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BRITISH BIZARRE 4 - THE PET SD (Jennifer, Ingrid, Master /  2019) 651 MB

Jennifer and her master, the ultra-bizarre couple from the British Bizarre series return for more extreme scat and piss adventures. This time, the decided to spiff up their weekend with a special treat. A scat slavegirl they can train and use as their personal toilet. Ingrid is as dirty and perverted as this couple so soon brown and yellow treats galore are released in eager, wide open mouths. Only for lovers of extreme toilet sex.
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[解禁] W初食糞レズスカ美人姉妹 Beautiful Sisters HDRip (Miki (美樹), Rena (レナ) /  2019) 6.10 GB

美樹, レナ
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〜イケメン ザーメン 雨あられ〜 HDRip (Eroism 1 - Scatorogy /  2019) 1.96 GB

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Brazil Scat SD (Luciana /  2019) 445 MB

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Alien shit penetrates uterus Part 1 FullHD 1080p (WCwife /  2019) 1.87 GB

Hello my dear fans…I have for my absence has accumulated a lot of videos and I am prepared to show you the hope that your admiration of me. I started my period and my uterus was opened and was thrilled with anticipation. Public toilets full of shit at my husband’s work were a lifesaver for me…and my husband happily picked up and filled my ass with other people’s shit… it wasn’t easy-monthly is a sharp and exciting and smelly pleasure
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Dancing, Creamy Poo, Enema, Fart in White Leggings HD 720p (MissAnja /  2018) 951 MB

Today I’m a flirty and playful mood. I love white pants and clothes and you? Watch me wear tight white leggings with white top. But what about if I make it to dirty? ok we talk about later. I start with dancing up and down in the room, teasing you with with move my hips left and right, bending over, shake ass. Can you play with me, or even olay with yourself for me? Oh,, i’ll give you reward if I’ve forgotten to tell you. First I tease you in white leggings but if you’re being my good boy and jerk your cock going to get reward. I will poop straight into my pants then making fucking messy and filthy. How its sound? I guess you like it. Go ahead, i cant wait to release my poo, so keep dancing and push out this unexpectedly big and Creamy Poo. You just keep focusing on my butt and on your hard dick please. I feel how the warm creamy poo leaking down on my legs and coloring white pants to brown. Also pee into. But I take my enema bulb bend over and fill my poop baked ass with water many times. So good because I know what will the next right now. Ass fluids coming along with noisy, dirty sounds and then some farts too. I release all the water into my shitty leggings. And Also sprinkle out more water when I pull on half way it. Such a dirty enema. How do you love it? These noises makes you rock hard I bet. I do enema again and then soaking leggings in dirty ass fluids. What a smells have in the air. I give you some jerk off encouragment and really want you to stroke your dick harder ready to cum when I release more filthy liquid out of my ass. And farts too. I give you countdown from 3 and when I say 1 cum on me please. Cum on my messy white pants which isn’t clean anymore. Did you cum? Hot, playful and dirty poo pants video. I love it. Have fun
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Milk Enema FullHD 1080p (Bad Little Girl /  2018) 917 MB

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Tina Kay's Lesbians Scat Bath SD (Tina Kay, Rafaella /  2018) 2.05 GB

Watch supermodel Tina Kay getting pissed and shit on, and enjoying rolling in the piss and shit and rubbing her face in it. She gives an enema to Rafaella who expells the sweetness on Tina's head. After all the boring glamour work she has done in the past few years, Tina is delighted to explore her hidden scat fetish and she's obviously having the time of her life. She does a lot of dirty talking to the camera and confesses: "I really feel like a no-limit slut, and you know what? I love it".
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Pushing the Limits 2 HD 720p (Regina Bella, Gina, 1 Male /  2018) 879 MB

Regine Bella and Gina return for their second meeting. What a delight for any perv to see these two genuine shit lovers in action and in full heat. Nonstop pee, shit, genuine orgasms and bodily fluids in this extreme feast.
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Pushing The Limits HD 720p (Regina Bella, Gina, 1 Male /  2018) 1.37 GB

We are proud to present to you a new star in the scat universe: Regina Bella.
This super-extreme beauty shocked the hell out of us when she told us her fantasies and ideas for a film. The more extreme the better. Together with two hot scat lovers she is truly pushing the limits on step further. The most amazing thing are the multi-orgasmic qualities of the girls. These shit lovers truly love their filthy games and they had one violent climax with ecstatic convulsions and cries after the other.
Simply unbelievable, 95 minutes of exceptionally hard, genuine toilet loving and this is only Regina's first film..
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Step Sisters Latex Enema FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 1.19 GB

Watch me in latex pants clean my arsehole out into latex leggings, I make him watch while i feel them up and my ass juices spray out through the seams. Before showing him the big mess his sister made x
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Seriously Skat Maid HDRip (Rika Inoue, Eri Makino, Yuma Miyazaki, Maki Kozue /  2018) 4.91 GB

まじスカ メイド 糞狂いアナルレズ乱交

変態メイド達とウンコまみれで戯れる夢の国へ ようこそ!メイド服を糞まみれに汚して激臭チラシ配りに励み、お客が激臭スカトロアナルFUCKで萌え糞狂い!マジカル糞まみれレズ乱交、スカトロ・ペニバンアナルFUCK、ぶっかけ浣腸便まみれ等々、まじスカ萌キュンメニュー目白押し!

井上リカ, 牧野絵里, 宮崎由麻, こずえまき
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Grand Prix BEST Excretion Whole Look! DVDRip (Hina Otsuka, Ibuki Haruhi /  2018) 2.50 GB

AVグランプリBEST 排泄まる見え!極・拷問Wパック

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Extremely Torture Pack VVVD-047 DVDRip (Hina Otsuka, Ibuki Haruhi, Aoi Yuuki /  2018) 2.50 GB

AVグランプリBEST 排泄まる見え!極・拷問Wパック
大塚ひな 春妃いぶき
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Scheißende Teenies 3 DVDRip (Anita Feller /  2018) 575 MB

anita feller is the actress with the hardest porns ever made in germany. she started in the early 80ths with scenes
that never been seen before, like anal fisting and kaviargames. here is one of them, called "SCHEISSENDE TEENIES 3"
the movie starts with anita on a gynochair fingering her pussy. then comes a girl sucks her cunt and gives anita an enema. she squirts the water out and after this she get an anal fistfuck till she comes.
in the second scene we see how anita gives the girl an enema with a champangnerbottle and sucks the fluid directly from the girls asshole. after this anita pisses in the girls mouth.
the third scene starts with a man on a gynochair, who is ass fucked by anita with a strap-on and after this he sucks anita`s pussy.
in the fourth scene anita pisses on a man in a shower cabin, makes herself an enema with the shower and squirts the shit in the man`s face and over his body. she smears the kaviar over her titts and the man sucks her dirty asshole. in the end he cums over her face and titts.
finally we see an older lady who pisses anita in the mouth.
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Complete Works Vol.15 Ska-down Juice Injection DVDRip (TOHJIRO /  2018) 1.35 GB

全集 Vol.15 スカ・ウン汁噴射
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Amina and Yana relax in sauna. New slave with MilanaSmelly HD 720p (Amina, Yana, MilanaSmelly /  2018) 477 MB

Amina and Yana relax in the sauna. A new slave! Our studio was visited by a new toilet slave Michael. He wanted girls to use it and make everyone eat it even if he begged them to stop! We’ve started. The girls rested in the sauna and went swimming in the pool, their bodies were hot. Meanwhile, Michael was waiting in the toilet. The girls rigidly used the new slave and sent him home to his wife he is married
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Scat Game in Latvia HD 720p (Amateur /  2018) 1.50 GB

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Honey & Jolene in Lesbian Enema Shit Eating SD (Honey, Jolene /  2018) 1.56 GB

If you are into scat eating and puking you're gonna love this video. Jolene is kinda constipated so Honey gives her an enema. After this Jolene shits out a huge turd and the full thing is eaten by Honey. This upsets her stomach of course so she has to puke and she does this on Jolene's face. When the puking's done they get into some very erotic poop and puke smearing. Watch the full 75 minute lesbian shit and puke video inside our member section.
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Teen Humiliation 2 DVDRip (Yuri Sawashiro /  2018) 1.54 GB

少女汚辱2 沢城百合
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Enema Scat from Mistress FullHD 1080p (Blonde Lady /  2018) 140 MB

Blonde lady scatting for slave in the shower room and feeding by shit mass extreme session.
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Pornographie Totale DVDRip (Paola, Ingrid Bouaria, Roger Fucca /  2018) 910 MB

Ah ! pourri que tu es Gus, tu en profites de ta nouvelle egerie merdeuse qu'est Ingrid Bouaria. Remarque tu as raison, c'est si rare les jeunes francaise qui sucent les culs plein de merde, se font chier dessus sans maniere, s'etalent du caca frais partou
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Facesitting - Enema Diarrhea X-tra Dirty by Brutal Karina Cruel FullHD 1080p (Karina Cruel /  2018) 2.74 GB

Facesitting Marathon And X-tra Dirty Diarrhea Enema direct into mouth and swallow makes this new movie perfect!! The real dirtiest and strongest Enema we've ever make!! Real hard facesitting marathon - real strong and real fear!! The Slave has to take all enema direct into mouth and swallow!! Also included in this movie: facesitting - spitting - snot - smother - dirtiest Enema ....
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Skye Blue Especially For You DVDRip (Skye Blue /  2018) 1.08 GB

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DDT-206 Scadong Scat Missile Of Defecation DVDRip (Akane Wakatsuki /  2018) 1.36 GB

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