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For a german sweety UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 745 MB

Top of the morning to you dear
As promised, here is your preparation video of your healthy snack.
Yesterday I had a salad with chickpeas, salmon, tomatoes and a lot of healthy food.
My poop came out quick and soft. I love those. Coming out smoothly with a bang.
You were so polite and sweet I added some champagne to wash down the caviar.
I put the toilet paper in the tuperwear too
Hope you will love it
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I nearly got caught UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 434 MB

Reading my novel in the terrace at a friends house. I didn’t notice it at first but I already stained my light pink panties before getting the real action done. Check out for the preview images to see the stain. What was exciting about this scene? There are a few buildings around so someone could easily see me from a distance when I creamed up my panties. Looking at the video after, I like the huge bulge hanging down. I had a pee then I was going to take off the panties and look at the colour, have a smell and give a good look. Unfortunately, my friend went up the stairs at that moment. That was a blood rush, being caught, trying not leave any poop on the floor, hiding the pee I made on his floor and running as fast as possible to the bathroom. The run was fun and stressful because I was afraid of dropping poop on the floor. Very exiting scene. I will do it again in different underwear and show you that delicious mess.
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I may wanted to get caught UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 392 MB

Girl’s just want to have. Yes we do! And I am enjoying my best life. I’m giving you a tour, going to the toilets and closing one of the two doors so I might get caught.
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The fuck boy UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 217 MB

Spent a crazy night with a hot fu**boy. He was very boring but the D was alright. He doesn’t know I like to poop videos so I left the hotel room to go poop in the hotel lobby bedroom. I was not wearing any panties
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Red bottoms UltraHD 2K (Kinkycat /  2020) 697 MB

Nylon tights and high heel
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Pink nails FullHD 1080p (Kinkycat /  2020) 588 MB

Good morning, My name is KinkyScat and I’ll be your waiter for today. On today’s suggestion menu...
– Pickled pee
– Soft poop
All organic
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Birthday lingerie UltraHD 2K (Kinkycat /  2020) 806 MB

Thank you for this sexy and fine lingerie.
You know I had to make a clip with it. A girl appreciates the finest undergarments. Feeling sexy all day long.
Thinking about my dildo and all the femdom and boob sucking porn I will be watching once I get home.
New nail polish today for the feet lovers
Taking a big dump on the floor.
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The paris chair video FullHD 1080p (kinkycat /  2020) 566 MB

Hi there, Still in Paris enjoying myself. I had a massive breakfast … eggs, bacon, bread, yogourt and many more. Felt happy, full, had a food baby and food come to be honest but but but ( yeah the focus will be my butt lol ) all those delicious goodies had to come out pretty quick after the breakfast. So I decided to take this plastic chair in my hotel bedroom and make A TOTAL MESS OF IT! Regular chair becomes a sexy chair! Totally naked in the shower, I pose and take a good poop in it. Then I pick up my poop and smear it all over my buttcheeks. I really really rub my butt all over the chair to make sure it goes everywhere on my booty. If the hotel only knew what I did with that chair. Crazy scaty and fun time
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Back from tennis UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 391 MB

Im rocking a pink french tennis dress and I’m back from the tennis court.
It is time to make an enooooorrrrrrrmmmooouuuuus poop.
While I am pooping, blood runs down my leg and on my table. The contrast between the red on the white is great. So I decide to take more blood out and smear it on the table It was fun
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Red heels fetishising and poop UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 957 MB

That’s the most important thing in this video! I walk around, pose, squat, jerk off my heels before taking some long delicious turds. I just slip my thong to the side and poop. If your into shoes and very high heels this one is for you. More than 8:30 minutes of pleasure
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Dressing gown UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 332 MB

Pink dressing gown
Creamy poop
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Polka dot papi UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 705 MB

I am so happy to make this huge poop. That’s the result of brocoli, spinach from yesterday. When I got up, I couldn’t wait too long to poop. It was already pushing out. Check out my creamy thong! When I took it of some poop fell on the floor without me starting the real business. I didn’t have too push a lot. It came out naturally but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to see some great butt wink kisses! So the poop comes out in the squat position and the pee in the toilet.
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Morning yoga UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 487 MB

The content of this video:
totally naked
yoga routine
sexy stretches
soft poop
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Vintage panties FullHD 1080p (kinkycat /  2020) 1.01 GB

For today’s video, I am using my oldest panties. I think they might me at least 15 years old. We have lived quite a lot of adventures together … travelling, moving, pees, poos, periods, sleeping, sports and many more … white coton panties are great. How did I abuse them in this video? Well well… with a big, smelly, soft packet of poop. I also pee quite a lot. I fill up the glass so I have to finish in the toilet. As the poop is creamy, you will notice it sticks very well. I might me back later for another clip, in the meanwhile, enjoy this one to the fullest.
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Nurse scaty in quarantine UltraHD 2K (Kinkycat /  2020) 606 MB

You are stuck at home. No going out! Your only entertainment… watch me prepare before going out on my sexy day at work saving lives. I’ve got my my red uniforms and high booties to stomp on those germs. I know you won’t resist watching me pooping some delicious caviar and peeing some lovely champagne
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15 mins of fun UltraHD 2K (kinkycat /  2020) 1.39 GB

– Focus on the booty
– Naked
– Glass bowl
– Pee
– Very slow soft poop
– Oiling and slapping my butt cheeks
– Teasing
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Cuisine scat HD 720p (kinkycat /  2019) 498 MB

Preparation of some delicious cupcakes. A zoom on of the bowl to the moment i put it the oven
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Banana Request video HD 720p (kinkycat /  2019) 325 MB

I jerk off the banana, rub it on me, spit on it, chew it, cruch it with my feet and shit on it. You have to eat all of it!
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Slim Thick Masturbation And Scat HD 720p (kinkycat /  2019) 227 MB

I woke up horny and I had to poo. This video involves me masturbation with dildo, playing with my big tits, farting, shitting a large amount in a hello kitty cup. I whippe my butt and show it to you.
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