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Scat fuck 21 only milf shits (special price) FullHD 1080p (Versauteschnukkis /  2022) 1.51 GB

In this film of the dirty Schnukkis there is unfortunately a flickering in some scenes but that’s why we didn’t want to deprive you of this hot scat fuck and offer it to you at a special price. Have fun watching
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Scat fuck 20 (assfuck) FullHD 1080p (Versauteschnukkis /  2022) 1.44 GB

In this film, the nasty milf is first fucked in doggy style before he sticks his thick cock into her tight, bulging asshole. At the beginning the milf has slight difficulties at the start but then gets going well but the ass doesn’t hold up as long as the milf needs some snal training. When he sticks his thick dirty cock from her ass into her cunt, the milf starts to poop on his cock and her fucker then fingers around in her asshole to find more shit and then lays the milf on her back and lays her on her shit on her breasts and takes all the shit with her mouth from her breasts and gives the milf a hot chocolate kiss and fucks the milf and smears the shit on her face and lets the nasty milf lick the shit while she is fucked until the end. Have fun watching
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Toilet For My Ass FullHD 1080p (marcos579 /  2022) 1.08 GB

I had paid a visit to my toilet slave. In this movie i just done with breakfast and ready to shit. The toilet slave has just recently applied, that is why he is a brand new human toilet. I am very fond of testing a new toilet slave. I has to shit very dearly. The toiletslave is even allowed to lick my asshole, while waiting for the sausage to enter. He has a lot to gulp.
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Chocolate dessert for you FullHD 1080p (Mistressantonella /  2022) 387 MB

Chocolate dessert for you Mistressantonella
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Diarrhea immediately began first person scat FullHD 1080p (p00girl /  2022) 1.08 GB

Diarrhea immediately began, did not have time to turn on the lightin g tripod and smeared diarrhea on herself plus washing in the bathroom
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Shit Dinner FullHD 1080p (marcos579 /  2022) 1.36 GB

This time I wear red tights and also black panties. I show you my great ass and how much I can birth a HUGE shit for you, little bitch. My shit are very smelly. In addition, you will get my piss and spit. It’s all yours. Bon appetit!
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EAT ALL MY SHIT FullHD 1080p (ElenaToilet /  2022) 756 MB

I HATE when slaves do not eat EVERYTHING I PRODUCE. So sometimes i need to PUSH IT IN his fucking mouth! In this video i use a slave as a seat, SMOTHERING HIS FACE under my sexy sweet ass. That is just the beginning though, I proceed to use him as my personal toilet! He tries his best to eat the huge load i produces, but gags and chokes. I help him though by PUSHING IT DOWN HIS THROAT AND WHIPPING HIM! The slave begs me for forgiveness but i don’t not care! She walks upstairs leaving the slave with the mess! I take my camera and show him eating my shit.
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Hard fuck and extreme shit throating FullHD 1080p (SlutOrgasma /  2022) 1.83 GB

Scat Slut-Orgasma Celeste hard fuck and extreme shit throating
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Shitting enema in the bad tube FullHD 1080p (SlutOrgasma /  2022) 1.41 GB

Scat Slut-Orgasma Celeste shitting enema in the bad tube smearing and a hard orgasm
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Skating and smearing, fisting FullHD 1080p (p00girl /  2022) 831 MB

Scat and smearing on a closed toilet climbed on the toilet lid pooped and chewed smeared on herself, left hand prints on herself, pussy fisting, smeared shit on her legs, stretched pussy
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Enjoying my self in shit FullHD 1080p (SlutOrgasma /  2022) 955 MB

Scat Slut-Orgasma Celeste enjoying my self in shit
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Enema shit pee and dirty assfuck UltraHD 4K (JanaBella /  2022) 489 MB

I do an enema, take a nice watery, diarrhea-like shit, pee, and do dirty anal with glass dildos.
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Naughty secretary gets a visit FullHD 1080p (LittleMissKinky /  2022) 494 MB

Officeroleplay, where a lucky visitor gets a dirty dream fullfilled
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Princess Nikki's Empire - Using my portable toilet FullHD 1080p (Princess Nikki /  2022) 291 MB

I am on the phone with a friend, and I am need of relive myself. So I call my portable toilet slave over, and place him beneath me. I start teasing him with my pussy, before I place myself above him, and let it flow into his toilet mouth. My toilet do a good job, and I am satisfied that he enjoys my pee when I ask him!
So now I need to do number two, so I again position myself over his mouth, and put two nice logs into his open mouth. He should be very happy, he is both fed and given something to drink today!
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Princess Nikki's Empire - My shit for breakfast FullHD 1080p (Nikky Thorne /  2022) 682 MB

My stupid wake me up from my beauty sleep, expecting me to make him some breakfast. What the hell! He can’t be that stupid! So I make it pretty clear that his breakfast most likely will consist of bread, or what is processed trough my body!
I tell him to lay down, and I will for sure feed him with my shit! That is all he get! First I put a big dump in his mouth, but there is more.. I give him a double dose for breakfast! I give him some pee in between the turds, so that he can drink something as well. When I am done I ask if he was happy about his breakfast.. He was smart enough to say yes!
While he was consuming his breakfast I went to have my morning shower.
Double cam filmed. The shitting is included from both cam angles.
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Braunes gold - eiskalt serviert! FullHD 1080p (MistressJenniferCarter /  2022) 1.04 GB

For your pig Peter, Mistress Carter has come up with something very special!
Since the emptying of your divine intestinal contents into the mouth of your novice has now become routine, today there is a very special toilet education in 3 acts!
In the first act, the mistress kicks your Klomaul a thick brown greenish branch in his mouth wide open! Followed by Mistress Carter's request not to swallow your brown gold yet, as she has far more perverted things to do with her novice!
In the second alto follows a transformation and Peter becomes Sissy Petra!
And in the third and final act, Peter's biggest challenge so far has come! Ice cold shit from Mistress Carter, straight from the freezer into his slave mouth. The novice has to fight with his nausea and even the mistress is surprised by the kind of fierce smell of her caviar that she even needs to wear a breathing mask during the session! Will Peter pass this exam?
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The ultimate slave training FullHD 1080p (MistressEvilyne /  2022) 836 MB

My slave is covered in healing whip marks from his last training session. He is worshipping My boots and I explaing to him as he does it that suffering pain for Me is not enough. He needs to be degraded and turned into an animal to be built up again as a slave from scratch. The best way to achieve this is to put him through the ultimate degradation and humiliation. He isn’t even allowed to watch Me shit. He kneels with his face against the floor just beside Me as I shit on the floor then make him eat My shit off the dirty floor like a beast. To remind him even more of his position, I make him make animal noises as he consumes My shit. Because he keeps forgetting his place, I bring out My punishment rod to help coax him by giving him hits on the asss. I WILL train him. He is the perfect candidate: keen, willing… but he still must be broken, and break him, I will!
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Begging to be used FullHD 1080p (MistressEvilyne /  2022) 935 MB

My service slave has been getting notions above his station. He has been watching My scat videos online and getting jealous of all My toilet slaves. As he holds My ashtray fro Me while I do My emails and smoke a cigarette, he asks Me if he can be My toilet. He sounds so timid that I doubt whether he really wants it or whether it’s just silly fantasy. In order to be certain that he really wants it, I make him beg and grovel until he finally sounds believable to Me. He thinks it’s going to be so easy… they always do. But he’s in for a big surprise. I lie him down on the ground and piss all over his hard cock and his body in an endless amber stream.. He is clearly amazed at the quantity of urine that I can produce, as it seems never ending. Eventually, I sit on his face and make him lick My swollen asshole. There’s so much shit waiting to come out that it’s bursting at the seams! I shit straight into his mouth, and it looks just like soft serve ice cream being pumped into an ice cream cone. There is so much shit that it can’t even fit into his mouth. With My face inches from his, I gently coax him into consuming My shit. My soft, hypnotic voice, My beautiful refined British accent, and My sensually dripping spit into his open, shit filled mouth all help him consume. When he has eaten enough to satisfy Me for a first timer, I make him smear the remainder of My shit on his cock, and jerk himself off until he cums. It’s My favourite way for My toilets to show their appreciation for My gift to them.

I love this video, It’s so hot and you can really sense the connection between My slave and I. I made sure to really get the shit coming out in graphic detail, as I know you all like that so much. If you loved this clip, please leave a review, as well as on any other of My clips which you may have watched.
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My Shit All Over Your Cock And Face FullHD 1080p (Miss Pink /  2022) 575 MB

I love using human toilets so much. I have decided to share my love with the world. This is my first ever scat clip. I hope you like it. I make my toilet slave suck and lick my ass while I prepare to take a huge dump on his face. The shit is so big that I pick it up and rub it all over his cock and I make him jerk off while I blow cigarette smoke onto his face and make him breather it in through his shitty mouth. He is so turned on he cums all over himself from his shitty cock.
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Two thick poops that stretch my hole nice and wide FullHD 1080p (LittleDirtyPrincess /  2022) 1.06 GB

This video contains two nice wide poops I did 2 days in a row the first one I spread my legs facing you as it slooooowly slides out… you can see it moving the skin under my pussy! And I get really red with pleasure… the second poop comes out in some chunks with a large chunk that really spreads my asshole at the very end.
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Girl stretches for nice log during period FullHD 1080p (LittleDirtyPrincess /  2022) 221 MB

I have my period in this one! I’m trying to push out a poop that I have been waiting for for days… but all that comes out are farts as well as some pee and blood. My front hole looks so gross here!! The next day, I am finally able to go! This one felt nice…
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2 Hole-stretching turds & poop on a plate FullHD 1080p (LittleDirtyPrincess /  2022) 1.18 GB

This is a 2 for 1!
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Be My Human Toilet FullHD 1080p (Chronic Goddess /  2022) 3.88 GB

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Shit standing on tiptoe UltraHD 4K (Markovna /  2022) 1.15 GB

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Mladlena. Beautiful poop in her favorite position UltraHD 4K (Markovna /  2022) 839 MB

Mladlena. Beutiful poop in her favorite position
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