December 2021

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What Really Happens HD 720p (Latifa, Perla /  2021) 610 MB

This movie shows what two hot actresses like to do behind the scenes. After having sex Latifa and Perla are so excited, that they keep doing it after the shooting. Things are very hot, but they decide to improve their sex and start playing with some shit. Don't miss this great movie, where the girls do what they know best and learn how to play with scat in a very horny way!
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Kaviar Amateur #72 DVDRip (Cristina, Carina /  2021) 626 MB

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Kaviar Amateur #65 DVDRip (Emilia /  2021) 750 MB

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Kaviar Amateur #52 DVDRip (Germany /  2021) 611 MB

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Kaviar Amateur 115 SD (Sarah /  2021) 879 MB

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Fashion Extreme SD (Darla, Cristina, Sabrina /  2021) 260 MB

Darla and Sabrina Red have an important job interview in a big company. They are very anxious and nervous but when they get there the secretary starts behaving strangely. She farts, pisses on her pants and that’s the price the girls will have to pay to get their so dreamed job.
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Die Perverse Reporterin 2 SD (ShitMilf /  2021) 700 MB

The perverted reporter travels over Europe and have bizarre sex wtih shitting with private amateur performers from different european countries...
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The Ass-To-Mouth Session HD 720p (Betty, Desiree, 1 Male /  2021) 606 MB

Models: Betty, Desiree, 1 male
Running Time: 36 Minutes
Betty sent us another private tape with a message:
Hi, This time Desiree and I met up with a guy who likes ass-fucking a lot - well, that's one thing we had in common ;)
With sluts like us, the ass is always a good starting point, and there's usually a mouth close by
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Shit compilation 003 SD (Shit Girls /  2021) 1.50 GB

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Scat Giant HD 720p (Rarissa Gigante, Bruninha /  2021) 1014 MB

Bruninha not understand the lesson that this teaching Rarissa Giant , Rarissa revolts at the stupidity of Bruninha and resolves to teach him another lesson, she dominates, humiliates, urine into the mouth of the slave, and a huge scat in his mouth. The blonde slave gets the brown face of both scat.
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ACSM158 - Black Hole 8 HD 720p (Men Eat Shit /  2021) 1.96 GB

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Slurrybois DVDRip (Sven Falkenberg /  2021) 1.68 GB

Sven booked the «Dirty Weekend» at the DIRTYGAYFARM.
He doesn't exactly know what to wait for but wants to be the Wc-Bondslave for the whole weekend.
8 Guys reproach him the whole every so often, In the barn or in the mud a conjure up comes steadfast.
They shit all over him and he just eats it away!
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Verdammte Scheisse Ist Das Geil SD (Sex /  2021) 699 MB

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Scat Fight Swallow Real HD 720p (Renata Hartman /  2021) 1.07 GB

The new top girl Renata make your fist video for MF & SG video scat movies and make fantastic scat don?t miss the top model Renata Hartman !!
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宅配ゲロモンスター - 優木あおい DVDRip (優木あおい /  2021) 935 MB

Aoi Yuuki - Vomit on Delivery
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Full Body Extreme Smear in Tub FullHD 1080p (Goddess Ryan /  2021) 772 MB

Full Body Extreme Smear in Tub
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Vomit on Delivery DVDRip (Aoi Yuuki /  2021) 1001 MB

宅配ゲロモンスター - 優木あおい
ゲロのデリバリー。こんな非常識なこと考えるのは、AV界ではTOHJIRO監督ただ一人。そんなAVに出演できる女優さんも優木あおいのみ。ゲロ風俗で20万円も使う真性マニアの工藤君宅では、玄関先で挨拶代わりの顔面ぶっかけ。仲良く溜め飲み、彼の口に噴射ゲロ。なんと工藤君ちんぽビンビン。ゲローションのボディ洗いに続くゲロFUCK。マニア相手に思う存分ゲロプレイを楽しむあおいは、ゲロんこ遊びに興じる無邪気な少女みたい。二人目の小林君は彼女の熱烈ファンだが、ゲロマニアじゃない。でも大好きな人のならと全身にゲロを浴び、食ゲロにも挑戦。あおいちゃん命なればこそ、ゲロは二人を燃え上がらせる触媒に。ゲロの海の中での恋人同士みたいなSEXは感動もん。弱くて臆病な自分を変えたい一心でゲロAVに出演した素人。ゲロプレイの非日常的世界にカタルシスを求める優木あおい。両者の想いが融合して起った愛の化学反応。ゲロマニアはもとよりアンチゲロユーザーにも見て欲しいヒューマン・ゲロドキュメント。 (うだがわ)
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Nutrition Bar For My Toilet SD (Amateur /  2021) 119 MB

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MF-7971 Bread with scat FullHD 1080p (Patricia Carter, Manuela /  2021) 1.81 GB

Patricia and Manuela are starving, and Jaque is taking too long with their breakfast. When the slave arrives, she brings nothing but bread without any filling or accompaniment! Oh, the girls will punish her severely and make her eat bread with a delicious mix… Shit! First, they spit on the bread and in her mouth, making her chew all that filth. Shortly thereafter, they lay her on the table and begin to pee on top of her, causing her to swallow the jets of piss after gargling them. Finally, comes the incredible scene where Jaque chews the shit along with bread and a few spits, and rubs all that pasty and brown filth all over her body while the dommes enjoy her suffering. She almost throws up, but the dommes make her chew all the shit she can! Great breakfast!
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Ana in the Woods SD (Ana Didovic /  2021) 319 MB

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Fisting SD (Amateur /  2021) 188 MB

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SUPER MESSY UNDERWEAR POOP UltraHD 2K (VibeWithMolly /  2021) 952 MB

I held this poop in for far too long! I literally exploded in my underwear in doggy style. Watch the shit squish around my thong! My butt is covered! I show it off for you then jump in the shower! Yes those are bruises from a fun weekend and yes this is a super messy video! I hope you enjoy.
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Accidental dirty anal with first time date FullHD 1080p (VibeWithMolly /  2021) 624 MB

I met this young gentlemen off a dating app. My friend and I met him at a bar. We all clicked. We took him home and I ended up letting him fuck my ass because he said he didn’t care if it got dirty! This made instantly super attracted to him and turned me on so so much! Little dirty poop on my pussy and his cock!
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MFX-S016 Scat Swallowing Moments 4 DVDRip (Karla, Bel, Victoria, Jade, Perla, Raquel, Latifa, Iohana Alvez, Iris, Darla, Milly, Leslie, Tatthy /  2021) 886 MB

If you thought dumping moments 1, 2 or 3 were exciting, wait till you get to the swallowing parts!!! Now, MFX brings our fans the most exclusive scat chewing and swallow scenes from over 15 of our best scat movies!!! This is only the first of many editions to come! Don't be left out, start your collection today!!! Don't Spit! Just Swallow!
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Sperrgebiet Erotik #43 (Natascha's Kaviartraum) DVDRip (Natasha, Linda Mayhem, Luciana Russo /  2021) 3.36 GB

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