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Married Insurance Saleslady - Humiliating Scat Torture DVDRip (Shiho Aoi /  2018) 3.08 GB

The trap which fell from the mistake of trivial work was a nightmare to change life. A man with a pervert hobby forced her to use her medicine for excretion. A married woman who wishes to disappear into a stenchable offensive smell is a spectacular scatology play that further drives it. A married woman who has been driven to thorough paint feces finally falls, falls to beasts covered with acme overflowing with a bad smell.
人妻保険外交員 恥辱の脱糞拷問 葵紫穂
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Shitting Just I Wake Up! FullHD 1080p (Homemade /  2018) 594 MB

Shitting just I wake up!
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Huge Poolside Dump FullHD 1080p (Mistress Sophia /  2018) 796 MB

Mistress Sophia is lounging poolside and has to take a shit bad, she shits by the pool and has her toilet slave clean up.
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Kaviar-Pralinen FullHD 1080p (GermanyGirl /  2018) 2.35 GB

Unter meinen High Heels klebt sicherlich noch etwas alte Pisse der letzten Session, gut das gerade ein Sklave da ist. Dieser kann sich ausgiebig um meine Füße kümmern. Zur Begrüßung küsst und leckt er meine Heels, dann den Schweiss direkt von meiner Fußsohle. Miss Cherie erleichtert sich derweil in einer Schüssel, ihr gelber Saft wird natürlich nicht weggegossen, der Sklave soll damit seien Durst stillen. Dann meint Cherie das ihr der Darm drückt. Somit positionieren wir den Sklavenschädel direkt unter ihren Hintern wo sie ihm ein Paar sehr harte Pralinen ins Maul scheisst. Der Loser hat mit der trockenen Scheisse zu kämpfen, vieleicht hat er schlechte Zähne. Ich bin ja kein Unmensch, daher pisse ich noch mal in seinen Napf damit er die Scheisse nicht ganz so trocken runter würgen muss
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Toilet Paper SD (First Time /  2018) 347 MB

Тhere are many things I like about going on vacation to Mexico; yet, there is something that I find very unpleasant. It is the toilet paper they use! It is so thin that it dissolves right on your fingers. It is so coarse that with the amount of papaya and watermelon juice I consume here, I would scratch the skin off My genitals by wiping them after going to the washroom, if...I didn't know how to manipulate men! Some slaves turn into toilets faster when forced into Toilet Slavery, some require a gentle and slow manner of training. With this young slave, it is the approach #2 that I use and his first step is learning how to be a human toilet paper
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Toilettensklave im Klassenzimmer FullHD 1080p (Miss Cherie /  2018) 738 MB

Miss Cherie benutzt während ihrer Pause ein Lebendklo das in der Mädchenschule im Klassenzimmer eingesperrt wurde. Sie kommt mit einer vollen Blase ins Zimmer und pisst dem Sklaven eine riesen Ladung ins Maul. Zwei Stunden später muss sie sich noch mal erleichtern, sie pisst ihm abermals ins Maul, dieses mal ist das aber nicht alles. Der Sklave bekommt nun auch noch einen fetten Haufen ins Maul geschissen. Cherie ist zufrieden und achtet anschliessend auf Sauberkeit, mit strengen Befehlen und schmerzhafter Traktur dirigiert sie ihr Lebendklo das nun sämtliche Reste vom Boden lecken muss.
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Strap-on fuck, face SHIT, smother & cum FullHD 1080p (Crvykitten92 /  2018) 1.42 GB

Today, it is your turn to have your arse fucked! I start by spanking his arse and rubbing his hole. I stretch his arse with a buttplug and then begin to dominate him with my big 8 inch strap on. I fuck him hard before deciding to shit on him. I sit on his face whilst I push my arse out. I take a nice stinky shit right into his mouth and he begins to rub shit around my cheeks. I smother him with my big juicy shitty arse before wanking his dick furiously. He shoots hot thick cum all over me whilst my shit covered arse smothers is face.
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Facesitting - Enema Diarrhea X-tra Dirty by Brutal Karina Cruel FullHD 1080p (Karina Cruel /  2018) 2.74 GB

Facesitting Marathon And X-tra Dirty Diarrhea Enema direct into mouth and swallow makes this new movie perfect!! The real dirtiest and strongest Enema we've ever make!! Real hard facesitting marathon - real strong and real fear!! The Slave has to take all enema direct into mouth and swallow!! Also included in this movie: facesitting - spitting - snot - smother - dirtiest Enema ....
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Kaviar Amateur 108 DVDRip (European Girls /  2018) 580 MB

Kaviar Amateurs – 108 in the series. KA is a pretty standard EFRO production featuring mostly European and Eastern European girls. The girls play around, rubbing their tits and ass as they strip and show off their bodies before doing the deed (no, the other one) for the camera. Oil, lingerie, pooping babes… must be a K.A. flick.
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Mit scat gefuettert und gestopft FullHD 1080p (Femdom Scat /  2018) 1.81 GB

Auch bei 24/7 Zwangsaltung bekommt mein Sklave ein wirklich ausgewogenes Frühstück damit er seine von mir täglich aufgetragenen Aufgaben gut erfüllen kann. Der schöne Kuchen der beim Kaffeeklatsch mit meinen Ladys übrig geblieben ist scheinte ihm ja nicht zu schmecken, scheiss drauf, ich crushte vor seinen Augen und mit meinen nackten Füßen den Kuchen, veredelte ihn somit und fütterte ihn mit meinem nackten Fuß. Schon besser, denn plözlich grunzte und schmatzte der Sklave genüsslich und lutschte jeden Krümel zwischen meinen Zehen herraus. Da dachte ich mir das geht noch besser und schiss ihm eine schöne Portion aus meinem göttlichen Herrinnenarsch direkt in sein dreckiges Sklavenmaul. Auch mit dem schönen frischem scat in und auf seinem Maul fütterte und stopfte ich den Sklaven mit meinem nackten Fuß weiter, mmmh wie das schmeckt. Ich fistete ihn so hart mit meinem göttlichen Fuß in sein Maul das ihm fast das Kotzen kam und ließ ihn dabei seinen jämmerlichen Sklavenschwanz wichsen, aber auch das konnte der Loser nicht anständig und er fing an mich damit zu langweilen. Kurz darauf ließ ich ihn in seinem Käfig zurück um mir den nächsten Loser vor zu nehmen, mal schauen ob er seiner Göttin besser dienlich ist.
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The Beautiful Hostess A Scat Time SD 720p (Shiho Aoi /  2018) 1.72 GB

美人女将 お座敷スカトロ姦 葵紫穂
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The Beautiful Hostess A Scat Time SD (Shiho Aoi /  2018) 1.63 GB

Demonic breeding of a beautiful lady majesty who has grown into a customer! Tying up large thighs, if you crush the whole anus that became a full look, an oversize one shit is Mori Morimori ~! Put a cock into that feces hole, pouring feces while urinating urine. Pleasure to commit an elegant lady general with shit! It is!
美人女将 お座敷スカトロ姦 葵紫穂
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Shit Brownies FullHD 1080p (Mistress Sophia /  2018) 574 MB

Mistress Sophia decides to make some delicious holiday treats. With her special ingredient her warm butt fudge. She has her slave hold the bowl while she shits out a big load of fresh shit for her brownie mix. Then adds a little of her warm golden nectar. But she has more treats, she makes poo pops, loli pops smeared in her poop, she also makes pussy pops rubbed all over her wet pussy and pee soaked candy canes. All for you lucky guys. You can order these special treats as a custom request.
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PISSY pant-stuffing, SHITTY anal fuck, HUGE gape FullHD 1080p (Curvykitten92 /  2018) 1.86 GB

I have become the naughtiest piss slut ever! In this video: Sexy talk, huge puddles of piss, panty stuffing, anal beads, hardcore anal, HUGE GAPES, shitty anal, big cumshot

First I give you an amazing , sexy sleazy talk and tell you how much I want to piss my panties just for you. I bend over and you show you my sexy arse before I unleash a big puddle of piss, filling my knickers and soaking my hairy cunt.

I turn around and spray piss all over my bed, and sit in a huge puddle of my piss. It was so warm and yummy. I pull my panties aside and show you my hairy cunt and big throbbing clit. I bend over and pull my panties down, resting them on my little feet.

On my knees, I rub my pussy and shoot more jets of hot piss out. My arse is lubed up and anal beads pushed in. I piss more and more after cumming twice.
He stretches my arse with his big dick whilst he fucks me deep and hard. You can see my hole stretching around his cock whilst I cum.

He pulls out and his dick is nice and shitty. He continues to fuck my hole and then I show you my biggest gape ever! It is HUGE!

I lay down in my puddle of piss and he fucks my hole again whilst I shoot fountains of piss all over. He pulls out revealing a nice shitty hole. I am so close to prolapse and I can feel my butthole working its way out. Hehe!
He fingers my hole whilst I piss and we finish with him shooting cum all over my titties
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Allocate shit like a dog FullHD 1080p (KatyaKASS /  2018) 918 MB

On all fours, I get the shit on my feet, my shit slides to my feet. First I peed, of course, described my legs, and then I took a shit. I’m a naked sexy girl, putting my hair in a bunch of poop like a dog. Posing for the camera about shit, I am with a beautiful makeup and with a beautiful shit. I fart a lot a lot of very loud fart. It turned out a beautiful clip. My shit has turned out to be small lumps since I haven’t slept in two days. Here they are my goat poop, that is, like a goat. I’m a beautiful girl beautifully excrete shit. Relief.
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PERFECT shit filled anal fuck FullHD 1080p (Curvykitten92 /  2018) 1.86 GB

For all you anal shit fuck lovers out there, this video is AMAZING!
I have for you, 17 minutes including; big squirting piss, enema, dildo anal fuck, shitting, smearing, hardcore anal fuck with multiple shit explosions, big cumshot across my tits and face.

You do not want to miss this one! I think it is most scat lovers fantasies. Having an anal slut who loves having the shit fucked out of her.

I start by unleashing a huge puddle of piss all over my bathroom floor before I get on my knees and taste my nectar. Next, I have my hole fingered where I tease the camera with a big turtle head and then have my arse filled with water. I squat and fire water and a nice thick log out of my arse.

I fire another huge load of shitty water across my bathroom before my hole is then stuffed with my favorite big black dildo. I cum several times and my arse gapes whilst more hot shit runs out. My arse is then smeared with beautiful brown poop before I stand up ready to be fucked.

He stuffs his big dick in my arse and fucks me hard. I cum again and a huge load of shit and brown water flys out of my hole.

I briefly wank his dick before he fucks my hole again, making sure to let more shit push out of my hole over his cock. I'm fucked again before I bend over to show you my beauitful shitty messy arsehole! It is gaping wide with a sexy purple ring whilst shit runs down my pussy.

I pick up my poop and rub it across my tits and to finish, I rub my clit and piss some more whilst he jacks his dick. Then I get on my knees and open my mouth ready for his cum. His thick loads shoots out across my mouth and tits.
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Shitting in a flower pot FullHD 1080p (Mistress Sophia /  2018) 127 MB

Miss Sophia is out doing her gardening and has to shit real bad, so she piss's and shits in a flower pot outdoors.
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Explosive Enema Prolapse FullHD 1080p (Juicy Julia /  2018) 1.49 GB

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Enema fountain of shit lots of shit FullHD 1080p (KatyaKASS /  2018) 1.38 GB

Enema with shower hose. Lying in the bathroom, I scored myself in the ass a lot of water that the stomach was inflated. After the water poured out of me a lot, later the water poured brown and then a lot of shit. The bathroom in the shit. Blonde with a beam on her head, naked, cleanses her intestines, lots of liquid shit. Sexy Katya had a lot of fun
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Feeding Time FullHD 1080p (Mistress Sophia /  2018) 166 MB

Mistress Sophia feeds a huge enormous turd to her toilet slave!
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Huge Shit on slaves face FullHD 1080p (Mistress Sophia /  2018) 693 MB

Ms Sophia calls her girlfriend Mistress Ashley for a massage referral. She not only gets a great massage but gets a submissive toilet slave as a gift from her friend Mistress Ashley. And she wastes no time using him. Sophia squats over her new toilet slave and takes a huge shit all over his face and makes him smear her delicious shit all over his face. She then piss’s a huge golden stream all over the losers face! And then explains to him he is now her property permanently.
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I cook dinner with the freshest ingredients FullHD 1080p (KatyaKASS /  2018) 1.56 GB

I’m a beautiful lingerie, getting ready to cook dinner.First I dance erotically in black Thong. Then I poop in a plate and pee in a Cup. Then almost ready dish, put on a chair (improvised table). I put a glass of urine on it, and a plate of poop. Starting to prepare meals, evenly stirring it turning into a mess. Then I start smearing dishes around the lips,in the lower part of the face. While the porridge of poop falls on my body. Then I went to add the sound of music, became erotic dance. Putting a plate with a dish on the floor I in the doggie position, began to breathe the flavor of his dish, again smearing it on the lips and around, thereby trying it. I hope you enjoy my dinner. To complete everything I blow a kiss I give the TM to understand that the lunch is completely successful.
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Shit and Blood Vol.3 FullHD 1080p (Anna Coprofield /  2018) 1.75 GB

I use a tampon and a pad at the same time to save more blood for you. The tampon is full and the blood flows out. I touch the pussy, insert fingers. I piss a lot on the pad and squeeze it, urine and blood flow on my pussy.I made a tasty pile of creamy shit and fuck my pussy with a toy and continuing to release shit. I squeeze a tampon dripping blood on a pussy a lot, fuck ass and pussy, smear shit, drip blood and fuck my holes again.you should see it yourself
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Jeans and Smearing FullHD 1080p (Anna Coprofield /  2018) 1.98 GB

Do you remember my jeans? These jeans are very tight and small for me, but I adore them! Today I want to play relaxed. So I start with a lot of pissing in jeans and then fill them with creamy soft shit. I also knead shit, fuck ass with fingers and smear the shit on the ass and pussy
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Scato slut wife DVDRip (Ingrid, Mystery Lady /  2018) 861 MB

If you are familiar with the scat scene you will know famous Ingrid - one of the most extreme, dirtiest scat stars right out of a depraved dream. In this film she pushes things to new extremes: two guys, one girl train their human toilet well. 80 minutes piss and scat as hard as it can get.
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