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Loosing Scat Virginity. Part 1 FullHD 1080p (AstraCelestial /  2018) 1.13 GB

Introducing: Matilda and Amelia. Faces are hidden only in the preview pictures, in video there are no censorship. Hi everyone, it is Matilda, and here is what happened with me. My friend - Amelia never knew that I love filthy sex and scat, she always was vanilla person and seriously saying I was scared to share with her my filthy fantasies, and to tell her how our company spend time.. But several days ago she came to my place and while I was not in the room she took my laptop and ocasionally found our videos. I was absolutely shocked and surprised, but most of all I was surprised by her reaction. She told me that she wants to get involved to be part of this too and to get her first scat experience to the camera. So, the video you are going to watch is literary her first experience with shit play and her first experience in recording for the camera. Double loosing of virginity so to say. And this video - it is very horny. Horny as hell. So watch yourself. Kisses. Matilda and Amelia
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Gyn Chair Torture HD 720p (scat-movie-world /  2018) 537 MB

Tied up and fixed, the little slave pig is completely at Miss Janes mercy! She treated and abused his cock and balls extremely so that he screams and yells in pain, cbt at its best! This is exactly what she needs in her dominant and sadistic vein, a defenseless victim! Also, the piece of dirt got a real taste of her pee and scat, in beautiful close ups you can see how she her beautiful horny pussy with the soft sensual lips lets the golden rain flow and how soon after that her dirty rosette begins to twitch and throb for releasing scat! The slave pig knows, that it is better to do everything to Miss Jane satisfaction, in order to escape from further cruel treatments. So remember, you will be the next being completely at Miss Janes mercy, getting driven over your borders!
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Gomorrah’s Black Room Scat Show FullHD 1080p (AstraCelestial /  2018) 1.63 GB

Hi everyone. Celestial team is again online. Well, shortly after her first video, Gomorrah had wish to create something new, as her first scat experience put her in maelstrom of horny lust.
So, see new video of Gomorrah, more dirt, more filth, more shot.
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Dirty feet and more FullHD 1080p (Sweet Betty Parlour /  2018) 674 MB

"Smell my feet. do you smell that? My legs are lacking a little bit of my shit, is that better? I know you like it. Do you want I will massage your cock with my feet? I'll do it if you promise me that you will lick every finger on my leg, I was expecting another amazing video from Sweet Betty Parlour !) In this video I have fun with the dildo and my legs, also I'm a little piss and suck) You'll like it!) PS: Video for special order. Check my store and stay tuned
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Dessert BANANA with SHIT FullHD 1080p (DirtyLena /  2018) 689 MB

I take yummy Banana in my ass and mixed Poo and Banana with dildo, put some dessert on toy and sucking it and taste my dirty fingers
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You are here today to receive training to be my toilet slave. You will be bound on the floor and remain beneath me at all times. I am also going to put you in chastity. This will ensure you suffer adequately during your training. If you please me and become a good toilet slave, then I will remove my little torture device from your cock. You begin by worshiping my boots, then you will have the pleasure of licking my soiled panties. I want to see that tougue of yours working to the limit. If you get a little dry, you will be able to wet that mouth of yours. I will allow you the luxury of my amber necter as you swallow my pee. It's a important part of your training, and I don't care if you choke you must drink all of it. Of course, any training would not be complete without the pleasure of eating some of my shit. You will remain under my ass with your mouth open and be ready to receive your meal. I will make sure there is enough shit to last you all day. How fortunate you are to be allowed the pleasure of intensive scat training under the beautiful ass of Mistress Gaia.
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Today I have my slave in the dungeon, and she is going to be examined. She is complaining of a vaginal and rectum problem that she wants me to check. She is hooded and blindfolded, and I have her on a leash as I lead her to the medical room. I tell her to sit on the bed and place her legs on the leg rests. I then tie her feet tightly with rope. I don't want her struggling too much. So with her ready, I pull on my tight latex rubber gloves to begin the examination. She is nervous, and has difficulty relaxing. So I tell her to remain calm, and that I'm going to have to thoroughly check her out. As I continue, her pussy becomes wet and I can see she is aroused. I get the feeling that she is enjoying me poking around with my latex gloved fingers. At the moment I can't seem to see a problem with her. However, I will perform a enema and see if further examination will reveal anything. I also use some instruments to allow me to open her pussy as wide as possible. After the enema, she complains that she has flatulence. So I insert a nice butt plug into her ass to make sure she is nice and comfortable. Her medical exam is over. However, I have other plans for my slut. For the next part two of the medical examination of my slave. She will have to undergo a psychological process. I have told her she must comply with my instructions. With her still hooded and wearing her blindfold. I put her hands in bondage mittens and raise her arms up on chains. I also have her legs bound with a spreader bar. She has no idea what to expect. I warn her that she is going to experience different levels of pain. I bring out my flogger and begin warming her up, heavily beating her ass as it begins to turn a nice red. I then bring out my bullwhip and let her hear it crack, she quivers in fear at the prospect of it's stinging lashes. Because she has no idea what I'm going to do next, her fear intensifies. With the butt plug still in her ass, I get my riding crop and give it a good slapping just to make sure it doesn't slip out. It's time to make her suffer a bit more and decide to use hot wax treatment on her. I light the candle and leave it for a few minutes to allow the wax to become really hot. As I pour it on her on her ass, she squeals like a little piggy. I'm having so much fun with my slut, her pleas for mercy will be ignored. As the wax dries on her ass, I tell her it has to be removed. I get my riding crop and begin to give her a good whipping. Until slowly, all the wax is removed. With her ass a bright red, my bitch pleads with me to stop. Of cours there's no mercy. As I continue with her whipping she can't hold in her butt plug. It's amazing to see it totally pop out, as my slave delivers a concentrated mixture of piss and shit onto the floor. She squeals in pain as I whip the last pices of shit out of her sorry ass. What a filthy slut.
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Shit lover HD 1080p (Mistress Annabelle /  2018) 782 MB

Mistress Annabelle conducts a session for her toilet slave. She kicks the slave to lick her shoes and heels. As far as the slave thoroughly cleans the shoes, she encourages him with spit and shakes the ashes on the slave's mouth. After cleaning shoes with the tongue of a slave, Mistress sits on his face. Making the slave to lick her wet pussy, swell with thrill. After licking she pisses into the slaves mouth. She fills the slave's mouth with sweet drops and makes him swallow. Then toilet slave carefully licks beautifull ass hole. The ass sphincter of the lady is relaxed and she is ready to give a big portion of shit into the slave mouth. Now slave should serve as a full toilet for Mistress Annabelle. Mistress sits over the slave and orders him to lick her ass and begins to shit in the wide open mouth. She gave out a huge pile of fresh tasty shit. In the process of shit, you can see a smirk and pleasure on the face of Mistress Annabelle. The shooting was conducted under bright light and in excellent quality. She is really beautiful and loves a lot of shit in the mouth. So the mouth of a slave is filled her sweet shit. Now Mistress Annabelle's submissive slave toilet should swallow and eat wonderfull shit. He enjoys the taste and aroma from her asshole. She puts on gloves and pushes all the shit into him mouth. Lick and suck every finger in my shit, open your throat and swallow my spits, stupid slave - she orders. She wipes her shitty ass after the toilet and puts toilet paper in the slave mouth. Are you happy now, my toilet? You are now my personal toilet, I will use your mouth always and this is your fate for the rest of your life, dirty slut.
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Today I have one of my slaves that wants to be in contention to be my personal slave, and he's very keen to please me. So I have him on his knees and he must do everything I tell him. I'm going to give myself a light manucure. I start with him having to wash my dirty feet and make sure they are perfectly clean. Then I gently cleaning my ears with cotton tips. When I'm finished I get my slave to lick the ends of the cotton tips. I'm sure he'll enjoy the tase of the wax from my ears. I also decide to clip my nails and keep the clippings for later. I still have the bowl to hand with my dirty foot water. I'm going to fill it with everything from my manicure. I inform my slave he's now going to be put to the test. I get the bowl and drop my nail clippings into it, also some hair from my hairbrush. Then it's time for a pee as I place it on the floor, and fill it with my amber nectar. I tell my slave that to be considered for the position of becoming my personal slave he must drink everything that's in the bowl. As he begins to drink my pee, he balks and tries to refuse. I warn him that he'd better not waste my time or I'll punish him severely. To make his meal more appetising, I take the bowl and add some of my shit. Then tell him he must drink every last drop of the delicious cocktail I have made for him. As he struggles with the bowl at his mouth, I order him to drink. He will finish every last drop, as he fully understands the consequences of disobedience.
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Police Officer Preps Breakfast FullHD 720p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 559 MB

This blonde hot police officer is going to make u eat all ur shit as breakfast. Follow my rules if u wanna get ur tongue anywhere close to my lovely asshole!
U need a plate,a spoon and my instructions. Do exactly as I say and u'll have the best morning of them all
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Pink Scat HD 720p (Emma /  2018) 157 MB

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HUGE Poop at the Gym Bathroom Plus Bonus HD 720p (zarzar01 /  2018) 78.5 MB

I just get to the gym, have to go bad! I take down my sweats, turn around and let go of a MASSIVE load, length 1:23. clip 2 I have the large load in a pan, you get to watch as I frost sandwich cookies with it, 1:23..cookies available!
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Wet and Messy Full Frontal FullHD 1080p (MessyChick /  2018) 934 MB

I know you like watching me poop, in this clip im going to make a nice big wet mess for you. Im going to talk about how happy your cock will be while you watch my perfect neat pink cunt as i release a huge stream of pee.

Then I lean back and give you a really good view of my cunt and asshole as I shoot out a big wet poop, I told you your dick would be happy!
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Toilet Time 4-7 FullHD 1080p (GoddessTempest /  2018) 416 MB

It was time again to prove to the world I actually still remember how to take big shits into a regular bathroom toilet. I guess because I usually shit into my slave's mouth people tend to think that over the years I wouldn't remember how to do it in a regular toilet hahaha
From very lose and messy diarrhea to thick and creamy logs I push out as I moan in pure relieve and pleasure, just wishing your willing mouth was under me to chew and swallow sweetie.
You will get all 4 of these clips. Toilet Time 4, 5, 6 and 7 for only $8.99 so you can watch how many creamy shits I push out right out of my tight little anus just for you!
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Smearing Ass with Shit FullHD 1080p (DirtyLena /  2018) 536 MB

Ride dildo on floor till Poo . Take a big Shit piece and Smearing on Ass ,a little shit for pussy and more on Ass and Smearing it good .
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Alina In Morning Crap In Mouth Toilet Slave Tasty Liquid And Hot Shit HD 720p (PooAlina /  2018) 139 MB

This is a real video shot in the morning. Everyone knows that the morning female shit is the strongest - it has a strong taste and smell and it has a more liquid consistency and it is more difficult to swallow! Also in the morning, the girls, at the time of bowel movement, are very farted!
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Smelly Morning Diarrhea in Mouth of Toilet Slave from Alina HD 720p (PooAlina /  2018) 195 MB

Toilet slave lies and masturbates his little penis, and Alina at this moment dumps him a large portion of smelly diarrhea in the mouth and face!
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Playful Sexy Shitty Anal FullHD 1080p (DirtyLena /  2018) 686 MB

Do you want to see how pretty angel become dirty.. Lol I'm crazy girl, got home from beauty salon with new manicure and haircut and made my dirty thoughts in bathroom
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Ms D’s June Prune Kaboom!! FullHD 1080p (funkyladies /  2018) 798 MB

Ms D Is Back n the scene!! Enjoy as she returns with three nice healthy Ploppage adventures at work!! Enjoy as She lets out some nice healthy Solids. She been drinking that prune juice and its got them logs firing out her ass!!! Yet another Action packed clip from my OG BBW queen!! Great Peeing, Poots, and of course Plops!! Mixed in of course with her great Groaning and Straining!
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Mesmerized Into Being a Shit Eater FullHD 1080p (MessyChick /  2018) 670 MB

I know your dirty little secret, how you have been buying up all the vids online of girls pooping, well today I'm going to push your fetish one step further.. Im going to make you crave the taste of my kaviar, and you are powerless to stop me.

Im going to mesmerize you with my smooth British voice and my delicate features.. prepare to crave something you have never craved before. I will re-program your brain and all you will be able to think about is my smell and my taste. When I produce my poop, you will be licking your lips and waiting patiently with your mouth open.
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Loud Fart and Lots of Diarrhea FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2018) 956 MB

We very much love to be smeared with shit in this video video you will see a large number of loud explosions and a lot of diarrhea which comes right first, and then me and Olga in the face . We started kissing and then I put Olga with cancer on his knees and began to caress his tongue anus Olga I love to lick her ass , then I pushed finger anus Olga Oh, I see shit in the ass Olga . I took a mini enema and began to fill the ass of Olga air entering the air a few times in the ass Olga I framed his face and opened his mouth and then Olga exploded . Here is the head of shit, liquid shit , hit me right in the face . I again began to fill the ass Olga and Olga again started to blow a loud fart in the room zapach shit and farts . I vzal rubber cock and started to fuck Olga in the ass . Olga again began to explode loudly, very loudly . Now it was my turn and Olga are reversed . Olga began to fondle my anus with her tongue about how sweet she is . Then Olga picked up a mini enema and began to fill me with air . And then I broke down and exploded at Olga farting loudly and out of my ass with farts began to fly in diarrhea . Olga a few times filled me with air and I exploded very loudly . Olga took a rubber dick and fucked my ass . Yes, we are two whores who don't know the word stop . Any of you can make a custom request for a video from our participation . We will voplatit your dreams in life, and we have no taboos and stop words . For more information about our offer when communicating do not hesitate to write we'll wait for you you . With love to you our dear fans your Yana and Olga
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Harley Quinn Poops her Pants FullHD 1080p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 528 MB

Did u always wanna have ur personal scat superhero? Here I am! Watch me dressed up as Harley Quinn and poop my red and blue pants
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Double Humiliation FullHD 1080p (MessyChick /  2018) 549 MB

Mia's twin Tia has come to visit. Mia likes to show off to her twin sister, she is going to get you to do some really gross things..
You are my little worm and you must do exactly what I say. First I will make you clean my shoes, while I tell you what I did while wearing them. I bet you can only dream of being able to satisfy me.
Then I will make you beg for my poop. If you can be a good boy and do everything I say without touching yourself then you will get a special reward...
Can you handle Mia and Tia teasing and humiliating you about your dirty secrets? Will you be a good little worm and worship Mia's perfect long toes and feet? Do not buy this clip is you are overly sensitive or easily offended!
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Dirty Schoolgirl Humiliation During her Period HD 720p (ChienneMary /  2018) 1.31 GB

Dressed in schoolgirl during my period, I am punished and humiliated by my master. he spank my ass and pussy while I shit, I piss and blood flowing from my pussy. All dirty, front off my master, I play with my dirty pantie, I masturbate and I fingering my bloody pussy with my shit.
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