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My dirty hole
I’m such a dirty little girl. Imagining how you men bend over to eat my shit really turns me on.
Pooping & fucking on a trail
After walking a trail for an hour I start to feel some poop slowly making its way out my ass. I take my bf’s advice to relieve myself on the trail. Little did I know how turned on he’d get watching his girl shit like an animal. He decides to have some fun of his own and fuck me after leaving a present for everyone to see.
Desperation shit
I start off describing what I’ve had for the day while barely keeping myself from shitting myself. After a short strip I unload a huge turd all while pissing down my legs onto the floor.
Beer poop
Made the mistake of getting too drunk one night an paid for it with a shit that burned my tight hole. Watch as I shit out long strings of shit out my ass!
Pooping like a dog
Watch me get on all fours like a dog and shit on a plate for presentation!
POV Public Squat
Lay down and open wide as I shit down your throat in the middle of a park.
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