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Shitmaster 19 - part3 SD (Suesse Ferkel /  2018) 163 MB

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Shitmaster 19 - part 2 SD (Suesse Ferkel /  2018) 293 MB

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ShitMaster 19 - part 1 SD (Suesse Ferkel /  2018) 217 MB

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Mfx-1136 - Your Christmas Scat Wish DVDRip (Andressa, Latifa, Karla /  2018) 250 MB

Tell us fan… Have you been naughty or nice???? Our girls have been naughty all year and this is why they expect to put their plates under the Christmas tree and wake up with it full of Miss Claus scat! Karla and Latifa anxiously wait for Miss Claus to come “fill up” the tree with a special present. To make sure they stay awake, the two naughty girls entertain themselves with a wild lesbianism that will get you “ready” to join the party!!! The girls cum and go to sleep and awake with Miss Claus leaving jewellery under the tree! The naughty girls quickly wake up and are bewildered at Miss Claus huge magnificent ass!! They refuse to receive those presents and ask for gifts that don’t come out of your typical Santa’s bag, what our girls want comes straight from the ass!!!! We’re sure you never thought of Christmas like this before have you???? Was Soft and Heavy Loads of scat on your wish list??? How about hot women??? A big Ass Miss Claus??? How about lots of scat swallowing straight from the ass or scat filled pussies??? MFX has Christmas time come early this year and we’ll make all of these wishes come true! On the end the naughty girls feast on Miss Claus’ sexy body!! Christmas time couldn’t be better!!! ENJOY!
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