKatPurrrr /  2020) 721 MB

Kat teases herself a little but soon wants more than just her fingers. She pulls out a vibrator teasing her clit but still wants more! She needs COCK! Fucking herself with her dildo and teasing her pussy she soon wants to release herself. She pees all over her dildo and then continues fucking it while teasing her clit. But she’s still not done! She’s got more to release. She continues fucking herself while she poops and then cums all over the dick when she’s all done pooping.
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