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We gave a shit and swapped cowards FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2021) 1.02 GB

Hello our dear and beloved friends. also guests of our store. In this video, Yana, Caroline and Alice. We were wearing white panties. Become cancer on the floor and take turns shitting in panties. When one of us shit in panties, two other friends sniffed and played with panties. Then we crawled a little on the floor in dirty panties. we went further and when everyone gave a shit in panties, we took them off and changed. That is, it turned out that each of us put on the panties of another person. Here is a video we got on the day when we all got together!
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Shit in Yana's ass FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2021) 719 MB

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Ass to mouth Lesbian scat show FullHD 1080p (Asiansteppe /  2021) 469 MB

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BigTitsAlisa - My new swimsuit FullHD 1080p (ModelNatalya94 /  2021) 8.09 GB

ModelNatalya94 - Enema Alice in the mouth
BigTitsAlisa - My new swimsuit
ModelNatalya94 - Erotic show in a coat
ModelNatalya94 - Alice at the doctor's office Carolina
BigTitsAlisa - One morning of our lives
ModelNatalya94 - Mayonnaise and a lot of shit
ModelNatalya94 - I want to puke to do so
BigTitsAlisa - I'm a little obedient doll
ModelNatalya94 - Shit on the ass and my pussy and anal play
BigTitsAlisa - My white panties are full of shit
ModelNatalya94 - We fill our shoes with shit
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Poo Hefner’s Big Booty Toilet Sluts Pt. 2 HD 720p (Scat Bunnies /  2021) 117 MB

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Mia’s Scat Academy (Swallowing lessons-Spit, Shit, Piss,Puke) HD 720p (Mia /  2021) 152 MB

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Modern Whorefare Pt#2 HD 720p (Advanced Scat Training /  2021) 179 MB

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Clash Of The Scat Titans HD 720p (Lesbian Lust /  2021) 160 MB

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Scat Eating Domina-tricks HD 720p (Bossy Bitch /  2021) 624 MB

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SHITTY WORKOUT HD 720p (Bine, Sunny /  2021) 591 MB

When personal trainer Bine gets booked by Sunny for a private workout session, she accidentally touches the TV remote. Confronted by Sunny's previous encounters with Hightide, Bine is shocked and excited at first, but as curiosity took over, she engaged with Sunny in a shitty workout of a very special kind...
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NK01 - MY BEAUTIFUL SHIT-EATING MAYA HD 720p (Natalia Kapretti, Maya /  2021) 711 MB

Raw, hot, genuine toilet sex action featuring Russian lifestyle Mistress Natalia Kapretti and her eager and willing toilet subs - exclusively produced for Hightide with English subtitles included!
Natalia says: "Today I decided to play with my toilet slave Maya. She's a good girl, she eats my shit piece by piece. It always makes me so happy when my slave girls eat my shit and tell me how delicious it tastes.
As a reward I allowed her to cum and then fucked her with my strap-on. It was a great morning in shit!
Next day, it's still early in the morning and Maya is already running around the apartment, smeared in shit, giggling, smiling, happy...
Well, shit eater, get down on the floor! I'll shit in your mouth and you'll start eating. Then tell me what my shit tastes like.
It's so nice to shit in a living toilet! It gives me lots of pleasure and I cum many times....and so does my beautiful slavegirl Maya, the shit eater!
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KIRA, VIOLET & LUNA - POOPER'S BLOCK HD 720p (Kira, Violet, Luna /  2021) 594 MB

When Kira, Violet and Luna met for their long-awaited all-female encounter - hungry, excited and filled to the brink - the dreaded Pooper's Block struck. Probing each other's asses they could feel that the goodies were there, yet some loads simply refused to show. It did not spoil their fun though, and just 24 hrs later we received proof of what they had missed ;)
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Scat Double Eat And Real Swallow All The Shit From Two Top Babes FullHD 1080p (Enormous Scat Swallow /  2021) 2.66 GB

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Trying our Scat from ass to mouth FullHD 1080p (Asiansteppe /  2021) 684 MB

We made our first show with my aunties daughter. Due to pandemic we don’t have a work and we discovered our new fetish together. We made a video from ass to mouth pooping and eating. Kyrgyz girls rock go follow us and purchase our video! Thank you so much for your love my fav supporters.
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BETTY PRIVATE - SCAT CLONES RETURN HD 720p (Betty, Eliza /  2020) 711 MB

Betty sent us another private tape with a message:

Hi all,

What a shitty year this has been! And I mean 'shitty' in a bad sense ... :(

Even my breakfast looks shitty....but that's Eliza's fault! She stayed over at my house again, and of course we fooled around, as you will find out later ;)

Anyway, we were in a silly mood, and I lost a bet...and that's why I'm here, gulping down a bowl of shit first thing in the morning...

Thank you, Eliza...I'm going to get you for this!!

Well, that was the morning after...the rest of the movie is about the night before ;)

Stay safe & keep smiling! The good times will come back soon...


xxx Betty & Eliza xxx
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She covered in shit, she my toilet FullHD 1080p (Mistress /  2020) 610 MB

My slave girl likes walk around in shit all day. During the day, all dirty, she entertains me, dances, serves as an ashtray. Smell of shit follows her everywhere and is in the air. I don’t mind, I like see her all dirty and smelly, when smell of my shit permeates her skin. But all in good time. It was late in the evening, I barely drove her into the bath to wash. I threatened her that if she didn’t go to bathe she would sleep on toilet Mat. Oddly enough, this had an effect and she reluctantly trudged off wash off the shit. This time, she was covered in shit, her face, chest, back, all her slender, beautiful body was covered with brown layer of shit. Brown streams of shit and water poured to the bottom of tub, it was nice watch as it was cleaned of long-dried and absorbed into skin of shit. She washed long time, but even after washing, she still smelled like shit, smell of stale fart came from her all next day, this is good, because she is my toilet
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Shit of nuns SD (HotDirtyIvone /  2020) 494 MB

Two nuns and their nasty perversions. They start by making loud gases, wet and perfidious, they pray at the same time. Their panties get more and more dirty than chocolate from the ass. They touch each other and get excited, and they are growing tight in pants! You’ll see how a big, hideous brown cake has grown. They are eating them!
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Little whore fucked for just taste shit… FullHD 1080p (Lesbians /  2020) 1.86 GB

My little toilet bitch missed me, missed the strapon, the live dick. When my husband and I fucked her, she squeaked and moaned with pleasure. This little whore was ready for anything, just quickly taste my shit again, feel it in her mouth. Big pile went right into her mouth, I smeared shit on her, so that she got used to being in the shit and fucked her with strapon. Her moans were so loud that I thought the neighbors would immediately come running. But I didn’t stop, I brought this toilet bitch to orgasms, to frenzy, until she was left without strength to lie in the shit
1. Fuck her ass, shake shit in mess
Fuck her pussy, fuck her ass, shake the shit inside her in mess.
My little dirty slut bored for live cock. Look how she pounced on dick, how she sucked, can’t tear it off. You want him to fuck you slut, shake the shit in your ass. Suck, try and Master relented and fuck you nice in pussy and ass. Today you ready to do anything for the fuck, perform gymnastic figures, stand on bridge, my little horny bitch, substitute your holes. Look at yourself in the mirror, you’re shaking with desire. The cock easily flies into your wet, lustful holes, whipping up the shit inside you. Yes, I like it, it excites me. Master is about to cum in your dirty ass. Cum oozes out of her along with the shit. Push, fart, let the shit come out, you’re dirty slut
2. Scream and cum, eat shit, slut, toilet
Oh my little slut, you miss shit and fucking. We will satisfy your wishes. First, my husband and I will shit in your mouth, and then I will fuck you in shit and with shit, toilet mouth, so that you will be squeaking with pleasure and multi-orgasms. Oh, what a big pile of shit, chew shit, I want you to feel all the delights of taste and tell what it tastes like. Put your pussy in front of me, now I’m going to fuck you, chew shit, look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy my strap-on. You moan, flowed, I told you you’d be squeaking and cumming all the time, you toilet slut. I’ll torment you with more orgasms. How I like it
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Scat And Pee Top Models - Using My Top Maid As My Toilet FullHD 1080p (Castilo Marilla, Leila Monaco /  2020) 2.09 GB

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Swallowing lessons-Spit, Shit, Piss,Puke FullHD 1080p (Mia’s Scat Academy /  2020) 1.21 GB

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THE TANNING PARTY HD 720p (Geena, Molly, Sexy /  2020) 1.10 GB

Proud Slut Club veterans Molly and Sexy show their newest member Geena how to celebrate the closing of the outdoor season in style - three natural born sluts combine sun worshipping and scat devotion in an incredibly hot lesbian party, including the longest turd we ever caught on camera!
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KIRA & VIOLET - THE WILD RIDE HD 720p (Kira, Violet, 2 males /  2020) 594 MB

The name of this title is self-explanatory - after all, every single project involving our beloved whirlwind Kira is a wild ride :) Ever since she and Violet met in the margins of a shoot, both were keen on performing together on camera, and now it finally happened. So fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the Wild Ride ahead!
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Want some? FullHD 1080p (TheHealthyWhores /  2020) 183 MB

We would love to serve you what we have been cooking up all night inside our intestines… we are the greatest cooks
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Our first time taking a shit on eachother HD 720p (TheHealthyWhores /  2020) 201 MB

This is a very special video for us, for you too (we hope) as it is our 2 first ever smearing poop over eachother! It was new, we laugh a bit from being nervous, but the warmth of the shit covering breast and pussy was amazing. Very proud of us
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Modern Whorefare Pt 2 FullHD 1080p (Lesbians /  2020) 1.41 GB

Hey Guys (and girls) welcome back to another sizzling hot nasty movie! Get your popcorn ready because this movie delivers everything it promises and more! If your looking for big scat loads and big swallows!?? This is the movie feature for you! So this is the sequel to the first movie basic training, and its called advanced training for a reason! This title features Imani and Valentina. Imani delivered an absolute all star performance once again! She swallowed mouthful after mouthful of her own scat as well as Valentina’s scat, and followed it up with yet a larger and even more intense squirting, moaning orgasm using her pink toy. Wow and I have to stop right here and admit I came right along with her in that scene. *shrugging shoulders hehe The authenticity of her enjoyment and absolute pleasure is too much to ignore..I could not help but be overcome by her feeling of letting loose and having the opportunity that few get, of being a dirty shit eating slut! There is just something sooooo very HOT about reckless abandonment into indulgence and pleasure!!! Side note. She was also making cute farts while she was orgasming hehe The outfits were really cute in this movie and I thought both of them looked extremely sexy. I especially loved the cute little black eye make up Valentina sported under one eye hehe There was not much of a theme to this movie outside of the militaristic idea of going into battle, and training in scat. Which to me are almost the same thing lol. This scene is hands down one of my favorites for its realness and authenticity. The movie also has a whopping 14 minutes of scat play! Little time is wasted. Both girls delivered pretty big loads of shit, which we cannot always make happen, but when it does happen like this it makes for really great film! I also loved the angle adjustments where we have the opportunity to see more of what is happening from ass to mouth. Although I love it when the girls actually suck the scat right out of each others assholes for its utter filthiness, I also feel there is more power behind seeing an asshole open up wide and deliver to a waiting mouth! I have to give this film 5 stars and once again recommend it! I know I do that almost every time but you will absolutely see what I mean with this one! Spoiler alert. At the end of this movie, Mr Cheeks makes a quick cameo lol I was kind of shocked to see this but he pisses into Imani’s mouth and she literally swallows every drop of it! He said he wanted to show an outtake of what happens off camera at shoots! I liked it! Enjoy
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