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Messy deepthroat training! UltraHD 2K (Xxecstacy /  2020) 969 MB

Watch me puke several times while throating twin dildos
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Enema Smear: Taste FullHD 1080p (xxecstacy /  2020) 826 MB

This is part two of a three part series, starting off with Enema Smear: Smell. In this video, be prepared for some more enema fun as I even manage to switch off my camera with the dirty stream. Smearing my ass as much as I can, I talk dirty to you about having you taste my ass and lick it clean. While I do, I also taste my own shit off my fingertips for you.
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Twenty Loads Full Coverage FullHD 1080p (xxecstacy /  2020) 2.66 GB

Twenty Loads Full Coverage

Description: In this video, almost a full month of not filming scat is shown off with twenty loads of treasure. Watch as I get absolutely filthy in this custom twenty loads smearing. The goal for this video is for absolute full coverage without wasting a single bit of the twenty loads. Enjoy as I cover myself head to toe in shit, getting absolutely filthy.

Substituting Coffee With Morning Piss

Description: Its day 7 I believe since I’ve been stuck inside, and I’m already out of coffee. Despierately needing to piss, I come up with a solution. In efforts to keep myself inside, I took the extreme measure of substituting my morning drink with my salty piss. Let me explain to you exactly how it smells, tastes, while I tease you with dirty talk. It’s like drinking morning coffee with me, yet much, much dirtier.
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Lots of little space fun FullHD 1080p (xxecstacy /  2020) 1.20 GB

Filmed today 02/11/2020 just some play time in my happy place!
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How I got into scat + some fun UltraHD 2K (xxecstacy /  2020) 954 MB

The first 16 minutes are talking about my first scat experiences while coloring, then I show you guys just how I love to play!
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Chocolate Dream UltraHD 2K (LittleMissKinky /  2020) 1.24 GB

How often has you dreamed about me, my ass, my pussy and my poop. You are allowed to dream once again, to watch me pee and poo and to get horny with me. This time I am very excited while I smear my shit on my body and tell you to lick and fuck me. If you love to see more clips of mine or want to buy some videobundles ask me about special prices in a private message. If you want to buy ALL clips published here you can send me 120 Dollar via a custom request and I will send you the links
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Little space whipped cream fun! HD 720p (sexandcandy18 /  2020) 1.56 GB

Watch me put whipped cream up my bottom several different times and angles lol first attempt at a cream enema and not half bad!
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Daddy’s girl punishment + anal until I’m empty! HD 720p (sexandcandy18 /  2020) 1.10 GB

Not the messiest but soo much fun. lots of spankings and whimpering, I use my binkie so daddy doesn’t think I’m annoying!
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Fingering fun FullHD 1080p (sexandcandy18 /  2020) 1.94 GB

This has been my first messy pussy fingering experience and oh my goodness it was lovely! As I’m typing this my fingers may still linger with a slight aroma of my fun earlier, after what seems like a hundred hand washes, it was well worth it! Hope you enjoy as much as I did xoxo lots of love and best wishes to you all
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Bathroom compilation 5 HD 720p (sexandcandy18 /  2020) 973 MB

Another collection of my most recent trips to the bathroom! 14 clips I believe all new never uploaded to the site and all clips include poop!
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Huge dildo quiet scat play! UltraHD 2K (sexandcandy18 /  2020) 1.20 GB

Here’s a video I filmed today 02/17/2020! I woke up and had to go super duper bad so of course I had to record it for you! I get up and get ready for the day then come back to play! I’m also on the 2nd day of my period so don’t be alarmed if you see any blood each time I’m able to swallow bigger pieces so stay tuned for my future videos I can’t wait to eat for you guys! xoxo p.s. I wasn’t home alone so I had to stay pretty quiet!
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Caviar and eating instructions FullHD 1080p (MistressAntonellaSilicone /  2020) 1.48 GB

Hello my little bitch! My hungry cock sucker! Are you ready to suck some cock for your beautiful Mistress? You enjoy sucking a real hard fat cock ? Getting horny only thinking of it? I know you like to suck it hard and i know the main reason you like it. Because you’re hungry for that sticky load of cum in your mounth. It’s humiliating to take the load in your mounth, but that turns you on, my cock sucker bitch. You need to practice sucking real mean. I will teach you how to let go of your fears and become the whore that you want to be. I know this is your fantasy ! You will start by swallowing your own
cum, after your rub your cock like a bitch that you are . I will guide you ! You can jerk into a bottle and drink it after ! Or you can cum on the floor and lick it !
You know your hungry my bitch, jerking off, sucking man and drinking the loads of cum is your wikness, your dirty desire. Now jerk it off looking at my sexy perfect body, desire me ! I will guide you when you will have to lick every drop of your sticky cum !
In the next part Mistress Antonella is so pretty with her sexy skirt and blouse in black latex and red stiletto shoes.
She is going to offer to her slave a very nice Caviar meal.
So it’s the last choice for him…
Her slave can’t resist to eat this wonderful meal from her Mistress.
In the end, Mistress Antonella is delighted with her caviar offered to the toilet.
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Happy Valentine’s Day! HD 720p (sexandcandy18 /  2020) 801 MB

Quick EFRO clip for V-Day!
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potty breaks! FullHD 1080p (sexandcandy18 /  2020) 585 MB

3 new different clips all include poop! sending so much love your way xoxo
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Bedroom fun! FullHD 1080p (sexandcandy18 /  2020) 1.61 GB

3 never before seen EFRO clips
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What I’ve been up to + some fun! FullHD 1080p (sexandcandy18 /  2020) 1.04 GB

Come hang out with me while I get stoned and twerk until I realllyyy gotta go potty lol watch this video to get updated on my current situation and my near future plans! Xoxo wishing you all the best and I hope everybody is staying as safe as possible trigger warning! some blood at the end of video as a result of not playing enough recently
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outdoor adventures! UltraHD 2K (sexandcandy18 /  2020) 599 MB

My first outside poop clips!
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Amateur hard shit smeared ass fuck FullHD 1080p (Dirtyamateurs /  2020) 312 MB

I popped a big hard shit, and as much as my young boyfriend had fucked it in my previous clip, it couldn’t fall apart and become squishy. that’s why he smeared it on my big soft ass and left the rest on his stomach to watch it, while fucking me in my dirty stinky asshole
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Amateur hard turd fucking FullHD 1080p (Dirtyamateurs /  2020) 603 MB

My boyfriend love to fuck my shit, so i helped him. i seat on him, with his dick betvwen my butcheeks, and fucked my hard shit on his stomack, with his dick, so hard, that it started drooling
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Feed You With Shit FullHD 1080p (thefartbabes /  2020) 417 MB

How much you want to taste my shit? You can’t get never enough of it! It so huge and delicious! You crave it so much! Bow down and swallow it,my slave!
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Red heels fetishising and poop UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 957 MB

That’s the most important thing in this video! I walk around, pose, squat, jerk off my heels before taking some long delicious turds. I just slip my thong to the side and poop. If your into shoes and very high heels this one is for you. More than 8:30 minutes of pleasure
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Gummy bears - Tanga Refinement FullHD 1080p (LittleMissKinky /  2020) 1.39 GB

Filling my holes with gummybears anf shitting them out, but first i pee through white panties and put beads in my dirty asshole
I waer a tanga while i pooping a lot of liquid poo out. After sticking the panty in my chocolate, I start rubbing it on my pussy until I cum
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Anal After Huge Shit FullHD 1080p (Thefartbabes /  2020) 1.08 GB

Huge shit from my asshole and naughty and dirty ass fingering.
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Eat my poop and lick my fingers UltraHD 2K (LittleMissKinky /  2020) 1021 MB

I am very wet and want u to feed all i got. I start with my pussyjuice and continue with my tasty butthole. why u lick me, it opens up and I poop in your mouth. I tell u how to rub my shit over your cock and how much i want that u lick my dirty fingers clean
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Many poops FullHD 1080p (LittleMissKinky /  2020) 1.02 GB

I know that you are a naughty boy and today your dreams come true. You are allowed to drink huge amounts of my pee. I wont use the toilet becuase you are here to get it all. Drink and dont waste a single drop
i recorded myself on numerous occasions just pooping. Hope u enjoy it, same like i alaways enjoy to empty my butt
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