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MFX-1078 Tourist Accidental SD (Nikki, Tatthy, Andressa, Milly /  2021) 348 MB

Nikki and Tatthy has just arrived from a dinner. He puts some video so they will watch it, and they get quickly excited. Suddenly, a beautiful foreigner knocks on the door. She asks them to use their bathroom, and they let her in, but with other intentions. A few minutes later, their neighbor Andressa knocks on the door asking for toilet paper. They also invite her in and the four of them involve themselves into a delicious seduction game with vomit, piss and scat. Do
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Mfx-615 -- Scat Shit Swallow Lesbian SD (Amandas Career /  2021) 699 MB

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Scat love big tits HD 720p (Melania /  2021) 590 MB

New Scat Model Deborah Blue In Her First Movie. She Have Real Original Big Titts. She Shit Melania Direct Into Mouth, And Put Her Big Titts Full Os Shit Into Melanias Mouth. Very Nice Scat Love Movie With A Lot Of Pee And Scat.
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Dirty Love FullHD 1080p (Carol Castro, Mary Luthay /  2021) 2.94 GB

Exciting, pleasurable and dirty! These girls decided to make a hot love with much piss and scat. In total ecstasy they make much ass licking and suck pussy before make piss and scat in their bodies. They keep excited and making a delicious dirty lesbianism.
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Poo Hefner’s “Big Booty Toilet Sluts” HD 720p (Imani and Angela /  2021) 158 MB

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SLUTS OFF-DUTY HD 1080p (Julia, Sexy /  2021) 1.10 GB

Ever wondered what the female members of the Slut Club do when they don't deal with the male clubber's dicks and asses? Julia and Sexy allowed us a glimpse into their off-duty activities, taking good care of each other's pussies and butts and everything that comes out there...
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BETTY PRIVATE - SCAT CLONES RETURN HD 720p (Betty, Eliza /  2020) 711 MB

Betty sent us another private tape with a message:

Hi all,

What a shitty year this has been! And I mean 'shitty' in a bad sense ... :(

Even my breakfast looks shitty....but that's Eliza's fault! She stayed over at my house again, and of course we fooled around, as you will find out later ;)

Anyway, we were in a silly mood, and I lost a bet...and that's why I'm here, gulping down a bowl of shit first thing in the morning...

Thank you, Eliza...I'm going to get you for this!!

Well, that was the morning after...the rest of the movie is about the night before ;)

Stay safe & keep smiling! The good times will come back soon...


xxx Betty & Eliza xxx
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Little whore fucked for just taste shit… FullHD 1080p (Lesbians /  2020) 1.86 GB

My little toilet bitch missed me, missed the strapon, the live dick. When my husband and I fucked her, she squeaked and moaned with pleasure. This little whore was ready for anything, just quickly taste my shit again, feel it in her mouth. Big pile went right into her mouth, I smeared shit on her, so that she got used to being in the shit and fucked her with strapon. Her moans were so loud that I thought the neighbors would immediately come running. But I didn’t stop, I brought this toilet bitch to orgasms, to frenzy, until she was left without strength to lie in the shit
1. Fuck her ass, shake shit in mess
Fuck her pussy, fuck her ass, shake the shit inside her in mess.
My little dirty slut bored for live cock. Look how she pounced on dick, how she sucked, can’t tear it off. You want him to fuck you slut, shake the shit in your ass. Suck, try and Master relented and fuck you nice in pussy and ass. Today you ready to do anything for the fuck, perform gymnastic figures, stand on bridge, my little horny bitch, substitute your holes. Look at yourself in the mirror, you’re shaking with desire. The cock easily flies into your wet, lustful holes, whipping up the shit inside you. Yes, I like it, it excites me. Master is about to cum in your dirty ass. Cum oozes out of her along with the shit. Push, fart, let the shit come out, you’re dirty slut
2. Scream and cum, eat shit, slut, toilet
Oh my little slut, you miss shit and fucking. We will satisfy your wishes. First, my husband and I will shit in your mouth, and then I will fuck you in shit and with shit, toilet mouth, so that you will be squeaking with pleasure and multi-orgasms. Oh, what a big pile of shit, chew shit, I want you to feel all the delights of taste and tell what it tastes like. Put your pussy in front of me, now I’m going to fuck you, chew shit, look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy my strap-on. You moan, flowed, I told you you’d be squeaking and cumming all the time, you toilet slut. I’ll torment you with more orgasms. How I like it
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Scat Secretary Girls Nara Lemos FullHD 1080p (Nara Lemos, Luanna /  2020) 830 MB

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Human Centipede UltraHD 4K (The Experience /  2020) 2.90 GB

Diana has problems with the car, she decided to ask for help in a house near there. She can not think that this is a house of a cruel doctor. Isa opens the door and let the girl enter in her house. Diana saw a strange behavior of the doctor, but she can not imagine what is happening in Isa's mind. Diana goes to the bathroom and found a strange room in the house, there is one girl, she is sleeping very deeply, she decided to wake up that girl, but suddenly Diana was attached from behind. When the girls finally wake up, they realize what is hapeining, Isa shows to the girls her cruel plan. The doctor will make with they a human centipide, conecting the girls by mouth to asshole, turning the two girls only one complex organism.
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Business girls HD 720p (TheHealthyWhores /  2020) 60.2 MB

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Use my mouth as a toilet FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2020) 954 MB

My girlfriends and I decided to have some fun , we went into the room and began kissing first we with Caroline kissed Alice I kiss Alice on the lips and Caroline caresses big Breasts of Alice with her tongue, and Caroline together have caressed the breast of Alice, Alice takes off the dress and again, I kiss Alice on the lips and Caroline caresses Alice between the legs with her tongue. Arousing Alice, we went with Alice to kiss her, to undress and to caress the Breasts and pussy of his girlfriend, arousing Carolina girls came to me, we kiss with Alyssa and Carolina girls caress my Breasts and cunt, Oh Yes this is a lesbian party. After that I lay on the floor and Caroline climbed on top and Alice and I began to caress the ass and pussy of his girlfriend, she is sweet, nice ass Carolina, I open my mouth and Caroline shit liquid diarrhea in my mouth, Alice, while Carolina fills my mouth with shit, continues to caress the anus of Caroline. Filling my mouth with shit we are changing places, and now Caroline is lying on his back on top of Alice and we caress the anus and the pussy of Alice, Alice, shit in mouth Carolina, and I continue to caress the anus of his girlfriend. Filling mouth Carolina shit we again change places, and now Alice is on the floor and I’m on top, Caroline Alice Alice caress me caress my pussy and Caroline my anus, Alice opens her mouth and I shit my girlfriend in my mouth, filling my mouth my girlfriend we start to kiss, but our mouths are full of rut and we’re all in the shit. Yes, we like to have fun, we love to shit and piss on each other to caress each other. This is a very hot lesbian show.
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Golden champagne and shit UltraHD 4K (Milla, Melissa /  2019) 2.98 GB

Milla wants to prevent her domme from leaving today, so she tries to put some sleeping medicine in her champagne. For her misfortune, Melissa notices the white powder deposited on her drink and immediately calls Milla to punish her for it. Melissa makes her slave drink another kind of champagne, very golden… Her piss! Like a fountain, she pisses in Milla's face, in a glass and on the floor, without letting a drop be wasted and making the slave drink it all! In addition, Milla is obliged to serve her domme like a toilet and eat all her shit, that comes out in small pieces that are chewed by the slave. Well, looks like Milla hydrated and fed well on piss and shit, huh?
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Three daughters dirty clothes in the manure DVDRip (Various amateurs /  2019) 1.58 GB

Bullied girl surrounded by two sisters. Urine and defecation straight on him in the mouth and anal-pussy nipples torture! ! I feel by instinct despite the first lesbian play. The two say repeatedly leave Piss Drinking, painted the filth, ... until excretion.
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Chocolate Cake SD (Latifa, Iohana Alvez, Diana, Karla /  2019) 923 MB

It’s Karla’s birthday! Her great friends decide they will throw a surprise party to celebrate, including a delicious chocolate cake. When she arrives, Karla marvels at the party and thanks her friends, but also suggests that they make the party a little more interesting, with the peculiar little game that the four of them like to play. Inspired by the chocolate cake, these four will make their own, warm and brown, coming out of their intestines! Starting with a delicious asslicking and setting off for a mix of scat and other disgusting things, these girls make Karla’s birthday be incredible as they curl up and roll in a lot of shit! You’ll be thrilled with the amount of feces produced in this movie!
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Scat Real Sisters Proven In Documents FullHD 1080p (Nara Lemos, Daniela Ferraz /  2019) 1.69 GB

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SD-5014 - Adriana Lemos Extreme Scat HD 720p (Adriana, Bel, Larissa, Camila, Monica, Manuela /  2019) 1.79 GB

The Kaviar orgy is ready, Adriana Lemos picks up the slaves Bel and Larissa and makes a hooker watered and full piss of Kaviar. In the second part, Camila and her friends are ready for an special orgy that the limits do not exist, kaviar, piss in pussy and great blowjob...
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Vomit Photo Studio SD (Giovanna, Priscilla /  2019) 385 MB

Priscilla is an important and arrogant photographer, but she will meet Giovanna and Michelle who will teach her a great lesson… From now on , certainly she will be more modest!...
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Spicy Pasta SD (Lizandra, Giovanna /  2019) 476 MB

Lizandra just woke up and her girlfriend made a delicious meal for lunch. They talk a little about the great sex they made last night, and when these two begin to eat, they realize that the pasta is tasteless. They think about what to do to improve the taste of it, but the solution they find is something peculiar, delicious and exciting... They'll shit in the pasta! Excited with the idea, these two shit in the bowl of pasta and eat it delighting themselves, quenching the hunger and getting excited with the whole situation. They seize the moment for a delicious lesbian sex, where they rub their pussies and lick their dirty asses. It's such a delicious meal that you'll want to be there too!
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Shit Job FullHD 1080p (Shit Job Victoria, Nicole, Saori Kido /  2019) 1.64 GB

Saori isn’t doing the job of taking care of Victoria and Nicole's house very well, so they decide to teach a lesson to this useless maid! They just start sitting on Saori's face, leaving her breathless, but soon they realize that’s very soft to her… Well, if she does a shit job for them, why not tit for tat? While Victoria and Nicole kiss and suck each other, they shit in Saori's face and make her swallow all the digested food! Now, this loose slave will think twice before not cleaning the house right!
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SD-3061 First Timers HD 720p (Giovanna, Latifa, Dyana, Amanda /  2019) 1.34 GB

Latifa and Amanda are two dominatrixes that decide to show their new place for tortures for two new friends Giovanna and Dyana. However, the two guests start making fun of their bad taste and start messing everything around, so Latifa and Amanda decide to put "a stop" on that situation , and to start showing them a new European sensation - the escatologie - and also show who are true dominatrices...!
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MFX-6291 Fetish Dreams R88 SD (Diana, Latifa /  2019) 632 MB

Diana and Latifa returned from a party right now. They love to have fun with balloons and share that love pleasure. What they really want is still coming. They introduce the balloons in the ass leaving filled with Scat. They go mad!
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MFX-5039 Kiss My Kaviar HD 720p (Morticia, Flavia, Bel /  2019) 602 MB

Morticia a very cruel dominatrix and plays a whole day with their female slaves. Today she gives a gift to resolve them. Flavia and Bel starts licking gently the body of Morticia.
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MFX-4454 Secret Diaper Fantasy R78 HD 720p (Jade, Paloma /  2019) 1.33 GB

Jade has a secret desire: She has always wanted to wear diapers filled with Kaviar. And while Jade sleeps, her wills and desires come true in her dreams through her friend named Paloma who treats her as a baby, by bringing her a delicious Kaviar baby food and a bottle of piss, And after Jade's dreams come true she sleeps like a happy baby!
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171 Shit Gang 5 SD (Adriana, Bel, Viviane Alves, Deb, Fatima, Josie, Laysa, Simone, Telma /  2019) 327 MB

Don't miss this crazy Caviar party outdoor on the green grass! It's one of the best selling DVD ever! Lots of young Brazilian girls are shitting and playing with their Scat and having lots of fun!
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