August 2021

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Filthy & Shit UltraHD 2K (NadiaCream /  2021) 972 MB

I smoke a bit to wind down and enjoy my body. I get horny and start to play with my butt plug; pushing it in and out of my shitty ass. After relaxing and playing with my ass, I feel that I need to take a dump. I relieve myself by shitting on my blanket and pissing after I’m done. I take my shit in my hand, ball is up and smear it all over my ass. I lick my shitty fingers and finger my ass. I take my beads and fuck my ass deep.
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Scatology Hospital Her cure is our SHIT FullHD 1080p (Fetidistrojp /  2021) 1.41 GB

Patient is in hospital for awhile and she doesn’t seem to be getting well. Nurses & Doctors gathers up to talk about the cure for this mysterious illness they cant figure out. One Doctor came up with a secret idea, she teamed up with other nurses to stimulate the shocked patient being waken up with a finger in her pussy fucking her. Nurses and doctor stimulates her even more and rips her clothes off. The Doctor then goes over the bed on top of her head, squated and shit on her mouth. Eat this and you’ll feel better soon. She did as she was told, but thats not all.. There were more shit than she could eat so she struggles then other male nurses came to help, they felt aroused on what they were seeing. Gathering up on poor patient, they too got their cock out and patient was so horny she sucks them both off. Then she got fucked too. While other Nurses busy themselves shitting on her. The female doctor on the other hand was getting horny she got shitted on, all over her face and finger fucked too!
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Husband using Dirtywife as his personal toilet FullHD 1080p (GoddessAndreea /  2021) 374 MB

As we informed you before, the dirty slut is back! Dirtywife become a real human toilet, simply. Her husband is proud finally : : it has become a human toilet for her husband. Her ascension is already very visible. If at first she was a bit reluctant, now she already wants to be a human toilet for her husband or her lover, Faith. An epic clip again in which Dirtywife shows her qualities/skills of being a human toilet. Soon a new dirty clip with Dirtywife and Mister Faith!
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This shit made my pussy wet UltraHD 4K (Markovna /  2021) 217 MB

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Deep Shitty Anal FullHD 1080p (Dirtygardengirl /  2021) 833 MB

My dirty asshole slides up and down the long dildo, shit appears, more and more shit covers the cock. I smear shit on my ass cheeks. I fist my shitty hole and massage my shit covered prolapse, I shit out an amazing turd and show it to you.
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Shitty Ass and Pussy Fisting FullHD 1080p (Dirtygardengirl /  2021) 1002 MB

I start fisting my asshole and it feels very warm and soft inside, mmm yes sure enough its full of loose and nasty shit, I fist my shitty hole and smear the loose shit on ass, it feels so good and nasty, eventually I smear some on my tits. Then turn around and smear it more on my tits and belly and pussy! I fist my pussy with shitty hands then into doggy for more ass fisting, Lots of Prolapse!
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Girl pushes out the anal plug with her shit UltraHD 4K (Markovna /  2021) 1.41 GB

Girl pushes out the anal plug with her shit. Removing the tail without hands. At the end of the second video, I show the result of poop in the toilet
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My creamy pussy wants more shit UltraHD 4K (Markovna /  2021) 1.53 GB

My creamy pussy wants more shit
My shit falls out of the anal ring and grazes the pussy
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2 big piles of shit for you UltraHD 4K (Markovna /  2021) 1.26 GB

2 big piles of shit for you with Markovna
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Saliva Vomit Snot Swallow All Toilet Bowl FullHD 1080p (Natalia Kapretti /  2021) 5.78 GB

Saliva Vomit Snot Swallow All Toilet Bowl with Natalia Kapretti

Drinking vomit is the most difficult thing for my shit eater. But never mind, today we are having fun and having a good time. Fresh shit was fed and collected shit was fed, it’s time to drink vomit. And so that the toilet does not shirk and does not close his mouth, I put dilator on it. Today, all the waste from our bodies goes only into the mouth of this shit eater. Lift your head and catch my vomit, swallow, I said swallow. I’ll give you saliva and snot swallow it all, I’ll teach you to drink my vomit you ungrateful toilet bowl

Minet Sweeter And Tastier With Shit with Natalia Kapretti

Sweet, sweet shit. It becomes even sweeter and tastier if you do blowjob with him. I like have fun time to time like that. I have dirty orgy with my slave girls or have dirty sex with my slave husband. One of my favorites is fuck him in the ass full of shit with my fist, get smeared in shit and give blowjob. I get so excited at such moments, I burn all over and cum, violently, a lot 1. My sweet minet and fisting with shit I enjoy being depraved and dirty, I liked fucking a slave’s dirty ass full of shit and being smeared in the shit, sucking dirty dick in shit. I was so excited, volcano of passion burned in me, rolling hot waves. Dirty cock covered in shit invaded my thirsty mouth deeply and in my throat. I couldn’t stop, I sucked and masturbated, all dirty, all covered in shit, squirt and cum, over and over again 2. Dirty fisting and oral in 69 position Such depraved, such a beautiful pose 69. I will fuck slave in dirty ass with shit instead of lube, and he will lick me at the same time. But I have prepared surprise for him, I will shit on him when he is under me and he will continue satisfy me, lick my pussy and dirty ass. And I will fuck him with my fist, with shit and of course suck his cock sticking out in excitement. This proves that he likes it, he likes to be under me in the shit, he has already become toilet fetishist

Toilet Slut For Shit Vomit And Dirty Games with Natalia Kapretti

Your pussy is itching, your mouth is begging for cock. You’re little nymphomaniac, toilet slut. Begget, suck the dick, lick his ass, now we will take turns shitting on you. Lick ass, put your mouth on it now the shit will fall down in there. Yes, feel all the delights of shit. Suck dick in shit, I want you to swallow cum with shit. That’s it, shitty mix of protein and stinky waste, swallow. Now it’s my turn to shit on you and throw up, I want play with you, dirty slut. Yes, now you’re covered in shit, please your Mistress, soon you’ll have shower with vomit. You are my, my fucking dirty slut 1. Dirty slut asks for dick and shit My slave girl is fucking bitch. She becomes dirty nymphomaniac, she constantly wants fuck, wants dick and shit. Recently, she seduced her friend for dirty sex in threesome with her husband, now she lies on the couch, fucks herself in the ass with strap-on and begs to suck my husband’s cock. Well, let’s satisfy her desire, fuck her in the mouth, deep in the throat, until she vomits, and then we’ll shit in her insatiable toilet mouth. With what passion she sucks cock, takes it deep down her throat, she is real slut and toilet bowl. Sucked dick, now open your mouth, my husband will shit in it. Yes, that’s it, shit goes in your toilet mouth, enjoy the taste of it, eat it. Now lick that dirty ass full of shit, stick your tongue in it. You’re so dirty, you dirty toilet whore 2. You my toilet slut for shit and vomit My dirty toilet slave girl, my slut, today already had enough of shit, eat shit, sucked dirty cock in shit. Now I want to play with her, take a shit, smear her in shit and fuck her with double-sided dildo. It is such bliss shit on young girl, when she enjoys your shit, catches it, smears it on her body, tastes it, eat. Well, slut, insert the second end of the dildo in your ass, now you will give me pleasure. Yes, it’s just unforgettable, it’s such high, fucking in shit. Now let’s get to the water treatment, now I’m going to throw up on you. I marked you again today, toilet bitch, took shit and puking up on you. You are my, my fucking dirty slut

Puke If You Don't Like My Shit with Natalia Kapretti

Today I have a great mood and I will have fun from the heart. Lick my pussy, I want to get hot, excited and cum in your mouth. Then I’ll shove strap-on deeper your mouth. Yes, puke, today you can, I allow, but for this I will give you good whipping on pussy. Oh, what swollen, red labia, I like it so much. Now I want fisting, stick your little hand up my ass, fuck me. Yes, that’s right, it’s such delight, I even shit myself. Put all my shit in your mouth, chew it until it turns to mush. What, you don’t like taste, I’ll shove shit in your mouth, chew it, chew more, puke in my hands, I’ll teach you eat shit and your vomit

Dirty Games With Hot Soft Smelly Shit with Natalia Kapretti

I like dirty games, I like how smell shit, love feel his sticky touch. And I love fisting my husband. These two fetishes are perfectly matched and I am very happy to fuck him with my fist in his dirty fucking ass. Shit oozes out of his ass, spills out. It’s so hot, soft, smelly. It is such bliss to feel it in my hands, on my skin, on my body. It’s so inviting me, so exciting 1. Dirty fisting with shit, I like it You didn’t shit tonight. Today I will fisting you without lubrication. Shitting, Push shit. Oh how sweet, fragrant, soft shit. What a delicious smell, I really like it. And you bitch, dont pucker up! Lie and endure. You my slave, obey and pleaser your Mistress. Here is you bitch fist in the ass. So much shit, how easy hand slides inside, wonderful, great. Now I will constantly use shit instead of lubricant for fisting. Yeah, that’s it, I’m gonna shove my hand up your ass even deeper. Push, piss, I see you’re starting to like it too. 2. Want more shit, I’m covered in it I try to habituate my husband to shit and use all sorts of tricks for this. Come to me dear, give me your ass. How cozy your ass is and I can feel that warm shit inside of you. Come on, shitting on me, don’t be shy. Yeah, it’s so nice, warm, soft, smelly shit all over my body. More, shit more, I want more shit. How I feel good, I’m gonna cum. I’m covered in shit. I’ll go get toilet slave out of the bathroom, let him lick everything off me

The Use Of My Live Toilet In The Woods with Natalia Kapretti

I love to walk in nature, I caught my Toilet shit eater in the woods in the Park, and today I decided to remind him who he is, how he got to me. The walk was a success, it was easy and I had fun, fed my live Toilet delicious shit in broad daylight near a crowded alley
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Cleaning my Shitty Anal Beads UltraHD 2K (NadiaCream /  2021) 66.8 MB

After having my anal bead in for a few hours, I decide to clean my shit off of them. My mouth is salivating from the smell and look of the clumps of shit on my beads. I make sure to clean all my ass juice and scat off my beads.
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Gorgeous Scat Sex With Girlfriend BBW FullHD 1080p (Natalia Kapretti /  2021) 3.38 GB

Amazing, Gorgeous, It’s dirty scat sex with girlfriend BBW. Joint copro sex with her happened for the first time and it was unforgettable. I was exhausted, we were exhausted. Delight overwhelmed us. All the dirtiest, nastiest, most cherished desires have come true1. Amazing dirty scat sex with girlfriend BBW Here is your dream, lying next to me covered in shit. Look what gorgeous woman, what big round ass she has. Here she breeds her gorgeous rolls, starts shitting. She takes this fragrant mush with her hands and begins smear it on her gorgeous body. For her, this is the first time, feeling of shit on skin is exciting. Shit slides, seeps between your fingers, feels so good. I’ll take shit on her too, add some shit, smear it on those huge tits. Oh, I want her, I want fuck her. My hand goes into her wide pussy, Yes, she moan, scream, it turns me on even more. My friend Lana covered in shit and I fuck her, she comes and shits even more. It’s just amazing. We fuck with two-way strap-on, enchanting, such pleasure. I love scat sex, I love get fucked in the shit. After so many orgasms, we need smoke, relax and soak up all the pleasure2. So good relax after covered in shit What could be better than relax and smoke after rough scat sex with girlfriend. Lying side by side, two gorgeous women, covered in shit and vomit, take drag on cigarette, inhaling not only smell of tobacco, but also smell of shit in the air. Hot, slippery bodies gradually cool down, pleasant languor throughout the body. It’s just bliss. And then, take hot shower, wash each other, smear all with thick fluffy foam. It’s so sexy, erotic, and it makes butterflies flutter in stomach again
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Lady shit, front view UltraHD 4K (Markovna /  2021) 1.60 GB

2 videos were filmed on the same day. In the first video, I poop twice (front view). But this was not enough for me. That evening I pooped again and shit a big pile of shit (back view).
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Scat fuck 11 (shitty quickie) FullHD 1080p (Versauteschnukkis /  2021) 657 MB

In this film of the nasty schnukkis the two of them poop at each other and do a little shitty quickie. Have fun watching
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New Plug Big Shit FullHD 1080p (Dirtygardengirl /  2021) 535 MB

Oh this new plug feels great in my ass, I push it out and then push out my prolapse and a beautiful long loose log slides out. I scoop up the poop and place it on my chair so I can mash my ass and cunt and rose in the soft warm shit, get my ass really dirty with shit and then insert the butt plug again and push big shitty prolapse repeatedly
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Hot Blonde Girl Eating/swallowing Scat FullHD 1080p (Venuslovexx /  2021) 733 MB

Young, Blonde, hot girl licking scat, swallong scat and smearing with scat all over her body
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Turds, Prolapse and Dirty Feet FullHD 1080p (Dirtygardengirl /  2021) 967 MB

My asshole is so loose that when I poop firm round turds they just roll out and fall out of my prolapse, it is really fucking cool to see! And when my shit is firm turds like this I can squish them together and insert them back into my ass repeatedly! So fun shitting my turds out again and again. I poop them on my bare feet, rub the shit onto my bare soles and smear the shit on my ass cheeks all the while rubbing my dirty rose on my shitty feet. I pee a little too.
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Puke And Shit Smear FullHD 1080p (Dirtygardengirl /  2021) 1.53 GB

Oh I get soo dirty! I piss, I puke, I shit, I drink piss and puke. Take shit and stuff cunt full and smear on body tits and face, deepthroat and puke on dildo, gag with shitty hands, drink more puke and smear puke all over body and face, fist cunt. Prolapse.
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Shitty Heels And Soles FullHD 1080p (Dirtygardengirl /  2021) 1.10 GB

Worship my sexy feet, my sexy red high heels, my sexy stockinged soles, my sexy bare soles, mmmm now my shitty bare soles in my shitty red heels, my soles covered with shit. Lick, smell, wank off and cum
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Humiliating Looser to Eat My Shit FullHD 1080p (ElenaToilet /  2021) 1.65 GB

I will use a human toilet slave! Every day he will eat my shit or he will starve until I feed him again on the next day! Looser will be humiliated a lot this time as my footstool, foot licker. I will be slapped him with my whip. Verbal humiliatons and degradations. In the end he will eat my shit and lick my ass clean!
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Horny Blonde anal fist and suck shit UltraHD 4K (LizzyDirt /  2021) 1.83 GB

In my very first video you can watch me as I surrender more and more to my horniness and do things that every lover of very dirty girls dreams of. I will fuck the shit out of my ass with a giant dick dildo, press the shit back into my asshole and fist myself in the ass. Again and again larger pieces of shit slip out of my plump ass pussy and I get the desire to taste my shit. But before I have to rub my big natural tits with it. Towards the end I rub and suck the big dildo so that in the imagination you are the dildo and squirt me your horny sauce in my dirty face.
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Shitty Anal Rose FullHD 1080p (Dirtygardengirl /  2021) 390 MB

Face down ass up I spread my cheeks gape my puckered asshole finger my asshole and push out my anal prolapse, and it is covered in sticky stinky brown shit. I rub my prolapse and smear the shit on my ass cheeks, fist my shithole, gape my shithole, prolapse my shithole
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Standing Shit in Heels 3 FullHD 1080p (Dirtygardengirl /  2021) 917 MB

Long view of me with tits bound naked in heels taking a big nasty shit on the floor, scooping it up and smearing on face tits ass, Pack mouth full of shit and fuck mouth with dildo. No talking just shit faced grins
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Period, Poo and Pee In Panties FullHD 1080p (Dirtygardengirl /  2021) 598 MB

I model my new white panties and ooohh seems my period has come through, plus I have to pee and shit this morning, so why not do it all in my panties my piss comes out red soaking and staining the panties and a bunch of poop turds push out of my ass against the panties, this is the first time I’ve pooped in my panties and really it feels good and totally fun! I reveal the shit, and yes my prolapse does come out when I push out my shit, and I pop the prolapse in and out a couple times. The poop is a bunch of roundish turds and I pick them up and squish them together to form a log of sorts, then take off and show you my filthy panties
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Standing Shit 2 FullHD 1080p (Dirtygardengirl /  2021) 895 MB

Long angle view, naked in heels with tits tied, I push out a big dump of shit on the floor. I pick it up and smear some on my face and put a huge piece of shit in my mouth. I keep the shit in my mouth the whole time, while fisting my shitty asshole and pushing out and playing with my shitty prolapse.
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