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Rare Scat Enema DVDRip (Shit Asian /  2021) 265 MB

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Limitless Shit DVDRip (優木あおい /  2021) 748 MB

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Scat Queen Delilah - My L.A. Toilet Billy Boy HD 720p (Scat Queen Delilah /  2021) 1.03 GB

Scat Queen Delilah filmed live session during LA trip last month.
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Mistress Emily – Shit Smearing FullHD 1080p (Marcos579 /  2021) 1.10 GB

Toilet slave clean pretty ass of Mistress Emily with his tongue and eating shit from her ass. A huge piece of shit sticks out of her ass and the slave opens his mouth wider to feel the taste of smelly shit. Emily smearing shit on his face in white socks and feels pleasure from using a slave instead of a toilet.
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Quick shit for hubby UltraHD 4K (NastyNataliaRose /  2021) 498 MB

I had to hold this one for so long before I could let him enjoy his breakfast. Unfortunately my phone storage filled and cut the video short, so it will be cheap, but heres a quick minute of some naughty fun
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Facesitting ShitHole FullHD 1080p (Marcos579 /  2021) 733 MB

There are not many things better than shit in the mouth! I love to use my toilet slave as my toilet! Oh GOD, this makes my ass so loose that I want to use him as my TOILET! Yes, he is going to take his natural position under my GODDESS ASS! I want his mouth were wide open possible to my asshole, so nothing can escape! He has to take and swallow everything! You too if you are serving me by any chance toilet! He has to do one last task – lick my dirty asshole with his tongue! He is a really good human toilet! But I am sure you can do it better, so write me and beg to serve me a toilet!
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Treat from Mistress Emily FullHD 1080p (marcos579 /  2021) 1.09 GB

A fragrant treat from Mrs. Emily’s ass. Today my slave has come to me again. I met face to face with him, and we were only two of us. This is my favorite toilet slave, and he really likes serving me as a toilet. He lie on the floor and waited with awe for the arrival of my Ass. I am a sexy Mistress with a beautiful figure, a beautiful ass, and breasts. I began to push crap out of my intestines, and my slave waited for the treat to appear. He really likes to watch the process of female defecation.
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Scat Mistress FullHD 1080p (Marcos579 /  2021) 755 MB

Hi there. I’m your filthy scat kitty and I’m here to have some dirty fun! I show off my hot tight ass and my cute outfit before I piss and shit in your mouth! I tease my slave and make him to lick my ass and swallow my shit… look at how smelly and dirty I am! I’ve been a real naughty scat kitty!
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Swallow My Shit UltraHD 2K (scatdesire /  2021) 948 MB

Its a nice warm morning and I am very horny! I have to use my subhuman toilet slave to shit in his mouth. But first, he will clean my shoes and make me cum haha. Yes, I can do whatever I want with him. He gives me wonderful orgasm and I bet his tongue is tired but I don’t care because he must eat my shit. Log after log he takes all… he is a good sub-human toilet.
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My Dirty Bitch FullHD 1080p (Amateur /  2021) 2.33 GB

Tay has a new bitch at her house to make all work, the slave is good, but not enough to Tay. The goddess decided to punish just to have some fun of his face. Using like a dirty scat bitch, Tay will give to him piss, scat and vomit.
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Naughty pig gets to eat lunch UltraHD 4K (NastyNataliaRose /  2021) 1.37 GB

This wonderful slave is starting to be trained very well. I think he might be liking it now. He has a nice cumshot at the end(you dont get to see the cumshot, unfortunately. This was such a stinky one. You can tell he really likes the smell because once he smears it on my ass. I let him have dinner. What a naughty little pig. I think this is going to be a regular thing now.
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Roten Mouth FullHD 1080p (Domination /  2021) 3.28 GB

Daniela knows her slave is talking some ballshit about her and she decided to give him a hard punsihment, she first start farting into his mouth just to he can fell what is coming, a very stinky and dirty scat. She covers his face and mouth wtih shit and use her feet to gagging and forcing to swallow.
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A lot of shit for two FullHD 1080p (PrincessNikki /  2021) 975 MB

I am in the mood, and I have not taken a shit for a couple of days, so I have a terrible pain in my stomach. I tell my pathetic slaves to lie down, and make them both lick the feeding hole. After filling them with my piss, I start shitting first one round for both, then they both get a refill in round two.
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I Am Not Joking, You Will Clean This Messy FullHD 1080p (BDSM /  2021) 3.21 GB

Manuela is really angry, Daniel is not at home and he didn’t cleaned the house, look at her feet, is dirty, is black! Ohh he will clean this messy, he will!!! Daniel gots home ane Manuela doesnt spend one second, puts her feet deeply into his mouth. “you didn’t cleaned up the house, where was you bitch? Now I will do a bit messy just for you clean it! said Menuela, and she was not joking. After he cleaned up her feet, she start shitting over his face just to see him cleaning.
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Dirtywife and Faith ass fisting shit eating FullHD 1080p (GoddessAndreea /  2021) 550 MB

Another crazy clip with the 2 lovers, Faith and Dirtywife. They are the dirtiest lovers in Romania and again they loved to play dirty in this new clip! Faith was her submissive and Master and Dirtywife was his slut and his dirty bitch. You can see scenes with cock sucking, deepthroat, pussy licking, ass licking, ass fucking with tongue, pussy fucking, mutual mastrbation, pantyhose Another EPIC clip
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My birthday dinner treat for my slave FullHD 1080p (PrettyEbonies /  2021) 457 MB

It is my birthday and I am so happy to give my slave a nice treat,she first lick my butt and I poop in her mouth then pee on her body then she smear it on my butt while I was shaking my butt.
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Mom, husband and I are a happy family HD 1080p (Kras, Jana /  2021) 1.75 GB

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Dirtywife and Faith ass fisting shit eating FullHD 1080p (marcos579 /  2021) 550 MB

Another crazy clip with the 2 lovers, Faith and Dirtywife. They are the dirtiest lovers in Romania and again they loved to play dirty in this new clip! Faith was her submissive and Master and Dirtywife was his slut and his dirty bitch. You can see scenes with cock sucking, deepthroat, pussy licking, ass licking, ass fucking with tongue, pussy fucking, mutual mastrbation, pantyhose Another EPIC clip!
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Noble Scat Breakfast with the Mistress FullHD 1080p (MissMortelle /  2021) 1.05 GB

Like every morning after getting up, my house slave prepares me breakfast and coffee. But today I also grant him the great honor of sitting at the table with me (normally at this point I banish him back to his servant’s quarters). Today I want my slave to have breakfast with me….
I give myself time to enjoy the first bites of my breakfast, while my servant is torn by the question: “What food will she serve me?”
As I ask him to fetch a plate and instruct him to assume a kneeling position under my ass, a suspicion arises in my servant. While I take off my pants and kneel on the chair with my bare ass, thrilling Vivaldi music plays. My slave will have my divine poop for breakfast. I gracefully shit on his plate. Then I instruct him to lick my shitty asshole clean.

I enjoy my muesli with fresh fruit and almond milk, while I command my slave to eat my shit with his fingers. Only after he ate it all, I show myself satisfied.

This film is a caviar masterpiece that you should not miss!

Clip language is German.

Wie jeden Morgen nach dem Aufstehen, bereitet mir mein Haussklave mein Frühstück und meinen Kaffe zu. Doch heute erteile ich ihm außerdem die große Ehre, mit mir am Tisch zu sitzen (normalerweise verbanne ich ihn an diesem Punkt zurück in seine Dienstbotenkammer).

Heute möchte ich, dass mein Sklave mit mit gemeinsam frühstückt…
Doch erst lasse ich es mir schmecken und stille meinen Hunger, während ihn die Frage zerreißt: “Was ich wohl zum Frühstück bekomme?”
Als ich ihn auffordere einen Teller zu holen und ihn instruiere, eine kniende Position unter meinem Arsch einzunehmen, dämmert es meinem Dienstboten. Während ich meine Unterhose ausziehe und mich mit nacktem Arsch auf den Stuhl knie, spielt mitreißende Vivaldi-Musik. Für meinen Sklaven gibt es heute meinen göttlichen Kaviar zum Frühstück. Ich kacke ihm graziös auf seinen Teller. Dann befehle ich ihm mein kackebeschmutztes Arschloch sauberzulecken.

Ich genieße mein Müsli mit frischen Früchten und Mandelmilch und befehle meinem Sklaven meine Scheiße mit den Fingern zu fressen. Erst als er alles aufgegessen hat, gebe ich mich zufrieden.

Dieser Film ist ein Kaviar-Meisterwerk, welches du dir nicht entgehen lassen solltest!
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Sara and Isabella smear poop on each other FullHD 1080p (Sarathonson /  2021) 1.69 GB

Sara and Isabella start by stripping there clothes off. They then play with there dildos and fingers in there pussy and ass, next they pee on each other. Sara then poops on Isabella and smears it all over her neck tits and belly. Isabella then proceeds to pee and poop on Sara. Then smears it on Sara. Sara then pees on Isabella’s ss and smears it around. They finish off by fingering their pussies and ass one last time.
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"No komment" HERRIN SILVIA DOMINA SD (Herrin Silvia /  2021) 182 MB

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Smelly SHIT in Your Mouth FullHD 1080p (Janet /  2021) 1.94 GB

My slave is hungry that why I decided to feed him with my smelly SHIT. And what the toilet slave like the most – licking my asshole yes! He licks my asshole while I am smother him and it my shit comes down in his fucking mouth. I order him to lick my asshole despite the shit that is coming out of my beautiful shithole. My gorgeous pussy peeing on his face and he has to drink it. He drink my spits and swallow my shit. He just a toilet, nothing more…
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BETTY & FRIENDS - A SHITTY JOB HD 720p (Betty, Molly, Monalisa, Sexy, 2 males /  2021) 581 MB

A message from Betty: Hi there! After our mind-blowing all-girl encounter known as "Four of a Kind", we girls were happy and satisfied...yet we all felt something was missing... Maybe a dick? Or two! With guys attached!! Guys who know what we want and give us what we need. We giggled and laughed and fantasized...and when we were done, the story line for this movie had emerged. Next day in the opening scene, Monalisa got offered a job in a biker bar.... ;) Enjoy! love, xxx Betty xxx
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Shit before a date FullHD 1080p (Mikadoshop /  2021) 754 MB

Remasterd mp4 HD Version of a clip from 2012. Princess Nikki use her slaves as shit toilets before going out for a date. Very humilating talk, and a lot of shit!
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Dirtywife new task – eating her husband kaviar FullHD 1080p (GoddessAndreea /  2021) 467 MB

Starting today, it seems that Dirtywife has entered a new stage: she become a human toilet for her husband. She agreed for him to pee in her mouth and poop. Then he played with his kaviar and ate a little. Do you think it could be dirtier than it got ? Watch her adventures in the next episodes! Soon a new dirty clip with Dirtywife and Mister Faith!
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