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New fragrance UltraHD 4K (Brazil Girls /  2018) 3.29 GB

Saori caught Isabel using her favorite body lotion without her permission. The lotion smells so great and Saori can’t stand to feel her favorite fragrance on her slave’s body. She will do everything to make sure that she gets super stinky again! She makes Isabel smell her feet and her pussy, that are super filthy. After that, Saori offers her ass to be smelled and makes Isabel sticks her nose deep inside the asshole. But the mistress is not fully satisfied yet. That’s why she puts Isabel laid down on the floor and does a big dump on the slave’s body and makes her play with it. now the slave is fully covered with Saori shit, and that’s the fragrance that she truly deserves!
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I’m your shitty slave UltraHD 4K (Brazil Girls /  2018) 3.43 GB

The amazing mistress is feeling naughty today with her slave under her feet. She makes the slave worship her feet and those super high heels she’s wearing. But things get messy very fast, when Alana starts peeing on her slave, that is very obedient. But that’s not enough! She quickly takes off her clothes and shits a lot inside Lisa’s mouth and makes her spread all of that stinky shit on her body. The thing that satisfies this super dominant girl is to watch her slave licking, eating and playing around with her shit. And we can see that the slave is really enjoying that moment with her mistress.
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Private session UltraHD 4K (Brazil /  2018) 3.18 GB

Hey, Isa Blue here. Today I will give you guys the chance to watch me in action with a real slave of mine. This stupid mascarade man is about to feel what is like to receive a special treatment. I’m feeling very inspired today, so be prepared. I like to see my slave’s body all covered in mine piss and scat. So I start with a lot of piss to make him warm up, then he sticks his tongue deep in my asshole to get ready for a lot of scat that is about to come out! I will shit in his hand and make him grab that stinky thing and spread all over his body and even eat it. To know more about my special treatment, come to watch this video that I prepared for you. Hope you guys enjoy!
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Russian Femdom With Scat and Piss SD (ShitGirl /  2018) 399 MB

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SD-4195 A Nasty Domination Bath HD 720p (Chelly, Perl /  2018) 1.33 GB

Chelly is a dominatrix and she loves bad bully weak people. Perla is dominated and humiliated with shit and piss in the mouth!
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Scat kiss FullHD 1080p (Brown wife /  2018) 1.48 GB

There are a lot of videos on the Internet when two girls kiss with shit in their mouth … Such a kiss between a man and a girl is more rare. Besides the shit kiss in this video there will be a passionate licking of the male ass before the birth of shit and after, sucking dick with shit in the mouth, some vomiting. In general today, I obediently and with pleasure did everything that my friend wanted! Games with shit – the most cool game in this world
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The Price for Shit HD 720p (Latifa, Bia, Najara, Adrielle, Karla /  2018) 1.30 GB

Latifa gets all her clothes messed up by her maid Bia. So she decides to punish her and shits in the mouth of Bia. Najara takes pleasure in humiliating the most gruesome way, and their victims Karla and Adrielle are bound to feel the taste of her shit!...
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[SD-5017] Scat Slave HD 720p (Erika, Lucia, Bia /  2018) 1.19 GB

Three friends want to do something different but they don´t know how. So they spending time talking about sex, and all of them were horny and they had a great idea. The girls make a great Kaviar with piss all night long. They cum many times in this hot shitty party...
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Fall on your Knees HD 720p (Paris, Sabrina Red, Giovanna /  2018) 1.30 GB

Paris participates for the first time in an orgy, Sabrina Red and Giovanna delight in the inexperienced girl and play with a lot of scat!...
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Scatting and instiled HD 720p (Lady Chantal, Miss Jane /  2018) 531 MB

I torment along with Miss Jane a slave we have fixed in the punishment trestle. The guy suffers really nice while we treat his balls and nipples with electricity and nipple clamps. Since we have just a strapped slave here, we use it even as a toilet. I shit in a cup and stuff the scat into his mouth. After Miss Jane also piss and shit in his mouth. The slave has not tasted it well, he pukes and is disgusted. But no matter, anyhow we instil him the manure into his mouth * laugh *.
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[SD-5142] Domination Party HD 720p (Chris, Carol, Fernanda, Diana /  2018) 1.25 GB

Chris and Fernanda are dominant partners, and instead are victims of Diana and Carol, medieval torture and humiliating, to help them solve shit upon the slaves.
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SD-3229 Dangerous Women HD 720p (Ashley, Raquel, Cristina /  2018) 1.28 GB

Ashley is a hooker and she owes money to two powerful drug dealers. She is being kept in captivity. Raquel and Cristina will give Ashley a sadist session of total humiliation and torture, so that she will learn to never mess with drug dealers. Ashley fears Cristina and Raquel’s bizarre punishments!
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[SD-6261] Filthy Punishment HD 720p (Andressa, Tatthy /  2018) 1.32 GB

Andressa has a serious problem with Tatthy and she plan to punish and humilate her with her own shit. Andressa don’t have mercy and she defecates in her mouth and force her to swallow!
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This is not enough FullHD 1080p (Bruna, Lucy /  2018) 2.11 GB

Lucy shows all her power today dominating her submissive slave, she forced the girl to lick her feet and ass. But this is not enough. Lucy decided to forced the slave to drink her hot piss directly from the pussy, but the best is in the end. Lucy gave her precious kaviar with much corn to the girl swallow.
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Girls to shit in it FullHD 1080p (Lisa Black, Mel, Carolynne /  2018) 1.83 GB

Lisa Black like to eat shit, she's now helping our actresses (Mel and Carolynne) to shit in it! Lisa bought food for the girls can shit, after the stomach of them are well filled, ai Lisa goes into action, putting all the shit in the mouth, the shit is mixed with vomit and filth is immense, but Lisa does not care, she likes to eat shit, and she can!
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The fat blonde Darla is caught in flagrant Shit SD (Leide, Darla, Leka, Keith, Gaby, Melissa /  2018) 2.04 GB

In the first part, the fat blonde Darla is caught in flagrant wasting water, it leaves Leide and Leka to angry and ready to master it in a cruel way, using much scat. In the second part, the hot brunettes Keith and Gaby vomiting, pissing and shitting in the slave blonde named Melissa!
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Very anxious she will meet an old friend Shit FullHD 1080p (Chris, Diana /  2018) 1.64 GB

Chris is on the sofa when the girl knock on her door, Diana enters and Chris can not hide her happiness, the girls starts to talk about many things and Chris remember the good things that they did on the past. Diana decided remember something, the old golden years of scat. Chris and Diana plays with much piss, scat and vomit.
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Mel and Carolyne have a dirty surprise for Michele HD 720p (Mel, Carolyne, Michele /  2018) 1.23 GB

Mel and Carolyne have a dirty surprise for Michele, they know that she is talking about they and now she’ll have what she deserves, she talk shit so will eat shit. Mel and Carolyne gave much piss and shit to Michele flood the mouth.
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Biana is push about Leslie FullHD 1080p (Bianca, Leslie /  2018) 1.18 GB

Biana is push about Leslie because she told that is a lesbian, Leslie is angry and decided to forced Bianca to swallow her opinion with shit. Leslie passed shit on her face and mouth, forces Bianca to such her beautiful feet with scat.
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Gero-less limit PTJ-001 SD 720p (Aoi Yuki /  2018) 1009 MB

vomit and shits works such as the platinum TOHJIRO abnormal label" the first release from his shock.
Hiroshi Aoi toilet was bound to whip the shake down. dium without Mercy, but baptism in Acme.
From here the transformation spew asking for World opened.
throw up large amounts of urine to inject the toilet, the head hanging out from the barf bathing noisily, drink and wash my face.
It was like an oasis in the desert I met a traveler gleefully. bathtub, blame the candle * urination incontinence is a true de M.

The jawless asking for the public, 4 and 5 sister and Consume food and desserts, irrumatio confessed to it in the bathtub
in masturbation spouting * incontinence. sewage as the bath, like hot tub will be slippery so amazing.
normal and abnormal, common sense and lack of distinction is not in her.
Enema of the throw up their own, big injection of Guinness does also.
The climax of the UN-puking pool in peak in the vagina and anal fuck 4 volley.
scatology AV debut Rape in seeking to have loss of virginity, but finally arrived the Bliss I look at the world. (Hisashi udagawa)
ゲロ・リミットレス - 優木あおい
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Anal Rape Nozomi Saki Aya Hanging Beautiful Heroine Shit Upside Down HDRip (Kisaki Aya /  2018) 3.43 GB

美女ヒロイン スカトロ逆さ吊りアナル姦 希咲あや
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Milana Smelly - Scat-party on the beach HD 720p (Liza, Yana, Christina, Megan /  2018) 643 MB

Shit-party on the beach. 4 young girls fed a shit adult-married slave!..
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Ob es dir schmeckt ist uns egal FullHD 1080p (Humiliation /  2018) 1.27 GB

Hahaha…. Heute hatten wir so ein richtiges Opfer bei uns. Der Loser sollte uns belustigen und ist wie behindert rumgehüpft, das beste war das es ihm auch noch gefallen hat so wie er mit seiner hässlichen Fratze gegrinst hat. Nach einer Weile hat er schmerzhaft zu spüren bekommen das er keinen Spaß zu haben hat. Langsam wich das Grinsen und wandelte sich zu jämmerlicher Angst. Nach unseren gemeinen Spielchen mit ihm, der Penispumpe, den Nippel klemmen und heftigen Tritten in seine Eier wusste er wer hier Spaß hat und wer nicht. Der Loser hatte noch nie als Toilette dienen müssen was ihm bei seiner nächsten Quälstufe an zu merken war. Jane hat ihm eine schöne braune Wurst in sein Maul geschissen die er nicht schlucken wollte oder konnte. Von mir gab es dann noch eine frische Sektdusche. Die ganze Jauche mussten wir ihm dann mit Gewalt in sein Maul stopfen. Und wieder haben wir eine Toilette entjungfert die sich verzweifelt dagegen sträubte
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Dirty Scat Nerd FullHD 1080p (Fefe, Melissa Ramos /  2018) 1.72 GB

Melissa is a bad student, her notes are the worst of the school... Today She'll do a test and Melissa needs a good note, She sits next to Fefe, but Fefe does not care about Melissa, Fefe can't help Melissa with this prove and She'll pay dearly! Melissa punishes Fefe with a very dirty humiliation, much scat piss and vomit for the nerd.
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The Toilet Girl UltraHD 4K (Lisa Black, Lust, Nicole /  2018) 3.01 GB

The amazing serie Toilet returns, this time starring by Nicole, Lust and Lisa Black. The slave was transformed in a toilet and forced to swallow piss, scat and vomit.
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