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Sucking a Full of Shit Dildo HD 720p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 622 MB

I was so busy in the last couple of days that I didnt even have time to poop. This morning I woke up and i could barely hold it. I was really close to poop on the floor while putting my red stockings on but in the end u can see me take a huuuge shit doggy style.
I then start fucking my lovely tight asshole with a red big dildo, When its all covered in shit I'm gonna start sucking it in close up so u can see the shit covering my lips. I will do that a couple of times right before I cum really hard
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Shity Anal With Tasting Poo FullHD 1080p (DirtyLena /  2018) 1.42 GB

Fuck dirty ass with dildo, a lot poo, suck shity toy and tasting, ass to pussy
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Shit Covered Balloon Pop HD 720p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 751 MB

I come home really angry because of a random lady. Wearing pink pantyhose I enter the kitchentelling u how angry I am. I then notice all the balloons on the floor and that makes me instantly happy.
I pop two of them while having those pantyhose still on. After that I take them off, poop on one of the balloons and pop it. I do the same with the last one.
Im much better now but I still feel like fingering my asshole and cum all over the shit under me
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Farting Liquid Diarrhea FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2018) 823 MB

I'm Olga and I took into account your requests and we have produced a video in which Olga fart very loudly and releases into my mouth, liquid diarrhea . I love when she shits in my mouth , I love shit , I'm a dirty whore and slave . This time I put Olga with cancer on his knees and began to caress her anus with his tongue her tasty and pleasant smell of shit . I caress the anus Olga then take a mini enema and enter Olga ass in the air a few times , here is the explosion of liquid diarrhea and farting in my mouth , Oh Yes, I love it very much . Olga fart in my mouth , Oh what a sweet smell . She squirts in my mouth remnants of diarrhea . I again take a mini enema and ass Olga pumped the air . She farts loudly again and I nohau , I took a rubber dick and a little fuck Olga in the ass . Pulling the rubber cock out of the priests Olga , Olga again explodes . Oh my God that's the sound , Oh yeah come on Olga right in my mouth . After that, I wstaw cancer together with Olga and also release the liquid pressure of shit on your ass and the back of Olga . The entire floor in our shit and so are we .
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Fuck me in a Skype Show FullHD 1080p (JosslynKane /  2018) 1.61 GB

You wanna see how you can fuck me in a skype show? then this is the video, start fucking my asshole hard and deep, make me ride ur cock and to suck ur dirty cock, mmm is tasting so good, my shit taste so good! I like so much to play in front of u so i have multiple orgasms! Enjoy you too!
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Girlfriend Ashley EFRO 10 FullHD 1080p (ScatGoddess /  2018) 80.6 MB

Enjoy more of my girlfriend Ashley's big juicy ass plopping out more poop. If you like watching natural big asses shit then you will enjoy watching Ashley go to the bathroom four times. She loves hearing about guys jacking off and cumming to her ass while she is pooping. 890
Send me a private message if you desire to order a custom video from my girlfriend, Ashley!
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Girlfriend Ashley EFRO 7 FullHD 1080p (ScatGoddess /  2018) 252 MB

My big butt girlfriend Ashley is back! Enjoy watching while she goes to the bathroom several times, squatting and wiggling her big sexy ass over to the toilet until her poop drops from her juicy cheeks. She enjoys knowing that you think her big butt is sexy and that you want to see her most private restroom moments. #800

Send me a private message if you desire a custom video featuring my sexy girlfriend Ashley!
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Stinky Heel & Panty Farts FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 742 MB

All dressed up and looking flawless In my Victoria secret Set & High Heels.. This Goddess has to fart. My belly has been rumbling and I need to release some serious gas!
What else could you ever ask for in this world but to be beneath my stinky brown eye blowing farts in your face.
Lactose whiffs with opening asshole all for you in your face.
Waving them in your face, dirty talking about my filthy farts,& ass shaking,
Do you want more?
Now they are coming out wet! Come smell my stinky farts for life!
Lots of awesome loud farts just for you!
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White Pile Brown Pants FullHD 1080p (SweetBettyParlour /  2018) 461 MB

Hiiii everyone!)) My new video here!)) Pantypooping + shitplay + smearing!) (this video have all you need!) water fart, shit licking, shitting on panty, covering of shit and thats all without music. *sick!*) In my next video i open third season!) (and you need to wait sometime!) New badass video coming soon!)) I know you waitin!
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SweetBettyParlour THE MOVIE HD 720p (SweetBettyParlour /  2018) 806 MB

Oh no!!! Betty's in danger, evil Anonymous is trying to capture the body of a young girl. a Unique opportunity to learn what started the passion of the Betty to the aesthetics of the scat in this unique video project you will find a whole bunch of really dirty and sexual abuse. Betty would have to comply with all orders of the dark Anonymous. You will see pantypooping, smearing, finger play, dirty play with pants, and much more. Exclusive price and quality. Don't miss out!) I know what you like, so in addition to the video, I IMMEDIATELY I enclose a 50% discount!) Love you stay tuned!)
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Sorority Sister Period Tasks Cum FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 1.60 GB

Bratty Sorority Sister of Kappa Delta Pi is all in her Sister School attire. You think you have what it takes to make this University Sorority? No ONE ever passes lol. Lets see if you can.
I run down the list of things you have to do to change to be a part of this wonderful group. Treating you like shit.
Have some bad news for you! I am on my period. What does that have to do with your tasks ? Well your going to have to clean and lick up mine & the rest of the sisters bloody period pussy's! I take off my period panties and show how bloody and nasty it is.
Dont you look at me! Look at my pussy , Suck my period pussy and make me cum. HA!
Too much, too late!
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He TEASES my TURTLEHEAD Shitty Blowjob Play FullHD 1080p (HotScatWife /  2018) 1.39 GB

This starts of with some intense pushing in and out and teasing you with my turtlehead! This is a LONG video with plenty of fun action. We get messy and smear, he digs shit out of my asshole and makes me taste it! I think smear my shit all around my sexy body while I fuck my pussy with a new dildo! I then crave some of my partners cum and do a messy shit jerk and SHITTY blowjob! I clean his cock and smear more of my mess all over it until he simply explodes like a good porn dick coating my face, mouth and glasses with thick creamy cum!
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Mia and Grace have fun with their toilet slave FullHD 1080p (Princess Mia and toilet slave /  2018) 1.55 GB

Mia and Grace have fun with their toilet slave. They chain this dirty dog, place handcuffs and lead him to the bedroom, where they are going to have fun with the slave. They get down on knees on the bed and put out their tasty asses, and the slave at this time should lick clean the holes of the beloved Mistresses. They groan from his tongue, laugh at his nothingness and enjoy the humiliation of the toilet-slave. Then they make him lie down on the floor and put a gag on his mouth, so that he won't not dare to close his mouth. At first, Grace fills his mouth with delicious crap - the only thing that an insignificant pig should eat. Then Mia begins to shit in his mouth. They are both laughing at him, smearing tasty shit in the face, drawing on his body with the same shit and coughing up his shitty face.
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Piss & Shit Meal Just For You 4K UltraHD (LoveRachelle2 /  2018) 1.45 GB

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More Beautiful Shit FullHD 1080p (Mistress Annalise /  2018) 1.08 GB

In the morning I put the shackles on the slave and he sat for a day waiting for me. When I came, I stuck him a few lashes and order him to lick and kiss my shoes after the street. I did not like how he cleaned his shoes, so, as punishment, I poured him hot wax. I enjoyed watching the slave wriggle from the pain of BDSM. He was very excited by my actions. I sit down on his face and told him to lick my beautiful ass. He did not expect what I had prepared for him today. Of course, a slave must be my thing if he wants to serve me as a toilet. He carefully licked my ass with his tongue, and I give him a lot of shit. I sit over his face, so my thighs rested against his hand. I introduced it as a seat for me. He watched as a lot of beautiful shit came out of my asshole. I felt his dick get up, but I did not let him finish with me. He is not worthy of such attention, he is just my thing and a toilet for me. After that he licked and sucked the fingers of my legs. Finally, I leaned over him and spit in his mouth. For today there were enough pleasant moments for you, my toilet. Stay in this room and clean the floor with your tongue. There's a lot of my smelly shit.
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Human Toilet in Action FullHD 1080p (Mistress Annalise /  2018) 867 MB

Today, I used my own human toilet. He crawled to me in the toilet on his knees to serve and fulfill my whims. I ordered him to kiss my shoes and suck heels. When my shoes were clean, he sucked my legs. I got up on him and stomped on his dick, which swelled with excitement. Now I'll shit in his mouth right in the toilet. It's great to have your own personal living toilet like mine. He must absorb my shit and toilet paper if he really want to be my toilet every day. In the end, I spit in his mouth and walked along it, causing even more humiliation for him. My toilet was used by me.
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Big Shit Dinner FullHD 1080p (Mistress Annalise /  2018) 999 MB

I walked the slave around the room on a leash. He obediently obeyed my orders. He did not know that I made dinner for him. He took a plate and I shit there. Long fragrant shit came out of my ass hole. The slave must eat all my shit, otherwise it would be a month without my shit. I know that he likes to be my toilet and teased him, from which he got even more pleasure. Now, stupid slave, I'll take you to the toilet - there's your place, until tomorrow you'll be there.
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EAT You Up and SHIT You Out FullHD 1080p (LoveRachelle2 /  2018) 656 MB

I'm in grad school doing a science project with my boyfriend to research the digestive system. So I've shrunk him down and I'm gonna swallow him and let him record the experience, before I puke him back up. I communicate with him on my cell phone before discovering that the bastard's been cheating on me! That's it, I'm not gonna *bother* puking him back up now-he can go out the hard way-that's right, I'm going to SHIT him out! I'm all gassy and finally shit a spectacular crap only to find that he must have dissolved inside me. Oh well! Fuck that guy.
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Fresh Shit FullHD 1080p (Heiss-und-Feucht /  2018) 31.7 MB

A user has wanted me once again a delicious portion of caviar and I have him this fresh bottled you should watch as I the mug shit fun with this fetish Kv video
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Huge Poop and Ass Fuck FullHD 1080p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 848 MB

I couldnt poop for a couple of days untill today when I almost pooped my panties. U have no idea how hard it was to fix my camera while jumping around lol I did mess my panties a lil bit tho but then I laid on a stool and released the monster haha Such a huge poop from such a tiny white asshole wow
I grab my black thick dildo and start fucking my asshole shouting at u to fuck my tight white asshole. After ur black cock makes me cum hard Im gonna finger my dirty smelly asshole making it squirt another load of shit like a fountain. Enjoy!
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Interracial Humiliation HD 720p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 484 MB

Get ready for ur dinner, slave!
Wearing a black lace lingerie, I'm teasing u with my legs and ass asking you to get down on ur knees and suck on my heel and lick my feet. I'm calling you names like ape, pet, fucking nigger. after about 5 minutes of teasing I will count to 5 and ask u to crap urlsef.
Now its time for you to get ur dinner so I'm releasing a one really huge shit on a plate and ask u to eat it all.
It's sleepy time so because u were one obedient slave u're going to get a pillow and sleep right next to my bed but U are NOT allowed to clean urself, u're going to sleep with ur pants filled up by ur shit!
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Suck my Asshole Clean, Slave HD 720p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 393 MB

I wear heels, black opaque pantyhose without underwear and a black loose dress.
U wake up as a prisoner in my room with me telling u that uve been a very bad boy, I know about
all the filth u've been watching and that its time for u to be punished and if u dont
do as I say u will have to endure public humilation instead of this private one.
For 7 minutes I tease u with my sexy legs and ass and often looking into the
camera telling u what ure going to do for me and what a bad boy u've been. I'm also asking u to wear a pair of pantyhose, just as I do.
After these 7 minutes, I take off my pantyhose but put my shoes back on, lay down on my back,
grab my heels and pull my legs up exposing my ass to u, looking through my legs at the camera to u I'm telling u that its time for ur ultimate humilation.
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