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Insane Premium FULL Smearing Clip HD 720p (SweetBettyParlour /  2018) 754 MB

New premium videos) In it as you always go to shit journey, enjoy shit games, full, smearing, sucking dirty fingers, dirty blow job, epic cumshot, and of course immerse yourself in a sea of fresh shit) BUT this time I was joined by the great Anonymous, we unite our efforts to smear shit ALL over my body)) don't miss it, it is truly a fascinating spectacle) As always, attractive price and excellent quality) PS: I also do not forget to please the owners of portable devices (all my video is being created in 4K and then pass the rendering to 720p which creates stunning quality and easily reproducible resolution)
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Desperation Pen Massive Ground Hogging Shit FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 881 MB

Dressed in Sexy Lingerie I have been holding my shit now for a while, I suck and lick a black ball point pen. Where is this going? Thats right in that ass!
There is so much hard shit when I insert the pen deep into my anus.
I Show it off doggie style, twerking and playing with the pen over and over. The desperation is unreal, every motion I pull the pen out its stimulated more and more. As time passes I play more and more with the pen making it really dirty.

On my back with legs up I ground hog this shit and pen for as long as I can squirming everywhere.
I keep sucking the pen and shit load back in until i cant hold it anymore.
My face is priceless, as I Shit out slowly the pen and load as it swirls into a BIG pile! More and more comes until I am EMPTY!

I baby wipe this ass and stick the pen back in to show how dirty it gets, ass spread and show off the Big load!
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Pissing my Leggings and Fucking my Shitty Ass FullHD 1080p (JosslynKane /  2018) 1.39 GB

Im being so horny, i have my white leggings on, i grab my ohmibod toy and i start masturbate myself, i put it on my clit and its feels so good, this will make me cum so bad! After i cum i start pissing my white leggings. MMM my golden shower is looking so good on my leggings, this its makes me more horny! So I start fucking my asshole letting my shit to come out and making my asshole feels so good till its cum, so much shit, so messy, i love it, wet and messy! After I make my asshole cum too i grab one of my turds and i suck it good, in front of the webcam, close up! Enjoy!
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Pissy White Thong Cum & Shit Huge Chunks Stuff FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 1002 MB

I took my white thing and soaked it in my urine over night. HOLY MOLY!!!
The Smell is so over powering, literally. I wear these and Do a doggie Shit while pulling them slightly to the side, Shitting out MASSIVE hard thick shits. 2 to be exact.
The Hard Nuggets are impressive, there is so many!
I slide my white panties up and cum hard in this panties and ass wipe my poop all over them.
But wait, I am no done.
I take the nuggets of hard shit and fill the panties with them, stuffing them in the crotch and all down the ass crack. Happy jerking.
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Stepsister Shits On You FullHD 1080p (PrincessPuckie /  2018) 778 MB

I'm your older stepsister and I just got out of bed in the morning and I'm in the bathroom taking a shit. I think I'm alone, so I leave the door slightly open (enough for you to see me). I hear a noise and see you. I pretend to freak the fuck out and ask you what the fuck you're doing there. I want to punish you so I think about it for a sec..I know exactly how to teach you a lesson.I'm gonna give you what you were trying to see in the first place. I notice your dick is getting harder and I call you out for it. I flush without wiping and force you to follow me into my bedroom..I'm getting kind of into this now. I tell you to take your dick out (you have a nice dick and I'm surprised for a perv like you to have a nice one!) I start fingering my asshole and playing with it, I pull some shit out and tease you with it. I smell my shitty finger and talk dirty about it. I tell you that I haven't showered today and I got all the juices from the previous night. I fart a bit and stick my pussy into your face and talk bout how rank it smells. I feel the big shit is coming on and I have to finish what I started.I put my shitty ass in your face and shit on you!! I push a heavy load out and my dump plops on you while I talk dirty to my lil stepbrother. I want you to cum now so I keep spreading and get really close and beg you to blow your cum hard all over my shit!!
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Shitty Candy SCAT Ass FullHD 1080p (ScatGoddess /  2018) 1.21 GB

I can feel that I still have more poop in my ass. I try on a couple different panties and camisole tops while there is shit smeared on my body. I let servant M pick his favorite and then lay back down on the dirty comforter. I have a huge sweet tooth, and I brought a bunch of candy with me to play with. I pull down my panties and servant M begins to fill ass with candy Whoppers and Reese's Pieces. While he is pushing candy into my dirty asshole, I tell a funny, dirty story that began my love for putting candies into my sexy ass! Once I am full, I pull up my silky panties and push out the rest of my shit mixed with the candy. I push out a big load into my panties, it feels so good coming out of my asshole! I am so horny, servant M told me he needed to pee, so I told him to pee on me, and I begin to masturbate and squirt good fucking myself with twizzlers! I need my ass fucked, I suck on servant M's cock before he fucks my shitty ass from behind. While riding his cock, I need to taste my shit and grab the big pile of poopy mixture that I pushed out in my panties. I eat and swallow the whole pile!! Enjoy watching the second part of session with servant M, and watch me eat the most shit I have ever eaten while getting fucked!
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Morning Video With Smelly Milana. Shows Boobs HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 362 MB

Milana again showed us the contents of her rectum (sorry that you can not feel this smell with me - it's divine !!!)! In the morning she was in a bad mood (I noticed this), she did not want to get messed up with shit, but for you she smeared her plump ass and fingers in shit. I with great difficulty persuaded her to fully show boobs! After recording this video, she washed another 30 minutes in the shower, because she really stank!
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21-year-old Milana Dances and Pooping close-ups HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 495 MB

Sexy and slutty 21-year-old Milana crapped right on the white table. Before pooping, she shoved her finger into the anus and pulled out a little shit that stuck to her nail - and immediately I felt a sharp stench. When she began to shit, the stink increased at times and I thought how wonderful it was to be her personal toilet slave and take her shit and fart in her mouth!
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Milana Pooping in Panties With Farting HD 720p (MilanaSmelly /  2018) 509 MB

Milana likes to eat meat, and especially pork chops and powerfully and smelly to shit. Her ass is really smelly, because she likes to eat meat. Now she is not ready to shit in my mouth, but I am sure that I will be able to persuade her in the following videos.
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Return of the Puppy Pad FullHD 1080p (SexyScatForYou /  2018) 504 MB

I have been away for a while but am back for good! In this video I tease you with a little up close crowning before full release on a puppy pad
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Return of the puppy pad HD 720p (SexyScatForYou /  2018) 64.5 MB

I have been away for a while but am back for good! In this video I tease you with a little up close crowning before full release on a puppy pad
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Nice Poop on Puppy Pad Rear View HD 720p (SexyScatForYou /  2018) 272 MB

Watch me poop on my dogs puppy pad this is frontal view so hot
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Big Shit and Pee HD 720p (SexyScatForYou /  2018) 422 MB

Once I am sure the camera shows my face this time. I start playing with my pussy but end up needing to shit right away.. and pee after. Ends with closeup shit and wiping my ass.
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Perverse Lady Darlin Record More Bizarre Action FullHD 1080p (Toiletslaveanddommes /  2018) 1.03 GB

Lady Darlin decide to do more bizarre videos for all her fans ! The third movie is with her personal toilet and friend, in her bed. Slave caress and worshipp his Goddess. He must make her cumm before she use him for daily toilet needs and oblige him to eat her shit. She also fuck her dirty slave in this movie. Stay close to her movies and make her happy if you buy them. The best dirty Scat Goddess and her toilet.
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Mallorca Pee Party Extreme By Marie Skyler FullHD 1080p (Marie Skyler /  2018) 1.45 GB

Extreme Bitch Marie Skyler just take a sunbath under the sun of mallorca, when her friend is comming, and tell her that he needs to pee. She tell him to pee in her mouth what the guy doing then. After he pee all in her wide open mouth and all over her cloth, another guy is comming too and pee on her. In this movie Marie is sucking and fucking with this guys like she dont see a dick for years. Fantastic pee movie with real lot of pee, almost in every minute somebody takes a pee, and Marie try to swallow as much as she can! Fuck, suck, pee into muth with swallow, and a big cumshot, what need one movie more?!
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Lisas Toilet Education 01 – Scat and Piss Femdom FullHD 1080p (Lisa /  2018) 259 MB

Lisa piss in slaves mouth and let him drink all the rest from the floor, then she shits in the toilet and push slaves face inside, next time she wants to shit in his mouth
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How big is your peehole you dipshit HD 720p (scat-movie-world /  2018) 801 MB

To find out, Miss Jane uses the time while I shit in the slaves mouth. She pushes gradually various sized stretching rods into his cock. Trained toilets are sold from time to time and for this one I have a request where the price depends on the number of millimeters his urethra is wide. His capacity to swallow shit is in any case good, he eats as fast as I shit - and the subsequent pee of me and Jane he chokes down fast enough. I must only tell the new owner, tha she should remove his vocal chords better, it's just disgusting to hear his ugly voice when one shits in his mouth. Oh she should castrate him also, becuase he touches his cock much too often.
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Fist & Fuck Goddess While Eat Her Shit FullHD 1080p (Toiletslaveanddommes /  2018) 399 MB

Lady Darlin struck again !! She get her toilet under her ass and begin to play dirty. Slave follow her orders and worshipp his Queen in any way she want. He must make her cumm as usually, with face sitting, fisting her asshole, pushing his fingers in her ass, open wide her ass to can catch all her shit in his mouth, lick her pussy and asshole, all before she use him as her toilet and fill his dirty mouth with her divine shit. A toilet need daily feedings, to be health, so she will use him everyday from now and many of her sessions will be recorded to see how Goddess indulge toilet training to her personal slave. He learn to eat her shit more intense and with a lot of pleasure. He need her shit into his system. She suck him and stroke his cock until he cumm, making him just a pathetic Pavlov toilet boy. A human toilet, who eat shit at her command when he is sucked. Stay close to her movies and make her happy if you buy them. The best dirty German Scat Goddess and her private toilet.
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MochaPuffxs Kinky Clips FullHD 1080p (Dookie Thong /  2018) 737 MB

Took my morning crap this morning turned backward on the toilet and some sh*t landed on my thong on the floor! Beautiful upclose shot of my shitty asshole followed by a shot of the poo on the thong
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Enema for Olga Three Liters of Water FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2018) 976 MB

I suggested to Olga to clean ass , how long has she been making yourself an enema , Olga agreed . I got the water in 2 plastic bottles and was called Olga . Olga got cancer on the mini table and I started to pour ass Olga water before I poured in the ass Olga 1.5 liters of water , and then Olga explodes dirty very dirty water out of your ass , that's the fountain of shit and water , I put Olga's second enema and again She explodes dirty very dirty water out of your ass . The entire floor of the room in shit and water , Olga I cleaned very well now her ass is ready for adventure .
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Behind The Scenes With Amanda HD 720p (Samantha Starfish and Scat Goddess /  2018) 1.05 GB

Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at what it's like when Amanda and I get together to make some awesome scat porn! Watch us getting ready to make some amazing porn together. Listen to us talk about the latest scenes we filmed and the scenes we are getting ready to film! Hear us talk and laugh as we hang out together too! We talk about how the curtains in the hotel room are sheer and several people walked by as we were filming! We give you a never before seen glimpse at what it's like for two super fun scat girls to hang out and make the dirtiest scat porn together! Enjoy!
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Bad Toilet – Humiliated Second Cam FullHD 1080p (Scat and Piss Femdom /  2018) 414 MB

I am in the mood, and I need to shit! So I tell my slave to get behind my ass and take what comes out. After peeing the logs start to come out, but my toilet misses too much! It falls to the floor, and I am not too happy about this. He is also struggling with eating my shit! What a shame, this is the only thing I allow him to eat! So he should feel privileged by being served this delicious meal by his Goddess! But as a punishment I tell him to put the shit that he missed in his mouth. I tell him to go out on the porch, and stay there with his mouth open so everyone can see what a disgusting toilet he is! I just close the door and leave him there!
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Scat For 2 FullHD 1080p (NewMFX Scat in Brazil /  2018) 2.23 GB

Mary got home after a long summer trip, Diana and Lisa Black are on the swimming pool relaxing. Mary is very angry and decided to give a dirty punishment for the two friends. Mary make coconut drink with piss and forced the two to drink before the kaviar.
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Shit Gang 8 SD (newscatinbrazil /  2018) 395 MB

The most expected film of all times!!! More than one year ago SHIT GANG 7 was release and it is still the MOST SOLD until today. Well.. not for long. SHIT GANG 8 now arrives and is a continuation of the BEST SCAT SERIES in the WORLD!!! In it, you ll find: 12 girls loaded with a lot of SCAT/PISS/and VOMIT. For you, scat lovers, you ll get to witness many SWALLOW SCENES filled with excitement, relaxation, and ecstasy proving that our Brazilian girls are the BEST SCAT ACTRESSES in the world. With a team of four cameras, we worked to make sure you didn t miss all the piss sipping, scat swallowing, vomit sharing in this very paradisiacal environment.
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Huge Smelly Shit HD 720p (Mistress Annalise /  2018) 758 MB

I tied a slave and spanked him. I ordered him to suck my heels and enjoy the process of cleaning my shoes. And I played with his cock and made him lick my pretty legs. Next I will use my toilet slave mouth. He liked such breakfast. He should eat this, or he will stay with my shit in his mouth until he swallows it all to the last bit! I know that this is cruelly, but I do not care If he wants the attention of Mistress, he must learn to be a good toilet for me! This is also true for each toilet slave! You must be able to swallow my shit quickly and easily if you want to serve as a permanent toilet for me!
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