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THE SECRET CLUB HD 720p (Julia, Sexy, Penelope, 5 males /  2019) 597 MB

We were tipped off about a secret place where true scat lovers come together to let their hair down. Fortunately we knew most of them, and they had no problem at all with our cameras, as long as we wouldn't interfere with their after-work activities. Of course we wouldn't, after all nothing is better than the real thing! Thanks guys and girls for allowing us to document your unstaged, filthy action and share it withthose who haven't found the Secret Club....yet!
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BETTY PRIVATE - THE ASS-TO-MOUTH SESSION HD 720p (Betty, Desiree, 1 male /  2019) 1.27 GB

Betty sent us another private tape with a message:
Hi, this time Desiree and I met up with a guy who likes ass-fucking a lot - well, that's one thing we had in common ;)
With sluts like us, the ass is always a good starting point, and there's usually a mouth close by
Have fun, Betty & Desiree
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ONE OF THOSE WEEKS HD 720p (Angelina, Linda, Sunny, 2 males /  2019) 964 MB

Angelina really is one of a kind - this time she asked us to accompany her during a typical week, including a remote encounter with her Master, solo sessions in her basement and the usual mid-week visit from Linda, Sunny and their partners. Don't get the wrong idea though - it wasn't all about sex...it's just that we're not good at filming typical Matron activities like cooking, baking or floral arrangements
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Choke It Down Daddy FullHD 1080p (littlefuckslut /  2019) 786 MB

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First time swallowing soft poo FullHD 1080p (LucyScat /  2019) 883 MB

This is my first time swalloing my soft shit! I shit in a bowl and its a very pretty log. I show it to you and i talk to you. I am really excited in this video and talking a lot. I first try to take a bit in my mouth and tasting it and describe it. I really want to eat it raw without flushing down but i just cant. So watch how i talk about my poo, telling my thoughts and swallowing a bit of my shit
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