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SD-3061 - First Timers - R69 HD 720p (Giovanna, Latifa, Dyana, Amanda /  2022) 1.34 GB

Latifa and Amanda are two dominatrixes that decide to show their new place for tortures for two new friends Giovanna and Dyana. However, the two guests start making fun of their bad taste and start messing everything around, so Latifa and Amanda decide to put "a stop" on that situation , and to start showing them a new European sensation - the escatologie - and also show who are true dominatrices...!
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Shit Job FullHD 1080p (Victoria, Nicole, Saori Kido /  2022) 1.64 GB

Saori isn’t doing the job of taking care of Victoria and Nicole's house very well, so they decide to teach a lesson to this useless maid! They just start sitting on Saori's face, leaving her breathless, but soon they realize that’s very soft to her… Well, if she does a shit job for them, why not tit for tat? While Victoria and Nicole kiss and suck each other, they shit in Saori's face and make her swallow all the digested food! Now, this loose slave will think twice before not cleaning the house right!
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MFX-The Best Of Scat Dumping Moments 01 DVDRip (All Girl /  2022) 596 MB

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MFX-5039 - Kiss my Kaviar HD 720p (Morticia, Flavia, Bel /  2022) 602 MB

Morticia a very cruel dominatrix and plays a whole day with their female slaves. Today she gives a gift to resolve them. Flavia and Bel starts licking gently the body of Morticia.
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Chocolate Cake DVDRip (Latifa, Iohana Alvez, Diana, Karla /  2022) 923 MB

It’s Karla’s birthday! Her great friends decide they will throw a surprise party to celebrate, including a delicious chocolate cake. When she arrives, Karla marvels at the party and thanks her friends, but also suggests that they make the party a little more interesting, with the peculiar little game that the four of them like to play. Inspired by the chocolate cake, these four will make their own, warm and brown, coming out of their intestines! Starting with a delicious asslicking and setting off for a mix of scat and other disgusting things, these girls make Karla’s birthday be incredible as they curl up and roll in a lot of shit! You’ll be thrilled with the amount of feces produced in this movie!
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