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SCATMUSCHI - A DAY IN MY LIFE HD 720p (Scatmuschi /  2021) 733 MB

Multi-kink addict Scatmuschi invites you into her home to spend an average day with her. Join her for a turd-based breakfast, a shit-sandwich brunch, a shitty makeover and a late-night snack with today's leftovers, spiced up with more fresh shit extracted from her ass by her favourite rubber fist. She has some useful tips for scat players and even invites viewers to help making her biggest fantasy come true...
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NK06 - TEACHING KAT TO EAT MY SCAT HD 720p (Natalia Kapretti, Kat, 1 male /  2021) 706 MB

Raw, hot, genuine toilet sex action featuring Russian lifestyle Mistress Natalia Kapretti and her eager and willing toilet subs - exclusively produced for Hightide with English subtitles included!

Natalia says: "In "The Training of Kat" I had taught my new slave Kat to get used to the smell and taste of my shit. She also learned how to derive sexual pleasure from smearing and swallowing.

To finish off her human toilet transformation I took her into my house for a full week. I started by allowing my husband to use Kat's body for sexual pleasure. He opted for a blowjob and a dirty ass fuck.

After her shitty ass had been fucked by my husband, Kat felt like the dirty whore that I want her to become.

Time for me to continue her toilet slave training and have some fun myself... ;) "
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NK05 - A TALE OF TWO TOILETS HD 720p (Natalia Kapretti, Sasha, Maya /  2021) 972 MB

Raw, hot, genuine toilet sex action featuring Russian lifestyle Mistress Natalia Kapretti and her eager and willing toilet subs - exclusively produced for Hightide with English subtitles included!

Natalia says: "Sasha and Maya are my two longest serving human toilet sluts. Their cute mouths served as my personal toilet countless times. Yet they never met each other.......until today.

Sasha arrived first, as always a little nervous. So I made her remind me about the first time we met to help her relax and get her juices flowing. Recalling her first toilet slave experience usually does the trick. It worked again.

Now that my toilet Sasha is pre-heated, it's time to prepare toilet girl Maya. This one is easy because the bitch is in heat all the time!

To make sure that both my slave girls were horny and hungry during their first encounter I hadn't allowed Sasha to have sex for the past two months! She begged and whined but I didn't care because I control the body and mind of my slaves.

So with two toilets willing and ready to do anything for an orgasm all they needed was a big lump of my shit...;)"
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MOVIE TIME WITH DIRTYWIFE HD 720p (Dirtywife, 1 male /  2021) 594 MB

Newcomer Dirtywife asked what it takes to become a Hightide model. Now there's a long version and a short one. We took the shortcut and asked her to name some of our titles that really turn her on and that she could see herself in. Instead of a list of titles she replied by sending us a hot scatfuck scene shot while she was watching a Hightide classic - "Do you think that I'm turned on enough?"
No more questions, Dirtywife...and welcome to the club!
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LOUISE HUNTER'S POTTY BREAKS HD 720p (Louise Hunter /  2021) 711 MB

Louise Hunter shares some of her most intimate bathroom moments with her fans. Pantypooping, vomiting, dildo games, smearing, swallowing and frenetic scat wanking - anything can happen when Scat Legends take a Potty Break...
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Betty's Private Tapes - The Ass-To-Mouth Session HD 720p (Betty, Desiree, 1 Male /  2021) 606 MB


Models: Betty, Desiree, 1 male
Running Time: 36 Minutes

Betty sent us another private tape with a message:


This time Desiree and I met up with a guy who likes ass-fucking a lot - well, that's one thing we had in common ;)

With sluts like us, the ass is always a good starting point, and there's usually a mouth close by ;)
Have fun,

Betty & Desiree
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THE TANNING PARTY HD 720p (Geena, Molly, Sexy /  2020) 1.10 GB

Proud Slut Club veterans Molly and Sexy show their newest member Geena how to celebrate the closing of the outdoor season in style - three natural born sluts combine sun worshipping and scat devotion in an incredibly hot lesbian party, including the longest turd we ever caught on camera!
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LOUISE HUNTER - SHIT HAT HD 720p (Louise Hunter, 1 male /  2020) 711 MB

Louise Hunter did her very best to drag her cameraman out of the neutral zone by promising him a shitty fistfuck in return for an extravagant head dress that may rock the fashion world
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KIRA & VIOLET - THE WILD RIDE HD 720p (Kira, Violet, 2 males /  2020) 594 MB

The name of this title is self-explanatory - after all, every single project involving our beloved whirlwind Kira is a wild ride :) Ever since she and Violet met in the margins of a shoot, both were keen on performing together on camera, and now it finally happened. So fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the Wild Ride ahead!
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The Black Room HD 720p (Germany /  2020) 1.04 GB

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TOILET SISSY'S BLOWJOB LESSONS HD 720p (Miss Naomi, Miss Pia, 2 sissy slaves /  2019) 1.10 GB

When one of their sissy subs returned from a successful weekend of bisexual toilet training, mean Mistresses Naomi and Pia decided it's time to train their private toilet in the art of cock worship....

This title contains bisexual action, so if this offends you, don't buy!

Please note that this is amateur footage so the image quality, sound etc. may not be perfect but the action is raw, extreme scatsex at its best.
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THE LADIES LOUNGE HD 720p (Luna, Violet, Marlen /  2019) 687 MB

Voluptous waitress Luna overcame the teething troubles of the newly opened female-only kinky Ladies Lounge with amazing aplomb!
No champagne in stock? - "May I offer you a special drink instead?".
Toilet broken? - "Let me show you this cute antique bedpan!"
Kitchen not open yet? - "May I suggest the contents of this cute antique bedpan?..."
Needless to say that her first guests Violet and Marlen had the time of their life welcoming the newest member of the team - once again the bill was on us...:)
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BETTY & THE GANG - BACK TO MY ROOTS HD 720p (Betty, 3 males /  2019) 591 MB

Hi all,

five years ago I arrived at the set of Breaking In Betty, a shy and nervous teenager about to do her first ever porn shoot! I didn't know what to expect, but I knew what I wanted... ...and I got it ;)

To celebrate my fifth anniversary I asked Hightide to take me back to where it all started.

So here we are again...

The gang has aged (to perfection ;) and so did the location. I'm a young woman now, and I still know what I want... ...and how to get it ;)

Enjoy our trip Back To My Roots!

Lots of Love,

Betty & The Gang
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VM69 SCAT WHORE FOR HENRY HD 720p (Veronica Moser, 1 male /  2019) 594 MB

Veronica says: "My long-time member Henry knew exactly how to treat me right. He fucked me hard up the ass, opened my shithole with a speculum and filled me up with his hot piss before stuffing all my holes with shit. He made me come four times and left me lying on the floor exhausted as the worn-out, filthy scatwhore I love to be!"
Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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THE GREEDY PAIR HD 720p (Betty, Violet, 3 males /  2019) 1.16 GB

A message from Betty: Hi again!
I'm back from another fabulous shooting weekend with the Hightide crowd.
So glad I met lovely Violet for the first time....and definitely not for the last!
We hit off so well that after the final cut we stayed right there on the set for a fag and a chat, still covered from head to toe...
and agreed to meet the next morning for a dirty breakfast...
but thats another story ;)
Love, Betty & Violet
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SHAMELESS MATRONS THE MAGIC GLOVE HD 720p (Marilou, Angelina, 1 male /  2019) 591 MB

We received this intriguing application by Marilou:
Dear Hightide-Team,
my name is Marilou.
I'm a big girl, and I love piss and scat!
I also have a huge thing for blue rubber gloves (really!)
I think I'd make a good Shameless you?
Big Kiss,
Piss, scat AND blue rubber gloves? Of course we'll give that a try!
So glad we did because during a wild encounter with Angelina and a gentleman friend Marilou turned out to be the perfect addition to the Matrons gang - mature, shameless and horny as hell
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BBWENDI THE ALL-GENDER TOILET HD 720p (Wendi, Marlen, 1 male /  2019) 861 MB

Chubby sub BBWendi is back, keen on taking her human toilet training to the next level. For the first time ever she gives in to her bisexual side, which in Wendi's case means providing full toilet service to men and women alike. Fortunately Marlen was more than willing to lend a hand and a full ass, making Wendi's master proud and his all-gender toilet the happiest slave in the world!
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TOILET SISSY'S PARTY DUTIES HD 720p (Miss Kelly, Miss Pia, Miss Naomi, 2 Sissy Slaves /  2019) 1.10 GB

The Toilet Sissy Saga continues, now with newcomer Naomi preparing her slave dog in the bathroom before she joins Miss Kelly and Miss Pia for a fun afternoon of feeding and humiliating two devoted sissy slaves. With only the best shit swallower being allowed to cum, both slaves engage in a fierce race to the bottom...
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If you're familar with the typical AstraCelestial session, you probably know that it's never over till it's over. Same here - Jane, Sandy and their lucky fucker play hard until the last drop in an incredible scat-fuck-vomit orgy as if there's no tomorrow!
Please note that this title was not produced by us. While camera angles, sound etc. may not be perfect, the action is raw, extreme scatsex at its best.
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BRITISH BIZARRE 4 - THE PET SD (Jennifer, Ingrid, Master /  2019) 651 MB

Jennifer and her master, the ultra-bizarre couple from the British Bizarre series return for more extreme scat and piss adventures. This time, the decided to spiff up their weekend with a special treat. A scat slavegirl they can train and use as their personal toilet. Ingrid is as dirty and perverted as this couple so soon brown and yellow treats galore are released in eager, wide open mouths. Only for lovers of extreme toilet sex.
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SHAMELESS MATRONS HD 720p (Angelina, Cora /  2019) 1.10 GB

By popular request we present you this mature special starring Angelina and her chubby friend Cora, who is a debutant to the camera but certainly not to the kink lifestyle. Pierced, tattooed and fully shaved (body and head!), she is driven by a strong desire to be used as a filthy slut by men and women - the perfect match for experienced Angelina, who gladly introduced Cora to scat play by throwing her in at the deep end. Two shameless matrons and a dominant stud - enjoy!
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Pushing the Limits 2 HD 720p (Regina Bella, Gina, 1 Male /  2018) 879 MB

Regine Bella and Gina return for their second meeting. What a delight for any perv to see these two genuine shit lovers in action and in full heat. Nonstop pee, shit, genuine orgasms and bodily fluids in this extreme feast.
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Living Toilet 3 SD (eronika Hans /  2018) 476 MB

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WHO'S THE BOSS SD (Daria, Marlen /  2018) 991 MB

When newcomer Daria applied for a job in a porn production company she thought it was all easy-peasy - until she and her fellow office slut Marlen got caught watching scat porn in the boss's time. Time for some serious talks about work ethics in porn! Impressed and excited, she agreed to return for more talks soon ;)
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VM59 - LET'S MAKE SOME BROWN HD 720p (Veronica Moser, 1 male /  2018) 1.34 GB

Veronica says: "When an artist friend showed me his works, I noticed that my favourite colour was missing. We added lots of brown until we were totally satisfied.... "

Note: This title was previously released in a lower resolution on Veronica's former member site.
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