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4 Massive Dumps! FullHD 1080p (LoveRachelle2 /  2018) 165 MB

Watch these shits burst right out of me-some are so desperate I'm barely holding them in just in time to turn the camera on! They're thick, long and stinky, and I can't get over how good it feels to shit, my pussy is dripping wet from the smell and the feel of each log birthing out my tight little hole
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Huge Shit JOI FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 381 MB

Watch me Tell you to get your cock out, Before i spread my legs and push out a giant shit im desparate to go
I then piss for you while you stroke to me.
I bend over and instruct you how to lick and clean my arse before holding my giant poo in two hands and get you to cum all over my pretty face
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Feeding Toilet Slave His Dinner FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2018) 489 MB

Watch me seduce my slave then pee into a pint glass and give it to him to drink, I explain how i want him to sip it then gulp it.
I then poo onto a dinner plate and spoon feed him my shit
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Shit & Bake Heart Shape Fudge FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 257 MB

Goddess Is all Ready to make you fudge! Watch me take a big shit frontal style on the toilet lid, with lots of dirty talk. Now lets bake this shit!!
Hmm.. Heart shape fudge, Sweet and bitter all together watch Goddess Make your fudge.
Step by step
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Toilet Pig Dinner Is Ready FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 552 MB

Watch me make you a dinner you will never forget.
Ive prepared you a big bottle of piss for you to drink, I instruct you how i want you to sip it and taste me before giving you instructions to lick and smell my pussy and arse.
I want you to tongue fuck my arse taste that shit inside.
I then cock my leg and shit on a plate ready to feed you your dinner.
I then bend over and demand my toilet pig to lick my arsehole clean
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Nurse Lesson About Pee And Poo FullHD 1080p (Evamarie88 /  2018) 505 MB

Watch me as a Nurse give you a lesson about pee and poo,
I make you watch while i pee on the floor and tell you how good it feels, Before bending over and showing you my arse.
I tell you all about firm poos, soft poos and liquid poos and make you guess whats going to come out
I push out poo and then lay on my back and push out some more.
I then show you it in my hands
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When I’m not Alone at Home! HD 720p (JosslynKane /  2018) 806 MB

How i poop when im not alone at home? U can think that i poop normally in the toilet, but no, hahaha nothing is normal with me:)) i poop in my bathtub and after that i start fingering my asshole:))) u wanna see all the action? here it is! enjoy!
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Mommy Takes A Huge Shit Dump to Bake German Chocolate Cake FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 778 MB

You didnt listen to mommy the other day, Did you?Ive been building a nice Big shit all day just for my favorite son!I cooked such a big dinner, I cant hold it any more.I Spit into the batter and add a Really HUGE LONG BIG PILE OF SHIT Spreading over the brownie bowl, Talking to my baby boy as it literally keep coming out, over and over! What a load!Into the kitchen we go as I mix all the other fridge ingredients in, Telling you its going to fill your tummy up so well. Are you ready for mommy to feed you?Lots of Mommy/Son chat.Eat and indulge in my shitty cake!
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Everything is here HD 720p (SweetBettyParlour /  2018) 760 MB

Want everything at once? Pantypooping, sexy shit smearing, vomit, in good quality and at a cool price? Do you think this can not be? Not today, a new hot video full of my fresh and fragrant shit, and perverted action) Pssss. but don't tell anyone)) PS: As always the video is fully adapted for all mobile and portable devices), I love you, stay in touch))
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Crazy Wife Shit Fuck HD 720p (SweetBettyParlour /  2018) 612 MB

Amazing new premium video) what you've been waiting for) a Full set of crazy content, dirty anal sex, dirty blow job, smearing on face, sucking shit covered in cum and much more) As always excellent quality and attractive price)) Stay connected, there is a lot of new) I Love you)
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Black Dress Scat Sandwich FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 392 MB

Goddess is looking Divine in A black short dress with high heels.
Sushi really makes me gotta shit! Are you getting hungry for my certain something sandwich?
Double bread waiting for my huge load that is coming straight to your mouth. Reverse spread ass shit takes place making a HUGE MOUND of beautiful scat!
Now that is shit Sandwich- Hard & Soft
How will you enjoy me? Will you pack it in your lunch, eat it for dinner?
Toilet Slavery Talk about Smell and Turds. Show off my chocolate asshole and wants you to remember where this sweet load came from.
You might cream your pants because your so excited to this!
Worship this goddess and buy my shit!
You can order off my shop page, 1st buyers special as well!
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Shit Protein Shake FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 706 MB

Just got done working out & Its time to release the load!Its coming out and staining my underwear, thats how desperate i need to shit!Let make you a protein shit shake! I lean forward and make a MASSIVE HUGE SHIT into a bowl & Pee into the Shake Glass. Hmmm. Add Milk, all this stinky shit, banana and blend!!!I talk down to you my shit slave as I make it. It will be the best you ever drink!Ryan Shake is done, drink down and it will make you feel so much better!Oh smells like shit. & Banana! I am going to pour it all over your face as you guzzle it down for goddess:)Be a good boy and drink it all!One of a kind! Like all my videos!
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My Period and Poop Play FullHD 1080p (Sexyass /  2018) 1.44 GB

Guys, I'm on my period now. Wanna see me enjoy playing red pussy and poop or see my new bloody and shitty dildo in my ass? Wanna see me smearing my poop? Yes? All right then this video is for you! Enjoy 
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Wife Shits for Hubby Smear Taste Jerk FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 774 MB

All sexed up in my little baseball dress, Wifie has to go potty.Let your wife send you a thank you, for being the best Hubby.Always taking care of me and its that time, Time to take a shit and send it off for you to play with!Are you ready for this load?Follow my instructions while you play with my shit, smear and taste..I shit into a plastic container and oh its nice and hard. I fill that up, instruct you to use my shit as lube,, & lips, tongue.My ass is so caked with shit I wiggle and tell you to imagine smelling it will enjoy all your chocolate.Rim job, jerk and cum!Very details intimate video with countdown.
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Creamy Shit to Rub all Over your Cock FullHD 1080p (TinaAmazon /  2018) 170 MB

Teasing.dirty my perfect ass take a soft shit for you to rub all over your dick
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School Girl Scat Fest FullHD 1080p (evamarie88 /  2018) 518 MB

Watch me as a School girl tell you how ive been peeing my knickers all day at school i then show you but then something happens.
I push to do a wee and a poo comes out, I feel my poo filled knickers before taking them off and i then spread my arse again and poo all over the floor.
Before stripping off in nothing but my white school socks and wiping my socks in my shit before smearing it all over me.
I then pick up my poo and put it all into my panties and give you a countdown to cum all over my Mess
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Banana Butt Loafs Shit N Bake FullHD 1080p (GoddessRyan /  2018) 1.08 GB

I am going to make you some wonder banana butt loafs!
I have been holding it all day just for you, In a pink thong, topless I get all the goodies ready for the secret ingredient!
Mixing in everything before I dump..
Everything is all mixed in are you ready? I lean over the bowl, feel my hard nuggets, and let the load fall slowly into the banana bread bowl!!!
You wanna catch it with you mouth dont you?
This whole batter is so brown after I mix everything in that I needed too.
Time to bake!
They come out perfect!! Full, scatty, and brown . You can see the chunks all through the bread:)
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Thick Shits 4K UHD (LoveRachelle2 /  2018) 761 MB

What can I say? I got a rep for having nice, healthy, big and thick shits. These stretch my hole nicely on their way out Why not show off my hot smelly turds? Rubbing my tits as I shit, showing off my filthy butt after I take a nice long dump. can't beat that
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Shit n’ Bake You A Batch of Poop Brownies 4K UHD (LoveRachelle2 /  2018) 1.40 GB

Making a whole batch of deliciously shit-chunky poop brownies just for you! You don't have to share these with anyone, baby
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Pooping My Panties For You 4K UHD (LoveRachelle2 /  2018) 1.06 GB

Oh baby, I'm so excited you're finally home, I have a surprise for you In fact, there's something I've been really, really dying to finally share with you. something I've been wanting to do in front of you, but never had the courage until now, that I think you'd like to see it. oh baby, PLEASE tell me you'll pay attention to me and watch! I really really REALLY have to show you, RIGHT NOW!!
I can't hold my poop in any longer!! I DESPERATELY have to poop, I beg you to watch me, whining with the need to poo, please watch me fill my underwear hun, watch me poop my panties Oooh.. it's so much, the poop is pushing its way through my tight panties! It stinks and it feels SO warm, I love how it feels against my pussy!
I wanna cum hun, and I want you to watch, my panties are getting so dirty and I have poop all over my pussy babe, please watch me. I can't stop touching myself, the dirtiness of it all turns me on soooo much I'm gonna cum..!!
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Goodies HD 720p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 619 MB

In this video u will watch me prepare 3 items to be shipped:)
At first I'm gonna take a 20mins walk, wearing the socks I'm going to send.
In the 2nd part u'll see me really deperate to release a monster shit while wearing the panties u're going to get. They dont get dirty enough so after I sit in my shit and describe how much of a great feeling that is, I'm gonna stuff that pair of panties deep inside my ass and poop it out doggy style
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Office Slut Pushes out Big thick Shit FullHD 1080p (TinaAmazon /  2018) 244 MB

I'm a secret dirty office slut. I love holding my shit in all day at work then coming home and shitting for you. Wearing my work outfit and glasses I tease then lay back on the floor and push out a huge thick stinky shit.
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Extreme High Heels gone Dirty FullHD 1080p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 1.43 GB

Are one high heels lover? Here u have the video u were waiting for!Extreme high heels, me dressed as a stripper and after I give u a few walks I'm gonna fill my white super high heels with my lovely shit and put them back on
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Blue shirt hard shit FullHD 1080p (TinaAmazon /  2018) 245 MB

Wearing a blue shirt I show off my perfect legs and ass telling you how much I want to shit in your mouth. I have a huge hard shit for you. Watch me struggle to push out a thick turd. I give my yummy hard shit a lick showing you how tasty it is. Then I tell you how you should eat and swallow all my yummy shit up.
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Pretty Girl Gone Dirty FullHD 1080p (EllaGilbert /  2018) 984 MB

Wearing my hair in two plaits and a really cute lingerie I'm gonna start playing with my clit and take a shit at the same time. I grab my lollipop toy and start fucking my ass while my OMB vibrates my clit and makes me cum really hard.Of course that's not enough for me so I turn doggy and continue fucking my ass untill it cums also  At the end I'm gonna taste mu creamy shit by giving my lillipop toy a proper suck
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